Kkusum Update 31st Jan, 2005 by MISBAH

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Hey Frndz,

I am at home today and so I thot I shud update. I am going back to my work place tomorrow….so. cant update from tomorrow onwards….

Hi, This is Khaja Misbahuddin updating Kkusum for 31st Jan, 2005


Vidhi is waiting outside and is tensed. She sees Kumud come out and is happy. She rushes to her and asked her how was the interview. Kumud looks dejected. Seeing that Vidhi assumes that Kumud didn't get the job and tells her not to worry and that she will get another good job else where. Kumud tells her that she got the job. Vidhi again tells that she is sure Kumud will get a job else where….and then realizes what Kumud told. Vidhi and Kumud then laugh, and hug each other. Vidhi asks her if she is happy to work there. Kumud tells her that she has no problem working there, and that it all was possible coz of Vidhi. Vidhi tells Kumud that she did nothing in this matter and that she got the job coz of her potential and that she didn't even recommend. Vidhi tells Kumud that there is a party in the evening arranged by their boss and it will be fun. Kumud is happy to hear that. Vidhi then talks about Sohan and tells Kumud that she thinks Sohan is of the uncle-ji type. But Kumud tells Vidhi that Sohan is not at all like that and he is like her friend and sometimes she feels weird calling him as her uncle. Vidhi smiles.


Nakul meets Harry at the park. Nakul tells Harry that Kshitij is going to take him to a party in the evening. Harry says that its cool. Nakul also tells him that Kshitij has given the responsibility of handling the entire night club to him, and that Kshitij has made him the Managing Director of that club. Harry is very happy to hear that. Just then, Rishi comes there and asks Nakul about his money. Nakul tells him that he will arrange his money soon. But Rishi tells Nakul that he wants his money today itself or else……Rishi leaves. Harry and Nakul are worried. Harry asks Nakul as to from where will he get the money. Nakul tells Harry that he too doesn't know how to get the money and so fast.


Vidhi is overlooking the party preparation at the beach. Kumud is also there helping Vidhi in the preparations for the party. Just then, Trishul comes in the car. The Music starts at the beach site and everyone starts dancing. Trishul also comes there and reporters surround him but he goes straight to the dance group and starts dancing. Kkusum and Sohan also come there. Trishul sees Kkusum and Sohan, and goes up to them. He tells them to enjoy the party and that he will join them soon. He points them towards the bar and asks them to have drinks if they are accustomed to it. Trishul goes and starts dancing again. Kkusum tells Sohan that Trishul is unpredictable and no one can tell what he will do next. Sohan smiles.


Vidhi meets Sohan and Kkusum. Sohan introduces Vidhi to Kkusum, and she greets her. Vidhi tells Sohan that Kumud is also there, and leaves. Kkusum asks Sohan as to what did she tell about Kumud. Sohan tells Kkusum to ignore what Vidhi just told. Just then, Trishul comes there again and tells Sohan that its not fair that he came to his party and he dusnt even have a drink. He tells them to be comfortable and enjoy the party and goes away.


Kumud clooks back and finds Kkusum and Sohan. She goes up to them, and asks Kkusum as to how can she help her. ( Kumud says "How can I help u Ma'm…" ). Kkusum feels bad. Kumud turns and goes away.


Kumud is standing alone sad, when Vidhi comes there. She tells Kumud that Sohan has come. Kumud smiles. She tells Kumud that Sohan came with his sister-in-law, and asks Kumud how is she related to her. Kumud tells her that she is her mother.


Kumud goes to the drink counter and talks something with the person there. Kumud turns back and accidentally brushes past one person. She apologises but the person looks at her. He asks her for a dance but she refuses. He holds Kumud's hand. She tries to take her hand away from his grip but fails. Kkusum and Sohan see that and are worried. They move in that direction. Just then, Trishul comes there and forcibly removes the grip of that person from Kumud's hand. Trishul shouts at that person asking him how dare he touch the hand of a girl in his party. He asks that person how could he dare to tease a girl in his presence. The person tells Trishul to relax and that he was just asking for a dance. Trishul slaps him hard. Trishul tells him to leave or else he would forget that he is his friend. The person leaves. Trishu apologises to Kumud and tells the people who gathered around to enjoy the party. He asks to change the music. A new music starts playing.


Kshitij and Aryaman come there and are walking around. Nakul and Harry are also there. Harry tells Nakul that his dad and brother are there, and so he better control himself and behave properly. Nakul then is shown going stealthily somewhere when he meets Sohan. Sohan asks him as to where he is going like a thief but Nakul tells him that he will just come and leaves.


Trishul gets a call but due to the music he is unable to hear the person's voice and tells him to wait and that he will call from outside. He moves towards a far away place.


Nakul is going away when Harry comes there and tells him that Rishi is there. Nakul scolds Harry telling him that Rishi is already there. Just then, Rishi comes there along with one more person and asks Nakul to give his money. Nakul tells him that there is a prty going on and that how can he give the money now. Rishi tells Nakul that it dus not matter to him if there is a party and that he needs his money now. Rishi starts hitting Nakul and the other person picks on Harry. A fight ensues.


Trishul comes there to talk with someone on phone. He sees Nakul and Harry fighting with Rishi and his friend. He just tells the person that he will call later and goes away from there.


The fight continues and Harry and Nakul manage to hit Rishi and his friend, but just then the other person, who came with Rishi, takes out a knife and stabs him. Then, the person and Rishi run away. Nakul calls Harry, who is shocked to see that Nakul has been stabbed. Nakul tells Harry to run after them and catch them. Harry runs after them.


Kumud comes there and sees Nakul. When she sees that he is stabbed, she goes to him, holds him and asks him as to who did it. Nakul just falls down and in the process of supporting him, Kumud falls down too and Nakul falls on Kumud. Kumud tries to get up but cant. She gets up to some extent, and then tries to remove the knife. She catches the knife and somehow manages to pull it out of Nakul's body. Just then, Garv comes there in his car, and gets down in time and watches Kumud take knife out of Nakul's body. Kumud then throws the knife there, manages to get up, and runs from there. Garv thinks to himself that Kumud had stabbed Nakul. He thinks that he should do something or else Kumud will be in trouble.


Kumud goes to Kkusum and Sohan and tells them about what happened. Kkusum, Sohan, Aryaman, Kshitij and all the people rush to the spot. Aryaman is shocked to see Nakul on the ground and with blood all over his stomach. He tries to wake him up but fails. Aryaman looks up and sees Garv standing there with knife in his hands. Garv drops the knife.  Kumud and everyone also looks towards him. Aryaman gets up, goes up to Garv and slaps him hard. Aryaman asks Garv as to why did he do that. Garv keeps quiet. The reporters gather there and takes the photos. Trishul tells the people to inform the police and instructs them that if the Police asks them if the person being stabbed was in the party, then tell the Police that he wasn't in the Party.


The Police comes there and takes the knife into their custody. They take away Garv from there. Kumud looks at him. The ambulance comes and takes Nakul to Hosiptal.


At the Hospital, Nakul is being taken on a stretcher, and Aryaman, Sohan and Kumud are there. Nakul is taken into the operation theatre. Aryaman tells Sohan that he will not leave Garv and that he is going to kill him. Kumud feels bad. Aryaman tells that for the first time, Nakul was doing something good and that he was very happy about it. Aryaman tells Sohan that he will kill Garv. Sohan tells Aryaman to relax and that nothing will happen to Nakul. He tells Aryaman that till it is proved in court that Garv did it, they should not blame Garv. Aryaman tells Sohan that there is no need to wait for the court coz Garv himself accepted that he did it. Kumud is shocked to hear that and so is Sohan. The doctor comes out and Aryaman asks him about Nakul. The doctor tells him that Nakul is in a critical condition as much blood is lost. The doctor tells that they will have to wait till the next day morning to assess the situation. The doctor leaves. A constable comes there and asks Aryaman to come with him and give his statement. Aryaman goes with him.


Kumud and Sohan are going in a car. Sohan tells Kumud that he cant understand why Garv accepted the crime. He tells her that he knows that Garv is not such a type of person. Sohan tells Kumud that Garv is a type of person who is lost in his pain himself, and that he cant kill another person. Kumud is quiet. Sohan stops the car and points towards Tirshul sitting in a Dhaba.


Kumud and Sohan get down and go there. Trishul sees them and asks them as to what they are doing there. Sohan tells him that he should be the one asking him as to what he is doing there. Trisul tells them that whatever happened in the party has disappointed him, and so he came there to have some food. He turns towards Kumud and asks her if she is the new girl joining his company today. Kumud tells that she is the same girl. He asks them to sit, and they both sit. Trishul tells them that he cant see innocent people being given a punishment, and that he cant understand why that guy over there accepted the crime even though he didn't do the crime. Sohan and Kumud are surprised to hear this from Trishul. Sohan asks Trishul as to whether Garv did not do it. Trishul tells him that he dusnt know who that person is but if the name of the person is Garv, then Garv is innocent. Kumud feels relieved. He tells Sohan that he saw three other people fighting over there. Sohan then tells that its too late now and that Garv cant even get a bail. Trishul tells Sohan that there is no word called impossible in Trishul's dictionary. He asks them to give him a minute. Trishul calls Justice Chaudhry and talks to him. ( Background Music ). Trishul ends the call saying that his work should be done and that he dsunt want to see his good friend behind bars for long. Trishul then turns to Kumud and Sohan and tells them that by the time they reach home, Garv will be at home. Kumud and Sohan are happy. They get up to leave. Sohan calls Trishul as Mr.Trishul to which he replies that if Sohan calls him Mr.Trishul, then he will not shake hands with him. Trishul asks Sohan to call him just Trishul. He then asks Kumud her name and then tells bye to them.


Tashu is in her office and talking to someone. She tells the person on phone to make a big issue out of this whole incident, and disrepute the Kappor house name. She tells the person that it should be highlighted that Garv is the son-in-law of Kapoor house. She then disconnects the phone. She tells to herself that she would like to see how Kkusum will handle this. Tashu gives a wicked smile.


Please comment. Waiting for ur reply.






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Thanks Misbah. We miss your updates.
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thanks a lotttWink
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nice up date thanks a lot
flora Senior Member

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Thanks MisbahClap we so much miss you and your wonderful updates..... thanks again
stpra Groupbie

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atlast some english to read
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Thanks so much Misbah, I love reading your updates. they are so detailed. I miss your daily updates.
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Welcome back!!! Thanks for the wonderful update!

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