-Happy Birthday Priya Wal-

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Birthday bells are ringing againBlushing...and i am getting a very excited kinda feeling widin meBlushing...coz geee..its time to welcome yet another eve of 9th December...BlushingBlushing...its time to close our eyes and fold our hands and whisper a sacred Thank You prayer..thanking Bhaggu for blessing our lives wid this beautiful beautiful Angelllllll...Blushing...An angel who fills our lives with this insane kinda hopeeeeee which makes us believe ki if we want we can conquer the whole wide universe...Day Dreaming...An angel whose mere aura gives us this weird kind of happiness and pride in being who we are what we are...Blushing.....she toh even makes us proud of our failures our imperfections..Blushing..coz she taught us so fiercely ki "Perfect hona zaroori nahi hai but REAL hona bohut important hai"....BlushingBlushingBlushing...

An angelll whose presence makes us see life in a new reflection..she makes life so simple so beautiful so worth fighting for...She is our angelllllllll who makes us believe in our own dreams....Blushing...For us she is truly heaven sent..a real blessing in disguise who came and just filllled our lives with Sunshine..Blushing..And I for one can't thank bhaggu enough for sending her our way...Hug...Thankooooo bhaggu for filling our lives with the divinie light of Priya Wal...our reservoir of hope our inspiration for lifeeeeeeeee  who gives us this invincible faith ki miracles do happen and we ourselves have the magic to create our own miracles...Blushing

Happy B'day Priya!!!
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug
Hug Hug

I can't even begin to tell what you mean o me Priyaaaa..for me you are truly truly my farishta..that angel who always always no matter what finds her way to my heart my soulllll..especially when am going through the darkest of times...

I dunooooooo how or why i just dunno but whenever am in a turmoilllllllllll whenever i am inches away from giving up whenever am just about to break into shattered pieces she just comes out of nowhere and tells me chants to me makes me realize that no matter what happens life is a battle ground and I would have to just keep on fighting and fighting and fighting for myself for my integrity and for the integrity of my dreamssss...Blushing....she always makes me realize that i have it in me what it takes to not just be a fighter but to fight and have the guts to win that dammed fight as welllllll...Blushing

God i know all this is kinda insane but who cares...they say inspiration can come and touch you in any form any shape..and for me she is my guiding star..its unbelievable how her one smiling pic can litrallly fillllllllllll my day with utmost of hope and warmth and positivity...gosh wen i see her smile na i always always end up having tears in my eyesssss..coz for me that one moment is likeee i dunooo...can't describe the feeling...its like as if as if am looking at d purest d sacredest of things everrrrrrrBlushingBlushingBlushing...God i have never seen a smile as pure and warm as cna actually fele light emancipating from her eyes whenever she smilesss..Blushing....I seriously adore her smileee..

Whenever i see her smile for that moment i forget every other tension in life and just give myself to that hopish feeling which she ignites..for that moment nothing seems impossible in life..More than anything else her smile makes me feel so soooooooooooooo so special about my own makes me feel loved, needed, makes me feel so freaking proud of my own makes me fele as if there is something worth admiring in my own self..something unique something worth beaming and smiling at..Blushing

Priya never never let that glorious smile leave your really dunno the impact it has on the innumerable people who might be watching you has the pottential to make people passionate about themselves about their dreams about life itself

I have loved you like helllllllllllllllll since the moment I first saw u as meri AshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBlushing......Its been so many years since Remix ended and our Ashi bid adios to us...but that didn't change anything for us...not a single day has passed when my love and respect for you hasn't grown...its like every single day i realize ki omggggg i love her much much mpore than i ever did beforeee...our love for you isn't dependent on you coming in some sopas and blah..our love for you is beyooooooooond all this..its undefineable unexpressable its etherealll it would always stay wid us no matter would always always remain an integral part of our livessssss...For me toh you would always be my mirror of divinity who would never allow me to gloom in despair...jab bhi dark shadows would hover over would become my ray of hope my ray of light which would hamesha tell me ki the darkest scariest hours of night is symbolic of the fact ki the beautyfulll down is mere moments awayyyyyyy

Perhaps you have heard this umpteen number of times from me but still I am repeating it that characteres come and go but only a few of them have a lasting imprint on their audiance's mind because only a few of them had the pottential to actually bring a differance and make lives better....You and Ashi would always always always continue to live in our hearts and inspire us. Hats off to you priya for being youHugHug I havn't seen a more humble celeb any which where who actually acknowledges and responds to her fans so ardentlyHug . Your trust and faith in us is one of our biggest assets and it would always stop us from doing any unfair thing.

Wishing you many many many happy returns of the dayHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug...i wish and pray from he corest of my being ki alllllllllllllllllll your cherished dreams come true ki in every moment of your life you are able to follow your heart and do what you want ki u live life as per your terms widout nay comrpomises ki you are always surrounded by love and respect by good health and loads of good luck..success toh would always knock at your door steps coz u yourself are tallent personified you would rock at whatever you take up ..m hell proud of you Priya and prouder about myself that i love youuuuuuuuuuuu...HugHugHugHug

I have to thank you for soo soo soo many thingsHugHugHug especially for inculcating self belief in me for making me love my own self earnestly HugHugbut i don't think one thank you can be enough everHugHug All i can say is that i was just lucky enough to have come across you because since that day life had taken a new turn which was full of self confidence and strengthHugHugThank You Priya for being bhaggu's blessiing in my life HugHugand i hope and prey that all his blessings are showered and bestowed on youHugHug


SmritiBig smile

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Want to thank alllllll alllll the adorable sig makers who helped make dis topic so beautiful Blushing..these arn't mere sigs for us guys...this is our way of telling our diva Priya ki how much she means to us how much we loveeeee her...Blushing

Thankoo guys thankoo so so much for all the hard wrk you expended while making these sigs....we would cherish them forever and ever....Hug..HugHug

Heartiest of thanx to

Fizi...Oh my god fiz i love youuuuuuuuuHugthere r like some three four sigs by u in the above post and i want to thank you for each one of themmmmmmmmmHug...i know i always bug u that too at the last very moment but u never ever make me feel unwanted u always welcome me wid open arms...geee...HugHugHug...u seirously r the sweeteest person ever fizzz..HugHug...thank you for being such a warm person and such a darling of a friendHugHug...loveeeeeeee u Fiz love u like hell for dis u helped me make this day special for her..ThankooooHugHug

Amna...God i oth have no words to tell u how much i adooooooooooooooooooooored that sig u made me....Day Dreaming...everytime am looking at it am getitng butterfliesssss in my tummy..Day Dreaming...its a time stopping master piece amna..needless to say would love it like hellllllllllll forever..its one of those sigs which you know instantly steal your heart and then just stays wid u forever...Blushing..thankoo thnakoo thankoooooooo Amna for giving us this eternal treasureeee...loveee you to bitssssssss for thisHugHugHug

Ashuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....omg...don't kill me for wat i did wsn't my idea it wasn't my idea it was your Raspberry's ideaLOLLOLLOL so go behind her wid the bat.....she asked me to brig all your previous gals to the front taki we cna search that sig u made me so so long agooooooo...Blushing..gosh u know wat Ashuuuuuu i think that was d first eevr sig i requested u...Day wld always be special for me and i badly wanted to use it for this topic...loveeeeeeee u like helllllllllllll Ashuuuuuuuuuu...Hug..."TOUCH WOOD"Wink

Natsieeeeeeeeeeeeee....Naaaaaats i love you i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i love you like helllllllllllllllllllllllllllHug...u know i can die for your sigs Natsssssssssssss....and it was just my good luck ki you were open around dis time taki we couuld get a special Priya sig by youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Blushing ..and bd besht part was u opened specially for me..Blushing...GEeeeee i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Naaaaaaaaaaats i reallly reallly dooooooooooo...Hug...and d sig dunt even make me start on it i have been stairing at it since d day u posted it in ur gal....everytime i used to start positng a comment on it i used to go alllllllllllllllllllll...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...its nothing less than a dream Natsssssssssss BlushingBlushing..and the text is just so freaking perfect...Blushing..exctly what i feel for PriyaBlushing...Thankoo Nats not just for this for everythinggHugHugHug....i loveeeee youuuuuuuuu cho choooooooooooooooooooooo muchHugHug..."

And now ek real specialllllllllllllllllllllll se bhi specialllllll wala Thank You to three people....more than thnak you i wana say i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you to alllllllll three of them...Ash, Raeee and SimmmmmmmmmHug Hug........They r like my omens my inspiration....Blushing..can't even think of opening a topic without the three of themmmmmmm...i need just need their presance in the form of their sigs...Blushing....this time around i couldn't get new sigw from them....but so what i used the old ones dey made for meeeeeee...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..coz for me each and every sig made by themmm is Heavennnnnnnnnnnn Heavennnnnnnn HavennnnnnnnnDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming,,,i can seriously feel divinity touching me via their sigs.....Blushing...i m telling u i just need them to be thereeeeeeee...their presance mkaes me want to work harder...Blushing..and i guess this is more so coz i love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loveee the three of them from the very core of my beingggggggggg....Hug,,,seriously you three not having u around makes me feel as if am missing something yoou allllllllll for being my inspiration my strength,,HugHug.

And  last but not the least big wala i loveeeeeeeeeeee you to meri Remzi who did the decors for meeee..Blushing..thats why d topic is looking so beautiful and soooooo organized...Day Dreaming..warna left to me alone it wld have aooeared a nightmare totally love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you meir Remzzzzzz...

Aur haaaaaaaaaaaaan biggesssst se bhi biggessssst wala i love you to meri Ninny..for that Happy To You Priya buddya sig....Blushing...geee tere liye toh i can jyst write one htig ninnu...Tera na hona janeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kyun hona hi haiiiiiiiiiii...Blushing
BlushingBlushingBlushing...i loveeeeeeeeee yoy lunaticalllllly..Blushing..."TOUCH WOOD"Wink

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Many Many happy returns of the day... MAy God Bless you with all the happiness... May all your wishes come true... I wish you have success & peace in your life !!!!

Priya you are truly a rockstar ! For Me you are the soul of remix... For me you could have single handly rocked Remix... I dbout anyone could have played the rule of Ashi like you did... You created magic with your presences on screeen... With your talent with your chraisma... !! Just everything about you... I am proud to be a PRiya Wal fan coz you have your own personility your own talent your own cability to do what you want to be yourself. I LOVE YOU PRIYA !!! YOu are a divine beauty... Every scene of yours in remix every photoshoot picture of yours is just beaiutiful coz you are beautyful inside & out Priya !! Thank you for coming into our lives.... I Wish i could meet atleast once in my life it would be just so Day Dreaming... Your smile & your additue wheter it be as Anvesh B Ray or as Priya Wal you always touched my heart... you always made me love you more... You will always remain spcieal to me... Always...!


I made some Priya's Birthday siggys Embarrassed

P.S - Black Forestttttttttttt !! I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO LOADSSSSSSSSSS !! MUWAH !!! Hug

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Happy B'day Priyaaaa!!HugHug I'll probably edit this tomorrow...but i hope that your b'day just goes fantabulous!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Here is bf cake for you priyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love you tons priyaaaaaaaa...will be bk tomorrow...enjoy your b'dayyy!!HugHug

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happy bday priya
hpe u live a long happy life
ty for giving us ashi n for being so many pplz inspiration n role model
without u therz b no remix there'd b no ashi
wishing u all the success happiness n joy in life
*sings koi tumsa nahin* sachi mein no1 is like u... hope u always always remain the same
u totally rock
j'adore priya walHug
from one priya to anotherr
beautifully written post smritiiiiiiiiiii

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Happy Birthday Priya! I totally love your character of Ashi. It's definately one of a kind and definately a different character from othes. =D
Hope you had a great brithday and enjoyed. =)

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many happy returns of the day to PriyaHug

ps-Smritz beautiful postEmbarrassedTongue

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Happppy Birthdayy Priyaa! :)
Amazing post smriti! :D

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