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Happy birthday Anjali

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Originally posted by kalki2007

Enjoy every moment of your day

Thank you for you wonderful wish Kalki
So sweet of u..

Originally posted by migan

Dear Anjali

  Have a Very Happy Sweet Birthday.

  I am singing.

 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday
 Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday dear Anjali.

Dear Migan,

Thank you for the wishes dear.
On this bday i got a new friend thru Thangam.
Even if the serial was dragging it paved ways to our non stop PMs..

Hope u'd be back from ur holidays now..
Missed u these days

I was waiting for the holiday updates to get over so that
I can continue my thank you posts here..

how can i leave u all just like that without replying as
You all made my day so special

thank a lot Hun

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Originally posted by tasnime

Happy Birthday Anjali !! Plz accept my belated wishes too Embarrassed
hope u had a blast !

Dear TaazHug

HugMy Sweet Sweet Vasu AnnaHug

I am so lucky to have such a sweet brother like you
Thanks the Aishu dear for bringing up the Imsai Concept

Unga Sister ku Unga Wishes and Prayers Thaan Mukhyam
Its Never too Late Dear

I always saw you here but was not ready for a chat.
You knw me na, Scared Paavam GalWinkLOL
Finally Imsai Makkal not only made me interact with u
but i got a lovely brother in ur form

TMS Vasu eppidi I dont wanna know
but my Vasu Anna is the best

Thats the Magic of Imsai Makkal ille?
Even i am not the typical SandhyaLOL
I am Ha Ha Hasini Kinda GalWink

Ungalku thaan enna pathi theriyume

I just pray to Lord that I always have this sweet brother
by my side and have these lovely wishes and prayers
from you all, which really makes my day really different
and wonderful from the normal days

Appram dont worry about the belated wishes
Your darling Revu,
Adhaan ungal other half wished me on the same dayEmbarrassed
So your wish reached me on the same date

Love you Dear

Sandhu ennum Anju

Originally posted by Dits


Dear Ditty

Thank you for your wishes dear..

I think we get to see eachother only during Bday Alle?

Hope this year gives me more chances to talk you dear

Thank you for the wishes again and

Yes I had the best day with you all
Haha people here forgot the day but no hard feelings

I had you all with me

Take Care Dear

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Originally posted by swatyav


You may think this message is late

But you'll have to change your tune

It's not (44) days too late

But (321) days too soon

Dear Swaty

Thank you so much for the wishes Sweety

Well what do I say now?

Thanks you AV family which brought you in my life
It was really amazing, surprising to know
that even I have a Fan Embarrassed

That was really sweet of you
You talked about my writing style,
If I have such a style
Its only due to IFians
I got inspiration from many here..

Haha it would take me a whole forum
to write about them one by one
Like the AV Annual report I will try to do it one dayEmbarrassed

hope my writing, helps me in my future Exams tooWink
Anyways for that I have to travel a long waySmile

I love you and admire you for wht you are
Just loved the positive attitude in your wish

Hope we get to have more bdays and festivals together
and we stay like this and not like our AV
which is kinda Impossible these days

Thank you for coming out of the silent reading and
entering into my life like a sweet sister

If I start I wount stop writingLOL,

Kavalai Padaathey Sagodhari,
You cant escape like that

Anjaliyin Thollai (Innum Varum)

Love you dearHug
Tk Cr

Originally posted by eclat

Dear Anjali..

Do you know why I am wishing you

a belated birthday?

Because I didnt want your celebrations to end....  Wink

Wishing you a happy belated birthday...

Dear Eclat

Thank you so much for your Wishes
So sweet of you for that Special Belated WishesSmile.

I just loved the way you wanted me to have a non stop celebration
Really your belated wish was something really unique..
That positive outlook was fantasticClapClapClap
I got to learn something new from you...

Well If it is with u all, I dont mind celebrating it for one whole monthEmbarrassed
But Others will get bored,LOLWink

Even now we are in a new year but still I am here

So still Celebrating day with you allHug

Your wish can be taken as an advance wish too
just like what Swaty told
If thats the case then
I have the whole year to celebrate my bday ille?

You all are so awesome
Just love being with you

HugThanks a Lot EclatHug

Take Care

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Originally posted by -Zunni-

Fabalous post AishClap
Happy Birthday Gal..may all ur dreams come true
enjoy ur day=)

HugDear ZunniHug

Hey this name reminds me of Fanaa
My Fav Movie and ActressEmbarrassed

I have been hearing your name from
the time I started working with Aisha on
Melly Bday threadWink

But this is my First Hi to you
Hope we have more time and chances to Interact

Thank you so much for your wishes dear
And I must say this
The Siggy was AwesomeClap

From the colours used
I realised it should be YouEmbarrassed
As i have been seeing them
in both Melly and Aisha's threadsSmile
Then Aishu told me recently it was your creation

Thank you so much..
OMG My bday is over but still
i dont feel like takin g that Siggy
As mentioned in the Siggy
Hotness PersonifiedEmbarrassedBlushing

Thank you so much Zunni Dear

Originally posted by Fire_2Burn

Happy birthday Anjali

Dear Friend,

Thanks a lot for your wishes

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

My Dearest Anju Kutty

Aishu Chellam Hug

Sorry Sorry Sorry!  As I was preparing to post your gift, the unfortunate happened!  Well... it is better late than never naa...

Puriyidhu Ma,
Its okay dear,
You have done a lot already dearEmbarrassed

Idhellam Edhukku Ma.Cry
Thank you so much for all that you have done


Jokes apart....

The year 2009 had been an year filled with mixed feelings.... loads of realizations... but during the most important time of the year... our bond won!!!  We stood by one another!!!  Yes... it is hard to find good friends... but once we find them.... they'll always be with us!  Let us not be preys to fakeness... for the ride will sail smoothly!!!

Yes Dear Last year was somethingOuch
I still dont knwConfused,

Feels like a dream
Nallatu,Kettathu both was
something very unexpectedOuchConfused

Time is the healer ma,
Only thing is praying for strength
To bear & overcome everything

But Krishnar sollara Mathiri
Everything is for good
Its those mixed emotional times
which give us time to be with each other

The happiness I sensed in your voice on your special day made be so happy..
and I wish that excitement remains within you
forever and ever my loving friend....

Kandippa, You knw something
It was like having a glass of Boost

If it was not for IFians
I dont knw

Haha My uncle, Cousins,some of my friends
all spoke to me during the day.

but again they called at night to tell they forgot to wish me
That was really funny. LOLLOL

IF was like a bliss.
Because of that I got wished
I got calls Smile.PMs
I was really touched
Thanks to everyone for their wishes calls

Thats why I said
You all were never 'Virtual Friends' to me
But Friends with VirtuesEmbarrassed

If i Have you guys with me then this excitement and
happiness will never stop

hmmm.... vera ennatha solla....
athu thaan namma mani kanakka arattai adichu mudichitom le LOLLOL

Haha we will always have something new daily kannu
dont worry about that..
I will be there right behind u to bug u

just waiting for u to finish your thesis
then see the PM mazhai from meLOL

luv lotsssssss
Me too dear

endrum un thozhi HugHugHug

 Aishu Kannu

Thank you so much for the thread.
Nalla vela thappichain or else
I could have got caught like
our Paavam Meli Ponnu.

Ennoda Sodhappals kudukkama irundhathuku
Special thanks
I am sure next year that wont happen.
Ippo edho you were busy
So I escapedWink

Govinda Govinda thaan Ille?


I came to knw your creativity
when we worked for Meli's thread
I had a small fear 
when you used to threaten me like Beware, Be Ready etc
but Hurray This year I am savedROFLROFL

See ippo thaane sonna mani kanakka aratta etc
but see I can write a big book

Anyways Let me end this here.
Baaki I will tell u in detail once u free

Haha You can ask My Vasu Anna
how long my writings can beLOL

Enna Ezhuthasollathey
Naan Kandapadiku Ezhuthikitte IruppainLOL

My Writing will Go On and On

BTW wait for my post on ur Vm kannu
Oru Vaartheila Solla Mudiyaathu
So You have to wait
But not for long.

Oh BTW enga ma ,
Naanga kudutha VM pathi Onnume Sollale?
 editing nu
pottu escape aagalaam nu pathiya?Wink
Never Magale,Naanga VidamaattoomEvil Smile

Evil SmileMuahahahahaEvil Smile

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

So here you go daa chellom... this gift is from Melz kutty, Nalz kutty, Gayu, and myself. 

Aww Sho Shweet.
Thank you so much dear ones
Love you All

Wait.... fasten your seat belts WinkWink...
and keep loads of ice cubes from melting LOL

Hmm... you ok maa LOLLOLLOL...
enna illavarasanai kandu mayangiviteergalo LOLLOLLOL...

Oh Yes Yes
I'm Very Much Okay

You You You
You Know Me Na AishuWink


Okay let me first come out of this
then will msg you about ur VM

OMG late a vandhain nu sonna aana latesta vadhutiye maClapStar..
Missed u sweetyCry

Assathiputta Kannu.. Chellam I am so so touched with ur msgCry

Vm pathi sollave vendaam..Eppidi ma, ivalo busy days le kooda u made such a sweet vm for me.
It was just awesomeClap.

Sollama irukka mudiyala, I have to explain about each scene as it has touched my heart to the core

I felt as if u gals were sitting nearby me and telling all wht was shown in the first song scene... I had a mixed emotional moment seeing the VMSmileCryDay Dreaming
Wht all i felt is conveyed one by one below...

First scene of the blooming Rose was really encouraging for all what i had to face last year..
Appram the free bird scene with my sweet heart siddy.. ( U deserve a big hug for taking all the lovely Sid scenes..He really is my prince..OMG his smile )..

Which song was that kannu?Embarrassed. It was new to me but very inspiring and touching lyricsCry.. Song selection le unna adichukkave mudiyathu maWinkSmile...

Hmmm okay let me come back to the Vm.. Yeah so next is the Seheri song
Day Dreaming..

My one of my fav songs from Sid movies..I loved every song from OYEEmbarrassed... Just lovely. Seheri gives a fresh energy, just like SareGame Song from BOYS.. I love ARR and I just love many of the songs from YSR's compositions. You selected them so well.. That too the way you blend it with the Sid's entry with the caption
Day DreamingDay Dreaming..

I was blushing and you cant guess how much surprised and happy i was to see that scene where the Prince comes sits and smiles
Aiyo Vaarthaye ille ma, Hats offClapClapClap

Appram comes my fav part, Sid and Gene part. You knw the reason behind it ille and the song which i humm these days, Sardaga from OYE.. What a lovely sync with the Bommarillu song? Naan kooda ippidi oru vishayatha yosikkave ille.You knw me na, I always do some experiments with songs and scenes putting them in a vm etc aana this idea was awesome....

I did expect the OYE gift scene aana andha Rose Philosophy select pannathu was mind blowing which i really need to accept in my lifeSmileOuch..

To experience happiness we have to cross the thorns( Sorrows) alsoOuch..
Lovely thought Chellam ClapClap

Then the personal msg from you friends thru the lovely cards with my fav ARR Munbe Va BG Score was OMG i am running out of Adjectives da..

I get to thank you for this on his birthday. isnt it great?Embarrassed..

Thank you Thank you Thank you thank you so so so much En Anbu Thozhigale ,,

I could really feel you all near by me while watching the videoHugHug..
Thank you for making me feel so so special. Just like Aishu's thread, Princess

Ivalo busy timeleyum You all did so much for me, Thanks a lot friends
I am really really lucky to have u all by my side. I pray it stays forever the same way
The wishes from you heart really brightened my day sweet angelsSmile..

Meli kutty is on holidays so let me wait and do her msg...
She made the prince dance with this princessSmile..

Love you all

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Originally posted by anjkhoney

Anyways Let me end this here.
Baaki I will tell u in detail once u free

Haha You can ask My Vasu Anna
how long my writings can beLOL

Enna Ezhuthasollathey
Naan Kandapadiku Ezhuthikitte IruppainLOL

My Writing will Go On and On

You're most welcome kannu Hug.

Onnoda PM evlo long nnu ennakum theriyum maa kannu ROFLROFLROFL... I still have your longest PMs which have reached over 4 pages single spaced typing Wink..ROFLROFLROFL.... Have you forgotten LOLLOL. b/c I always sent you a reply saying, still reading maa.. will get back to you nn ROFLROFLROFL....

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