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{...Beyond the limits...} - AR [Part27 - page 137] (Page 2)

suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 7:20am | IP Logged
hey guyz well here is part 1 but before that i wanna say there will be adult contents in the ff like over 16 stuff or somethin....k here u go:

''look at those birds man....bleedin hot chicks'' Armaan said looking at two brunettes who were sitting in the Harvard University gardens at a distance, wearing mini skirts,
'yeah what legs bro', Rahul, his best friend added grinning wickedly,
'i'd love to do her', armaan said slashing his dimpled grin at them..making them go gaga over armaan and his charms..yes, we are talking about The Armaan Mallik here; Hot, Sexy, flirt, a Casanova, charming and his one cute dimpled smile can steal millions of hearts, Rich in fact the Only heir of Mallik Empires, which was established by his grandfather here in the United states, they have been living here from even before the time his father was born, which means that armaan was never an indian, well thats what he thought...Loves his friends to the core but in between forgot that he has a family too, with the most coolest parents ever Ballwindar Mallik aka billy and Ananya Mallik, although they have been living in the states from a long time Ananya has still managed to maintain the Indian culture and traditions in the mallik mansion, that is the only reason why billy today is a man of great morals and values, the best father, the best husband and the best son, as in the son of Bi, armaan's favorite, with whom he can share everything, Bi loves ananya to the core and is extremely impressed by her way of managing the household, and is proud of her because she has devoted her whole life towards her family.

'woah, isnt she raj's new girlfriend's mate,
'oh yeah, she is, she is coming to the party tonight then', rahul replied
'I gotta feeling that tonite's gonna be a gud night, tonites gonna be a gud gud night' he started singing with a sly grin on his face,

'get rid of it', a female voice moaned and slapped armaan's head
'not the hair anji', this was anjali sharma, studying with both the studs here and is good friends with them,
'armaan...what is going on with you', what are you gonna do with them girls', anji asked, 'anji....f**k them, who cares', he moaned, brushing the idea away,
'shutup armaaan...look this is not good, you guys have to learn to respect girls' anji said this to armaan and rahul as a matter of fact,
'hey guyz, hows it goin...' muskaan came from behind and sat on the grass relaxing herself from the tiring lecture
'le raoool, aaagi teri..what u call dat mehboob', armaan joked but his hindi was really poor, and that too in an american accent 'mehboob nhi mehbooba u dope' rahul grinned looking at muskaan naughtily, while she just rolled her eyes at him and gave a dirty look,  anji laughed loudly,

'k guyz i have to go now...i am starving literally, muskaan u cumin' anjali asked,
'nahi yaar aaj nahi, i have to go home early today, mom has asked me to come home early, wants to give some news i think' she said
'k bye then' anji hugged muski, armaan and rahul,
'muski i think your mom is pregnant..yup thats the news' rahul joked
'shutup rahul, bye armaan' she gave a dirty look to him and went away while armaan rolled in laughter,
'yo, uth, lets go' rahul stood up not so happy with muskaan's attitude
'nah, m goin home....i am done for today' armaan stood up and went to get into his newly bought aston martin, while rahul just shrugged his shoulders and drove to his house in his Porsche..

'aagaya mera beta' ananya came towards the entrance and welcomed his son with motherly love and affection,
'yo mom, i am home....i am really tired so i am sleepin now' and he went up saying this not letting ananya any chance to say something else
'par.....' ananya sighed, she was hurt with this behaviour of his

he entered his room to see it neat and clean and not like he left it in morning
'aghh how many times do i have to say i dont like my things sorted out....i cant find them..' he messed up everything again and slept in his newly ruined bed

He sat in front of the mirror, gelling up his hair, looking hot and sexy, ready to kill chicks with his utterly handsome looks and smile
'wait till i come and get yous' he grinned as his mind went back to those brunettes. he took his car keys and went downstairs twirling them in his fingers
'armaan puttar, khana to khate jaa' bi said politely,
'hey bi, nah not now..i have to go, my friends are waiting' he answered hurriedly, 'aur ham, hamara kiya, are we not a part of your family' billy came to armaan 'waise tu bara hot lag raha hai' billy said impressed by his son's dressing
'i know dad..thats not new', armaan answered moving a hand through his hair
'aur ham...billy app kiya kehne aaye the isse....' ananya glared at billy
'oh haan..armaan hamare saath dinner karlo' billy said politely, he was a pretty cool person because he knew that todays generation have a lot of intellect in them its just that they do things their own way and armaan stands as a perfect example for him because harvard is a dream of millions of students worldwide, you only get admission if you have extremely good points..and armaan was one of them, he was proud of him, yes he knew that sometimes armaan gets off the track and is needed to be shown the right thing but thats what parents are for,
'armaan you have to give time to your family too..' billy said in a slightly raised tone
'ok dad, promise weekend..okie love you guyz..m getting late' armaan went away saying that and closed the door shut after him
'phew......'he sighed and drove off to the raj's party.
'ye kia kiya billy aapne....aise to woh kabhi bhi nahi know what aap ke isi attitude ki wajah se aaj armaan aisa hai' ananya said sitting down on the dinner table, holding her head in her hands,
'oho ananya ab aisa bhi kuch nahi hogaya mei hi to gaya hai or yehi to age hai apni life enjoy karne ki, abhi nahi karega to kab karega' billy tried to calm her down,
'haan bahu, billy theek keh raha hai..tu bas thand rakh...acha chal ab mujhe to dinner karne do tum log chen say' bi tried to finish up another one of those daily arguments they have in their house, although they all were quiet but the tension in the atmosphere wasnt over yet, they all had one thought running in their minds 'kahin is thand rakhne mein der na hojaye'                                                                   


Padma entered the gupta mansion after her daily visit to the temple, everybody was wide awake and busy in the daily chores, Shashank her husband was sitting in his favourite arm chair reading the same old daily depressing news of mumbai
'ye kia aap roz roz aik hi khabar parhte rehte ho', padma complained,
'arrrre padma, tum aagayi...chalo ab jaldi mera naashta lagao plz muje der horahi hai' shashank immediately kept the newspaper away, knowing that his wife hates it, nani was in the kitchen helping juhi, her devrani, rohit her husband was out to jog, their children dia and amit were at the table eating up their breakfast so they can be off to college she came towards them and ruffled their hair, in return dia just gave her cute smile, kissed her on the cheek and went of shouting 'bye ma' while juhi came out running from the kitchen

'are beta kuch aur khale...she sighed ye itna kam kyun khati hai' while padma just laughed and turned to her second bhatija
'aur amit aap ka jaane ka kab iraada hai' 'jab aap kaho' amit answered and kissed her chachi's hands and went of bidding bye to others in the family,
'paagal' padma laughed...she went to the kitchen and asked if her darling daughter has woken up
are bhabhi hamari riddhu abhi kahan uthegi..use to bare pyaar se uthana parhtha hai, main already 2 baar awaaz laga chuki hoon' juhi answered 'lagta hai mujhe hi jaana parega'

Padma entered in her daughter's room to find her sleeping, automatically a smile crept on her lips, she thanked god for giving her a very beautiful and pretty daughter, she loved her to bits, she opened the curtains and looked at her daughter, she had the most gracious angelic features any girl would ask for, olive- green, almond shaped eyes, long lashes, flawless skin, black brown silky hair, Ridhimma gupta, people consider her as 'beauty with brains' she is the darling of her family, from elders to children everyone loves her a lot..she knew that one day her daughter will leave this house and go to her husband, a tear rolled down her eye at this thought but she knew that she will be the best in every relationship,

padma ran a hand through ridhimma's hair 'chalo beta ab utho bi kitna sogi, university nahi jaana kiya' padma started to wake her up, ridhimma immediately opened her eyes
'mom pehle uthana tha na..uff main phir late hogayi..' ridhimma ran towards the bathroom,
'lo khudi der se uth rahi hai or..pata nahi kiya hoga iska...riddhu tu aik larki hai...!!' padma stood up waiting for her to come out
'haan to mujhe pata hai ke mein aik larki hun' ridhimma joked coming out of the bathroom 'mazaak mat kar ridhhu, aik larki ko apne sasural mein jaldi uth kar sab sambhalna hota hai' padma tried to explain this fact to ridhimma for the upteenth time,
'maa, main jaanti hun ye baat ab plz ab mujhe tayaar hone do' and she went back to the bathroom to get ready
'aane do ise raat ko, phir batati hun ke ghar mein kaam karna bhi zaroori hai' padma went away to the kitchen, worried about her daughter..

'oh my god, where the hell is she', nikita looked at her watch at the entrance gate of mumbai university,
'hum sab ka last year hai uni mein or ise abi tak time ki kadar nahi pata chali..idiot' nikita moaned....'
sorrrrry sorry sorry..mein jaanti hun mein phir se late hogayi per mein kiya karun meri alarm hi nahi baji' ridhimma came up to nikita running
'tera yehi problem hai ridzi, you have to learn to keep track of time', nikita said keeping a hand on ridzi's shoulder, nikita was ridhimma's best friend, they did everything together, from studying to partying, they were called soul sisters
'ab tu mat start kar wohi aik hi aik lecture, ghar se sab sunke aarahi hun..or ab der nahi horahi', ridzi ignored what she said and took her hand and both of them ran inside knowing that they might be late for the lecture AGAIN...

'dekha maine kaha tha na, we are late again, i dont even know why i wait for you outside when i can go in, tu khud ander nahi aasakti kiya' nikki complained,
'u wait for me coz u love me girl' ridhimma grinned, 'ok come on forget that, lets concentrate', ridhimma switched on her laptop and started writing notes from the lecture,
'haan, tera to roz ka hai main kiya apna time waste karrahi hun' nikki said and started taking down the notes while ridhimma just ignored her last comment.

Ridhimma entered her home and sighed, she was tired after a long day at the university, she hugged her nani 'nani aap kaise ho, subah to main aap ko bye kiye bina hi nikal gayi' ridhimma pouted,
'koi baat nahi bete, waisa tu bata college main din kaisa guzra', 'wo...'ridhimma was just about to say somethin when juhi interrupted
'hamari riddhu phir late hogayi, haina or nikki ne ise samjhaya hoga' ridhimma grinned and moved towards juhi
'chachi, kal mein jaldi uthne ki koshish karoongi', while juhi just smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead, that was a special thing about the gupta family, they all were so close to each other, ridhimma treated dia and amit as her siblings, while juhi and rohit share a great bond with ridhimma, she can actually share her every problem with them, and in return they give her the friendliest of advices and suggestions.
'acha chalo, ab khana lag gaya hai..aajao' padma came from the kitchen holding a dish in her hand smiling at ridhimma and juhi, 'maa, ill help you' ridhimma tried to be good after the morning argument with her mom,she was sorry about it
'nahi, tu pehle upar jaakar fresh hoja' padma replied, happy that her daughter is trying to apologize. Padma and juhi treated each other like sisters, even though they were devrani and jetani, they never acted like one.
'haan, haan chal riddhu' nani went to help padma to get more dishes from the kitchen. while ridhimma went upto her room to freshen up.

ok guyz well here is part 1 for yous, i know it had a lot of detail, but as this was like part 1, with brief introductions of everyone, so well there wont be that much detail the next time...k enjoy guyz and dont forget to comment/criticise...!!

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princess52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 7:21am | IP Logged


muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....mazing update sweeetyyyy
thnk u for making it a longr part ..i love reading nice n long partss
loved it.....
plzzzzz upodate sooon
love u hun

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Namrata_12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 10:14am | IP Logged

can u add me to ur pm list?? im liking your ff so far :)
princessangle Senior Member

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 10:24am | IP Logged
awesome update... Plz continue soon cn't wait to read the nxt part...
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Namrata_12


can u add me to ur pm list?? im liking your ff so far :)

thanks for your really means a lot to me...and yeah dont worry, the story is gonna get real gud after few parts....!!!
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mithilalovesksg

gud start

thanks for the comment..and yeah...its only the start..just wait till you read the next few parts...the story is gonna get awesome....hehe..i knw there is a bit of self praising here...but trust will be
suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drishti_8891

awesome update... Plz continue soon cn't wait to read the nxt part...

aww no worries...thanks for your lovely comment, and the part is gonna be updated super soon....hehe...!!!
mkp1995 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
nyc concept do pm plz dear. thanx- misha

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