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{...Beyond the limits...} - AR [Part27 - page 137] (Page 7)

princessangle Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
cn't wait 2 read d part plz update soon nd thanx 4 pm.

Laila.N Senior Member

Joined: 11 December 2009
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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Wow, really loved the start and the promo just confirmed!
Can't wait for the next part.
Good job, keep it up =D

lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
awesome promo.. look forward to the part!
hira5431 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
hey..thnx for the pm..n i must say this is just too good!!!...i love ur writing and the storyline is so very interesting..i can't wait for AR to be together..i bet shes the one who teaches him to respect other people..Embarrassed..
aishar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2009 at 6:03am | IP Logged
hmm nice!
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2009 at 6:26am | IP Logged
ok guyz here is part 3..have fun..!!

                                                                Part 3

Armaan was coming down the stairs, rubbing his eyes, yawning, his head was still aching from last night's hangover, he saw his dad sitting on the breakfast table, his head in his hands, thinking something,

'heeey ya doin..' , he asked unaware of the tension filled in the air, billy shot his head up, angry with armaan but after finding him engrossed in his breakfast he thought to have the conversation in a civilized manner and not shout over it, shouting is gonna get him nowhere,

'eh..i'm good, tu bata university mein ye week kaisa guzra', billy asked him, joining in the

' it was great, you know i am having a plan to start the doctoral programme after this year, and uskii bat me company join hun', armaan said unaware of the smile he brought on billy's face. firstly because he always found him really funny when he started speaking in hindi, well not really hindi but a ruined version of it, secondly because he had a plan to take the business in his hands, but that tension wasn't over yet. armaan looked at him,

'what happened..why are you smilin dad',
'nahi nahi..wo to kuch yaad aagaya tha..chor main aik sawaal phuchun', billy asked,
'aa dad..why the hell are you even asking that..', he was surprised by the way billy was talking to him, he wondered why is he acting so formally, heck he is my dad,

'armaan tere hisaab se aik family kiya hoti hai', billy asked, he raised his eyebrows,
'eehhh, well..they are like people living together and you can easily talk to them, you love them and you can do anything for them... you spend time with them', armaan listed the things, he knew that it was really childish to list them but he didn't know how to explain this to billy in proper, emotional words, ahh what a waste of time, he wanted me to spend time with him, not talk about family, i don't have a family with kids so how would i know...this is hopeless, i might as well just go out with my friends, he thought.
'is that it..' billy questioned,
'yaah', armaan looked at him for a second and then looked down, knowing where the conversation was heading,
'dad, u have a family, u tell me what is it', he asked him,
'armaan...i cant answer this...yes i have a family, but i don't think i can classify it under this category', billy gave a sad look to him,
'why cant u, we love each other a lot, i love all of yous', armaan tried to tell him that he wont let anything happen to anyone of them, he could sense something was wrong here, he didn't know what billy here, is trying to imply,
'oh yaa...then what happened to your love yesterday, where the hell were know your mom was crying last night..she was worried about you, hum sab ki kadar hai tumhe, maa tumhara intezaar karte karte sogayi', billy was angry now, he couldn't see his wife crying everyday, worried about him, and his mom trying to create peace in the house, its time he asks him what his actual problem is, what does he want from them, yes, he was a composed man, but that doesn't mean, armaan can do whatever he want

'woah..woah dad when the hell did she cry, and what has that got to do with me goin out with my friends, can i not enjoy my life, or do you just want me to sit there and do whatever YOU want, do as you say, sit infront of you and talk about work and thats it...does that make you happy, tell me dad, i am literally sick of it, everyday, like bleedin everyday, we argue, we talk over the same thing again and again..and mom..i dont know about her..she keeps crying for no reason...does she want me to sit with her and find some weirdo with whom i can get why..why do you do this...what have i done, tell me, why the hell does mom cry, i cant see her crying, how does that relate to me and my friends going out', armaan started shouting, he was getting extremely rude now, but he didn't care, he wanted to pour his heart out, whatever he has been feeling since a long time, whatever he has noticed but ignored, he didn't know why the hell they get so upset when he goes out with his friends, why do they make a mountain out of a mole, its not like his friends aren't good, they belong to extremely rich families and they are the sweetest, its not like they do anything wrong or illegal, they are all mature, if that's what matters billy,

'armaan...we get upset because we love you, you ignore us, infact you barely talk to us anymore, you want this house to be like a hotel or your university campus, where you do wat you want, and you dont want anybody interfering in your just want to live your life..and thats taking you nowhere', billy explained this fact to him,

'takin me nowhere..well dad i dont know but i think you have forgotten i am the one getting top grades in the university, i am the one who was under the top five passing candidates last year and the year before that nd..', he was constantly arguing..billy interrupted him,

'i am not talkin about your studies, you foool, i am talking about your bahaviour, your lifestyle which is just not gud..armaan, this is your last year for godsake, this behaviour will take you nowhere, try to understand, you are the only heir of this empire, you want all my hard work and my money to go down the drain, i have worked like crazy over the past years to get this company at a position where it is now', billy shouted on top of his voice,

Ananya came running out of the kitchen from all the noise 'ye kia aap log shor macha rahe hain', she complained,
'hamare ghar mein ye roz ka hai..anny..aur aaj mein baat khatam kar ke rahun ga', he looked at armaan angrily, hegulped,
'billy khatam karo na, baad mein baat karenge', ananya tried to end the argument,
'nahiiii, aaj nahi, ye baat ghar mein roz shuru hoti, or adhi baat hoti nahi ke koi aake khatam kardeta hai', billy stopped her and came over to armaan,
'enough is enough armaan, bohut hogaya..u have to stop now, tumne ghar mein waise hi bohut problems create kardi hain..ab bas', billy shouted at him,

'OMG, what the heck is wrong with yous, you know what this is all because of you guyz, you dont like this behaviour because the only thing you want me to do is say yes to whatever you say, and well i cant do that', he shouted and threw the chair beside him on the floor, ananya who up till now was watching all this, trying to stop them but now he has crossed the limits
she came up to him, 'enough is enough armaan', she shouted and slapped him, tears came out of her eyes, billy was spellbounded, this is wrong, this isn't the right way to explain him, beating children was the most uncivilized thing to do according to him, afterall, they are your children, a part of you, how can you just beat them,

'get out of here armaan, i dont want to see you right now', she cried, armaan after receiving a slap was just quiet with nothing left to say, how can she slap her, like she actually slapped me..he thought, he wanted to get away from here now, he just couldn't stay here any moment, this is the first time she has slapped him, she never slapped him in his entire life, a lone tear skipped his eye, and he went outside, slamming the door shut after him, while billy just sat on the chair, he was in tears as well and ananya, she went in her room, depressed, sad and tired....

Armaan was driving his car at a speed of 200 miles per hour, just driving, he didn't know where he was going, he badly needed a friend right now, he stopped his car at anji's place, she was the most sensible one in their group, he thought, he rang the bell and waited outside the door, tucking his hands in his pocket, anji opened the door shocked to find him at this time of the morning, she thought, he is usually asleep during this time, he always wakes up late,

'can i come in', he asked and a tear rolled down his eye, anji sensed something wrong but nodded with a welcoming smile, 'kiaaaa cum u r awake', anji joked starting some kind of conversation, armaan sat on the couch and kept a hand over his mouth and looked down, another tear made its way through, ' slapped me for the first time', anji sat near him, looked at him for a brief second and burst out laughing, ' you came all the way up here, just coz she slapped you, armaan she is your mom, she has the i just find it so weird, i thought it was something serious..hahaha', she said laughing in between her words, while armaan just glared at her angrily, he just wanted to pull her hair out now, why the hell isn't she taking it seriously, his whole day is ruined, anji sensed this,

'ok m sorrry', anji kept her hand on his shoulder, 'k now start talking', she wanted to know why he was so sad, and why did his mom slap him,
'dad and i were talking and well he started asking me about what is a family..i didn't  know what to i said things that nearly everyone would say...but then..', he started telling her but she interrupted in between,

'what did you say about family',
'aa..that they all live together and they love each other, they spend time with each other', he listed those things that he is listing them, rolling his eyes on every word, he understood what his dad was trying to imply, 'is that it', anji asked,

' said the same thing when i was describing a 'family'

 ' much time do you spend with your family..and i want an honest answer now, if u are here to talk to me, well then every single thing has to be true', anji said,
'not much.. i barely stay with them', he answered with a shameful look, he knew he was wrong here, may be his not spending enough time with them is ruining everything, he'll get to know what are they trying to say, if he spends this whole weekend with them and well not go out with his friends and those gals...ahh i hate it..this is hopeless,
'anji i knw what he meant...he wants me to spend more time with them',

'armaan..i dont think didnt even tell me why your mom slapped you', anji asked, folding her hands she asked him,
'now why did she slap you',
'aaa thats becoz i started shouting at my dad and he was talking to me about my lifestyle...and my attitude...he wanted me to improve it..i dont know anji..its just that they want me to live my life as they want...that's not fair', armaan confided, she knew what he was talking about.
she wasn't a mother, but she was a bit feminist and always thought that women are a bit smarter than men,

'armaan, thats not what your parents want..look i think they just want you to behave nicely, and i agree with them, armaan you are in the last year of university, that's it..its the end, we will be getting out in the actual world now, we will have to fight our way across it, and they are right, the way you behave with them and live your life, is starting to worry them... i know you are mature but they want you to act like an adult now, i guess, we have enjoyed a lot in our lives, and we will continue to do it, but in between why are you forgetting your limits, your boundaries, you cant cross them, if i would have been at your place, my parents would have kicked me out for sure..your parents love you a lot armaan, don't hurt them, they love you, they care about you', anji explained this to armaan who was looking down, understanding what she meant., i am wrong, like what has got into me, may be they are right, maybe anji is right, but then, he tried to contradict himself, ahh i might as well just spend time with them and get over and done with it..yaah thats right, he thought,

'thanks anji..luv ya babes' he kissed her cheeks and walked out happy and content, anji smiled and made a mental note to thank her parents when they come down for breakfast....

Anjali and Muskaan were sitting at a cafe, on such weekends, they always hang out around the town, shopping..afterall, they were daughters of rich businessmen, they wouldn't miss a chance to waste their dads' money, buying branded clothes, 'muski, now tell us what that news was, you have been dying to share it with me', anji asked noticing her extremely happy and hyper mood,

'haaaan, anjii i am going back to india for vacations after exams, omg i am so f**kin excited, anjiiiii, i am so happy..i am gonna see them after 5 years..!'muskaan joined her hands in excitement,
'uncle, aunty, bua, tau' she started talking about her family members,

'woooah thats so coool, but tau..'anji started laughing, that is such a funny name.

'oye dont make fun of them', muski warned,
'muskaaan chill and oyyyyye..see you havent even been there yet and you are starting to talk like a typical paki', anji laughed, muski just made a face,

'acha..where are you goin for vacations', muski asked anji, 'i dont know yet, i should come along with you if i don't have any plans with mom and dad', anji said uninterestedly, she had no plans for summer this year, they will be ending university and heading in their own ways now, she was sad at this thought, but the excitement to step into the real world took over her sadness....she might be finding a job, she didn't have any plans as of now, to join their business, she wanted to do things independently, she concluded...


Ridhimma came down wearing a black and light fuchsia chiffon dress, with a 'sheds curls' hairstyle, ready for Abhi's Party, Amit was sitting impatiently on the couch looking at his watch, he glanced at ridhimma, and then looked at her with his mouth open wide, ' look hot...i wish i was a bit older, i would have..',

'bassss....haan basss...teri umar khelne ki hai mere saath rehne ki nahi', he was a 17 yr old teenager, but she just loves to tease him,
'khel hi to raha hun...aapke saath', amit kissed her hands, ridhimma slapped his head, messed his hair and went away, leaving an annoyed amit behind.
'mom, dad mein nikal rahi hun, app pohunch jaana warna nikki mujhe maar degi', she announced and went away closing the door behind her...

'ridzy tu aagaayi...arrrre omg abhi come here, see she looks so sexxy', nikki called him while giving a side hug to ridhimma, abhi came up to them, wearing a tuxedo looking extremely handsome 'yaah..ridzy..u look amazing', he praised her while ridhimma just smiled,

'i wish..nikki yahan nahi hoti, then i would have kissed you', abhi joked, while nikki gave him a look and went away, taking ridhimma with her, both abhi and ridzy burst out into laughter, after watching nikki's reaction. abhi stopped and hugged her and soon she started laughing out as well, nikki was looking really pretty in that cream white silk dress with a golden sequins belt on her waist, afterall, she was the host, she had to look good,

'ridzy, where are your parents', nikki asked folding her hands,
'they are coming yaar, on their way', ridhimma answered,
'ok lets go..ill introduce you guyz to my colleagues', abhi took them, saving ridhimma from nikki's doubting looks...

everyone was having a great time at the party, chatting, laughing, most importantly socializing, these kind of parties were always taken as an opportunity to socialize with high- class business associates, 'may i have your attention..ladies and i am very happy for my success..i remember, coming out of my college, holding that degree in my hand, scared and nervous to face the world, to face those problems, and make an identity of myself in this world, i worked hard and got there, i am a very happy man today, i thank god for giving me all this happiness, for giving me the most wonderful parents ever and the best partner in this world, nikita malhotra, he went up to nikki, and sat down on his knees, nikki knew this was the moment, she didn't know abhi was gonna give her this on his special day, she gasped,
'abhiiiii', she whispered,
'nikki..we have faced many obstacles in this relationship, but we faced them together, which acted like a strength infront of this harsh world, and now i am sure, this is the right time baby..i love you, will you marry me', abhi closed his eyes, hoping a 'yes',
'yes....i love you', nikki cried with tears of joy, abhi slipped the solitaire in her hands, nikki made him stand up and hugged him, crying heavily, everyone started clapping, ridhimma who was watching them, was in tears too, she was really happy for nikki today, she just couldnt control her happiness, went up to her and hugged her,

'congratz abhi, i am really happy for both of you, she hugged him, he smiled,
'by the way, you have started watching a lot of hindi movies i guess, while nikki smiled. abhi made a face and ridhimma chuckled..

'omg omg can you believe it, abhi proposed me, abhi proposed me', nikita and ridhimma were walking around the lake, after the party, which was situated just behind the venue,
'yaaah nikki, i know that, i was there remember...'she said, nikki noticed her sarcasm and slapped her on her arm,
'owww, paagal, waise bata what are you doing here with me, you should be with abhi right now, afterall, you guyz had your big confession today', ridzy questioned, nikki started blushing into a typical shade of red,
'oooooh someone's blushing', ridzy teased her
'ridzyyyy, main khudhi bahar aayi hun but i still cant believe that abhi proposed me' nikki said excitedly, she goes again...ridhimma caught hold of her head and sighed,
'but i needed a bit of fresh air, and sometime alone, to tell you the truth', nikki said
'sab theek to hai', ridzy asked worried...
'haan yaar, wo bas thora waqt chahiye tha..aaj maine apni zindagi ka itna bara faisla liya hai to bas...', nikki confided,
'tune bilkul sahi kiya nikki, abhi bohut acha larka hai, and i know ke wo tujhe kabhi bhi akela nahi chorega', she explained nikki,
'ahhh main bhi na aunty jaise baat karrahi sab apni maa se phuch, wo tujhe saari advices degi',she joked
'acha main jaarahi hun, kal dia ke saath kahin jaana hai or phir exams bhi hone waale hain, university bhi kaafi busy jaarahi hai, i am gonna die', she moaned and went away hugging her, nikki looked at her going away and then looked down the grass

'oh my god, that brat is gonna kill me..!!!' she screamed and ran inside.....

ok guyz here is part 3, i knw the argument in this part might look extreme to you guyz, but here, i have showed it as the hilt...and billy just couldnt bare with those problems anymore..i also know there is not much of ridhimma here, but i had to get this situation covered, bare with me..its my first read all your comments but didnt reply to them, they were all really gud and so sweet, they mean a lot to me, lastly, plz plz dont forget to comment / criticize...hehe..!!!

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aishar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2009 at 7:00am | IP Logged
heyy aweusm part!!!!!!1
kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2009 at 7:42am | IP Logged
awesome part
i soooo loved it
thanks for the pm
make armaan and riddhima meet soon

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