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bollygossipgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

In this topic you can post blind items - that is bollywood gossip that appears in the media with no names mentioned, but you don't mention the stars name, so let everyone guess!

Keep it nice and friendly and don't get offended over your fav star because this is only gossip!

Link to previous topic:

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bollygossipgirl Senior Member

Joined: 27 April 2008
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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

Casting Couch Exists in Bollywood says Suchitra Krishnamurthy

It has been referred to often over the years, but now an actor confirms "there is a casting couch in Bollywood". Recounting her own experiences, Suchitra Krishnamurthy says she had the strength to say 'no', when a director made improper advances, but that other actors may not have done so.

She was in her teens when she found herself in a hotel room with a "successful producer" who told her that if she had to become an actress, she had to "do it". Years later, actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy, ex wife of director Shekhar Kapoor, has spoken out on her blog about how she became a victim of casting couch while trying for a film role.

Suchitra, who debuted in Bollywood opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, wrote: "He [the producer] asked me who I am closer to - my mother or my father? 'My father,' I smiled. 'My mother is a little strict.

'He nodded and smiled. 'Ok, phone your father,' he smiled. I asked defiantly, 'Why should I phone my father?' 'Relax,' he told me smiling, a peculiar look creeping into his eyes. I was too young to understand the expression. 'If you want, I tell him to pick you up tomorrow morning from my hotel,' he added. The producer said, '.

So and so and so (he named some top actresses of that time) she do it. She do it and even she do it! They are my discovery. Everybody has to do it.'" Suchitra told HT City, "I was merely recounting my experience on my blog.

I was fortunate, I could make the choices I did. I don't have to work a single day if I don't want to, because I am looked after. How many girls have that liberty?".

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bollygossipgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
The blog post -

Do it!

I remember many years ago, while still in my teens-I had gone to meet a very sucessful producer regarding a film role at a plush suburban hotel at around 4 pm. He was an out of towner ' so was staying in that hotel-so the model co ordinator had told me. They were looking for a new face to launch. These meetings were  something that made me very uncomfortable- but part of the business of breaking into bolllywood I was told so i quelled my nervousness, put on my best smile and went.  

The producer greeted me kindly at the door. He sensed my discomfort.I noticed a large picture of his wife on his table I heaved a sigh of releif -she'll join us later he assured me. He then asked me many questions about my background etc talking to me like one does to a child glancing at my portfolio pictures with enormous interest and complimenting me. I was used to that-i was already a succesful model by then having done many commercials and endorsements.He then decided to try to get to know me more. After all it was a huge film he was planning and shooting was to be somewhere in the south (hyderabad i think-for almost a month)
"How many brother sisters do you have? Which school did you study in? "  the questions went on. What does your father do? "hes  a commisioner of Incom tax" i told him " and mother? housewife? " No. My mother is Head of the department of history at KC college" blah blah

I was begining to feel comfortable. Sweet uncle i thought. Family type.He asked me who i am closer to- my mother or my father?
"My father" i smiled. "my mother is a little strict.
He nodded understandingly and smiled

"Ok phone your father " he smiled even broader.
I panicked-because my parents had banned me from becoming an actress -in their eyes it was the most deplorable profession in the world.They wanted me to do an MBA or CA and would be livid if they knew i was taking these film meetings behind their back instead of attending college.
I would be housebound and all the jhagda would start again. So i asked defiantly "why should i phone my father?He'll be in office-i cant disturb him"

"Relax" he told me smiling, a peculiar look creeping into his eyes. I was too young and innocent to understand the expression
"If you want i will phone him. To tell him to pick you up tomorrow morning from my hotel"

I didnt get the gist of what he was saying and looked at him dumb as a dodo "relax. Just tell your father you are spending the night with me at the hotel and that he should come and pick you up in the morning!!"

I panicked and started to gather my belongings
 "i have to leave"  i belched in terror
" relax" he told me again. "I will speak to your father" 
He was begining to get irritated and impatient but tried to calm me down "your wife?" i squeaked glancing at her photograph. WTF was going on?
"she is a good understanding lady" he told me with great pride.  She will meet you tomorrow"
i dashed to the door
"you want to be an actress you have to do!!" He called after me , still speaking to me as if i was a child
"How do you expect to get anywhere in films if you dont do it??!! there are 1000's of girls out there who will die to get this break i am offering you"
'Excuse me sir I am not interested"
i was holding back my tears, my heart thudding. What if the old geyzer pounced on me right there and then

"Listen to me" he sounded annoyed and his voice was now raised as if talking to a disobedient child "I know you are a good girl but If you want to become an actress you have to do it! So and so and so and so-(he named some of the top league actresses of that time)she do it. She do it and even she do it! They are my discovery. Everybody has to do it" 

I ran out crying all the way home. I was too ashamed to tell my parents about what had happened. Everytime i heard the phrase "do it" or "do" or "you have to do "
bile climbed up my throat. For a long time. For years afterwards

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AlmostHonest Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
wow omg! Im still in shock after havin read some of the posts... wht has the world come to???????!  the part abt karishma really shocked me man she's my fav actress!! Im so sad now lolz thanks for burstin my bubble Disapprove
LEO88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2009 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AlmostHonest

wow omg! Im still in shock after havin read some of the posts... wht has the world come to???????!  the part abt karishma really shocked me man she's my fav actress!! Im so sad now lolz thanks for burstin my bubble Disapprove
its just rumors it can be true or fale .. most of these are false
youknowme Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2009 at 6:34am | IP Logged
What I don't understand is why aren't more of these filmakers interested in the QUALITY of their films?
I mean, jeeze, there are prostitutes under every rock if that's all you want. Wouldn't you wish to cast someone with some talent and ability who could make your film work more than you'd just want a quickie?
If I were investing big bucks & my name into a film that I hoped would be a success I'd certainly prefer to have the most gifted and appropriate actors. Sex is everywhere, talent is a bit rarer on the ground.
No, "everyone" does NOT "do it"
My son was asked to go to H'wood for pilot season a couple of years back and it was based upon his ability to be cast (make money for agents & catch the public eye) and a bit of natural talent...admittedly for children the standards are different and the ability to look like the child of many actors is paramount. That way you work more and there is more financial payback.
Once you prove talent, ability and professionalism you wouldn't be approached like this unless you made it clear you were open to that and wouldn't raise hell with the unions and the press.
I guess it's really different in India perhaps, where it sounds like family connections & beauty trump talent and ability for getting a start.
If someone could explain how the system works there I'd love to learn. It just seems that with SO MANY more films being made there'd be a need for actors of ability on an even larger scale than there is here and they would subsequently be treated with as much or more respect, and not almost to a man or woman subjected to this sort of spurious prostitution.
ajooni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2009 at 6:46am | IP Logged

One particular bit of industry gossip has assailed me from so many diverse sources that it's hard to ignore. Apparently, a certain superstar drunkenly flirted with another superstar's wife, and the two got intimate. The second superstar was justifiably outraged, and this led to much chaos as the two were then filming a movie together.  Directors and producers were worried and the shoot was pushed till later.

During this delay, superstar B jetted off to a different country to shoot a romantic film with the initially drunk superstar A's girlfriend, and as can be expected, he sowed some wild, on-location oats with the lady in question. One would expect this to truly exacerbate the situation between the co-stars and their stalled project, but the two men reportedly met on a set and hugged it out without a word. All was forgiven as one mistake was paid back with another.

This piece gossip is from a very famous critic/journalist who all of us know.I will give you the link  later.
but first guess who these stars areEvil Smile

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rhea_6 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2009 at 7:23am | IP Logged
I think I know who you are referring to.It's Salman ,Akshay and Twinkle.
But you got it wrong,acc to the article Salman didn't flirt with her.Twinkle was the one who threw herself on him.
Drunk Twinkle Khanna paws Salman, causes faceoff between Akshay & Salman

Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan got into a major brawl a few mornings ago. And the bone of contention was Akshay's drunk wife, Twinkle Khanna.

Apparently at the birthday party of Boney Kapoor's son Arjun at Squeeze Lounge Bar in Juhu on June 24, Twinkle Khanna got sozzled , and threw herself all over Salman Khan.

Twinkle Khanna had arrived with many friends, including Bobby Deol, his wife Tanya, Kim Sharma and cricketer Yuvraj Singh. At first they partied on the lower level of the lounge where she had a few drinks too much. The group soon moved upstairs, where they met Salman.

Twinkle and Salman greeted each other warmly. Twinkle who was in a "buoyant mood" and soon asked Salman to join her on the dance floor. Among friends, she decided to let her hair down, and was soon seen throwing herself all over Salman and pawing him, much to the shock of those around. Salman tried to ward off the sozzled Twinkle, and walked away.

When she went home her furious husband, who wasn't present at the party, got into his SUV and drove to Salman's home at 6 a.m. Akshay told Salman to lay off his wife, to which Salman replied: "You should be telling your wife that.'' "Stay away from me. Don't come in front of me or it won't be good for you", Akshay is believed to have said. A string of threats followed, after which volatile Salman lost his temper and made a few dhamkis of his own.

A producer, who did not wish to be named, added, "Akshay probably thought Salman had misbehaved with Twinkle and couldn't believe someone he considered a close friend could have done that."

Akshay himself, however, denied the entire episode. He said, "I'm supposed to be the backward Punjabi male, but I don't have a problem if my wife goes out with her friends and talks to Salman or anybody else.
How does it bother people? Why can't a man and a woman have a simple conversation without anyone judging them with their sick minds?"

He added, "People are trying to create friction between Salman and me. We share excellent chemistry on screen and some jealous people don't want us to do films together."

Meanwhile, shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala's new film starring Salman and Akshay is only three days away. There are rumours that Akshay may postpone the shooting, but Nadiadwala denies this.

"I have been hearing rumours like this since the party at Squeeze" he said."But people have blown the incident out of proportion. Even if Twinkle said hi to Salman and put a hand on his shoulder, it doesn't mean she was flirting with him."
"She did nothing like that. She was in a good mood, that's all. In fact, she sat with my wife Wardha for most of the party and we all left together."
But I wouldn't beleive this journo Upala KBR coz she also said that after Kat left the party,Bebo was getting close to Salman and putting her hand on his face at Amrita Arora's b'day bash last year and that Saif got pissed.Which clearly was a big lie..

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