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I am extremely sorry for this late.. had exm today DeadDead

We are in a shopping mall and a mom - daughter... are looking though various clothes... the salesman is showing them.. the girl is excited and buys almost everything and says its her wedding and then she asks for a green bag... mom says pack it too... and then the mum - daughter look elsewhere...

the salesman opens the bag and then he screams for there is blood on his head..

Freddie is sleeping in the bureau.. Vivek and Tasha try to wake him... Tasha says wake up ACP is coming and Freddie doesnt wake.. Abhi who was reading a file comes and says didnt wake with ACP's name too? something fishy.. Vivek says we tried ur name too.. Abhi says if ACP's name didnt work what will my name do?? and then he asks Tasha to get water... Tasha gets water and they throw some on his face.. and Freddie smiles while sleeping and says why are you throwing water on my... throw it on the veggies or they will burn... Abhi, Vivek and Tasha look at each other and smile... Abhi takes his mouth to Freddie's ears and says 'ACP sir Freddie's wife burnt the veggies...'

Freddie wakes with a start and says not my wife but me.. and he is panicky.. Abhi asks so sleeping in bureau?? Freddie says what to do.. didnt sleep well.. had to wake early and make the food but still my wife wasnt happy and so I had to wash the dishes too...

and then ACP comes.. he was on a call and then he keeps down the phone and talks to them.. he asks whats the matter? Abhi says that Freddie burnt the veggies today and then giggles... Freddie is so sad.. ACP is so shocked to hear so.. and says oh God who will help Freddie?? Freddie says ask Abhi to call my wife or I wont be allowed home.. Abhi says what will I do? and then ACP asks Vivek.. and Freddie says not Vivek.. he always fierces the thing...

and just then a lady comes in shouting ACP sir.. ACP sir.. and she stops before them and says you need to help me.. ACP asks whats the thing?? and she says my daughter's been missing from 2 days... ACP asks when did you last see her? and she says a month back.. Abhi is confused and asks her to say it all clearly and then she tells that her gal went to a shoot in Ooty a month back but from 2 days, she is untraceable... she isnt picking phone either... her daughter is Udita and went to ad film shoot... ACP asks for a pic.. she tells that she doesnt has a single pic... she searched everywhere but couldnt find...

ACP asks the lady to get the sketch made... the lady goes with Tasha.. and then ACP asks Freddie to find about the ad agency..

just then Abhi gets a call.. a gal's head found in a boutique...

CID goes there and they are seeing the cut head.. someone is sobbing behind.. ACP calls the manager... Abhi asks u sell bags or dead bodies? and Manager says I dont know.. ACP goes to the mum and daughter and ask how did you get the head? and the mum says we didnt do anything.. we just wanted to buy it... and ACP asks who was packing it and the sales guy says I was... Abhi asks where is the rest of the body and then the sales guy says that we order bags... the daughter says I think the shop owners have killed the girl.. the manager comes running and says that we arent fools.. if we would have done so, why would we show you the bag?

ACP takes Abhi aside and tells that looks like the girl's head is cut from neck.. from knife.. and Abhi says the face too is cut from knife so we cant recognise... ACP asks the shopkeeper who sold you this? and the manager says a supplier in borivali... its stolen items and you get cheap there... MDharhesh is the dealer...

Mahesh says fine I sell something stolen but I dont sell bodies.. and Daya slaps this guy and he falls and then Daya picks him up and he says ' Who am I ?'... and then Daya says do you need another dose? He gets fine immidiately and then he says that we get the things from outside but this time chotu got the things not me.. Chotu was hiding and he was taken out...

Abhi warns him.. and then Chotu says where he got the stuff from.. Abhi and Daya go there.. this owner tells that I drive taxi at nite and someone left this bag in the cab... when I saw it I found the head.. I thought I would dispose it off later but then chotu took it before I could dispose it off..

Vivek asks why didnt u tell the cops and the man says I got scared...  Daya asks how did the man look like and this keeper says he wore a black coat and had many orange crates... Daya asks where did he come from? and this man had no idea for the man took the cab from the railway station.. but he told where he dropped the man..

and then Abhi gets Tarika's call.. he's very sweet but then suddenly gets serious... Abhi isnt allowed to even speak.. poor baby tried alot to speak... bt couldnt get a complete word.. then he keeps the cell and tells Daya to go and enquire at the station while he should go to the lab as there is some serious matter...

Tarika and Dr. Saluke are working when ACP, Abhi and Freddie enter... ACP looks at Freddie for the 2 doctors didnt seem to notice them.. Abhi goes to Tarika and very sweetly asks her whats the thing you look serious and she just said yes.. Abhi looks at ACP and then looks back and now trying to sound stern says that so we wont get to know anything? Tarika shows the pic of face it has just wounds and she says that the murderer tried to make sure that the identity is not revealed... Abhi gets angry and Saluke says that the girl is 22, 5'6 and died some 48 hours back... and she was killed by suffocating her neck...

Saluke then shows them that the girl has something on her face.. its a woolen fibre and such are found on woolen brankets.. its something light blue and so it must be a railway blanket... and ACP says so this girl died in train... Saluke says that the killer must have removed the head from body... thrown the body away.. Abhi praises him and so Saluke says there is another thing Tarika doesnt know.. Abhi says tell that too.. Saluke says that the girl had oranges before dieing and Abhi says that the passenger had oranges.. ACP said then we need to find the passenger and then ACP asks to reconstruct the face and Saluke says that Tarika is already on it..

Tarika, Daya and Vaishnavi go to the place the passenger got down... as he had fruits so he must have gone to the fruit market nearby... they go and ask... Daya asks a vendor and the vendor says he knows a man came from Nagpur... and the vendor says that the man gave a card... and so he has the address... Daya asks Tasha to take the vendor to the bureau and get the sketch made...

In the bureau.. ACP tells Abhi that the murder aint done just like that but planned.. and Abhi says that how can no one see in the train.. Freddie tells that he called every hotel in Ooty and cant find about Udita and further there is no ad film shoot in Ooty... Tarika comes and says that Dr. Tarika has made the sketch of the face... nd its Udita... they are all surprised...

ACP says Udita had something to do with that man...

ACP asks to find out which all trains come between 12 to 2 from Nagpur... then the sketch of the man is made.. Vivek gets it.. ACP is glad seeing it and says we can now easily find the man as the taxi driver said this man had lots of oranges and so someone must have seen him or the coolie and the coolie will tell which compartment..

In the station.. there is only one train and Vivek and Abhi are discussing about it.. Freddie comes laughing with a coolie... coolie says since I spoke sir aint stopping laughing.. Freddie says this coolie saw the man.. and Vivek shows the sketch and coolie says yes this is the man.. he had 10 boxes and he was calling someone constantly but I was too worried with the luggage to hear and the man carried a ladies purse and Freddie said thats why am laughing.. coolie says that the man was in coach A1...

Vivek gets the list.. they are chking the list in the bureau... there is no Udita in the list.. ACP says it is possible the man was in some other box and the coolie said some other but Abhi says that no the coolie.. remembers it well for his shirt tore while taking out the luggage and then the man had ladies bag but no girl along.. Freddie laughs and he gets a scolding.. ACP then asks Vivek to call all passengers of the compartment...

The people say we didnt do anything and so why are we called? CID tries and explains them that on that train that night.. they had a fellow passengers - a guy and a girl and the guy killed the girl.. and maybe any of you had seen the man.. and then they show the sketch of Udita and the man and they recognise them both.. they tell that this girl's name is Swati and then they search and they find Swati on the list... so Udita travelled as Swati and the person next was Girish... and so he needs to be the murderer...

ACP asks if you remember something more and they tell that Swati disappeared in the middle of the night when they were all asleep and Girish told them that she got down 2 stations back.. CID says then we need to inform Udita's mum...

In a bunglow.. the bell rings.. the servant opens.. Daya, Vivek and Tasha rush in... the servant says that madam is in mauritius.. and she's on holiday and doesnt like getting disturbed and so leaves no contact number.. The servant is new and so he doesnt know anything about Udita... Daya says its weird that the daughter is missing and mother is enjoying in mauritius... and then they search the house... Vivek finds a bag in the cupboard... it was mostly empty except some certificates... there were fake death and birth certificates... and false stamp papers... and so they figure that Damini is fake...

In a grocery store.. a man is talking on phn and saying to a customer that he will get German blue berries delivered to her and only they keep it and then CID comes... ACP asks for a new kinda fruit and the salesman tries to be funny and ACP says we want Girish.. the man says he doesnt work here.. just delivers the parcels from here to the market... and he tells that he only sent Girish to Mumbai and Swati too was there with Girish... ACP asks you know her? and he says who doesnt? Swati is Balwant's daughter... Balwant is the store owner and Girish is his bodyguard...

The store person is astonished to hear that Girish killed Swati.. and right now Girish is i hospital... he met an accident the day before... CID talk of it.. and ACP says that lets forget Girish and meet Balwant..

In Balwant's place.. a lady is talking on phn when CID enters.. they ask for Balwant and whole of family and tell that they are CID and want to talk about Swati... Balwant and a gal and a guy come running hearing Swati's name.. the family is Balwant, wife, Roopali (Swati's sister) and her (Roopali's) husband)... Abhi tells that Swati is killed.. the mum is totally shattered... and the others are worried... Balwant says she is in New York doing film course then how can she be in Mumbai? and then CID tells that they have the body and they also tell that Girish supposedly killed her... and then the mother starts crying even badly...

CID is confused and so the family tells the tale.. the 2 daughter's are of the mum's first marriage and when she married Balwant.. Swati got angry and left the house.. 16 years later that is one and a half month earlier.. through a trust, they found Swati.. they recognised her through a locket and birth mark... when Swati was back, they were all happy but as they all wanted her to get married and so she left the house... to escape the shame.. they said to everyone that Swati is in the US

and Daya calls ACP and tells about the false birth and death certificates... ACP tells the others and then he tells how to find whose daughter is Swati and then he goes to the lady and says we want to test yours and Roopali's DNA to just make sure Swati is your sis...

Abhi, ACP and Freddie are walking in a hospital... they are talking that there is something fishy with Swati and Udita and the 2 are somehow related.. only if the DNA reports come.. they shall know the truth... they have gone to see Girish... a wardboy sees ACP asking about Girish.. doctor tells that none of Girish's relatives have come.. an auto wala brought him here.. said that Girish was hurt and lying on street when he saw him and so got him here.. Abhi asks about belongings and the doctor shows them...

the wardboy enters the ward and tells the nurse that she is called.. nurse begins to go but says who are you... and the wardboy says I am new... and then CID is chking and ACP has some doubts... however Freddie finds a slip saying 'Sugandha Hotel' Table no 5... Abhi says its a five star expensive Hotel and what could Girish be doing there... and just as Abhi and Freddie enter the room.. the wardboy was about to give injection to Girish but they come and so he runs.. and Abhi and Freddie chase him.. he hides under a car... and they guess it... so they drag him put... Freddie scolds him and says so bad of you... made us run so much and this ward boy says that if you cant run.. you should leave CID and Freddie gets hell angry at this... and he slaps him... this guy now cries and says that he doesnt know who sent him.. Abhi is too much scaring him and Freddie takes out the gun... wardboy says a lady called me and asked to do so.. she just called me.. and after a few minutes, I found Girish's pic and some money at my doorstep...

Abhi asks for the number and the wardboy gives it... and Abhi asks Freddie to find out..

Daya, ACP and Tasha go to Darya Hotel.. they ask if the number is there and the receptionist says yes... and then Daya tells her that someone called from here at 6:30 am and they would want to know who? The lady tells that Mahesh is at the night duty and he will be better one to help.. Daya asks for the guest list and she gives him and there someone called Damini K is staying.. Daya tells that the handwriting here is same as that found in the papers in Damini's place...
ACP says call this guest.. we want to meet her and tell her that the guest you called to at 6:30 are here to meet you...

Meanwhile Abhi is at the Hotel Sugandha Hotel... he shows the card and asks do you recognise it... and the manager tells yes, we give it to special guests.. there was a programme and so all VIP's were given this and the manager recognises Girish.. he had got drunk and created a scene... he was giving warning to a girl and guy and they had only called her.. the manager tells from record who sat on table 5.. Abhi tells Freddie see what happens with excess Alcohol and Freddie says why telling me? and Abhi says.. remember your old days?? and then the manager shows Abhi the name of the guests and Abhi is shocked...

Damini comes there happy and fashionable and then stops dead seeing CID... she runs away but Tasha and Daya catch her... and then Damini speaks the truth... she tells that she met Girish 2 months back.. he introduced Damini to another man who needed a girl.. the girl should play someone and live in someone's house... and then she tells she never saw him... just talked to him on phone... and then one day Udita disappeared and Damini thought that Udita took all money and ran and so she came to CID.. and she only ordered to kill Girish on the orders of that unknown man... and that man would call again today evening...

Balwant's wife is shouting over Abhi and Freddie and saying why will someone of my family take Swati's life.. and Abhi says we want to know the same.. and Balwant says that only you told that Swati wasnt our Swati and so Abhi says that maybe someone knows... and it was Mayank and Roopali... they had gone to meet Girish... and both of them confess that they didnt kill Swati... they just got to know that Swati was Udita in real and so they just wanted to make some money out of it and so they blackmailed her but Girish came to know about them and he started threatening her... Balwant and mother are disappointed and Abhi arrests the two.. and he gets a call from Daya...

In the recording studio kinda place... Damini's cell is connected to big machines and they all are waiting for the call.. its almost 5.. and then finally the call comes.. Damini takes it on speaker... and recording occurs... she tells the man that she has killed Girish and soon he shall get the news... the man is content and he keeps the phone... there wasnt any other significant talk and so the CID is disappointed but ACP wants to hear the recording... he then wants to hear it again and this time he notices some distubance at the backside... I mean in the recording and he asks the engineer to reduce the vocals so they can hear the noise and when this happens we hear german blue berries and suddenly they all remember that Balwant's shop's vendor...

They go there.. all the people working there are made to stand... they say we arent allowed to call... CID asks who called a few minutes back at 5? and then suddenly the big one of them.. the manager whom they had talked to earlier runs.. he then speaks out the truth...

CID goes to Balwant's house with Roopali and Mayank.. mum asks why are they and you here? and so ACP tells that they arent the murderers and so we have come to release them.. and so mum asks who is the murderer and then they say someone who was profited by this.. someone who knew the truth all along.. and suddenly they tell its Balwant... Balwant first denies and then speaks the truth... that Swati had been truely lost... bt Swati was entitled to some money when she turned 21.. now she was 21 and so she got money... and so he got Udita to play Swati.. take the money and give him... but she got greedy and so got her killed... Girish knew the secret and got him killed too!!

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thanks for update and for filling up for meEmbarrassed

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Luna fantastic update as usual Clapand thanks for filling up for priya

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Hey ppl... thnks u liked it.. sorry for being late and no need for any thank yours... I did this because this is as much my job as any one else's... everyone can get busy...

so no thnxx for this atleast!!

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thanks for the update

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