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BBB : cum ye all, folkzz! 10th Dec 09~

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:23am | IP Logged

for beginners, which includes everyone except nutterz (who also include everyone except the Hina Naziri (didi) ) this post is officially called

Bugzy's Birthday Bash
[writer shall make future references to it as BBB]


(reading out loud) - "once upon a time... "

(K1, grumbles muttering, intentionally just audible) - "there she goes again..."  

(and another,
N2) - "there she goes... (singing) ... there she goes again..." 

K1 - "is that even a song?"

N2 - (nods) hai naa!

K1 - "yeh? come again... " (not like N2 ever needs a prompt)

N2 - "there she goes... (singing) ... there she goes again... " 

K1 -  (claps in glee... till the reader interrupts, no more welcome than before...)

[ps: for benefit of miscellaneous readers, this IS a song... a change from N2's usual creations :D]

(narration continues) - 
"when the boy and girl had already met, 
already clashed...
already sworn... 
when the seasons had turned colors - 
white to red 
red to green
and green to brown ... 
when first sight had happened, but love had not... 
when 2nd had words, all that fought
when 3rd was doomed, 
4th had seen no flowers bloom
5th, 6th, 7th ... none more sweet
some fight, some fire, 
some cleverer still, 
witty satire..

That! up to and until 
fight held no more charm, 
pranks solved no more qualm
cuss words all now excused 
to be out of stock...

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

(cribber K1) - "someone tell her to cut out the crap..."

(wiser N2) - "nahin ye ho nahin sakta... " (singing)

(absent K2) - "call me when its all over..." 

*and so the curtains rise*

(narrator N1) - "your host .. and dost ... almost ... for tonight! ... the Weaverrr, its me" (a gallant bow - and an applause - [which the writer insists upon, hmm] )

K1 - "good she told them who's responsible for this wreck... " (eyes roll out of habit, of their own accord...)

N2 - (quiet)

K1 - STOP ignoring me! Kids need attention (whining complaining cribbing... and all that...)

N2 - "haa... yehich hu... (K1 - makes a face)  i haven't slept two decent nights... "

K1 - "neither have i! in addition to being ragged by u lot... " (cribs more -ps: for misc 'unaware' readers, expect this trait to surface every possible place it can, its definitive of dear K1 :D )

N2 - maine jo na kaha ... (singing) ... " 

K1 - "tune jo na kaha... " (correcting)

N2 -  "(singing) tu wo sunta raha... " 

K1 - "tune jo na kaha... (singing along, with her lyrics, which she believes is right) ... main wo sunta raha (resultant chaos of two tunes that hope in vain to be same... N1 to rescue, who else! *phew* )

N1 -
"they met on chat
which was 'the' good...
their persons clashed
it was 'the' bad

but a turn then came
early in the game
which (hold your breath)
had only just begun

the he and she
became a 'we'
as a 'he' next door
and his 'she' next door...

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

K1 - "awe-freaking-hell! after all that repeated rant on 'not copying' work... plagiarism as she tags it, this ENTIRE concept is lifted? tell me its not happening... " (looks disgusted...) ... "really! such shame she brings us... " (more drama disgust... plus projection as if to hide her face) "the weaverrr... " (mimics, sarcastically, obviously)

N2 - "aaahhh" (classic N2 yell, makes K1 jump, then glare, even as N2 looks simply, completely unaffectedly, excited) "she did it!!! yes! she did it!!" (does a silly dance move... ps: for misc readers watch ... the last 5 secs :D)

K1 - (joins in, asking simultaneously) "why are we dancing?"

N2 - "she made me IT!!"

K1 - "what?"

N2 - "the girl NEXT door!"

K1 - "oh! WHAT?! you mean you knew all along she was going to copy that superstar fic? for her good-for-nothing act?" (looks angry, sulks, groans)

N2 - (oblivious, or ignoring, still dancing, and also singing now) - "rocket mein pocket, pocket mein rocket... " (more dance, although K1 has now stopped) "i (claps) i (claps) i (claps) ... i am girl (claps) next (claps) door (claps)" (singing a whole new tone, never heard before, writer swears!) ... (meanwhile, on stage)...

N1 -
"her sister met
his sis-in-law
her bro-in-law
his brother met

this was 'the' good
they got along
then he met she
it was 'the' bad

the love meanwhile
was found not lost
he not, nor she
they neither knew
how chat had broke
the icy frost

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

K1 - "did u... help her write that stuff?" (uncertain question, mostly over the reaction she wants to bestow upon it)

N2 - (shakes head)

K1 - "thought as much! its beneath ... not MUCH beneath, ur usual... besides, for freaking-hell-sake, its LIFTED! and the grammar... you HEAR HER?"

N2 - "main teri dushman (yes people, singing, again :D) ... dushman tu mera..."

K1 - (joining in, with no improvement in melody) "main naagin tu sapera!"

N2 - "tu saperaaa" (echoes for effect)

K1 -  "hmm mm hmm mm hmmm" (K1 hums. the rocket singh step has now been abandoned for the snake dance... ... as they move in unexpectedly good sync, K1 goes on) "you know, it would be perfect... you, the girl next door... me... i can be your hero baby ... (oh yes, sigh! now she is singing too) i can kiss... " (forced to stop, as N2 pushes her away)

N2 - "Eewww! (makes a face) She promised to cast my dream guy as the male lead... (scowls at K1 in disdain) ... "you can be some extra, there's many of them... maybe my hero's sis-in law?!! (contemplates) ... yes! you fit her!"

K1 - (looks mad, and ready to snap a retort, then stops. and does what, FYI misc readers she does most rarely, thinks!!) "it all depends on who would be his brother... you know..."

(before N2 can ponder over, short list options, AND suggest... a process that, if u were to know N2 in person you would realize, could take her one entire dog life, IF not more - she doesn't manage to do, as N1 rambles again)

N1 -
"Killer Dude was him
and Qu Tee her
the names were gay
but they wont say
cause he liked she
she liked him back...

a rose you know
would be a rose
whatever be the name?.. ?!!

of course, it would be
not quite so
if he or she would
come to know
that he was HE
and she was SHE
the 'he' next door
and 'she' next door

it might then be
Weaver now thinks
KD as in King of Devils
QT as a Queen of Trolls
but thought she not
the one who wrote
of he and she
the two next door...

she made time fly
and classes start
she made them soften
in depths of heart
she made them talk
as people two
no dog fights
no cat claws
but still they bore
neither, no clue

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

K1 - (nudges N2, who frowns)

N2 - (hissing) "what?"

K1 - "who's ur guy's brother?"

N2 - (trying to listen. and catch the cue for her introduction and portrayal on stage. plus, in anticipation about where her hero was hiding, for now... ) "chose whoever u want..."

K1 - (smiles widely, then throws her arm around in a hug) "you're awe-freaking-some mommy... i mean... ziz ... he he!"

N2 - "hmmm"

K1 - "I want... (blushing) ... armaan... " (for 'specific' readers this time, who know the inside talk, pun was intended here. completely.)

N2 - "WHAT?!" (looks shocked, then angry, then wide eyed, finger pointing she warns) "i'm going to tell her the moment all this is over... ARMAAN! buzz off!"

K1 - (looks like she will either curse/or cry... in her own words its something like TTT/SUD - ps: misc readers, TTT -teen tantrum throwing, SUD - sucked up days, i think this was it, for greater accuracy, contact K1)"but... you said i could chose... "

(before N2 can respond N1 booms off loud on the stage again...)

N1 -
"and then somehow
as chance would have
or rather,
have she would
the one who wrote
of he and she
did madness all she could

a meet she fixed
but let 'em meet not -
the 'she' stood there
waiting and lost
her hope fast rot
the 'he' saw her,
and red 'he' saw
and then yes,
the fact lay raw!

he fret and thought
agreeing not
put hints to test
and doubts to sort
and yes alas!
she made 'he' know
the one who wrote
of love with a foe

the 'he' now knew
it was upon him
to make 'she' know
of the plot within...

...that she,
the teller of this tale
had wove...

the 'she' next door
for her part
had change of heart
the 'killer' or 'king'
seemed to fade
cause the 'he' next door
'he' as HE
her mind and sleep
would now invade...

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

(N2 and K1 smile faintly, not completely not pleased... when they meet each other's eye however, the dilemma resurfaces...)

K1 - "why can't i have armaan?" (voice is timid, rigid, gruff and scared)

N2 - "u have to explain ... the name armaan? or the guy armaan?" [writer is unavailable to receive feedback at this point, from specific readers.]

K1 - (rolls eyes, yes, she has remembered to, again!) "both, obviously!"

N2 - "wooo meri jaan hai (singing, what else :-| ) ...wooo mera armaan hai..." (clearly, A. N2 ignores K1... B. answers in negative permission)

K1 - (grumbles something writer can't hear... writer assumes its name calling that writer significantly despises and decides to ignore for good of all)

N2 - (gathering there shall be no scene of open rebellion, concentrates on N1 again... thinks in head - where is the damn hero?)

"the 'she' now had
not one but two
she thought were IT
if only she knew...

the 'he' meanwhile
did all he could
to raise him high
the 'he' next door
and raze him off
the king who was
a devil galore...

li'l he knew
li'l-er did she
another had come
yes come had he
a blast from the past
to 'he', a buddy true
to 'she', demon anew
both the same
as same as that
the 'he' next door
and the Dude on chat...

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

N2 - "when is she calling us on stage?"

K1 - (quiet, still sulking)

N2 - (kind of occupied to realize) "whimzzzy! main tere se baat kari..."     

K1 - (quiet)

N2 - "aaahhh!!!" (mad at not being answered. on finally facing her, remembers again) "okay here's what! i have an idea!"

K1 - (like the kid she is, falls for the temptation, shows interest) "tell me!"

N2 - "you can be extra special, and do a monologue between sis-in-law and my guy's brother..."

K1 - "What?!!!"

N2 - "Yeh!! ain't that cool? you get double role!! like... like... shah rukh in duplicate!" (she says enthusiastically. K1, does what she keeps doing, rolls eyes)

K1 - "wow! what a plan! (claps out loud, with angry force) "so u'r suggesting i pretend to make a couple, who also happen to be twins?! smart (claps) ... very smart (claps again, rolls eyes)

N2 - "whatever! don't say i didn't give you the chance, later!" (turns back to stage, and N1 "why the hell wont she call us on stage? and WHERE IS THE HERO?!!)

"so this is how
it all goes now

'he' and HE
are two both same
the 'friend' and 'foe'
also have one name

she is single
so far it be
guys in her life
she counts to three
the 'he' next door
she can't ignore
the chatting one
she's guilty to shun
to old bad boy
shes no more coy

so win shall 'he'
chosen by 'she'
we all so think
till comes in she...

... she who writes
this twisted tale
now brings 'the' she
ready to spell
to doors of 'the' he
who in dream is dwell

the 'he' next door
thinks 'she' IS next door
and in his room
with open eyes
he thinks is 'she'
his 'dream' next door!

when all this was past, 
is where we begin...
once upon a time..."

N2 - (decides at this point, enough is enough... walks widely on the open stage...N1 looks shocked, disapproving, N2 looks bold, expecting, warning)

N1 - (hisses) "what're you doing here?" (looks to audience in apology)

N2 - (hisses back) "why haven't u called me onto stage yet? nor him?"

N1 - (still hissing) "and why would i do that... btw (possessive tone) "who is HIM?"

N2 - (looks extremely miffed... opens mouth to speak before a third hissing appears)

K1 - "you're doing right daddaa... bratta, keep zizzy out of this (to N1, about N2... N2 glares, N1 stares, then looks back to audience in despair) ... she deserves not to be 'girl' next door, make ME it!"

N2 - (looks sad/defeated... then whatever... speaks in a matching tone) "i still have to tell her about your 'armaan' demand...

(K1 looks flushed, blushing hard, averting gaze. N1 cocks a stern eye... mentally makes memo to self)

N2 - (satisfied with the distraction, catching N1 unaware takes mike out of her hand) ... dost dost na raha... kya se kya hogaya...(singing... K1 takes cue, smiles brightly to audience, signals them to ignore her, indicating shes a bit mentally challenged... N1 is wary)

N1 - "what the hell was that?"

N2 - "bewafa ... tere pyaar mein... "

N1 - "dude! what the hell are you singing?"

N2 - (covers the mike and whispers to N1) "i started with dost dost song, then changed my mind..."

K1 - (rolls eyes)

N1 - (smacks head)

Audience: (murmurs, that are neither low, nor polite...) "haven't we been tortured enough? PLEASE keep the family drama for your nutter home... so much to waste time, and energy, and mind, and resources, and optical sense, and auditory sense, and... (list keeps coming) -  OVER THIS?!!"

(and this is when, in walks SHE... She, She, She!!!)

H - (the taking charge of her nutterz way) "what's happening here bache? whats the chaos about?"

K1 - "grazyyy!"

H - "bppp! (K1 looks at audience and looks at H in hint, who nods)  i mean whackooo!" (bolly style hug)

N2 - "bugzzzy! (to H, with a pointed indication to K1 of how carelessly she has let slip family secret nicks... not one, not twice, but THREE TIMES)

N1 - (ahem... clears throat... all look at her [ps: to misc readers who didn't guess, N1 clears throat INTO the mike] considers if she should sigh and walk off stage for how ruined the show now is... then changes mind, brightly turns to audience) "so, erm, before i forget, we have some special people here... please welcome,

zizzy zitella : [ps: for misc readers, her 'yeh'... 'hmmm'...' jo to bi'... 'yeh whatever'... has been writer's everlasting motivational fire, AND desire, to bring up this piece... when that is not enough writer makes special requests to hear her songs] "as all will now recognize, she played N2 :)"

next on the roll, is...

whacko whim : [ps: for misc readers, she has been lower on her cribbing, cause her current state of oppression has robbed her of the enthusiasm to be a constant pain, it has hence allowed writer to be greatly productive. in addition, she has, for the most, freaked out her two accomplices, ziz and brat, while the making of this entire thread, to hurry up with things, herself meanwhile being the only one to pool in her stuff last... hmm... the writer still believes, her stress has played its role in the efficiency of her mates...] "as you lot may accurately estimate, she played K1 :) "

missing for a while has been...

goldie bloomer : [ps: for misc readers, news has it, that our youngest nutter has been at the facing end of universal conspiracies... we have by far missed her for the most, in the last few months... to be precise, something post zizzy's birthday... her absence has motivated whacko to hone her latent talents and creativity... ] "as you JUST might recall, she played the one-line dialogue of K2 :) "

guest appearence/guest of honor/the BIRTHDAY GIRL HERSELF...

worry bug : [ps: for misc readers, the event of her birth-day has what has at the end, inspired this rather senseless, insipid piece of part fiction/part fact.. it must be understood, honor code for the nutters is averse to anything and anywhere that sense may prevail... its a strict NO NO ... also, one must know, the 'lifted' track for the main content of this post was stolen from her original work, 'Girl Next Door'... for all those who have missed on this wonderful piece, HURRRYYY!] "of course you guessed, she played H :) "

and finally, [writer request the drum rolls be now dusted, brought out, and put to optimum use, at this classic opportunity] ...

bratty weaver : [ps: for 'dumb' misc readers, after the ample hints of prioritizing this character higher than the birthday girl, AND the obvious hint in the NAME ITSELF, there is nothing more i have to add about the motivation factor to the writer she has been] "and for all those smart people who did guess, yes! she played N1 :) "

anddd! much to everyone's relief, the trial called BBB, is now officially done with. this is captain/writer/N1/brat calling : OVER AND OUT!!

**************** credit - nutterz *****************

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BollyCurry Buzzer

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:24am | IP Logged
<br>*reserved<br><br>*edit 1*<br><br>Much delayed it is...but very much on the DAY! =) Love yah hini!<br><br>Click here for some NutterY mazaaa!!!<br><br>

:D hinz, late as this comes, HAPPY BUUURRRLLLDDAAAAY TOOO YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! *kid style* hahahaha....i wanna know kia kiya apne, cake katta tha na? *looks sternly* i told you to!! and well, me loves ya, bhut ziadaaaaaaaaaaa...buddhi ho gi ho ab to kuch naik kaam bhi kero na (hint hai :P) muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hinz! love ya!

*edit 4*


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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:24am | IP Logged
me three... :D hiniyaaa!!!


hinya Hug

please... bear with me, and be happy with 'wordless hugs' ... hinz!! meri words se chutti hai abi 24 hours next... *phew* LOL

but... just to prove, it wasn't so, the 24 hours that went by already... here u gooooooooo

misc people ignore - cause i still wana live

muah muah muah and more Blushing

~ nj


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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:26am | IP Logged

reserved :)

*edit 1*

ye dekho hinzzzzzz... mera bi!!!

*edit 2*

Hindi...! I wasn't lying when i said i was up yesterday doing homework...but for once like nj i was multi-tasking and was doing "you-know-what" as well...:D

And TELL- ME you loved it...(mere ears are going red with impatience - its snowing crazy outside lol)

"I want to know about your fun :) day!
All the very best for this year. I am glad cause you turned the number you did :P ...

Things come and go...and tomorrow we might not be how we are today...but this is a day with the stuff....which no1 can take away from you...(surely i'll talk about this to your grandkids :P)

Eventually...its always worth it ...i guess! :)"

Love you...occasionally....:P :P :P


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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:29am | IP Logged

Thanks alot NIJ!!!
Heya Hinu!!!!!
Many Many Many Many Many More Happy Returns Of The Day!!!!!!!
A Big Jhappi!! God Bless You!!!!
This is for you...
Sharing the good times and caring about one another
Being there for each other in all ways for always
Our friendship is Special for You and I share
a deep understanding thats precious and rare.
We accept one another as we are
overlook weakness and find so much good
We are there for each other in so many ways
encouraging, caring and brightening days
Our Friendship will always be special to me
For you are my Best Friend and You Will Always Be.
Thank You for being You and being Mine!
Happy Birthday!!
Wishing you the best in everything!
Love N Care
PS: Great Work Nutterzzz!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Edited by Prasanthi - 10 December 2009 at 7:02am

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:35am | IP Logged




Joined: 03 January 2008

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:36am | IP Logged

"I am sending birthday wishes,
from far across the miles,
tied with lace and ribbons,
my special birthday smile.
Also hugs and kisses,
wrapped in special prayers,
happiness and laughter,
joy beyond compare.

Wishing you warm sunshine,
each day when you awake,
peace within and harmony,
with every step you take.
As you drift off in slumber,
and nestle upon the clouds,
know i am thinking of you,
from way across the miles."

Edited by nidha1983 - 10 December 2009 at 6:27am

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:39am | IP Logged head is spinning..! Yes yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Uh...erm 'hina di.!!'        Ps: don categorise me still...yet to finish reading... Ll edit if it needs any change..! HAPPY BIRTHDAY yet again... Burthday gurl..!

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