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Santa's list::Are you Naughty or Nice? Note Page 13

Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2008
Posts: 12799

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 2:10pm | IP Logged


 Hello friends Hug How is everyone today. Hopefully just as cold as me LOLLOL

Today we are going to play a new game!!! We will help Santa make his Nice and naughty list!!! Big smileBig smileBig smile

So everybody get ready.
Get out your list of I-F friends and start making the list.

Who has been NICE and who has been NAUGHTY!!

Feel free to tell us what they have done to make your list LOLLOL


** Nice list
friend #1 :: because she is the sweetest and made me laugh.

** Naughty list
friend # 2:: Has been eyeing my husband Harshad Chopra

Lets see who will be declared the NICEST India-forums member
and who will be the NAUGHIEST India-forums member!! Evil Smile
*** use member's ID. This will help to keep tally of the winner ***

Have a wonderful day

ps::: Cry mujhe bhi apni list mein include kar dena.

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Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2008
Posts: 12799

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 2:28pm | IP Logged

My Nice list

Ambrosia -- she made me garam chai last night! LOL
Sunandshine -- I am so super happy I met her. Reading her post literally brightens up my moments.
Ramas -- Di is so helpful and such a sweetheart
Shruti -- For being such a hardworking GM
GK_09 -- cuz she is awesome.!! and one of the most hardworking and loving people I know.
eijaz_lover -- For making me wonderful signatures Big smile
*Shifali* -- For being so creative and always around.
Ravjot -- lucky because I just met her..and for having such a cool nickname Ravioli!! Big smile
-Nadii- For being an awesome mod and bollybuzzer Big smile
Mystery -- She is simply wonderful Embarrassed
*Aman_I*-- I would totally put her her in the naughty list but couldn't even find a reason. She is totally nice!!! Angry
Gaganjot.s -- For being so super awesome in MJHT forum, I always silently admired her work. and for being a great vidder!!
-Anonymous- --- 1. for coming back!! 2. Being such an awesome mod who I could always go to!!
Jyoti06--- she is doing such an awesome awesome unbelievably awesome job in the PB forum ClapClap

it's so hard to find nice people these days Cry Now my naughty list muahahahaha Evil Smile

My Naughty list

Priya.nair --has been staring at Salman Khan way too much this year
Vijay -- to make the list more fun
xserial_queenx-- For being an irritating and lazy sister.
Anjelic_J-- Where do I start.. there is nothing nice about this creature. (kidding)
pinkisluv -- for being so mischevious in HUMPA thread!
mimi0295 -- For calling me Fanta AngryAngryAngry
xtaurus429x -- same as mimi AngryAngry
multani90-- for not being around Cry
Rajkin -- Naughty logon ki sardarni.
suganain-- The queen of the naughty list
Henna786 -- Keeps spreading the asian love disease
..erum..-- for dissapearing

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mimi0295 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 26827

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
ROFL omg this is a BRILLIANT post Fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hug and OYE! Shocked It was a naam karn. I had to name you- it's the first time I was given that responsibility Approve and I think Fanta Claus is a BRILLIANT NICKNAME CoolLOL
okay, well........... here's my list:
Nice List:
-Ravjot- : because she sacrifices all her loves for me Embarrassed I LOVE YOU MACARONI!
Anjelic_J : Because this is gonna piss her off BIG time ROFL
gk_09, indiandoll89 and Perfangel5655 : I don't think I need a reason to put you three up here.
-Ami- : for just being her sweet and simple self!
-Mystery-, Ambrosia, myownarea (founder of the MTFC ROFL), ashmii (my mommy EmbarrassedLOL), yulZ, and romiebee2002 (smartest girl I have ever met! Romz and her Obama moments Stern SmileLOL)
Naughty list:
The rest of the Abusers Gang ROFL:
trouble_maker (because she's a true trouble maker *nods head disapprovingly)
reya. (she's just naturally evil. LOL)
mohitkideewani (I think the username gives it all away. She's always after my men.Angry)

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Angelic_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2005
Posts: 13213

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 7:04pm | IP Logged

@ Fanta Claus - Lovely post and thank you so much for realising I am a creatureSmile [Just to let you know you're so deadSmile]

@ Mimi - YOU JUST DID NOT put me up there as NICEStern Smile
Anyway here is my list *hmph*
-Ravjot- - For making me 343594895884548594 siggies and being my late night partner and my Aahat buddy AND listening to me go on and on regarding JSApproveApprove
gk_09 - Again for making me 46485775897485784975984 siggies and listening to be go on and on about life in general and trying her best to make me act like a decent human beingBig smileLOL
ansh25 - For coming back even though NOT FULLYBig smile
*Shifali* - For teaching me how to be humanBig smileLOL
mimi0295 - Just for being her usual bubbly self and listening to my self pity 24/7 *hmph*Big smile
*Aman_I* - For being extremely sweet despite my idiocyBig smile
priya.nair - For being so awesome and patient with me and letting me spam her dabbaBig smile
*Shruti* - For letting me spam her dabba mercilesslyROFL
ashmii - Just because she is cool and let's me call her namesShockedROFL
Gaganjot.S - For being the voice of reason when all sanity left me. Not that I have much of it to begin withBig smile
Perfangel5655 - She is one of the sweetest people alive thus the reason she is called Fanta ClausBig smile But thank you for being my only chocolate hater buddy and not thinking I am an idiot for hating chocolates as much as I doLOL
-Mystery- - For being such a great partner for GDBig smile
Jess. - For kicking @&& along with me :P
xtauras429x - Just for being rosh :)
-Nadii- - For being sweet to me despite knowing how I amTongue
Kiran. - For being an awesome jaaniBig smile
If I am forgetting someone than forgive me but it's not intentional :)
And because it's my bday today, I decided to play nice for a day so I don't have a naughty listLOL

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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2006
Posts: 29651

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
GREAT IDEA Fatima!! Hmm.. Were am I gonna begin.. ROFL...

Nice List:

priya.nair -- for bearing all of my annoying pm's first of all..ROFL
Shruti-- doing great as GM .. and for just being a sweetheart!
-Nadii--- just for being a sweetheart to me and helping with PKB
Tomiko -- I love nibs thats why .. she dont need a reason! haha..
gk_09 -- cause she is my SweeTart and has been very patient with all of constant bothering this year lol...
Aman_I -- i have no issues with you girl! haha..
ashmii - cause Asma has been a great friend and listened to my issues..good with advice!
Gaganjot_S - for doing amazingly with MJHT.. I mean the way she handled that forum! haha..hats off to her!
Preeti- Same reason as Gagan di!
-anonymous- very helpful with PKB  and she is a really great friend!
Ami - same reason as Minu
jyoti06 - agreeing with me in everything! haha..
Mystery - Mahi di makes the best avi's!! LOL And she is super sweet! Embarrassed

Naughty List: Evil Smile

Perfangel5655 - because she included me in her naughty list Cry
mimi0295 -- for not including me in either category Unhappy Yehi tumhari dosti..yehi tumhara pyaar..
Shifali -- for not telling me all her secret plans .. when I tell her everything Cry
-Ravjot- for helping Shifali keep secrets from me, and for stealing Gur from
Angelic _Jot -- she put me on her nice list Embarrassed lekin yeh uski izaat ka sawal hai ROFL

Sorry if I missed anyone too!! I didn't do it intentionally..thing is..there are so many of you..its gonna take me forever to write down everyone's ID! LOL

Shocked The rest of 435767 IF members are all on my Nice list! ROFL I will leave the ID writing to Fatima since she organized this! ROFL

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gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 24724

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Nice List Star

  • -Ravjot- (my wifeyyyyyy Hug... we're so cool Cool)
  • Angelic_J (my bestieeeeeeeeeee.... I can't imagine anything without herBig smile)
  • mimi0295 (mimx ... shes such a cutie and always being there for me)
  • priya.nair (di never complains whenever I spam her inbox Embarrassed.. shes such a sweetheart - always there whenever i need her )
  • Kiran. (my Kyunkiii partner in crime! One of my oldest besties on IF)
  • *Aman_I* (She always bears with my lateness in her requests Embarrassed)
  • xtaurus429x (myyyyy roshtart! .. always writing articles for me last minute)
  • -Mystery- (for being the sweet and hardworking Mahi!)
  • Jess. (my punjabi partner in crime!)
  • *Shruti* (for always responding to my PMs quickly.. always on top of things =D)
  • Gaganjot.S (Gagannn is just cool like that Cool ... )
  • -Nadii- (For doing an amazing job while i was gone with BC Hug)
  • Perfangel5655 (Fatima.. for always helping me out with BC and in general.. u make awesome sigs dudette!)
  • mango (For just being mangooo! Big smile)
  • realitybites  (Amazing BC Team member... and just being greatBig smile)
  • ramas  (For being my yaar Big smile)
  • spln,, Tomiko, punjabi_qt26, xmanisha, rokuhussein_fan, *Shifali* (my amazing and awesome BC team.. you guys rock Cool Hug)
Naughty ListEvil Smile

  • No one Big smile

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Wow Fatima.. This is an awesome post ClapClap....

I shall be back with my list ....

I know my naughty list will be full of people who also have an eye on my Angad Khanna and Jay Sean  CryCry...

Nice List

- A celebrity from the cinema/ television field; despite his busy schedule, he takes the time to support the updaters and the discussions... he is also a fun loving person, who interacts with the members  ClapStar

Arjun_Meena -
for being a wonderful sis and a great motivator Embarrassed

atina -
for being a wonderful Channel Moderator and a fun loving,  helpful, friendly person and our angel StarClap

cuty2sweety - a lovable member and a friend who just started one of our favorite musician Ilayaraja's Fan Club Clap

eljay -
a fun loving member who is very supportive of all of us Star

gurubaran -
From the television/ cine field, he is very supportive in many ways.. StarClap

hemavathy -
for being a cute lil caring sis Embarrassed

honeydaisy - for being a very supportive friend Star

mathi_azhagi - for being my first close friend from IF and a great sister  Embarrassed

nithyamkv - A fellow DT and a friend.. who offers help when needed.. Star

rojapoooo - Despite her busy schedule she never says no when we ask for help... such a wonderful, loving and hilarious person StarClap

Roshni. - She is such a wonderful caring friend and a sis.. who makes us feel so special Embarrassed

srima - for being a fun loving member who is very supportive of all the events Star

tasnime - for being a lovely lil sis and a friend on both IF and FB... she makes us all laugh Embarrassed

smlaksh - A fellow DT and a friend.. who offers help when needed.. Star

-Samiya- : The one and only member from KMH CC club who gets a place in my nice list ROFLROFL... after all she informed about us to Sarika Di (a star of KMH..) and got her to wish us all Hug....

and the list goes on... sorry the list is too big Cry.. running out of time Cry....

Naughty List

Now comes my Naughty list.... everyone who are part of this list are close to my heart but hey.. why miss out on an opportunity to pull their legs WinkROFL
ROFLROFL.... so here we go....

anjkhoney - such a sweet loving gal who always helps us when we need it the most.. but she suddenly fell in love with MY Angad Khanna's voice while making my b-day VM ShockedShocked... hence she goes on my naughty list... ROFL

GGG3 - she is a wonderful friend... but she is pushing me to find my Dilbur soon CryCry.. and even feels sorry for him, whoever he is Cry... LOLLOL...

Imran94 - Immu my friend.... he has been missing for a while... and he missed the biggest day... Yalla Habibi trip on Meli's b-day... so he goes on the naughty list Tongue

meli - for threatening to let out my blunders during my birthday... she didn't even let this loving sister of her's to let out her blunders on her b-day CryCry... she blackmailed me Cry... not fair pappu Cry... [but i luv youTongueLOL]

PrInCeZz07 - my fellow Angel from KMH horoscopes but she too disappeared CryCry..

shreenithi - My partner in crime.. who is a loving, caring sister as well.. but she goes on the naughty list for getting sick CryCry...[maamuu.. take good care of yourself.. we want you back with a bang soon.......]

yulZ- - our most favorite Tarzu (as we sweetly call him) has suddenly disappeared.. so he goes on the naughty list for making us cry and miss him Ouch...

-Zunni- - even though she is our sweet loving chotti behen... she has a huge crush on MY Angad Khanna (aka Iqbal Khan)... Embarrassed...

Last but not the least - I put all the Iqbal Khan and Jay Sean fans on the naughty list for eyeing MY menWinkLOL

phew that was easy.... but i better run before these guys comes after me LOL... but plz don't forget 'how much i luv bugging you guys' LOL.. luv yaa all  Hug

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pinkisluv91 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 July 2008
Posts: 36924

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Omg this is nice. haha
Perf thanks for adding me in your naughty listROFL
Nice List
1. Chits- for being my best Vm(virtual mom)
2. Anirudhputtu- for being my fav maasi
3. Arti- For making beautiful siggies
4. Tulipbaby53- She is so sweet
5. Kmh_Arjuhi- for being the sweetest
6.~*LoVeLy~- for being a great friend
7. Axeion- my fav person from PB forum
8. sunandshine-another great PB friend
9. Jyoti06- She gave me some warnings but she is a great mod.
10. Serial_Queen- She is so sweet too
11. Tanaz_aka_DD- for being another great friend.
12. MinaReena- she is really sweet too
13. Sigma- she is great and sweet
14.the_Naked_face- she is amazing

Naughty list:
1. Perfangel5655- for putting my name in the naughty list
2. Priya09876- for spamming and hating me
3. Raju786- For hating Bakhtiyaar and loving vindoo too much(regarding BB)

Sorry if I am forgetting someone I have made a lot of great friends and great  enemies too. ROFL

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