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PR MahaEpisode 5th Dec Written/Vid/Pix Update

mitts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 10:38am | IP Logged

           ok the epi starts at Archu's house its fully decorated.. Archu n Varsha get Sulochna out blindfolded.. n den makes her sit at stool n open the band Sulochna is shocked to see Mehendi ... She says everything has age wats this?? Vasrha says soo wat 2day is special day n we r going to do everything that had happen during the wedding.. Manohar n Vinod are sitting nearby all smiling n den Vaishu comes out qid Haldi n song start Mehendi hai rachne wali in background.. And are happy n dey have fun also apply to Manohar n dey sing n dance together..

            Damodar is at his place he is praying n den slowly he sees in kitchen to keep eye on Sav n den he goes inside room n stand in front of cupboard n says wat days have come i have to steal from my own house.. n den says but i have to do this n den takes bundles of notes n suddenly sav shouts from behindwat u doing it mine he says so wat its mine too.. I want my kurta Sav says but that my cupboard he says soo i will open, take n keep nething n den he bangs the doorn says i will go out n buy new one for myself n den sav says u wear new one or old a drunkard will always look like a drunkard n den he comes out n chks the money...

             Sulochna gets call from Bhavna to ask wat time the function is der.. Sulochna says come anytime appropriate for u n den says I m soo happy wis Archu n Satish's realtion i think i will talk to Archu b4 annoucement BHavna also agrees.. Manju comes n says ki Archu will also be soo happy wid this n she really trust ur choise... I think u shouldnt tell Archu b4 it should be surprise for her.. I m sure she will be happy n Sulochna agrees...

          Damodar goes to Manav's garage in haste n den ask him to come wid him Manav says wat is it?? He has to mind garage too.. Baba says no this work is more imp n then pulls him out...
       At Archu's place all three girls are working n having fun.. Sulochna enter n wants to help but girls stop her n says that 2day is her special day so no work she tries to argue but dey win n from bahind Manohar comes from behind Varsha says go out n sit if u get bored den talk wid Baba.. He says u know from past yrs Sulochan loves her kitchen more den me.. Sul blushes n girls teases n den they go out... Her two frnds comes in.. They give her gifts n says that we wanted to give later but den we thought u would be busy so came right now.. Sul says Today girls have ordered that no work at a;; dey say yesh it correct u should just relax n den they say we will go n help n dey go towards kitchen Vaishu is waiting n asks dem not to help as they will do all the work...
           Damodar takes Manav to a place n ask him to stop the bike... Manav asks why have we come here.. Baba says that it very imp come wid me n den he starts walking Manav follows.. damodar knocks n Dalal opens the door he ask who is he n Manav comes he gets angry n grabs him n dey both starts firghting Damodar asks Manav to stop as he are not here to fight we r here to make a deal Manav is shocke.. Dalal asks wat deal n den Damodar says U worked for Ajit to frame Archana n den late for Manav.. U risked ur life for him but he didnt even give u ne money.. n den he removes money from his pocket n hands over to him.. Dalal asks why r u giving me this.. Damodar says I m Manav;s father n i heard u yesterday in bar n i felt very bad for u... Dalal remembers how he was drunk n was talking wid his frnd.. He asks y u r helping den Damodar says Ajit owes u 20000.. I m giving u 30000 as i undersatnd ur pain.. in return u do one thing for me .... Dalal asks wat n den Damodar smiles.....

             At archu's place Varsha n Archu are in kitchen.. Varsha asks tai should i tell u something.. Sachin himself came n invited us to his function.. Archu asks wat r u trying to say.. she says tai u know wat m i trying to say we should have invited Manav jeeju's family or atleast Manav jeeju.. Archu says no finally there is some happiness i dont want another scene to be made today bcoz of me.. Varshu says wat scenes tai no scene will be amde Archu says u know Manav's aai.. Varshu says so i m asking u to call just Manav jeeju.. Archu says no varsha der is no need n he knows wat is der today den too he dint call if he would have just called once den too.. n she stops Varsha ask wat tai u would have liked it right tai??... Archu tries to change topic but Varsha forces her to call Manav n den she agrees to call on landline no... On other hand Sav n Sachin are sitting n phone rings.. Sav says this will me my Bahu calling sachin ask how do u know.. sav says i know its shravani only n den she gets up n takes the phone n says haa bahu bolo.. Archu disconnects the phone.. Sav is also quite stunned n den says ki no1 is talking sachin smiles.. Vasrha asked wat happened Archu says Sav took phone n says bolo bahu.. Varsha says how will she know u called dey dont have caller id n even if she knew she wont call u Bahu.. n ask her to try again she does n again sav takes n she disconnects.. She says again Sav took Varsha is upset n says i think u should try again later but do try.. n der Sav says y Shravani is not answering Sachin says aai dont be overconfident it wasnt Shravani n den Savs ays she wants to talk wid u only call her so sachin call her n she says she dint call but she is busy will call back later.. Sachin says aai is wasnt her, Sav says den who was this person giving blank call...

          Manju calls her aai n ask wer r dey n wen r they coming Rasika says that she is ready but Ajit is saying no n den give phone to Ajit, Manju asks him to come, he says that if he comes there will be new prob n its better if he stayed away from her family.. He looks up n finds that Dalal standing he is shocked he keeps phone n goes out n ask him y he is here... Dalal says ki he is here to take his money.. Ajit is quite angry n ask him to leave he will give his money later.. Dalal says that u r always saying this but never gives money but today he will take money n go orelse... Ajit get angry n catches his collar n say orelse wat.. u will go n tell Manav everything.. n den say wat will u say i m only saying, I framed Manav infact i only had framed Archana n sent her to that budnam banglow.. Yes i did all.. n den pulls him out n says dont even come back here n suddenly he hear bike noise n sees Manav n his Baba going away.. he is shocked n that dalal also run away.. Rasika comes n out n says y u get into fight wid such small people.. Ajit says that this is some kind of trick i think this is the plan coz i saw Manav here may be he has recorded everything i said i might get in trouble....

        At Archu's place its evening n guests starts coming in...Manju calls Rasika n ask wer r dey n rasika says wat has happen.. Manju gets scared n says that Ajit is in trouble i have to do something...   

        Manav is at his place Baba is playing that tape n every1 is hearing it Kaka gets very happy n says we needed something like this only to prove Manav innocent.. Sav is standing behind she is making weird face.. Damodar says yes i will go n will ake Archu hear this n then all her doubts about Manav will get cleared n den Laxmi will come back to this home.. Sav is not at all happy but Manav is very happy he says Baba i had lost all hopes but even m very happy.. even i have hope that this relation can work now.. n dey show one hand Manav is saying how happy he is n other hand they show police entering.. He hugs Baba n starts to leave but sees police at entrance.. Inspector says r u Manav Deshmukh.. Manav says yes n den he says that ur wife has made complain about mental n physically harassment.. Everyone is shocked.... Manav says we havent done anything Police grabs him n many otehr enters n arrests everyone even sachin n Vandu.. Manav trues to say that he havent dont nething but no1 listens to him Sav also starts fighting but lady inspectors grabs her...

      At Archu's place Satish comes in wid his family they all greet eachother.... Archu touches ever1's feet even Vaishu does but Varsha doesnt.. She is upset.. She goes in n tries to call Manav but no1 is taking call.. Archu comes n ask wat r u doing Varsha says no1 is taking call Tai we should go to his place n invite him Archu says no a lot of time but Varsha doesnt listen n take her out at her entrance Sul stops her n ask wer r dey going Varsha makes up lies about getting sweets n leaves....

        At police station all are kept in jail.. Sav n vandu is kept in one cell n in other Manav, sachi, Baba n Kaka.. Manav tries to tell that they havent done nething inspector says so ur wife is mad to register complain... He gets up n says u have habit of hitting ur wife now i will show u how it feels.. Savita on other hand is also pleading that they havent done nething.. Manav think y would Archana do this no she cant do this but if she hasnt den who has done this...

            Archu n Varsha reach Manav's place.. they see lock Archu says see varsha i camt here for u but now no1 is der i think we should go back now coz aai will get worried n i dont want dat plzz lats go back Varsha also agrees.. Neighbors are talking Sav is bad but she never raise her hand on Archu this is wrong..

            At Archu's place Rasika arrives Sul greets her n den asks Manju to take care of her... Manju tell Rasika Our work is done.. Now forget getting Ajit in trouble they wont be able to get their respect back but still m going to go n confirm this.. Rasika tries to stop but Manju leaves neways..Outside she leaves n Archu n Varsha arrives n runs in....

            At police station Lady inspector is remanding Sav.. Sav is scared to deanth is is pleading she havent done nething but inspector keeps torturing   Vandu is standing beside n she is all the more scared n shocked.. Manav screams from other end plzz dont do nething to my aai.. Inspector continue...Manju arrives Manav turns back.. She says I m Archana's Bhabi actually Archu should come but den if she does then it will remind her of her bad days so i will do all the legal formalitiesmm Manav is shocked!!!!!!

Precap : Inspctor is actually beating Sav... Vadhu is is deep shock...

Vid/Pix Update:


Edited by mitts - 05 December 2009 at 11:07am

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mitts IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
Posts: 10639

Posted: 05 December 2009 at 11:10am | IP Logged
M sorry for making it short but then it was 1 hr epi so had to cut short but this was all... And seeing the end i was in bad mood

My review.. Well they showed a lot it wasnt like all hype for nothing but den i dono n upset wid end.. specially precap i hate Sav but i really dint like it.. But acting was awesome specially the expression of Vandu though in side but she showed shocked expression..

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LotusPetals IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 11:24am | IP Logged
thks for the wonderful update Mitts, and no worries, ur update said e'thing, it wasn't short at all .. :)
I hope Manav will be able to put 2 and 2 together, .. I think after watching his expression in the last scene that he knows Manju is behind all this mess, bcoz he knew Archu cd nvr do this n Ajit's deeds too ..
A lot happened today but the actual big dhamaka will be on monday : Sul and Bhav want to surprise Satish and Archu, but they'll get it on their face when they both will refuse in front of everyone !
I agree Sav shd suffer a lil but not in this way !! I really felt bad for her as well as the other members of the family !
.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 July 2005
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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
i cant agree more -- I really felt bad for savita when they showed that she's being beaten in the precap. I had thought that the slap was more than enough -- after this jail bit -- if Archana still takes time to come back to manav then i have to say the whole family has reason to hate her! Even though its not her fault directly, it is still because of her that they all ended up in jail.

I am so upset i had thought that by the end of this episode they ArMan would be together -- and am more upset at what happened in the episode -- poor Deshmukh family : (
rekhab25 Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update.
Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Archu better show some solid proof of her love to Manav , or she won't really be worth all this trouble .
cimba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update.

Does anyone think that this is just too far fetched on Manjush's part? I will stop watching this serial if Archan or her family forgives Majusha for her created mess.Angry They should just kick  her out of the house and then send her a divorce notice by mail.
.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
This is horrible, Manju needs to pay for what she's done. I feel horrible for Manav and his family, the previews were just horrible. They are so helpless Cry

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