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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2009 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Wednesday Episode No 93 23/12/09

Suma continues her bantering with a smile. " ithukku meleyum nee
pOi WF ai thaniya pakkarathu, ava life le interfere panrathu nnu
irunthennu vaichikkO, kambi counting thaan. Enna aanalum parava
illai nnu, if we go to the police and lodge a complaint.... rape kku
enna punishment nnu theriyum thaane??? Aayusukkum kambi
counting thaan.... abacus school thaan - un family honor um will
go with the wind, ok??? Beware" - walks out leaving a stunned gundan.
GD asks Pazhani about this new villangam " yaaru da athu?? nagai
vaanga vantha mathiri theriyalai??" Pazhani says that he has no clue
either but promises to find out about Suma.

Mangu arrives - Kalyani welcomes. Mangu says that she has some thing
important to discuss. Kalyani shows an expression which we have seen
N no of times ( WF association ??? athu wood nna ivanga stale - Roja kku
patience running out Ouch
Sakku, Deva and Bhasky are dying to hear out
Mangu. Mangu talks about the 8 acres in ECR Road which will fetch
them a few crores. " our SIL is our son and so we thought of giving the
land to him. ( WE yaa??? ayyo paavam , un hubby..antha pillai poochi
athai yen ma kooda kooda sethukkare??? )
That place has a large clientele.
Ange oru hotel katti athai SIL paarthukitta nalla irukkum..." Deva is quiet.
Sakku is curious..Bhasky beams ( aha ha puliyan kOmbaa pidichuttOm doy)
Kalyani welcomes the idea of Mangu treating her SIL as her son " romba
santhosham. Unga SIL kku enna kudukkanum nnu thonarathO, athai kudunga.
You can register the land in his name but new hotel.... ange..... ippO thikki
vendam " Mangu and Sakku go bussssssssssss Deva ennavO yaar
veetukku vantha virunthO nnu ukkarnthu irukkar !!! Mangu pushes some more.
" kOdi kOdi yaa business kannukku munnadi...why say no to it??" Kalyani
says that Bhasky is the one who looks after their hotel " you want to create
a property for your SIL but we already have it ready. This hotel will go to
Bhasky. He is the one who deals with all the stuff and his father can not
manage alone. And , Bhasky running here and there won't work. so.." At
this point Deva leaves saying that he has some urgent work in the office
( avarale thaniya manage panna mudiyaathu nnu sonnathu must have hurt him?)
Mangu leaves - dissatisfied . Bhasky goes up - viruttu nnu pOraar, amma sonnathu

Shanky comes to Prasad's shop - chides him for switching off his mobile. Gundan
is slightly hesitant ( Suma voda siricha muga vasavu film mathiri Odi yirukkumEmbarrassed)
But goes with shanky after asking Pazhani to hold forte.
Gundan's veppilai manthiram
starts now. He tells Shanky that they should not continue to be friends. " No one will
understand how I feel about you. When u drowned in the lake the other day, I was
more upset than WF and when I saved you, I was thankful to God. I came to your
house the other day to enquire about auntie's mishap. No one was home and WF
cut her finger. Any other person would have reacted the same way like me when
another person is bleeding !!! But your mom did not like it and was very stern with me.
But never once did she say anything indecent. I was hurt. But what hurts me more is...
 kanda kandavanga shop kku vanthu ennai miratti...thitti... che....thevaiya enakku??"
Shanky , the bakhra has fallen hook ,  line and sinker for this drama - asks Prasad
"yaaru?? yaaru shop kku vanthu unnai insult panninaa?? I will make them understand
that u and your friendship mean a lot to me" Prasad says that Suma came and insulted
him. Shanky hugs Prasad, requests him not to talk about breaking the friendship
 " unnai en kitte irunthu pirikkarathu yen yuirai en kitte irunthu pirikkara mathiri "
( apdi pOdu aruvalai..bakhraaaaaa) Both hug each other... gundan has a victorious smile... "Sumaaaaaa, naana di kambi counting??? enakka di abacus school??? hah hah
haahhhh " ( Bhasky is not happy with mommy..ippO Shanky will also give a bit of his
mind to mommy...Deva is playing "touch me not" game.... Kalyaani... konjam vera
vera expression kaattumma pleaseeeeee)


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2009 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Thursday Episode No 94 24/12/09

Kalyani has a talk with Bhasky ( aama, ECR road proposal ai veto
panrathukku munnadi, pillaiyai kekavendam??)
Tells him that as parents
they do not have the right to refuse the property given by his inlaws.
Explains the reason " unga appa ve hotel owner. When he wants to
retire and some one to take over the hotel, he has no one other
than you. Also,If you go away and start some thing of your own, people
will talk bad about our family. athaan..." Bhasky says that he is happy
with his parents' decision. Kalyani has that neutral expression. Now
Sakku does some veppilai adithal - " any woman would want her hubby
to buy things from his own earnings. If you have to buy some thing, can
u do it on your own? You have to ask maama!!!! My parents did not ask you
to ask for your share from your dad !!! They want to give you some thing
and want to you to have an identity of your own, what is wrong in that? And,
athai just refused with out weighing the pros and cons. Think about it,
and if I have said some thing wrong please forgive me. Bhasky looks
thoughtful ( Sakku has a valid argument - puthusa oru hotel start pannina,
appa kkum pillaikkum rift nnu why should any one think??? Diversification
nnu oru word irukke??!!)

Now it is Shanky's turn to shout at mommy - "why are u so hateful? how can
you hate Prasad who saved my life??? And he came to see me this morning..
saw WF hurting her finger and reacted normally !!! You hate him just because
he is my friend??" Kalyani has visions of Gopal telling her that Prasad is the
rapist..blah blah..... tells Shanky that she has a valid explanation for all her
actions " time varum pothu solren" Shanky wants to know right away and
another vision session for Kalyani - same neutral expression. Now Shanky
turns to WF and shouts at her for singing like a cuckoo to Gopal and Co.
WF as usual states that she has no clue . Kalyani says that she met Jeya
accidentally and told her the story. Shanky says that Kalyani purposely met
Jeya to update. Finally says that Prasad should not be insulted any more -
" it is me who decides about who I should be friends with. Even my mom
can not interfere" Another mind voice for Kalyani " na unnai pethava... Prasad
is out to spoil your life..... how can i explain??"

WF goes home - chides Suma for going to the shop and insulting Prasad.
Gopal has no clue and wants to know every thing. Jeya says that she did
not know Suma's adventure trip. WF says that Prasad is a very nice gentleman
" kodeeswaran veetu payyan, he has no expectations" Jeya says that
Prasad is acting but WF vetoes any such notion - she is ready to build
a temple for Prasad " if u guys do not like him, keep off, we shall be friends
with him" The rest of the clan blinks - thEl kottina thirudan mathiri...


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Friday Episode No 95 25/12/09

WF walks out angrily ( kaattittalum, athu enna oru face??? will not show
any emotions nnu oru azhichaattiyam panra face??!!)
Now Gopal has
to know every thing - so all flash back of Kalyani telling Jeya the latest
developments. Gopal is livid "pray, why was I not kept in the loop??"
Jeya says that she was worried about Gopal killing Prasad " and I had
to share it with some one. Never thought that Suma will do some thing
like this !!!" Suma apologizes to both and the couple go in opposite
directions making Suma feel bad.

Sakku visits mommy - " 4 good news amma - 1. FIL and MIL are no more the
ideal couple , they are at loggerheads after the farm house visit. 2. FIL
hates WF - calls me for every thing. 3. My hubby never listens to what I
say but today was an exception. He patiently heard me out when I justified
your proposal. 4. Shanky fought with mommy over Prasad " Mangu is very
happy and says that all these have a link . Asks daughter to valaichu
pottufy Bhasky, Deva and Shanky " meethi yai na paathukkaren"

Gundan wants Shanky to join him as business partner. Shanky is only too willing.
Gundan says that Shanky should consult his parents. Shanky says that he
is an independent guy. Gundan says that all the investments will be only
from him until the business makes profit. But bakhra Shanky says that he will
invest too . Bakhra leaves and the wolf gloats..


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2009 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Monday 28/12/09 - for the Archives

Um hum, Roja vaale mudiyalai - Dot T Dot G Thyagu, maarave maatingalaa??? Kalyanam mathiri ithaiyum izhuthu moodunga
please , ungalukku kOdi punniyamOuch

Dr. Shantha visits - after lamenting about how she is now a "wing clipped"
bird, Kalyani tells the whole story - Shanky siding Prasad, how she is not
able to expose Prasad blah blah - same old story - it is a miracle as to
how Roja did not muttify on the wall !!!! Finally Shantha leaves saying
"this too shall pass " - habbaaaaaaaaa

Deva is working in his laptop - he looks perfectly normal but Sakku is
bent upon telling him that he looks tired - after doing some "aadu
getting wet, wolf crying pity pity"
decides to get him some coffee -
so that he can feel rejuvenated. Deva agrees for coffee. Sakku goes in.
Roja thought that she was going to make coffee but Sakku asked Roja
"to think again" - calls mommy and says that Deva is alone at home
and the time is right for some veppilai manthiram. Finally gives Deva the
promised coffee - Roja almost forgot the offer !!! Mangu comes "casually"
to see Sakku darling and sits near Deva and starts "om creem jang jak"
Goes on to talk about "ECR ...... Land...... NAMBA Hotel..... Kalyani
vetoed with out weighing the pros and cons.... blah blah" The last sentence
sets Deva thinking ( Kalyani ai insult panna nalla vazhi - let me see one hand -
Deva's dialog by Roja) .....

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2009 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
Tuesday 29/12/09

Veppilai manthiram continues but Deva is quiet. Sakku cajoles him
"amma namma nallathukku thaane solraanga??? enna maama, you
are quiet?" Deva says that he will discuss with Bhaskar and will take
a "nalla mudivu" .Mangu  and Sakku go in to do a post mortem. Mangu
says that Deva "pidi kudukkalai" but Sakku says that this is the first
step for their victory "normally he would have said that Kalyani's decision
is final and binding!!!" The duo is hopeful about realising their dream.

Yaruppa athu , Jeya azhuthu romba naal aachunnu sonnathu???
Dot T Dot G Thyagu katuile vizhunthuduthu pole !!! She cries non-stop.
Gopal says that Lachu paapa is the reason for all the turmoil. " We
should not have adopted that pappa. My mom does not like the baby -
and she has a point. For her our son is the only grandkid. And today.
the way WF found fault with all of us??? Why should we tolerate all
this??? You keep thinking about your sister !!! I am not able to do
justice to my mom, sis and son !!! Nandy ai kattindu azhutha thile, all
my side people are suffering !!! enough is enough, let us take Lachu back
to the orphange. " That is it - Jeyaganga starts flowing ( Tamil Nadu
kku water supply pannumma )
Cries.. cries .... cries and in between
manages to say that she will never forget these words " I do not differentiate
between Nandy and Suma. But you did every thing with such a thought in
mind??? But, be rest assured, my attitude towards :your people wont change.
I will always take care of them" Gopal tries to say some thing but Jeya has
no time - Azhugai innum neriya meethi irukku..waste panna mudiyaathu...

Deva is talking to some one - "ponnu pakka vara sollu, all ok nna, seekiram
wedding ai mudichudalaam" Pavithra comes hearing this and says
that she wants to study some more and make a living of her own.
Kalyani hears this and supports Pavi. Deva tells Pavi that he knows
what to do and when -  "go in"  Then he turns to Kalyani and says -
" Nandy kathai seekiram veliye vanthudum, appo yaaru Pavi yai ponnu
kettu varuvaa??? Nandy yale naan patta nashtam ellam porum. I do
not plan to consult any one - when no one wants to be true to the hubby,
why should I be considerate??? Pavi will get married ...soon" kalyani is
shocked but deems it fit to show the only expression she has been showing
all these days !!!


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Wednesday Episode No 98 30/12/09

Rojaaaaaaaa, u are allowed just 10 lines, ok??? start counting...

Gopal household - morning - Jeya is missing - Gopal spills all to Suma.
Annam is happy that Lachu pappa is taken back to the orphanage. Suma
goes in search of Jeya - a crying Jeya
( so whats new?) in the orphanage.
Suma brings her backwith Lachu , Dr.Shantha comes to meet Kallu - talks
about some adamant patients who refuse to see any one but Kallu. Kallu
wants them to call her so that she can convince them to see Shantha. Shanky
asks for signatures from WF - for the new business with gundan - wants the
business to be in WF's name. WF wants to get the blessings from Kallu.  Kallu
learns the story and objects to Shanky associating himself with gundan. Shanky
says that it is he who decides as to who and how he does business with...Kallu is
shocked to hear this.. Bhasky hears / sees every thing....


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2009 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Thursday Episode No 99 31/12/01

Today also you are allowed only 10 lines Rojaaaaaa - if u
exceed,  be ready to face maddie's madness grrrr

Shanky puts his foot down and says that he is the one to decide his life." I wanted
WF to sign some papers and she wanted your blessings, period. I decide my business"
Kallu is shocked, WF feels bad with the same WF, Bhasky watches this ( gets ideas??)
Suma's wedding is fixed  - groom is Viswam of Megala . Gundan meets Kallu -
says that she knows gundan's real intention and warns him to keep off Shanky. Gundan
agrees readily and says that he will have to give the real reason to Shanky "ungalukku
enga friendship pidikkalai nnu sollavaa?? or enakkum WF kkum enna connection nnu sollattumaa???  epdi vasathi? Can you face the consequences??" Kallu is shocked.
Gundan categorically says that he has a vested interest and Kallu can not do squat
about it - " talking to me will only raise your BP, take care of your health, varattaaa??"
Kallu becomes real Kallu...


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