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{...Beyond the limits...} - AR [Part27 - page 137] (Page 4)

suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Robin_M

cool start, so ridz is in mumbai while armaan in america! curious to see how these two interesting characters paths cross! continue soon!<br>

their paths will cross soooon.....and the part is gonna be updated super soon..!! hehe

suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lil_desi_goddes

very interesting... please do continue soon and please do pm me when u do continue~

thnx a lot...!!! i am really happy that all of yous are likin it...nd oh yeah i have added you to my pm list...ill surely pm every 1 when the part will be out..!!
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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kashishk

Hey dear,<br>Nice FF, I loved it.<br>The introduction of everyone was brilliantly penned down.<br>Keep it up the great work, continue soon and thanks for the PM :).<br><br><br>Luv u<333<br>Kashish<br>

hey thnx a lot.....and ill update worries... Smile
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarora

hey very nice FF..continue soon..
PM me whenever u update..

thnx...ill surely pm all of yous Smile
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishar

nice ff do pm me!

thnx...for the comment it really means a lot to me.... Smile
kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 December 2009 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
awesome part
i loved it
thanks for the pm
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2009 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
Ok guyz here is part 2:               

                                                     Part  2

'woah man, this party is rocking', Armaan entered the 5-star hotel his friend Raj's birthday party was organised at, extraordinary lounge, with mordern interior, glistening disco lights to give a young touch to the party hall, expensive imported drinks, and most important hot gals, that just boosted up his mood, raising his spirits,
'yo ammy, come ere', Mike; his friend called him over to where his gang was seated
'yo man hows it goin' armaan hugged him and anji,
'you look so sexxxy today',
'ya look amazing', muski came up and gave anji a side hug,
'ammy, u don't look that bad yourself', she hugged him too..
'thanks love i know', he boasted while muski just made her signature face, armaan made a funny face and  went over to raj and his other friends,
'muski, what was the news your mom had to give you', anji was curious to know the news, she was muski's bestfriend and could surely guess by the looks of it, that muskaan was dying to share that news with someone, her face was glowing with happiness from the time she has arrived but unfortunately the music was too loud for her,
'whaaaaaa.. i cant hear ye', she went close to her ear
'oh um...' anji thought to have this conversation later, she was sure it was something really important
'nothin..lets hit the floor', she took muski with her....

'hey bro....happy birthday', he hugged raj,
'ammy ya stupid aaass...wher were you', raj hugged him back,
'aaa....just got late maaan...', he replied looking at the dance floor jammed with the crowd,
'the crowd is going crazzy' raj commented happy with the arrangements and in return he smiled at him tucking his hands in his pocket, suddenly a girl came upto raj and kissed him, 'oh ya, ammy this is my girlfriend Janet, she has just arrived from scholorship from delhi university...', raj said with a glint of pride on his face while armaan just looked at the girl and him huggin each other and rolled his eyes, she is such a freshee, how can he actually be datin her, he thought but still gave a side - friendly hug to janet and took Raj in a corner,

'dude, are you like really datin her...i mean she is pretty but she is such a p..',

'paki', raj completed his sentence 'armaan, does it matter, if she is a paki, after a couple of years i bet ya she will be the one pointing out freshees to me, and well i am falling in love with her, we share mutual feelings..', raj tried to explain him, armaan couldnt say anything,
dude say somethin..this guy is speaking bullshit right now; he thought to himself
'but like you cant stick to one girl, dont take it seriously dude i bet ya this one is a time pass too', armaan tried to get him out of this obsessiveness,
'no maaaan, ahh forget it...we are here to have sum fun, not argue over ma girlfriend', raj ended the argument and went back to his girlfriend who was glaring at armaan and giving him a not - so -pleased- to- meet- you look, while armaan shamelessly winked at her and went up to the dance floor to join his friends, it was party time..!!

Muskaan was standing in a corner watching everyone dance, she smiled at the sight of her friends dancing; armaan as always was with a girl, this one being maya, his latest girlfriend, whispering in her ear, flirting with her, while she just giggled away in pleasure, and being a player he was, he slashed his dimpled grin to another Blondie dancing at the corner of the floor, anji was dancing with mike, twirling him and laughing, and the rest were hooting and cheering for them, Mike was the sweetest in their gang, she thought, rahul was dancing, showing his crazy moves to everyone on the floor, entertaining them as if he was a clown, i hate him so much, before he becomes an MBA, he has to become a proper human being first,

his eyes met hers and he came over to her 'yo babes, arent u gonna dance', rahul came up to her and hugged her,
'yah sure lets go', muski tried to be nice to him for once
'ehh muskaan' he came close to her, leaned over her ear while she gasped and closed her eyes 'did your mother tell you the she pregnant??',he looked in her eyes for a mere second and started laughing,
she opened her eyes and went of saying 'jerrkk...tu na..could you get over with the pregnency joke...aggghh..i hate you',
his titter faded away from his mouth, his gaze unwillingly dropping itself down on the ground, he felt sad, does she really hate me..or does she say it just because she gets annoyed,
aaaa look u cow.. what have you done to youself with that booze...!

They were all sitting in a corner, chatting, laughing and having a great time, while rahul was just telling them a joke about some naked old lady, everyone rolled in fits of laughter, muskaan didn't like it one bit, 'thats disgusting, joke about someone elderly..thats mean rahul, could you f'***in learn to respect people', she complained,
'relaaax muskaan, it was only a joke', armaan defended him, sometimes he just hated the way muskaan treated rahul, when everyones laughing, why the heck does she have to act so bitchy, he thought,
'relaxx muski, its just a joke...leave it', anji tried to explain it to her,
'muskaan..babes, you need to get out a little bit', rahul joked, she just ignored the comment and looked the other way, he smirked trying to cover up those visible expressions of hurt and sadness, he is starting to hate her, she is always like this to him, he tried to talk to her lots of times, trying to bond with her, inacccquaintance with her, it has been 5 years now since they have met eachother, its their last year in the university and still she hasnt been anywhere near friends with him....i have to do something..rahul thought and sat down beside mike who blinked his eyes at him as if saying its grand, dont mind her...

Armaan was whispering something in maya's ear, and she just smiled in return,...'armaan, should we go somewhere else, its a bit suffocating in here,
'sureee', armaan winked at rahul who was flirting with a brunette and he just signalled him a thumbs - up, grinning wickedly at him, armaan took maya outside and she started seducing him, armaan knew what she wanted, why does she have to act like a slut....ah well he was more then willing to fulfill her wish, he took her to a hotel room and started his task, while she just tried to add a bit of passion moaning and groaning here and there...

'Ananya paced here and there in the living room, worried about armaan, she was getting all sorts of thoughts,
'pata nahi kahan hoga, subah ke 3 baj gaye or abi tak nahi aaya..kahin use kuch...' a lone tear skipped her eye,
'nahi..zaroor rahul uske saath hi hoga....main bhi kiya...ab raj ki party mein hi to gaya tha', she started to calm herself down,

'anny..tumne rahul ko phone lagaaya', billy asked, he was worried for him, yes, he was a composed man but armaan is taking advantage of that, billy knew he had to do something about it , may be the weekend armaan has promised to spend with them will help... billy thought to himself, 'ananya, tum upar chalo, 4 to yahin bajh gaye hain, hum armaan se weekend pe baat kareinge' billy tried to pacify ananya

'billy, how can i...i son is out somewhere, its 4 in the morning, wo abi tak ghar nhi aaya', ananya tried to explain billy this fact that she was a mother for godsake, armaan is her son, she cant just stop worrying about him and sleep...ananya was tired, frustrated with armaan, this happens everytime, he would go to a party, and wouldnt return till early in the morning, suddenly the door opened and came in armaan, tired, his hair were all messed up, his jacket was in his hand, he looked like a drunkard, billy knew this wasnt the right time,

ananya stood up and went upto armaan, 'where were you, do you even realise the time', armaan didnt even look at her and went upto her room mumbling something, and she burst into tears, hurt by his behaviour, his attitude, he doesnt even talk to me anymore she thought

'ananya, he is drunk, he isnt in a situation to talk, we will talk tomorrow...i know it...comeon..main aisa nahi chalne doonga i promise....', billy took a heart broken ananya to their room...


Ridhimma and nikita were walking in the university corridors, going to their next lecture, talking about stuff, when suddenly someone caught hold of nikki's waist and kissed her hair 'ahhhhhh niki shrieked while ridhimma just phewed and slapped the person's shoulder 'abhiiiii, mujhe kyun daraaaya', nikita hugged abhi and kissed him while ridzi just watched them in awe, Abhimanyu Modi, Nikita's boyfriend, they both have been together since four years now, when she and nikki entered the college, they were a result of a famous thing 'Ragging' abhi was mainly the one ragging them as he was in 2nd year, the both fell in love in a trip to goa which was organised by 2nd years to welcome the newcomers, they faced many obstacles during their courtship and are now finally together with their parent's blessings..

'oh abhi, i missed you like anything, i am just dying to get over with this year..ill be able to join the company you work in', nikki said, abhi just hugged her back while ridhimma smiled
'oh hello..tu ye sab  baatein baad mein karna..main jaarhi hun', ridhimma tried to make an exit, she was feeling a bit left out in between these two love birds,
'ridzi, niki i have to tell you guyz somethin...i have been promoted to the chairman of our company...',abhi gave them the happy news,
'omggggg...really abhi, thats great, i am so happy for you', nikki kissed him, showing him that she is with him, no matter what, 'congratz abhi' ridhimma hugged abhi...and he hugged her back,
'acha, i have organised a grand celebration, uncle -aunty ko main pehle hi inform karchuka hun nikki', abhi informed her of all the details, 'and ridhimma u have to be the first one there helpin me and nikki', abhi smiled at her,
'sureeee...ok you guyz carry on..ill be off' ridzy gave a side hug to nikki and went away letting the two of them to catch up....

Ridhimma was applying moisturizer on her legs when dia, her 17 yr old cousin entered her room, 'dii, wo....', she stuttered
'kia huaaa...bol know you can talk to me', she tried to relax her, she knew something was wrong,
dia sat on the edge of the bed and started speaking ' mera aik boyfriend hai di', dia said this all in one breath, 'haan to, isme kiya burai hai..have fun', ridhimma was a quite chilled out person, although her mother and nani were a bit conservative, but it didnt have any influence on her, obviously, she was a 21st century girl, with mordern thoughts but she would never ever cross limits and most importantly do anything which would raise questions on her family and their dignity, she loves her family to bits,
'di, aap samajh nahi really really like him, but my friends think that he isn't the person i should be dating..they think i deserve better', dia made a face,
'dia, i think they have a reason for saying all this to you, maybe they know something you don't maybe...meri baat maan, tu..uske baare mein pata laga, like i am not telling you to stalk him and stuff per itna to kar hi sakti hai na..afterall, you deserve to know and the moment you find out something, come and tell me..ok', dia hugged her,
'thanks a lot di...i feel so light now', ridhimma rolled her eyes; why is she taking this so seriously, its not like she is marrying him...paagal, ridhimma thought, juhi came and saw the cutest scene, dia huggin ridhimma', she was happy that her daughter finds a sister in ridhimma,

'acha ab chalo bhi, riddhu, shashank bhai tujhe bula rahe hai, jaa jaake jawaab de', she came over to her, caressing her hair, 'okie....ill be bck', ridhimma went down...

'papa..??', she called him and found him in the living room, sitting with padma and rohit, 'lo aaagayi, ridhimma aaj to tumne mujhse baat hi nahi ki', shashank questioned, ridhimma went up to her and kept a hand over her head giving her blessings, Shashank Gupta, he was a man of great morals, loved his family, a very hard - working man, who has worked all his life to achieve what he has now, today, gupta industries are known amongst the well known industries in mumbai...
'sorry paapa, wo exams hone waalein hai isiliye university se bhi main late aarahi hoon', she sighed, shashank smiled at her, ridhimma was the closest to him and he was really happy with how padma has nurtured her, which dignified him,
'acha, tu phir aage kiya karne ke iraada hai', rohit asked,
'chachu..abhi to sab kuch exams pe depend karta hai, agar main pass hogayi to mein soch rahi thi kyun na apni company hi join karloon, per u have to promise partiality, ab mein independent banna chahti hun', rohit just kissed her forehead,
'dont worry, riddhu uski guarantee mein tujhe deta hun', she hugged him,
'aww thanks chachu', rohit treated ridhimma like his daughter, he was proud of her, sometimes she talked like shashank, and he could see that pride in shanky's eyes, which made him really happy...padma smiled at them and went over to the little temple in their house, thanking god for giving her such a beautiful family and praying for their happiness,
'ab bas meri riddhu ko jaldi se aik larka miljaaye, jo use hamse bhi ziada pyaar kare',she prayed

ok guyz...this was part 2, i know that not a lot was covered in this part, but i really think, it was important for me to introduce you to some other characters, ok ill be posting a promo soon...
so watch out for that and as for now enjoy this goes a little bit more into detail....!! also plz plz plz dont forget to comment/ words of appreciation mean a lot to me...
i read all your comments and loved all of them...thanks once again....!!

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an awesome part
loved it
thanks for the pm

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