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Mayank ki Nupur(one shot)

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hey guys i decided to write a mayur ff. i got this idea from reading one of the ff. i really hope u like it

pls read n give comments , criticsm is accepted

"I am going to get married today. Usually its the best and special day of a girl's life.  But here for me it's the worst day. I am forced or rather emotionally black-mailed to get married to the guy whom my sister loves. How I am supposed to marry him. But what can I do Ria Di is in America and she isn't picking up my calls. I don't understand why at first place she went in America, secondly how he is ready to marry me as he loves di. Oh how can I forget he is marrying me because his grandma is sick, it's her last wish to see her grandson married. Is it what people called love, he should have called Di and tell her to come back. And god how easily my family agreed they all knew about Di and him. *sigh*. Anyways I am Nupur Bhushan and I am going to get married to Mayank Sharma."

'Here I am sitting in a bride's attire, all ready, waiting for the girls to come and take me down, in the mandap' Thought Mayank.

All the girls came running in the room, all chuckling and teasing her "Nupur, Jeeju is very handsome" the other girl speak "you guys will made a cute couple".

Nupur looked at her cousins, her two best cousins Diya and Gunjan. She is more close to them than Ria, her own sister. "Come Diya we should take her down" said Gunjan a bit sad.

Diya and Gunjan knew about all this and they too didn't understand why Mayank is marrying her moreover why the family is ready with this.

Diya, Gunjan and her other friends took her down to the mandap. Nupur rose her head a bit and saw Mayank staring at her, he was in a white and orange embroidery sherwani, he was looking awesome. She found herself blushing and is shocked at herself why is she blushing. Her cousins made her sit next to Mayank.

In not time they get married. Everybody bid off Nupur, they cried a lot. Mayank was standing next to her, his hand squeezing her arm. She was shocked but she felt comfortable.

Mayank and Nupur are sitting in the back seat of the car, she was still crying but less. Mayank was still calming her down. She didn't understand anything, why Mayank is behaving like this.


Mayank and Nupur reached home with Mayank's parents. Now she was sitting in his well now their room. Mayank entered in the room came near her and sat down. He took of the veil. He knew what Nupur is going through. He looked at her, she was looking everywhere expect him. He didn't know why but it hurts him.

"Nupur, I know what you must be thinking of me but I swear I never intend to hurt you. You must be wondering is my love only this that I am marrying you. Then no but once your love left you alone in the crowd, cheat on you, what are you supposed to do?" He said angrily. He continued "It hurts, your sister never loved me, she was just having fun to play with me, I was another pass time for her but for me she was everything"

"Just a week before our marriage she left for America as she didn't wanted get married. And before leaving she send me this letter" he passed her a letter taking out from a drawer.

Dear Mayank,

I can't marry you, you were just a time pass for me, and it was getting hard for me to live here. I can't believe my family has fixed my marriage with you and they are forcing me to get married to you.

I just want to tell you, I don't love you and so I can't marry you.


"So why did you marry me? The girl's sister who cheated on you" said Nupur as she tilted her head and looked at him accusingly. She was shocked to hear and read all this about her sister. But she knew he was telling the truth as before Mayank she was also dating few other men, but this time Nupur thought that Ria was serious and they were also going to get married but Ria di just left for America as she wasn't ready.

"Because my family wanted way before I met Ria to get me married with you. As she left me, my family told me to marry you and I agree only for their happiness and moreover I know there isn't your fault that your sister cheated on me, you are really different from your sister.  And I promise I will always keep you happy, I will never bring Ria between us as she is dead for me and I will never cross my limits. I will try to give you all the love you deserve, I can't promise this" He said gently.

He stood up, took the extra blanket and a pillow then made his way toward the couch. He placed the pillow and blanket. Moving back toward his cupboard took out his night gown. "Nupur go change in the bathroom while I'll change here"

It has been two months to their marriage, all was going great. As Mayank said he was keeping her happy and is trying to give a chance to their marriage. On the other hand, Nupur is fulfilling all the duty of being a wife. She took Mayank's dress out before he came out from the morning bathroom and even bath. Once he came from the room the food was ready. They all ate his family also, and Mayank and Nupur talk like good friends.

Nupur had completely fallen in love with him, he has everything that she wanted in her husband. She just hopes that one day he will be able to forget Ria and fall in love with her.

Nupur was waiting for Mayank, it was 11PM, she was getting worried for Mayank, he had never come so late. As she heard the bell, she knew its Mayank. She opened the door and saw Mayank " Mayank, what happened? Why are you so late?"

Mayank smiled looking at her, all his tiredness was gone seeing her "sorry, I was just caught in a meeting"

The entered, Nupur laid the dinner, and served it. As Mayank saw two plates, he said " Nupur, haven't you eaten till now?"

She shook her head innocently. Mayank was touched to know that she was waiting for him. He on impulse kissed her forehead and then pushed the other plate away, he put the food and made her fed and Nupur fed back. Both were shocked but still none backed away, they loved the moment.

Another one month passed by, they were getting really close. Mayank often kissed her on forehead or cheek and she blushed or lower her eyes. Mayank loved her simplicity, he wondered 'how would feel her lips on mines?' Mayank shook his head with a smile 'what have I started to think?' He tried to concentrate himself on the work.

As it was 7PM, he took his briefcase and made his way toward his home, he tried to be at home on time as he didn't like to make her worried. Agreed she look cute but he still didn't like to make her worried and moreover she didn't eat without him.

Mayank reached at house and rang the bell. As the door opened Mayank saw a pale Nupur, he was worried "Nupur, kiya huwa?"

"Nothing Mayank " saying that both entered, Mayank was still worried as he entered in the living room and saw Ria sitting here, he kind of guessed that she was pale because of Ria.

"What are you doing here?" asked Mayank in a cold tone

" Mayank, I am sorry, please forgive me, I know I shouldn't have left you. When I went to America, I realized I love you, please forgive me Mayank "Ria begged for forgiveness with tears in her eyes.

Nupur looked at them with tears and left to her room. She was glad that Mayank's parent weren't at home.

" Ria, it's too late, I am not angry with you, you did great by leaving me if you had not left me
I would never get married to Nupur. I love Nupur." said Mayank; he has fallen crazily in love with Nupur.

" Mayank, how can you love that girl, who has no sense of fashion, who doesn't deserve you?"

"I can love her, because unlike you, she is the girl who cares for me. Talking about sense of fashion, is it Fashion to be dressed like you" he said sarcastically, as she was dressed two piece clothes and too short that was revealing all her body. "Oh and yeah she doesn't deserve me because she deserve better than me"

Ria looked at him fuming in anger, nobody has insulted her the way Mayank has insulted her but she knew it was her fault so she calmed. "Mayank, it's not your fault it's my fault to leave you like this, please keep my Nupur happy, bye" She left saying that. He entered in his room and saw Nupur standing in the balcony. He went to her and he knew she was crying, he knew she loves him too. He wrapped his hand around her tiny waist.

Nupur was crying standing in the balcony as she heard footsteps she wiped her tears and then she felt someone's hand around her waist, she gasped, she knew it was Mayank, only he can make shiver go through her spine.

Mayank placed his chin on her shoulder "What happened? why are you crying?" asked Mayank, even though he knew, she was crying because she thought Mayank still loved Ria

"Nothing, I am not crying" she lied, it was hard for her to talk as Mayank was so close to her.

He kissed on her cheek and said in a whisper with a smile "you are bad liar"; he caressed her belly through her top, sending her Goosebumps.

"So you tell the truth" said Nupur in low voice

"you thought that I still love Ria "

Nupur wondered how can he know her so much "Do you?" asked Nupur

"Of course" he paused and he knew she was shocked to hear 'of course', he continued "of course not, I love you"

Nupur was numb for a moment, she wasn't able to believe to believe he too loves her. The next second she felt his lips on her shoulder.

"Come on Nupur, I am waiting for something" he said with his lips still placed on her shoulder

Nupur 's tears dried and she smiled "I love you too"

Mayank was happy, he twirled her so that she was facing him and on impulse her hand went around his neck, he hugged tightly and Nupur too hugged him. Moving back, Mayank showered her face with kisses causing Nupur too moan and she wrapped her hand around his neck to not fall down.

Mayank picked her in his arms and led her toward the bed and make her laid. " Nupur do you want that I continue or you want time?" he asked her, he got her answer as she gently encircled her hand around his neck and pulled him toward her. After that there was so no stop.

They become truly husband and wife in all the senses.

As the sun rays hit on their face, they moaned but opened their eyes and found their selves in each other's arms. Mayank smiled widely and pecked on her forehead, while Nupur smiled while blushing.

"Good Morning love" saying that he pecked on her lips

"Good morning"

Nupur was about to stand up but Mayank pulled her back and hugged her "please Nupur stay here"

"But Mayank, I have lots of work"

"Come janu, forget your love for once, mom dad aren't at home, it's Sunday I also don't have to go to office." He nuzzled in her neck, both lay there in each other's arm.

After four year, Nupur is running behind a three years old baby "Adi, please bacha, drink the milk"

But he kept on running, soon enough Mayank too came in the hall and saw his wife running behind their son. He so loved that sight, he smiled and going to her, he hugged her "Kiya huwa, jaan?"

" Mayank, he isn't drinking his milk"

"Milk, is yuck" said Adi in a babyish tone

Both chuckled at his cuteness, Samrat went to him and knelt down in front of him. "Baby, aap agar milk piyo ghe tabi to mere jaise muscles baneghe tumhare"

"sachi dad?"

"Yeah sachi much"

"Ok Mama, give me the glass" he took the milk glass and drank in a gulp making bad face. Once he was done, Mayank and Nupur made him sleep.

Nupur stood up and was looking at his son sleeping face, Mayank looked at her and asked "kiya dekh rahi?"

" Mayank, kal ki baat lagti hai jab Arun huwa tha, kitni jaldi bara hogaya"

"yeah" he went to her and hold her by her waist then said "I am playing to give him a sibling" at this Nupur blushed and hide herself in his chest.

He smiled looking at her; his son has got his cuteness from his wife and the naughtiness from him. He picked her in his arms and led her in their room. Entering in the room, he closed the door behind.

'Whatever Happens, It Happens For Good'

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it is realy good! I have read the same one though...I guess! I dunno..I maybe wrong...but i have read it...:)
it's nice...:)
please do write more
take care

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this is written by someone else

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U cant do this...........this is sum1 else's one shot....i hve read it b4 4 sure.............This is kashish's one shot.....m gonna tell her.........u cant take crdt on sum1 else' work

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sorry guys and sorry kashish its just dat i got inspired frm her story and made one.  i really apologize youll guys

pls forgive me

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Its ok bt u hve 2 apologize 2 kashish also...........ur new here it b careful nxt tyme u cnt use others work vidout their permission............on the whole welcum in the forum dear i hope u enjy!!!!!

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