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ArMan Times Edition 7

Brief Written updates of the Fortnight

By: --__Shireen__--

Nov 23

o    Savita taunts Archu on coming to the garage opening

o    Damodar defends Archu

o    Archu explain why she's there, and Savita is annoyed

o    Archu goes to do her work

o    Damodar pretends to be drunk so Archu can sit in the havan

o    Sachin tries to convince Manav to sit in the havan with Archu

o    Vandu tries to convince Archu to sit in the havan with Manav

Nov 24

o    Manav and Archu sit together in the havan

o    Damodar tells Archu he was pretending to be drunk, and she is surprised

o    Archu left the garage

o    Savita is angry that Archu sat in the havan

o    Varsha tries to explain the Archu that Manav is a good guy, but she's not listening

o    Vaishu tells Varsha that Archu has to go to court tomorrow for a hearing

Nov 25

o    Satish's mom goes to Archu's house, and says there's a big difference between Archu and Varsha

o    Varsha goes to Satish and lectures/shouts at him and Satish flirts with her

o    Manav and Archu are in the same train

Nov 26

o    Archu and Manav are on the same train while going to court

o    Archu falls forward, and Manav catches her

o    They take the same auto to the court

o    The judge asks them a few questions, and tells them to come back for another date

o    Satish's mom is on the phone with Manju's mom

o    Manju's mom says to try to talk about Archu and Satish's marriage again

Nov 27

o    Manav is remembering what happened in court

o    Shravini comes to meet Manav at the garage

o    Shravini tells Manav to invite Archu and her family to a family gathering

o    Manav says thanks, but no

o    Satish's mom goes to Sulochana and talks about Satish and Archu's wedding

o    Archu's parents say that they'll think about it and let them know

o    Manav's dad tells Manav to write Archu's family's name in the invitation list for the engagement, and Savita is angry and starts badmouthing Archu and her family

o    Archu comes home from work, and Manju is pushing Sulochana to talk to Archu about Satish, but they don't

o    Manju tells Varsha that she knows everything about Varsha, and that she felt really sorry for her (in a sarcastic way)

o    Varsha tells everyone that she left her job and about Ashwin

Nov 30

o    Sulochana walks towards Varsha with a stern look on her face

o    Sulochana tells Varsha that she hasn't done anything on purpose, and hugs her

o    Manju is angry seeing this

o    Later, Archu is talking to Varsha saying that she forgot to mention that Manav helped her come back home

o    Varsha says she did it on purpose, too see how Archu feels about Manav

o    Damodar tries to indirectly explain to Manav that if you lose your love, you won't get it back

o    Varsha tells Sulochana that Manav is the one who helped her come home

o    Savita gets the photos taken from the train of Manav and Archu (the couple took their photo)

Dec 1

o    Savita tears the pic in half

o    Sulochana and Manju see Archu praising Satish, and are happy

o    Sulochana and Manohar talk about Archu's marriage

o    They said to wait till the divorce isn't final

o    Varsha goes and yells at Satish again, and Archu tells her to apologize

o    Sulochana tells Satish's mom, that they agree to Satish and Archu's marriage

o    Damodar says to put Archu's name on an invitation, and Savita is angry

o    He tells Savita that she's doing injustice to the daughter-in-law of the house

Dec 2

o    Varsha goes back to Satish, and pretends to apologize in front of Archu

o    Savita and Archu are on the same train, and taunts Archu

o    Damodar, Sachin, and Vandu plan a way to invite Archu to the engagement

o    Sachin and Vandu invite Archu and her family to his engagement

o    Archu agrees to everyone's detest (besides Varsha and Vaishu)

Dec 3

o    Everyone tries to convince Archu not to go to the engagement

o    Archu says that she hasn't broken her relationship with Sachin or Vandu

o    Archu and Manju go shopping for a gift for the engagement, and Archu picks a shirt for Sachin

o    Archu and Manav see each other at the engagement, and Damodar and Vandu are happy

o    Savita sees Archu and isn't happy

Dec 4

o    Savita tells Manju why don't they leave them alone, and Manju tells her about Archu marrying Satish

o    Savita starts being rude to Archu and insults her, and Damodar defends Archu, and finally slaps Savita

o    Manav defends Savita, and tells Archu to leave

o    Manju tells everyone at home what happened at the engagement

o    Girish tells Shravani to rethink the marriage after seeing the Savita incident

o    Damodar is at a bar, and sees the pimp, and the pimp reveals everything to Damodar

o    Damodar goes to Manav's garage and tells him everything he heard

Dec 5 (Maha Episode)

o    It's Archu's parents anniversary, so they are all having fun

o    Damodar takes Manav to the pimps house, and they fight

o    Damodar bribes the pimp with more money than Ajit

o    Varsha tells Archu to invite Manav to the anniversary party, and she says no at first, but then agrees

o    The pimp, gets the truth out of Ajit, and then he sees Manav and his dad leave

o    He's scared that maybe they recorded everything

o    Manav makes everyone at his house listen to the tape

o    The police come and arrest his entire family

o    Varsha and Archu go to Manav's house to invite Manav to the function

o    Manav and his family are in the lock up

o    Archu and Varsha see a lock on Manav's house

o    Manju called the police and put Manav and his family in jail

o    Manju goes to the police station, saying she's come on behalf of Archu to do all the formalities


Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: nityatarlapally

-23 November, 2009-
-24 November, 2009-
-25 November, 2009-
-26 November, 2009-
-27 November, 2009-
-30 November, 2009-
-1 December,2009-
-2 December, 2009-
-3 December, 2009-
-4 December, 2009-
-5  December, 2009 (Maha Episode)

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

 Well folks, this week we had a lot happen.' but we didn't really have too many power-packed dialogues. However, we did find a couple *YAY* and we hope you like them as well!

 Aur phir ek aur baat, jho saas apni ek bahu ki izath nahi kar sakti, are woh doosre ki kya izath karegi? - Girish ji

 This dialogue came when Girish ji was asking Shravini if she still wanted to go to Sachin's house after the way Savita treated Archana. The reason this dialogue takes its place here is because Girish ji is absolutely right. And even though we know that Savita is inclined to be better with Shravini, we can't forget WHY she's going to be so kind to Shravini. While the money stays, Savita's goody-two-shoes are on, but if, God-forbidding, Shravini looses all her money, we can only imagine how Savita will treat her. So far, Savita's only problem is greed' and greed is the one thing that prompts such outrageous behavior from Savita...She couldn't treat Archana properly, how is she going to treat Shravini? Girish ji, as a father, is right in his place for having his second thoughts.

 Bhale yeh rishta janam ka na hota,lekin janmon ka zaroor hota hain yeh rishta khoon ka nahi hota lekin issi rishte ki vajah se khoon ke rishte bante hain, parivaar banta hain - Archana

 This was an absolutely beautiful dialogue. And just the moment Manav and Archana share with each other is magical. Can you just imagine standing in your balcony, or sitting on your roof, with your partner, and having that kind of a conversation? It's beautiful! Archana's definition of marriage is so heartwarming! It's a lifelong agreement of love, honesty and respect. It's a connection between two people who are connected on so many levels that have brought them together, as one.  


Star Male and Female of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 Star Male

Ever since Damodar has been back, he has been nothing less of supportive of Manav and Archana. Damodar loves his daughter in law like his own daughter, and knows how perfectly Manav and Archana fit together. Not only does Damodar understand his son so well, and relates with him emotionally, but he never fails to keep up the humor factor. I am always laughing when Ajav Whadvakar ji is onscreen. And oyee, let's not forget that zabardast chanta Damodar gave Savita' that's right, show her who's boss! HA! Okay, yes, I did feel a little bad for her'. but Damodar gets major cool points for knowing that Archana will NEVER stoop that low! Damodar is amazing! Great support.

 Star Female

 Varsha!!!! This girl keeps getting better with each day. How many of us cheered for Varsha when she finally mustered up the courage and told her family about Ashwin? I was extremely happy that she did'. because Manjusha gets away with too much already, and we definitely don't want to give her another chance at playing her dirty tricks. Also, Varsha finally understands the importance of her family.' her scene with Archana after she tells the family was very important.  She finally has that mother-daughter relationship with her Ayi, the kind she's wanted for years. And besides all of this, let's not forget her efforts at bringing ArMan together --- anyone on that path is a bonus for us :D


ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 We weren't so deprived of ArMan this fortnight *YAY*. First was the havan scene, the pooja, then the train ride'. also them sharing an auto together' and also their little conversation about Sachin. But their best scene this fortnight was the "flashback" of Manav and Archana, on their balcony, talking about Marriage. The dialogue between the two was just brilliant. It's the kind of conversation a husband and wife will eventually have at some point of time' the two of them talking about their families, under the starry sky, and the dim moonlight' it was perfect. Not to forget how cute the two of them looked in the darkness of the night. Lovely scene' it just sort of makes you happy *giggle*


Best Family Scene of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 We had a couple of good family scenes this week with members of both families sticking up for each other respectively'but the best family sequence came towards the end of the fortnight. The scene that takes this spot this fortnight, is the scene at the Karanjikar household. The scene that aired on Saturday, on the Maha episode, with all the three girls doing their mother's mehendi and haldi was totally adorable. They were all so happy as a family. It was quite nice to see them laughing after soo long, and just having a good time. And even though we all can't stand her, it was somewhat a nice change to see even Manjusha "gul-milaoing" with the family. Honestly, it reminds me of something my family would do for our own parent's anniversary'. It was just really simple, but elegant in its own way.


Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

This fortnight's Mr. Head Turner was a tough one to choose. I have to say guys and gals, every single guy on this show looked amazing this fortnight'. Not just on the days of the "Garage inauguration" or Sachin's sagaai, or even the anniversary party'. Each guy looked swell and handsome in their normal attire'. But on the days of the functions, they looked even better. Manav, Sachin and Satish, all looked mighty handsome in their kurta's'. there's just something about guys in a kurtha *giggle*

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

This was also a very tough on to choose. The ladies this fortnight gave each other good competition. Archana, as always, looked stunning in her sarees'. Especially the yellow one. Shravini looked beautiful and elegant on the day of her sagaai' even Vandita looked gorgeous in her saree. Varsha's hair and makeup AND her salwar suit at the function at their house was perfect. And Vaishali looked stunning in her green salwar'. The ladies were beautiful this fortnight. So this spot is dedicated to all the dazzling ladies of Pavitra Rishta.


World of Archana and Manav

By: nityatarlapally

-The Key to my Heart-

"It's perfect." Smiling to himself, he bought the last item on his list.

-30 minutes before midnight-

Tip-toeing into his best friend's house, he set everything where it needed to be. After all, it was her birthday and everything needed to go perfectly; especially the end. He planned everything accordingly, telling her parents to stay out of the house for the night, buying the gifts, and off course preparing for his 'confession'. Yes, confession.

 Manav and Archana had been best friends ever since they were little. It was as though they didn't need anyone else, as long as they had each other. A few days before, Archana's parents and Manav's parents were having dinner when the topic of Archana's wedding came forth. Manav had just walked into to the house to hear the last part. It was as though a string in his heart had just been pulled. It was then that he realized that she was going to go away. He called his mom into his room that night and expressed his thoughts. And her being a mother, she figured out immediately that what Manav was feeling for Archana was love. Ever since then, he had been planning on how to tell her this news. Pondering on the subject, he had come up with the idea that he would tell Archana on her birthday. It was the proper occasion. Only he knew how hard it was to control himself from hugging her every time.

'Everything's set; all that needs to be done is wake up the birthday girl. He walked upstairs to her room and knocked. Rubbing her eyes, she opened the door wondering who it is. All her sleep vanished the second she saw him. "Manav! Tum yahaan?!" Running up, she gave him a big hug. "Happy birthday chashmish!" smacking his arm, she warned him not to call her that again. It felt nice to be in his arms, she felt something different. "Thanks, but tum kal bhi toh wish kar sakthe hona." "How can I wait till tomorrow to wish my best friend?! Bondhuu!

    Grabbing her arm and shushing her, he dragged her downstairs. Walking to the sofa, he picked up the first package. "Candles, people often think of them as useless, but candles work to give you light till their last breath. I want your life to be bright." By the lamp was the second gift. "Chocolates, I hope your life stays as sweet as these chocolates." He walked to the television set for his third gift. "This calendar has pictures from our life, moments that we spent together. You look at the calendar first thing every morning naa, I want you to start your day with good memories. So here it is" The fourth gift was in his bag, a teddy bear. "This teddy bear is one thing that describes you well. Soft, you can never hurt anyone, and cute." He walked to the kitchen for his fifth gift, a statue of a laughing Buddha. "The Chinese think of this as their good luck charm. It's believed that this gives you happiness. I want your life to be filled with happiness. Look at the statue when your down and I promise you, two minutes and you'll smile." His sixth gift was a book. Not any book, it was a flip book. Archana flipped through and found a drawing of her smiling. Seventh, eighth, ninth, the gifts continued. Time came for the eleventh gift, a poster of Winnie the Pooh. "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live for a hundred minus one day, so that I'll never have to live without you." It was Archana's favorite show, all because of this quote. He always commented that it was cheesy and that no guy with a right mind would say it, so it surprised her when he said it; there was an unexplainable feeling of happiness that he had said it to her. Out of his pocket came the twelfth, the last, gift. It was a small box. She opened it to find a chain, and a pendant of a heart and a key. "My final gift, I don't know if you'll accept it or not. The pendant is my heart and you have the key to it." Tears found their way into her eyes and within seconds, Archana had started crying. This truly was her best birthday ever.

-You're the only one with the key to my heart.

So open it and come right in. Welcome to you my love '

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight

By: nityatarlapally

-25 November, 2009-
-2 December, 2009-
-3 December, 2009 -


Creation of the Fortnight

Chosen by loveabletwinz

By : MiNaKsHiii


Video mix of the Fortnight
By FunLuvingGirl


JOKES of the Fortnight

By: nityatarlapally

An old man goes to the Wizard to ask him if he can remove a curse he has been living with for the last 40 years. The Wizard says, "Maybe, but you will have to tell me the exact words that were used to put the curse on you." The old man says without hesitation, "I now pronounce you man and wife."

 LMAO! who does that joke remind you of?! The first time I read this, all that came to my mind were Savita and her poor husband! He's probably looking for a wizard all the time.  Savita,in my opinion, is more than just a curse! SOO SOO much worse than a curse! I can never understand how the people in that house stand her! If I were them, the first thing I would've done is kicked her out or left the house myself!

 Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

Once again! there's only one person this joke reminds me of. Except in this's only the wife yelling in the third year and the neighbors listening! May the poor souls of the neighbors be spared!

 Yesterday, my wife ran after the garbage truck, yelling, "Am I too late for the garbage?" The driver said, "No, jump in!"

HAHAHAHA!! I chose this joke cuz it gave me a mental image of Savita being thrown into a trash can! Screamin' while her husband dumps her in...  I bet the trash will burn from the fire in her body!!


Review for Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

A LOT and we mean a LOT happened this fortnight. The story went from one plot to a whole another story line. We weren't deprived of ArMan too much, so that was definitely a bonus. And Savita got a much deserved slap. She has been very rude and obnoxious and it was high time someone showed her her place. It was good to see Archana make her stand and stick with it when it came to going to Sachin's engagement. Satish and Varsha's track is also going somewhere, and from the looks of it' their track is taking shape faster than ArMan's did' so that is disappointing. I know the creative's are working on other plots of the story, but they have stopped showing much of Archana's education'. Which should really be on the frontline right now'. So that was a teeny little bit disappointing. The Maha episode this fortnight was also somewhat of a disappointment'. Although we now have proof of Manav's innocence and Ajit's guilt, Manav and his family are in jail. That is definitely not what we expected. Well, we knew it was coming, but we certainly hoped it wouldn't happen.

Rating for this fortnight ' 3/5

Expectations for next Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

A lot of our expectations have been coming true *YAY*' and it is very exciting to watch. But here's what we're expecting for the next fortnight'. We would LOVE to see that sorry excuse for a human being, Manjusha, be exposed! Really, she gets her way too many times'. We are honestly sick and tired of it'. So burry her track and just leave her alone creatives. We can do a whole lot of better things without her. Also, we do not want to see Savita in jail or her getting beat up'. Because even though she may have been verbally abusive to Archana, she has NEVER, not once raised a hand at her. And no creatives, we do NOT want to see Manav hating Archana for what happens with his family in jail' what we would like, is for Manav to use his common sense, and realize what Manjusha being at the stations means ' it means that Manjusha is Ajit's sister, and she will do anything to save his sorry butt. Can you guys please settle this quickly. Normally, we'd have SOME gunjaish of these two coming together, but at this rate, and with the way the story is going, we don't see an ArMan reunion for ages. Before you lose your audience anymore, get back on track'. Show us the Pavitra Rishta you were talking about! Give us what you promised ' PLEASE!

Editor's Note

Hey guys! We're up with our 7th Edition of the Time's, and we are going strong! Don't have much to say on this edition, except to give a shoutout to two new reporters - FunLovingGirl and nishr!! Welcome on board guys - we hope you guys have a fab time as a part of the team :D

Also, a note to the moderators of the forum... there are a few sections that still need to be added, so we might have to make a few changes... do bear with us, and make this  a sticky again :D

And to all our lovely readers, we still have posts open for reporters. Guys, we could really do with help from some of you. If anyone would like to join our team, send us notifications at loveabletwinz. We'll let you know what post's are open!

Filhaal, we hope you guys are having  a great week so far.. and for all those who have exams coming up, good luck guys!! Our's are coming up too! EEKKK!! we understand the tension - so you guys relax, spend LOTS of time studying, give it your best, and you'll have wonders working for you!

 Oh and also, HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY IF!!!!! Without this forum, we'd have no where else to go to discuss our favorite shows.. and just through this medium, we've all made such great friends! We hope you have many more years to go :D
That's it for this edition guys! See you all in a fortnight! Tada!

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Lovely work frnds...luved it totally..keep up da gud workClapThumbs UpHug

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nice edition everyone..keep up the good work ....well done

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Gr8 work Shiv-Sam n team!!!!!Clap

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Guyssssssssssssss..u just rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkStar
Its unbelievable hw hv u taken Arman times to such a new height and has been features as a prominent face of our forumClap
Keep it up coming dearoos...Big smile

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Each and every one of you deserve applause from my side Clap
And welcome to the team, FunLovingGirl and nishr.
LB, thanks a lot for putting this together so beautifully.
And Nitya..lovely OS again.I liked the gift idea.Superb!!

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thnaks guys ... i love reading the ArMan times ... keep up the good work ! Thumbs Up

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Awesome work!!!!!!!
congrats Smile

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