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sajan + mayur one shot...part 3(a) pg 14

_symphony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Hey guys I am back with another MJHT one shot of mine'hope all of u will read it and take some time out to express your views on it.This one shot is in three parts'I will be posting the first part as of now'hope all of u will like it.

24/9 Princess street Canada'.it was a dark n snowy morning on the last day of the year'.the 31st of december'.the cold winds blew at their worst self''as if a storm was abt to arrive''everything seemed melancholy and quiet'.but the tranquility was more haunting than pacifying'..


n amidst the most mesmerizing snow mountains of Canada stood the gr8 canadian mansion'.n some fresh snow had just fallen on its roof''
the windows of the house were tightly shut but the winds were too strong to resisit'.suddenly the strong winds made the kitchen window break open'.making the person standing inside shiver and within a spur of
the moment the person turned around to lock it again'.the person'.no the beautiful girl turned around''..her hands which were just now busy in pouring in some hot coffee into mugs for her di who was still in her bed into a deep slumber'..and her jiju who was almost ready to leave for his hospital shivered a bit' was too cold to bear.As she moved near the window to bolt it'the winds made a few strands of her still slightly wet hair blow on her face''and making some of them even come into her eyes'..and god knew whom he had created'.he must be feeling proud as well as astonished upon his own creation ' many of gr8 kingdoms must have lost their young rulers if this very  site would have been visible to them'.but the almighty knew one prince'surely the most dynamic of them all and this angels' destined one had already fallen and injured badly in her love'.the girl wasn't aware''she just bolted the window tightly and came back to her coffee!!! Along with the coffee she hummed a melodious enchanting tune soothing the entire lonely sorroundings'..when suddenly some heavy footsteps broke her nostalgia'.
It was her jiju'.Dr. mayank Sharma'.the HOD of the cardiac department  of the National Canadian Hospital'' for her It was just her jiju'the so loving husband of her darling di nupur' mayank enters inside the kitchen gunjan stops humming her tune''
M:gud morning gunjan'kya hua gunjan tumne gana kyun band kar diya'..kitni achchi dhun thi''.
G:gud morning jiju'.lekin..aaah'.one minute'..jiju kal raat ko to aap emergency surgery ke liye gaye the na'.aur phir subah chaar baje sone ke baad bhi aap itni jaldi uth gaye'..
M:gunjan ye sab tumhari pyaari di ki wajah se'..kyunki mujhe pata hai ki us se bina kitchen mein aaye raha nahin jata'.uske haath par itni gahri chot lagi hai par mujhe pata tha ki phir bhi woh subah subah sabke liye breakfast banane chali ayegi'isiliye maine socha ki is se pehle uski neend khule main sara breakfast bana kar rakh doon''
G:jiju aap breakfast ki chinta mat keejiye'main hoon na'.aap jaakar di ke paas bethiye'..
M:abhi to woh so rahi hai gunjan'aur jab tak woh uthegi tab tak mera breakfast ready bhi hojayega'aur phir gunjan tumhein bhi to college jana hai na'so main tumhari help kar deta hoon'ek kaam karo  tum parathe bana lo aur main kuch sandwiches bana leta hoon'haan aur saath mein plum pudding bhi''
G:plum pudding!!!yani di ki favourite'but jiju aapko to plum pudding bilkul pasand nahin na'.
M:(having a sweet smile on his lips'.)right gunjan'aur sach mein mujhe samajh bhi nahin ata ki tumhari di use itna enjoy karke kaise kha leti hai'par phir bhi she loves it so main uske liye wahi banunga aur phir jab woh mere liye har doosre week apni most hated dish karele bana sakti hai'to itna to main bhi uske liye kar hi sakta hoon na'..
G:u know jiju mujhe kabhi kabhi samajh nahin ata ki di zyaada lucky hain ki unhein aap jaisa life partner mila ya phir aap ki aapko meri di jaisi angel mili'..
M:gunjan'.ismein kya confusion hai'ofcourse tumhari di zyaada lucky hain''''..
G:jiju!!!aap bhi na!!!
And having this light conversation both gunjan and mayank get busy into preparing there respective breakfast items'but both of them felt really irritated'.coz they never talked stupid things like these'.gunjan and mayank were an intellect lot'.they never needed uneccesary talks like these'.and they were also comfortable in being silent around each other'but today was different''''''''.for mayank as well as for gunjan'''''..the silence around them was too blasting to endure'so both talked all this to reduce the levels of turbulence'''.
With the passage of a few minutes'.another voice broke the silence'it was mayank again who started the conversation'.coz in no way he cud remain without asking gunjan'.nupur had last morning told him everything thru which gunjan had been going since many days now' he had to in anyway talk to her''.
M:aaaaaaa'.gunjan woh kal'woh actually nupur ne mujhe kal bataya'tumhare college mein''''..
But before mayank could proceed further gunjan interrupts in between'..
G:woh jiju'.lagta hai mera cell baj raha hai'I think jenny ki call hogi''''..zaroor college chalne ke liye pooch rahi hogi'main abhi aayi'''''''..
n gunjan leaves from there'mayank knew why she did so''she had forgotton that yesterday she herself gave her cell to him for some repair and her cell was actually with him'''mayank was now able to understand how much pained she was''the pain of losing your first love is actually too difficult to bear''.her expressions showed as if some pins were constantly pressing against her heart''and mayank tried to pull out the most deep out of them'..
Only then mayank hears some voice'it surely came from his bedroom''nupur must have woken up''' mayank covers the pudding which was almost ready now with a lid'.and go towards his room''''''''..

Mayank enters the bedroom and sees nupur humming her morning prayer with her eyes closed and still sitting on the bed itself'''.and once again  as everyday he fell in love with his princess once again'''n as nupur opened her eyes'..she saw the same site she had been seeing from almost an year now'''''mayank was standing still just looking at her so deeply n affectionately'just smiling and adoring her''but today she knew the smile was a bit forced'''the reason was today's date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finishing her prayer, nupur started her day by the most predictable first word that always used to come out of her mouth in the same tone''''.
N:mayank!!!!!!!!!!!!by god'.tum roz mujhe aise'''.itna to main khud apne aapko dekhkar bore ho jaaon!!! Par tum ho ki''''''..
M:kya nupur tum bhi na'.meri saari concentration tod di'''..achcha ab ye batao tumhare haath ka dard kaisa hai''''..
N:dard!!!!!!!!!kaun sa dard'''
N:achcha woh kal wali chot ka dard'.oho mayank zara si to chot thi aur waise bhi mujhe kaun sa itna koi dard ho raha tha'''..woh to tumne hi zabardasti dawai khila di''''.
M:nupur tum bhi na aur thankgod tumhein zyaada chot nahin lagi'..
N:agar aisi baat hai mayank to thank god ko nahin us ladke ko karna chahiye jisne mujhe apni life ko khatre mein dalkar bachaya'..
M:kya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tumhein kissi ladke ne bachaya'..
N:haan mayank''''main to phone par dia se baat kar rahi thi aur mujhe to pata bhi nahin chala ki mere peeche se ek car aa rahi hai'
M:what!!kya tum us ladke ko jaanti ho???
N:jaanti to nahin par woh mujhe pehle bhi mil chukka tha'..
M:pehle bhi'par kahan'''.
N:kal raat hi mall mein'
While telling all this to mayank'the images of what all happened last nite'flashed back n forth into nupur's mind''''.when someone had accidently pushed her'..and she fell down'.all the things she shopped spending so much of time for the small new year party at her place next nite fell down'.nupur just wanted to murder him but more than that her fallen things were more important'.so she bent down n started collecting them''''but along with her own two hands she saw two more hands helping her out'''
As nupur looked up to see who was helping her out'.she for a moment was left awestruck''..
She had never seen anyone so innocent and captivating'''though he had a well built body of a grown up teenager but his eyes had the purity n innocence of a child''.his mesmerizing smile made even nupur's lips to have one'..  he looked very happy go lucky'very jovial'.but at the same time very lonely as well''.well nupur had this bad habit of interpreting so much by just reading faces''''and meeting ppl once!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I hope u r fine'.u know some ppl r too busy to even say sorry'''''..but u don't worry'.
 all your things are safe'I 'll just collect your tomatoes into this bag'.."'said the boy spotting the same cute smile on his lips''.. and he picked each one of them and put into her bag'.nupur couldn't believe he was behind the tomatoes like a lil toddler running behind his ball !!!
N:(with an investigating look in her eyes)tumm kaun ho aur tum meri help kyun kar rahe the???
 "oh u r an Indian!!!! Waise mujhe dekhkar  hi laga tha..u know I die to talk in hindi'.ek chashmish ke alawa mujhse koi hindi mein baat nahin karta!!!
S:yaa!!! meri chashmish'.meri best frnd'woh girl jisne kuch hi dino mein meri life ko completely change kar diya'jiske bare mein aoni special feelings ko maine aaj hi jana hai'.aur waise main to yahaan aapko thanku karne aaya tha''''.
N:thankx!!but why maine to tumhare liye kuch nahin kiya!!!
"aapne kiya hai'.aapne meri sabse badi confusion door kar di'''.u know mujhe ek bahut hi   special person aur bahut hi special moment ke  liye  gift lena tha'.par woh bahut hi alag hai isliye samajh hi nahin aa raha tha ki kya loon but u helped me out'..jab aapne us salesman se kaha  ki aapko kuch aisa gift chahiye jo dekhte hi kissi ke dil mein sama jaaye' maine woh sun liya aur ek bar phir poore mall mein yehi sochkar gift ek baar dobara dhoondha aur dekhiye aapki advice ki help se mujhe gift bhi mil gaya'..and the boy showed him the musical dancing couple he had brought for his beloved''''.seeing the gift a shy smile reflected on nupur's lips'.it was the same gift she had gifted mayank on their first date''''.now she knew the reason of his smile'he must was going to confess his  love'.his first love'indeed it was his first love only 'nupur could say this very confidently'the spark was visible  in the boys' eyes''.that girl must be very lucky'''she hopes her young sis too was lucky enough''to get her first love''''.her best frnd..her sam'.who within a few days became her beloved'
N:bahut sunder hai'tumnein sabse perfect gift chuna hai'''aaaaaaaa''..
"oh!!!my name' name is samra'.no sam.'..!!!
But before he could complete nupur's phone rang and it was dia''''''that broke her attention from that boy and she came walking down the street that was still covered with heavy snow'when suddenly a speeding car from behind was abt to hit nupur n  the same boy jumped in front of it to save her life!!! n thus here she was sitting completely fine in front of her hubby dearest''''
N:u know mayank bhale hi main us se pehli baar mili thi but he looked so like family''..
M:nupur tum bhi na'.bahut jaldi sab par trust kar leti ho'aur ye india nahin hai'.isliye tum strangers se zyaada interact na hi karo to achcha hai''''..aur pls mera wallet nikal do na'
And mayank moves towards his cupboard to take out his handkerchief as he had to leave for hospital'
N:by god mayank tum bhi na'.ek to us ladke ne meri jaan bachai aur tum ho ki'.achcha raat ko tumhari surgery kaisi rahi'.everything under control'.
M:exactly everything'.
N:waise mujhe samajh nahin aata ki main tumse poochti hi kyun hoon'.kyunki kissi ki zindagi ka sawal ho aur dr. mayank Sharma se chook ho jaaye'aisa to ho hi nahin sakta'..haina!!!
n Mayank who was till now browsing thru the cupboard for his hanky stood still'''he found something'..that was not to be found'..atleast today''''..
The words inside mayanks mouth  froze'the vocal chords disapproved to bear the strain'''n suddenly mayank's vision went blur''"tears don't suit men"'.he knew nupur always say this'but some pain are too hard to bear'just like gunjan's pain was a constant knive making her heart bleed so was this for mayank'''''..
N:kya hua mayank'.tum chup kyun ho gaye'..
M:woh '.woh nupur'.ye 'and one of his tears fell on the frame he had found!!!
Nupur heard something' was mayank's weep'..she knew this moment will come...specially today'''''she knew he must have seen the photo again'''''.the photo that always make him cry'that breaks him completely'..the photo that has all his childhood wrapped in it'''..that has his heart in it'''.HIS'.HIS '.YOUNGER BROTHER IN IT'''..his long lost brother'for whom he came to Canada'.for his younger brother'for his SAMRAT!!!!!!!!!!
That's for now guys'hope u liked the first part'.pls don't forget 2 comment or hit the like button.

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sahika...............Hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wowwwwwwww.........wowwwwwww..........n just wowwww...........tooooooooo toooo awesome rockin yaar......d mayur scenes.... d majan scenes....d sanu scenes......n wow sayank yahan brothers hai....yipee.....plzzzzz plzzzz continue sooon......wanna read more..............n plzz do pm me whenvr u post d next part.........Embarrassed

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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG yashika

it was an AWESOME one shot
plz continue soon
lovely os
so mayank's bro is sam
is samrat ok na i hope he is fine
ok so the gift was for gunjan
i must say write really AWESOME one sshots
plz continue soon
hmm yashika u were already wriiting on shot of sajan na that adhiraj wala which u were have to wit second part plz continue soon that one too
sana Big smile Wink

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mjht_rockstar Groupbie

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 8:17am | IP Logged
bohot chota post tha...Tongue
_symphony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 8:21am | IP Logged
i know guys u may not read it coz of the length but pls atleast give it a try.........i promise it atleast wont disappoint u.but still if u even have flaws more than liking.....i am standing here with open arms to accept it................

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sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2009 at 8:31am | IP Logged
i just loved it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon dear .and one more question u have written that he jumped in front to save nupur.he didnt get hurt na????

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