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~~AVALON: Land Of Fairies~~ Part 14

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Hey everyone!
I've finally made a comeback, and i do hope it shall be a breathtaking comeback, if you have read my previous works, i think you'll be able to see the difference of my writing before and now.
Oh i have been writing and a lot really, i wasn't posting them on net that's all..
Well anyone enough about me, I'm sure all of you have heard of Avalon the land of fairies? King Aurthur? no I'm not writing about king Aurthur, it revoloves around a teenager called Anya brown, An orphan, but i must tell you that don't look for fairies in the first four parts, wait for the fifth as the fairies start emerging out WinkWink
Part 1:
I didn't relate well to humans.
That was a fact I guess, Anya Brown, the backward girl, the ancient lady, or even Beethoven's daughter, though I have to say the last one must be though by an intellectual human,
I might be like how twentieth century fox had shown Anastasia, I was an orphan, and named Anya, maybe somewhere away from humans I could find myself a couple of two fairies, maybe vampires, have I given thought to an Emperor of the magic'
I mentally kicked myself, I always let my imagination get the best of me, but really I'm not joyous in the world of the humans.
It's like these people with minds but no wish, I've met nice people, it's not that I call this world an asylum for the rude, nice shy type of people, who find me to be a bit crazy, but never say it straight to my face.
Maybe because I'm adopted I'm not raised well, of course I love my foster family, but I can't help but wonder who my real parents are.
But I still don't understand, what's so bad about believing that another world exist unknown to the human eyes,  of course I'm called a freak for that.
If fantasy wasn't enough then I have a thing for oldies, no I mean old oldies, like Beethoven music, funny how some people don't know him despite the classes they take in history, Swords I love my swords.
I believed in fantasies more then any normal child, my mother Theresa was worried that I had gone insane, but it was nothing as such, I wasn't fond of humans at all.
And still now a teenager, fifteen year old me believes in fairies, vampires, werewolves, Trolls, Demons, Elves, every tiny thing that has anything to do with the unnatural and the magical.
But is it too much to ask, to get a trip to the world of fairies Avalon, on Aladdin's magic carpet, as I passed by endless dawn.
Apparently it is.
This entire concluded one only thing.
Humans Stink.
"Planet earth ruled by ignorant thoughtless humans, who believe in nothing  but science, stupid, idiots, unimaginative creeps"
I didn't realize that I said that last part out loud enough for everyone to hear, they all gawked at me scowling, I faked a smile, what else could I have done, but the fakeness of the smile wasn't nearly as oblivious as I hoped they scowled even more and some looked away disgusted, I bit my lips due to nervousness, damn it! I hate it when that happens.
And it happened a lot, I mean A lot, my aversion towards humans was not oblivious to them, I was looking as I walked through the corridor, they all watched me, I can never get used to this.
I ducked my head in my books again, because that was just the type of chicken I was.
I suppressed a sigh as I went through my mathematics book, what adds to the grief of being a history freak is being a dork at the same time, a dork that goes through all the necessity when before an exam.
I'm posting the second part on the same page, and another thing, i'm not going to wait for part 4 and 5, seriously it's so boring to write about Anya's human life, the fairies are restless they are going to emerge on the third part.
Part 2:
I hurried trying to pass the irritated pairs of eyes on me, even though I had been the subject of annoyance for a long period of time I was still not used to the irritated glares at me it was awkward, disturbing and quite frustrating, but I was to sheep-like to ever get frustrated over anything, I am a looser.
When i entered my classroom, again everyone ignored my presence out of annoyance, i smiled weakly, i walked through the classroom and sat at the end of the classroom where no one could see me, the whole class was practically rumbling with noise, as the cheerleaders speak of all that i find boring, and the idiotic self-proclaimed jumped on the table, and proclaimed himself, King of the Classroom.
How utterly boring...
Thankfully the school finally came to an end i rushed out classroom as soon as i heard the bell ring.
"Goodbye Anya have a nice day" Ms. Pike called to me.
I smiled once at her and then nodded.
The teachers for one did not hate me, they were actually fond of me, that's what makes me a dork, or maybe because I'm the only one who sits still before class starts.
I hurried back home ignoring whomever i passed by, i was least interested in speaking to one of my classmates or even looking at them, they were just unimaginative creeps to me, seriously Creeps.
"Welcome home" Mom shouted to me from the kitchen.
"Hey mom" i shouted back.
Without another word i ran up the stairs, i know it was rude, but i was used to being left alone in my room, i heard Tamika burst in with the most annoying of laughs.
"Mom, Mom, you will not believe what happened." Tamika bursted to the Kitchen.
Ooooh, Poor gym teacher.
My room wasn't much, it was just a plain room, with white walls, and peach furniture, i'll be lying if i say that i hate the light colors.
there was one little Tv placed on the table in front of my bed, i guess having a TV in your bedroom is a little off the top, but i usually watch magical stuff, like camelot, i really loved that movie.
I freshened up as my normal routine, and of course because i didn't want to stink, i went downstairs for lunch, and shared a better conversation with my foster mother.
"There you are, you know you shouldn't go upstairs with just a hi, it makes me worry" mother said.
I smiled guiltily at her.
"Sorry I'll see to it doesn't happen again" i vowed.
it was a fruitless vow really, and mom was well-aware of it, she rose one of her eyebrows, then rolled her eyes, double responses to prove that i was a really bad fibber.
"Anyway Anya, me, your father, and Tamika would be going to school, apparently she's done some.. err.. mistake" Mom stammered.
i looked over my shoulder at my sister sitting on the sofa with her arms across her chest.
She'll probably have detention for a month, and be grounded for two months, i still think that the punishments are minor compared to what she had done.
Part 3:
that day in school did changed everything boring and indifferent in my life.
He was tall and lean, tall and not gangly, lean like a lion, but could pass even the beauty of a tiger, his hair was ebony dark, and reaching to his shoulders, he had jade, piercing, green eyes, which actually glowed over his perfectly, fair and flawless skin, i couldn't believe it, it was actually like no one was seeing, he stood there alone in white, even the plain white looked gorgeous against his skin.
He looked utterly bored for the matter, he didn't notice anyone passing him, actually one of the boys, called Tyler went right through him as if he was nothing but air, but it didn't bother him much, he grumbled just as if someone walked him by without saying hello.
And even for that i was the only one gawking at him, the other girls who fawn practically on every poster boy didn't notice him, even though he was more beautiful then any of them. he was staring out the window in monotony, and after a moment he lifted his piercing gaze on me, he first looked at me with the same lack of interest, and then since i wasn't moving my eyes from him, he looked more sharply at me, like he was annoyed of my presence.
"What are you starin at?" someone asked me.
he stalked me all over school today, i didn't concentrate on any of my classes, wherever i went i could see him there, staring at me with his piercing green eyes, i kept staring into my  books to ignore him, but my Sixth sense was powerful enough to know that he was still gazing at me.
When i wished to return home i couldn't i ran into him, i mean it, he wasn't following me, he was stranding right in front of me this time.
Before i could do anything else, i could've felt his grip on my arm as he dragged me over to someplace, now my imagination is literally trying to kill me.
I think he took me to the cliff at the end of town, yes it was defiantly the cliff, i was standing right on the edge with him by my side, even though i was frightened for two reasons, one that my imagination is able to drag me over, and second i was standing at the edge of a cliff, but he didn't seem to be frightened, he stood there his gaze on the shining sun, the sun shone brightly on my town probably more then it does on a desert, but i gawked as him as he watched the sun with his piercing gaze without blinking, for a moment i thought his eyes could've burnt a hole in the fireball.
for minutes that seemed like hours i stared at his beauty in the daylight, he was defiantly beautiful beyond imagination his skin didn't exactly shown but almost glowed with the fairness it was in, his skin was just the perfect tone, not too pale, or too dark, he stood there motionless holding my arm in a steel-grip, fearless he was i knew that this was too much beyond imagination even for myself.
I tried to pull back my arm from him but to no avail his grip didn't even loosen as i continued my struggles, it wasn't until he himself decided to released, he pushed back my arm, i almost felt like falling, he pushed that hard, but something tells me that he didn't mean it, my arm hurt, it hurt as the blood ran through my veins again, it wasn't possible of him to hold me that tight that even my blood is blocked from passing through my veins.
He closed his eyes and sighed then slowly turned to me. i gulped.
Hi Everyone, two major good news, 1) time to party exams are over  for sometime + 2) my laptops working so i don't need to take *cough steal *cough my brother's laptop, and also now i can write all i want, wow finally something good has happened.
sorry to keep you all waiting, really sorry,
Part 4:
"It's true then you do see me..." he murmured, i stared at him as if he was crazy, the guy was really crazy, firstly he brings me to the edge of deadly cliff, without my permission, and then he asks if i can see him or not, well actually it was more of a statement.
He glanced at me with a humored expression, that just upset me even more.
"I never knew I looked that crazy to people?" he rose one eyebrow.
"What do you think?" I asked him shaking my head.
"I've been following.." i interrupted him.
"I believe the correct term is stalking" i said curtly, like if cutting him off wasn't rude enough.
he again seemed to be humored "stalking you around the day, but i didn't see this behavior out of you" he said.
"you haven't seen a lot of behavior out of me" i grunted.
he grinned "and what's that ?" he teased.
"enough about me, tell me about yourself.. like who.. actually, what the heck are you?" i snapped.
"You don't know?" he asked me as if his picture was posted on the front page of every newspaper for over a decade.
I shook my head.
"How happy would she be when she knows tat a human doesn't knows about us but sees us in all our glory" he said sarcastically as he dropped to the ground crossing his legs.
"Who's She?" i asked him the automatic question.
"I thought you wanted to know who I was?" he reminded me of my original question.
"I want to know who you are, what you are?, and why the heck am I the only one who appears to be psychic?" i snapped.
He rose one eyebrow "You've got demands Anya"
"How do you know my name?" I said shocked.
"Well stalking -- he looked at me eyes narrowed -- doesn't go unpaid you know" he laughed, I stuck my tongue at him, he just smiled again.
"Well then why are you stalking me?" i asked him in a lower tone
he narrowed his eyes irritated "You know Anya, you should choose when question, it's difficult for me to answer them all at the same time" he pointed out.
"Stop giving me advice" i told him yelling.
"And if i choose not?" He asked me daring me.
I was fuming at the moment, he was getting on my very last nerves, and it was annoying when people did that, well he can't be exactly be classified as a person.
"Would you mind if i rip you to shreds?" i asked him politely.
"I'd like to see that" a gleam of dare showed in his eyes.
The guy was insufferable, maybe the word was too long for him, but still he was an idiot fly, annoying, I just wished to hurt him at the moment in anyway possible, I closed my eyes to take in a deep breath before I rushed, I ran to him, and then it all happened too fast, all I know is when I opened my eyes I was' not there, somewhere, Err' being pulled by gravity falling??
Another cliff hanger, Muhahahahhahaha (that was so uncalled forLOL
Part 5 because Archu FINALLY commented,
Part 5:
I closed m eyes agin not wanting to come face to face with doom, but it was unavoidable, the fact that i was falling of the edge of a cliff onto a doomed fate, it didn't feel very well to know that after moments i would be drowning under the constant pressure of the flowing river underneathe me, and i was well assured that escape was impossible.
Of course i was wrong, so very wrong.
A strong grip formed around my back and another hand pulled me up to meet up with a strong chst, when i opened my eyes i was astounded on a how a total stranger could dive oer a two-hundred feet long fall only to fall with me.
"You fool! if you are so eager to meet with death i could introduce you to it myself" he chided me.
There was nothing to be said in the little amount of time as we were pulled by gravity, but even through the speed I could see what he was trying to do.
it was all in one elegant gazelle like step he poised his body as if he was diving.
There was a loud splash and then..... I couldn't breathe.
He pulled me up with one jerk from his arm, he putted it around my waist supporting me, my time in the river wasn't very pleasant, I coughed up the water that had entered my lungs during my stay in there.
As my vision came together and cleared, I sat up and saw him leaning on me protectively.
"I'm fine" I assured him, he just nodded but didn't take his eyes of me.
"I'm fine" I said again smiling weekly, okay it was a lie, I wasn't fine, I don't breathe water.
I coughed up a little water, then I closed my eyes expecting him to react automatically but he stood up.
"I shouldn't be here" he murmured as if he was talking to himself, he was talking to himself then he said louder:
"You shan't be here" he pointed to me, I looked at him with the same suspicious eyes, he was mad wasn't he? First of all he brings me here, then he tells me that both of us shouldn't be here.
"Yeah sport-diving is so not my favorite hobby" I shrugged, he turned to me and rolled his eyes again.
"You know what I mean, and don't act you don't" he narrowed his eyes.
I smiled the fake innocent smile "What should I know?"
"Stop it!" he yelled, I smiled again to myself, there was this certin part of me that enjoyed to see him annoyed, serves him right.
"Stop what?" I asked innocently.
But the answer wasn't what I had expected, he pulled me up with one elegant easy move of his arm, my feet weren't meeting any ground, obviously he pulled me up to meet hid eye level, but I wouldn't rejoice, I was struggling aimlessly he was holding with the steel-grip again, I tried to pull my arm back but of course there wasn't anyway he would give in when he was in the tough guy mood.
I stopped struggling but I didn't gave him enough time to rejoice over my submission, I stared with ordinary brown eyes into his green eyes.
"This is no small matter little girl" I grimaced on the 'little girl' but he gave no heed and went on.
"if the Assassins ever found out about you little gift then there would be fairly drastic consequences, and God knows what they would do to you" I shivered a little, his voice had a blood-curdling tone which didn't sound very appealing.
And then he left me, I fell on the ground staring at the little blades of grasses, and before I could shift my gaze to meet him he was gone. Disappeared into thin air.
IF you call this a cliff-hanger then it isn't the last one was a CLIFF hanger LOL Can't believe i thought of that right now (Sorry if you find the joke utterly pathetic) anyway i like putting cliff-hangers on the end it's just so much fun.
Part 6:
At night I laid on my bed without even a thought about sleeping, when I got home mom fired off some questions about me being late and being all wet, and well Tamika laughed really hard when I lied about tripping over this puddle, it wasn't that funny but then again Tamika doesn't know funny If it hit her in the face, she was probably thinking I was throwing a joke, which I was defiantly not, it was a lie, and I had just lied to my foster mother, it's a sin.. And I've been bad..
Okay now that exaggerating, but I never lied frankly there was no need to it ever, I neer did something bad.
Then again being pulled to the edge of a cliff wasn't entirely my fault.
"Busy?" I heard my window slid open, I looked from some book that I was barely reading to see him again.
I stood up on my feet glaring at him
"You!" I yelled and threw my book across at him.
The book went flying past him and he narrowed his eyes at me.
"How did you get in?" I whispered suddenly aware that I was living in a house full of other people perfectly capable of hearing me scream but not capable of seeing him.
Might as well pack my bags for the mental asylum.
"Am I just imagining this or are you really that stupid?" he laughed.
I reached out for a pillow and threw it at him again.
He simply ducked.
"Now stop that!" he demanded.
"If you think you can barge in here, in MY room without permission you've got another thing coming" I whispered to him.
"And if you think you can overthrow me then you've got another thing coming human" he whispered back.
Then we took a moment to glare at each other. A smile formed on his lips and he threw his head back and started laughing.
I was a little embarrassed by this, and ignored the impulse to smile and laugh with him.
But then I was in splits.
"what's you're name?" I asked him after we finally pulled ourselves together.
"John Quinn" he said simply smiling.
"And what are you?" I asked again just as simply.
He grinned a wolfish type of grin "A fairy"
I watched at him wide-eyed and open-mouthed, he was wearing a pair of ripped denim jeans, a black T-shirt and Sneakers.
"Can't live in the past" he winked.
"but you were wearing a white tunic earlier?"
"Yeah sort of a traditional dress, and you know it's kind of hard to get human clothes on you, let me tell you it's kind of freaky when people see clothes walking all over the place" he complained.
"So how did you '?" I broke off.
"Magic spell" he said shrugging.
"Fairies learn magic?" I asked the stupid question.
"No Fairies are born with magic, Witches now they learn magic"
"Witches?" I repeated after him.
"Mm-hm they're supposed to be the evil kind of fairies, but let me tell you they're both female-dominated" he winced at the end, I laughed.
"and I still don't know why the he'ck I'm telling a human all this, nor do I know why you can see me, but it's past midnight, and you better get to bed" he said it all in one breath, and that was the longest heck I've ever heard.
"why don't you want to swear around me?" I asked him ignoring everything else he had just said.
"get to bed kid" he repeated.
And then he was gone again.
Okay i don't exactly know why he keeps disappearing, probably to make her shut up, but anyway i know that this chapter didn't make sense, but then again, i liked it, it was funny, the up-coming chapter will make more sense Promise!

Part 7
Having a fairy of my own stuck inside my head, isn't as bad as I thought it would be..
At mornings he would wake me up before Tamika had the excuse of splashing a bucket of damn cold water at me. In school he would whisper comebacks into my brain when someone makes a snide comment. And at exams I would have to be the adult and write down wrong answers to question I knew the right answer of before he told me.
Okay maybe not that great either, but I'm learning to cope.
For the moment I was holding up a mathematics exam paper and showing it to him.
"a C! just because of you idiot" I told him.
"Well sorry if you insist on being so noble that you wouldn't accept my help'" I cut him off.
"Help? Your cheating! Well technically your making me cheat, but it is still your fault!" I narrowed my eyes.
"Shhh, you don't want anyone to think your insane do you?" he said amused, that was the most irritating part, he never took anything seriously, this argument doesn't bother him even a little.
Stupid calm boy fairy.
"and anyway, I don't get it why you're so worked up, chill, its only a C" he shrugged.
"Well C stands for crap in my dictionary" I grumbled.
"that is so dorky'" I interrupted him again.
"Don't even get started on the whole cool speech, I don't give a damn about being cool."
"As far as I know, girls your age.." he begun.
"are utter idiots" I ended. "Okay and don't say the word utter"
He shrugged. "Your weird."
I sneered at him. "Says the boy fairy from the other world"
"your weird and so am I period" he declared. "Anyway I saw this thing somewhere in the depth voids of what you call your room" he joked holding a guaitar.
I gave up playing long ago, I didn't realize that I just said that out loud until he asked.
"Why?" he was confused????I didn't think he could be confused??? moreover he wasn't event trying to hide it.
I shrugged. "Just"
"'Just' is not technically an answer, you know" he winked.
Stupid charming fairy boy.
"Why I am flattered"
Stupid able to read minds fairy boy.
"You're repeating yourself. There are other words for stupid, dim, dull, brainless, unintelligent, or maybe this is what you mean by stupid, absurd, inane, fool, silly, ludicrous, ridiculous'"
Fine! Ludicrious fairy boy.
"Ludicrous" he corrected me.   
"Shut up!" I yelled.
My bedroom door opened, and Tamika popped her head. "Who. Are. You. Talking. To?" she said one word at a time, and watched me with wide, startled, eyes.
Stupid fairy boy.
Despite today's awkward, insane argument he didn't stop bugging me about the guitar.
"Why did you stop playing?"
I dropped my pen, the one I was using to write my homework trying ignore him, I looked up at him, he was standing over my head, I gawked at him, eyes widened and very, very shocked.
He sounded annoyed'.. I annoyed him''''''''''''...............................
He rolled his eyes. "Don't get too happy, kid"
I squinted, well, that didn't last long, stupid fairy boy call me kid.
He smiled, a smile so smug that it scared the hell out of me. "Don't like my nickname? Well, kid, I'll use it until you tell me, kid, and no matter what you can't stop me, kid"
Does this fairy has a death wish?
"and what could you do to me, kid?"
He had a point there.
"Fine! I used to play it before Joshua died? Happy?" I confessed, stupid fairy boy reminding me of Joshua'
But his expression was anything but happy. He had his piercing green eyes narrowed???like the time when we were at the river??? and his mouth was in a hard line. He didn't look anything like the funny fairy boy, I knew, not even by an inch. "whose this Joshua?"
"Someone.." I didn't need to continue the sentence, he could read my mind.
I felt myself, my soul being dragged into painful, unbearable memories.
I don't want to relive this.
But I did, and I took a trip through memories, my own bitter memories, which I had thrown to the very back and the most darkest of places in my brain, I felt it, I felt being in the body of a five year-old in front of a'
A striking boy with vibrant blond hair and blue eyes, sincere and deep as the sea meeting a mini me with auburn hair that fell right before my shoulder, and confused slightly awkward brown eyes in the kindergarten.
Taking her hand into his, shaking, becoming friends.
The boy now nine, his hair slightly longer then before, and his eyes now deep as an ocean listening to me as I awkwardly sung my first song playing my guitar.
'.. mirror, mirror.
Pretty mirror.
Why do I look so bitter?
Glitter, glitter.
Mirror I want to glitter.
Just like you, pretty mirror.
Mirror, mirror, why are you such a kidder''
Hugging me when the song was over, telling me in his cute, babyish voice of how proud he was of me, not making fun of my stupid, stupid song.
And then finally tears escaping my eyes as I held on to his hand trying to push him up from the cliff.
Just then his hand slipping from mine and then he fell.
He was only twelve, just twelve.
The trip down memory lane was cut short when I found myself inside my own body, in my room, in front of me some.. Laborious homework.
And in front of me nothing.
John Quinn just left after reading my memories.
Sorry, Sorry, and sorry again... i know laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate update, but i have no time for replays, i guess this part takes my story to a whole new level, a  lot of sad things coming right up. \
I'll have to leave here, i'm afraid my bro might walk right up and ask for the laptop, 
Part 9:
John wasn't back in the night.
Nor was he back to wake me up before Tamika threw a bucket of shivering cold water at me.
I sitting up on my head giving ice glares to my laughing, annoying sister.
"Tamika get lost!" I yelled, Tamika sneered at me.
"Hahhahahahahha! I got you, I finally got you!" she was practically jumping up and down like they do in the cartoons, and her laugh was a little like Mandark's laugh from Dexter's laboratory
"Tamika your sixteen get over cartoon network" I told her.  
"and what if I di'n't " now her accent was more like the African-American rappers, with the whole head nodding thingy.
"Just go away" I groaned, she was screaming and laughing over my head, her usual voice was loud enough to bring the roman coliseum down, and now she was screaming, there was absolutely no trace of sleep left in my eyes, whatsoever.
For once I was too the thankful for my mother, she called Tamika down for breakfast, and there is nothing Tamika enjoys more then her breakfast.
I'll have to remember to kill her later.
I fell on my back again, and groaned, this wasn't like my mornings in the last few days, I would be rudely interrupted from my slumber by John, but I never felt so heavy' and wet.. And damn it very wet.
Stupid annoying sister.
School went in a blur, I didn't give anyone a backward glance, but for one thing they had stopped ignoring me, well, I can't really explain what they really think of me now, but usually when I walk by they greet me, not really sharing much of a conversation, but not ignoring me either'
I never thought I would ever want to converse anyone this bad.
First.. Joshua, and now John.
Funny J has never really been my favorite letter.
I'm skipping school for the first time in my life.
I knew exactly where to fine John.
"Stupid twig!" I yelled shaking off that tree branch hanging on my leg.
Finally am here. I opened the bushes through my ands, and peered'
Then gasped.
The idiot wasn't there! God Damn it! Fairy boy wasn't by the river.
I froze, literally froze, I didn't know what to do, should I break down in sobs, or should I run like I have finally lost my mind.
Never ever did I think I would want him, I would want John to be there, I never though I would miss stupid fairy boy so much, where the hell was he? How could he leave me?
At once I felt like I was twelve again screeching as I watched Joshua fall down the cliff, his hair was messed up, and his clothes become more and more dusty by the minute, and then there was a loud thud, and nothing.
His body was never found by the police.
It was so damned tragic, I couldn't believe that Joshua, my twelve year old best friend had fallen to his own doom.
It was just cruel.
Cruel from god, cruel from the grim reaper, cruel from fate.
Stupid fate, and then John came, after four years, I had pushed Joshua to the back of my mind, and locked it, but it was still there, I still knew that without Joshua I'd always be alone, it was stupid, it was idiotic, and just damned, and then the ebony-haired and jade-eyed fairy boy came along, and about after one week???In which for the first time, I didn't feel alone, then again he was stuck in my mind, and could contact me telepathically, Normal humans don't and cannot do that??? and then he disappears.
ABRACADABRA, Poof, no more fairy boy.
I know just where to go.

I was holding my guitar in my hand, and a backpack, with some.. Forgotten things, no school stuff.. Seriously that would be the highest peak of dorkism.
I read the sign, even though I know it by heart.
'Dead end cliff.
 Fall's leaf, Virginia, USA'
I haven't been to Joshua's grave for awhile now.
Four years, five months, and eight days to be exact.
The sun was at its highest peek, noon, just when Joshua had died.
And I was skipping school. Which would be a first time, I can't get over the concept 'Kay?
Dead End Cliff was similar to its name in many ways.
Dead, it was dead, it was deserted there were no people around.
End, it was Joshua's dreadful end.
And Cliff, well .. Isn't it obvious?
But I called this place Joshua's grave, since this was where he had died, and his body was never found, and never buried either, this would be where his body is right? Except if it was abducted by aliens.
I sat down facing the cliff, with a two or three meters difference between it and me. dangerous? I know.
I took off my backpack, opened the zipper and everything fell on the ground.
There were nothing like gold or silver, but still they were priceless to me.
A few letters from Joshua when he had gone on vacation in the summer, he thought that mail was more.. valuable then email.
But he just before a few minutes he fell down the cliff he told me why it was more valuable..
He thought that paper and ink was more 'romantic then a computer screen.
And other then those were our written lyrics.
He used to play the violin, his parents forced him into violin lessons, although he never seemed to mind, he never minded anything, he was just' too nice?
Stupid Joshua, with his stupid soulful eyes, and his stupid flashy eyes'
"And I thought stupid was mainly reserved for me'"
Another cliff-hanger? welll at least he didn't disappear this time? nAnyway since i didn't update for such a long while i'm giving you people a treat, two parts to excuse my disappearance..
Part 9:
When I had enough brains to think about what I was doing I saw that I was hugging him, burying myself in his chest, stupid fairy boy taller then me.
I felt his arms gradually wrapped around me. "Does this mean I get a hug every time I disappear?"
I elbowed him in the ribs. "Shut up stupid fairy boy."
"Oh.. The whole don't ruin the moment thing" he said teasingly.
When he had finally stopped ruining the moment ???I heard him chuckle, and mutter something like 'I knew it'??? I really felt better then before, it felt so better then before, to have the idiot there, I never would have thought that I would want stupid fairy boy near to me.
"Look lay down on the insults or else I'm off disappearing again"
That was why I kicked him in the shin.
He gasped something like an Ow and jumped backwards.
"Don't you ever, ever do that to me again, understand?" I threatened him, I was actually scared of how deadly and dangerous I sounded right there.. Basically I was scared of myself.
"You look cute when your like that, kid" he laughed, obviously my fairy boy, only visible to me and extremely, extremely annoying didn't share the same thoughts like me.
" 'My' Ey? Aren't we poss'" he never got to finish that sentence since I hugged him again. 
"I'm starting to feel comfortable here" he commented.
Completely ignoring his stupid comment. "where were you" I muttered to him.
"Doesn't matter"
"Just tell me where the hell you were already!" I said pulling away.
He rolled his eyes. "You're so stubborn."
"So are you"
"Fine. I'll tell you, I was kind of.. Freaked out" he admitted.
Wait? The great calm stupid fairy boy was freaked out?
"Would you stop being shocked by my reactions? It's really annoying!" he said irritated.
Well I TRIED to blank my mind.
"Why were you freaked out exactly?'
C'mon? Don't fairies get melodramatic at times? Don't fairies get this odd sinking feeling when they remember someone they loved had died?
"They do, that's the problem"
Okay confusing.
"Listen, I wasn't freaked I.. you reminded me of someone"
"Me?" I pointed I finger at myself.
Well jee he knows me for about a week now.. If I did remind him of someone he should have told me!
"Not you, your memories do"
Now he completely lost me.
"Hear me out before making a comeback!" he yelled.
"I am not cutting you off"
"Yeah but your mind is, and it's extremely, extremely annoying!"
Again I TRIED to blank out my mind.
"My brother.. Sort of' died and well I ' " he broke off.
Great! The fairy boy is now expressing feelings towards his dead brother' well his SORT OF dead brother.
"You're mind is quite nasty" he commented.
Then we carried another argument till the night.

"You're brother died by falling off a cliff?" I asked him staring into the night sky.
"Not really, he was.. Killed" fairies get weary and confused too, I thought they all were calm, smart alecky, and very annoying.
I was about ask him who, but he cut in between.
"So Joshua fell off this cliff?"
"Yeah" I shrugged, funny how both of us are implying matters that we want to ignore.
"And you stopped playing?' he nodded towards the guitar.
"can't you just get over the concept?' I rolled my eyes at him.
"Nope" he grinned, then his fell back into the serious look. "You shouldn't have stopped."
"Well.. I think you'll play great, kid" he smiled, something shone in his eyes, aside from the whole mischievous out look, he looked sincere for a moment.
"Thanks, adult" I grunted, I'm not sure what to make out of his previous sentence, the compliment in "You'll play great" or the insult in "Kid"
My mind was bewildered, but my body settled on the compliment in other words.. I blushed.
"It's late, I need to go. "
"We need to go" he corrected me, of course where could I go without my pretty angel, who disappears at the end of every chapter.
"I won't disappear this time I promise" he rolled his eyes.
"Good" I stood up and started walking towards the exit.
The last thing I saw in Dead End Cliff, were the fangs behind the sneer of a striking black cat with large smokey grey eyes.
* Da Da Dum!
I just felt like saying that, anyway i guess you can call this a cliff-hanger, i can say that things will get quite interesting from now, and the introduction of new charecters, i suppose your are familiar with the word Assassin will come, just wait and read..
Part 10:
About two days after that my life had a major change.
"We could be late. Anya, Tamika had just bought us another parent teacher conference" Dad giving Tamika the evil eye.
"Yes Mr. Baxter has much to discuss with us" Mom said following dad's gaze.
I shrugged, as much as rude it seems I really didn't care, I had John with me.
"I'm pretty sure I'll be able to fend for myself" I rolled my eyes. Then added :"I am not Tamika" I grinned
Tamika narrowed her eyes at me.
"Thank you God, you aren't, C'mon Tamika" Mom called moving out the door.
As soon as the door clicked shut, a lean figure was laying next to me.
"Finally!" he exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes. "Oh shut up,"
"What's on the agenda today?" He asked looking out the window.
""homework.. Lot and lots of homework" I said.
"Oh C'mon, it's the weekend, Miles Stones having a party, let's go" he pointed towards the door.
"well good for him" I grunted, you know what's worse then having a fairy boy who's calm and can read minds in your head? Having a fairy boy whose calm, can read minds, and loves parties stuck in your head.
"that's right, you just want me to *Poof! Disappear" he said looking tragic.
I grinned mischievously, "Temporarily"
"You're a real hypocrite, kid" he said slouching back into the sofa.
I smiled again. "I know"
For a few minutes the only sound in the living room was the pen writing on the paper.
And then he looked up, alerted towards the door.
"Wha.." I was cut off by him.
He offered me a hand. "Come" he ordered.
When I didn't respond immediately, he grabbed my arm and slung me over his shoulder.
"What the he'"  he cut me off again.
"Shut up, kid" and then we wheezed off at an impossible speed.
John's POV
This cannot be happening.
It's impossible right? She couldn't have, but the news says she does.
I sighed. Great now I'll have to return' with the kid.
My eyes look down on Anya in my arms, she was unconscious, but pretty soon she'll be all over my head yelling.
I placed her on the bed.
Funny how she was knocked out cold, I was only going at the speed of 500 Kilo Meters per second.
Damn I have a headache.
And a pretty bad one too.
Where had this stupid fairy boy took me to?
I opened my eyes, it was a room, an empty room, I got up and looked out the window, I was on the tenth floor in a suite of some hotel called 'Iris' not in Fall's leaf.
I walked out the room, and gasped, go it was a suite, and a god damn good one at that, the sofa was covered with leather, there a big screen plasma TV in front switched on CNN, when I smelled food I finally came to know that I was hungry, there was a cheese sandwitch with an apple and glass of milk on the dining table, I didn't mind it, but not my favorite breakfast really, and there was a note there too.
'I'll be back soon, And eat healthy
I ;laughed out loud, funny John, real funny.
I wonder how he paid place, maybe there was some magic mojo of bringing money.
I shrugged the thought off, and started eating, it was about time I realized he was a good cook, then again cheese sandwiches aren't hard to 'Cook'
I was instantly alerted when the anchor on TV said: "'The Car Accident In Fall's Leaf.. ' I looked towards the TV listening.
'it has come to believe that the car crash was caused by the family crashing into a tree, the breaks were not working, and the car had exploded, in the car were the members of the Brown Family, Paul Brown, Lily Brown and Tamika Brown, although an adopted daughter was not found in the car, but neither was she found in the house, moving on.. "
I zoned out. Wait my family died? How? When? Where? Why?
I felt a tear slid down my cheek, I was crying, my mom, dad, and sister just died? Probably the only humans I've been close to? And John? Why the hell did he take me away? Why didn't' he come back for my parents, my sister? WHAT ELSE HAS HAPPENED WHEN I WAS UNCONCIESS?
John has loads to explain when he returns.

Part 10:
John's POV.
So she really is back, I wonder why did I even challenge her.
I held my hand to the scar on my head, great! I didn't think that fairies could even bleed!
Guess they do have blood, only unlike humans.
That reminds me, If she's awake..
She is going to kill me.
I poked my head through the door, another pro for being a fairy, you could walk through walls, and see if the human with you.
She was awake and she was shaking, fury or sadness, or perhaps both.
"John. Get. In. here" I said through gritted teeth.
He obediently walked through the door nodding. "Yeah?"
I pointed at the TV.. He glanced once and then glanced back at me, smiling, not that everyday, arrogant smile of his. A sheepish smile.
Its still fumed me though..
"Why?" I growled, I didn't think I could growl, humans didn't growl, did they?
John put his hands up in defense. "Hey calm down, relax, just hear me'"
"Tell me now" I yelled.
"Shhh, Gee kid." he complained.
"Don't call me that."
"Look." he started pacing towards me.
I threw a sofa cushion at him, then I ran towards me and shut the door in his face.
Great! Just Great! How the hell am I supposed to tell this girl we're in major dangerous when she'll just cut me off, I could just fore her to listen to me, then again I'm not that kind of person.
Fairies aren't that kind of people.
But what am I supposed to do when there is a deadly killer out there trying to get her..
She may know of the supernatural beings.
But that doesn't really explain why Mistica is'
I finally decided to let john explain.
I opened the door peering at john, he was sitting there with a sullen expression, he looked up anmd his face immediately lit up.
"Oh thank god! I was hoping you won't cut yourself, or do something as such" he put his hand on my shoulders, I shrugged him off.
"Tell me, I'm ready to hear an explanation out of you"
John thought it over. "But I'm not ready to give an explanation to you"
She narrowed her eyes. "Sorry I have to return to Fall's leaf then." I started pacing away.
"Wait! You can't"
"Watch me"
"I mean I won't let you"
"Really?" I said turning around placing my hands on my hips. "How are you going to that?"
He smiled. "You really want to know?"
My hands fell down. "Be serious, my parents just died, the two people who took care of me for the sixteen years of my pathetic life, not to mention my sister who kept a series of pranks falling over my head every second of it"
"sorry but you're all that really matters." he said shrugging.
"No I'm not"
"Yes you are, and you're not going to Virginia, am taking you to Ontario, Canada"
I widened my eyes. "You can't"
"Watch me.. "

The Niagara falls would a look lot better if I was here by my own CHOICE!

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Part 11:
"John, what does this has to do with my safety?" I asked him looking down upon the falling waters.
It was beautiful I had to admit, the Niagara Falls were majestic, seemed to be a perfect place for romance but that was completely against my mood right now.
I always wanted to know how it would feel like to go to Niagara Falls, my first experience said that Niagara Falls were murderous.
John laughed.
"I'm not joking, John.' I said levelheaded.
"I know your not." John said still smiling.
Of course he did. He knew everything didn't he? After all that's why I get when I have a boy fairy stuck in my head all day long.
John laughed again.
"This is no laughing matter." I said frustrated.
He just laughed even louder. "It is if you see it my way, if only you could see your face when your all frustrated like that, its all so cute. "
I stared daggers at him.
"Maybe I should save the complementary for another time. "
"Maybe you should save it for the end of time." I said in a sickeningly sweet tone.
"Okay. Okay.. Sheesh, someone is in a bad mood today."  he complained.
What did he expect? First of all he drags me out of my house when my parents are in trouble, secondly he disappears and then reappears with a scar on his face, and lastly he drags me on a plane to Niagara Falls, Should I regard all those things done against my will as a favor?
"well if you want to stay ALIVE then you should" he rolled his eyes.
"John. What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?" I asked pronouncing each word separately.
"Midgets shouldn't swear, Midget." he wrinkled his nose.
Great now I was promoted from kid to midget.
"At least you were promoted." he said with a teasing smile, I was about to protest but he stopped me. "Now let me focus, you don't know how hard this process is." he ended closing his eyes.
Great now I was the dilly-dallying one.
"Hush." He ordered waving his hand in the air.
I TRIED to stop thinking.
And then I witnessed something I would always remember.
I watched the clear water turned to a smooth golden right before, the liquid gold rushed into molding together, forming some sort of circle, a golden circle.
I glanced at John, he seemed occupied, his mouth was moving fast I couldn't quite catch what he was saying,  he was muttering into the air.
Then I looked back down on the forming circle, I widened my eyes as I watched the water increase pressure, increase speed.
"Ready?" John had opened his eyes and was offering me his hand.
I stared at his hand and then at him, Did he just loose his sanity?
"I was always insane, Midget" he grinned.
And done something I will always loath him for.
He snatched my hand and jumped..
 I curled onto him shutting my eyes tightly and cursing him.
And then there was a splash.
When I finally opened my eyes, all I knew was that John was in front of me looking down on me with a sheepish smile.
"What the hell'?" I said frustrated.
He ignored the dagger look I was giving him.. If only looks could kill.
"Welcome to Avalon, Midget. "
MIDGET! LOL I just love that word, she's not really that short but according to him.. anyway here's one part that is sure to annoy the hell out of you, they finally reached Avalon, And as for Daybreak i think i'll be posting it soon.. Can't be really sure right now, but i do promise that it will be something different from Avalon but i'm sure you'll enjoy it..

Part 12: Twilight.
Golden-green autumn leaves hush as they swayed from one side to another by the chiming winds, flowers.. Flowers that would make the best red roses of earth seem feeble, ugly even, the sunshine surrounding me by every side, spread out its light and its heat openly, even in the blue-sky above, it was smiling down happily.
And I was just standing there staring at the beauty surrounding me.
Something stretched in front of me, I glanced down.. A golden flower.
The aroma of flowers back on earth as I remember them stink.
And a lot.
This new aroma produced by this flower was something else, fresh and still so unique, so beautiful, I gasped, it was shining, reflecting the light like little diamonds, so beautiful.
"Who's your friend?" a voice cut in rudely.
Not a voice.. John.
I immediately turned around, he was standing there, his long dark was a bit messy not like the gelled back I saw before, and his emerald eyes were narrowed.
If I didn't know any better I would say he was jealous.
But of who?
"Well isn't it the crowned prince..".. Crowned prince? John never said anything fairy royalty..
I gulped, and slowly turned around, and gasped.
"Hello .." the prince begun.
"John." John said shortly.
The prince smiled again humored,
now would someone care to explained. I thought at john.
'None of your business' that was the replay I got.
Ignoring John.. Ignoring John.
The prince was tall dressed in some sort of.. I don't know! Some sort of royal fairy dress .. I bet, it was some sort of embroidered cloak, a white silk cloak that fell to the ground threaded with golden lines, and a face to die for.
High cheekbones, disheveled golden hair, not blond, golden, natural gold, not burnished or shiny, his eyes were a deep set of hazel-green, spring's first green is gold type of thing, they were deep, I mean bottomless, they seemed to suck the light thrown at them.
He looked every inch the beautiful fairy prince.
John cleared his throat irritated.
"Well. John" he smiled mischievously pausing there. "what have you brought now?" he seemed to be amused, and he said that to John without removing his eyes from me.
"I brought someone who belongs here." he lingered on the word belongs.
I belonged in fairy land aka Avalon aka Arcadia?
What a joke!
'It's not that funny, midget.' John's voice came cold and mingled with rivalry.
"Hello." the prince said to me, I looked up at him, his golden eyes were soft, and his voice was defiantly gentle compared to John's..
'Oh Shut up.' John rolled his eyes.
Defiantly ignoring his existence I turned towards the prince. "Hi." I said blushing.
"Well John, you have officially out done yourself this time." he said, I wonder whether he was scolding or congratulating him.
John rolled his eyes in response, I bet he does a lot of weird stuff around.
"And won't you introduce us?" he asked.
"Fine" John snapped, he came between us and directed his hand towards the prince . "This is Prince Twilight, leader of all blah blah.. Blah" he said rolling his eyes, and then he turned his back to me, and directed his hand towards me. "And this is Anya Brown, average girl. Blah. Blah. Blah." he said.
"Well it's nice to meet you, Anya" he smiled a dazzling smile.
I nodded. "Nice to meet you, too." I said huskily and a little confused.
"Well brother, I can't really say it's nice to see you again." another voice.. Feminine and well somewhat cruel for what you might here in Avalon.
John smiled.. Not in a very nice way. "Hello Jade."
A girl with jet-black hair waved to her back and grim narrowed Jade eyes appeared from behind the prince. "Hey Emerald." her smile didn't really suggest kindness in anyway.
And John snapped.
"John.. It's john, what do I have to do get it through your thick heads! Suicide? Murder?" he had his hands in the air, his eyes were literally flaring at the girl he called Jade.. Man.. If looks could kill.
It was the Jade girl who answered him.
"Actually Emerald." she gave another cruel smile. "I think you would totally cross over to the dark side then."
John grumbled.
Come to think of it Emerald sounds girlish.. Not really masculine.. Twilight too actually.
'Exactly' John thought annoyed.
"Then why '?" I said out loud.
And then Twilight and Em...----John stares daggers at my direction----.. John said two words.. And the only two words they would ever agree on, on earth or Avalon, in hell or heaven. 
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Emerald and Twilight.. don't even ask me how i came up with that Embarrassed
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Part 13: Jade.
Avalon at first appeared very appealing. I mean how could it not? There was this fairy, boy prince, a gentleman and dead drop gorgeous, and this other fairy boy, who was curt and brusque and gave you this intention to murder him, but still a good friend, and then there was the whole beautiful autamn trees around you, but there was a turn down (sigh, there always is a turn down) I kind of forgot about the mothers of these teenage fairies, who surrounded me and it went something like this,
"Amazing, I didn't think it was possible!" some old fair cackled.
"Oh Fiona, don't you see the similarity between them?" another voice chided.
"Yes, Yes, I do!" Somebody snickered.
But that snickering was nothing compared to what was going in my head.
'You're going to enjoy this, midget.' Emerald snickered, he was literally rolling on his bedroom floor, with his sister Jade in front of him, eyebrows raised as she lifted a finger to her head, and twisted it, giving the universal sign of 'He's nuts'.
Just then somebody poked me, I jumped up scared that it was another one of those old ladies.
Jade rose her eyebrows. "It moves."
I sighed blushing. "And it speaks, too."
Jade smiled. This time it was a real smile, not like the one she had given her brother. "Good, mind sharing a walk?"
I nodded. "Sure."
'Jade what the hell do you think you doing?' I yelled in her mind.
She just gave me another cold smile, I seriously don't know why she hates me so much, but this is not the time to confront her for that, where the hell does she think she's taking Anya?
"I'm just taking her on a walk, brother dearest." she said in a sickeningly sweet voice.
"Cut the crap, Jade," I stopped when I saw her wince.
"My, My, you certainly have learned a language."  Jade chided.
I rolled my eyes, I was never used to getting a  lecture from my YOUNGER sister.
I remembered to lay emphasizes on the word 'younger' , and I crooked a grin when I saw her grimacing.
"I may be younger, brother, but I still am a girl, and according to  the codex, you have to listen to my each and every word." she said smugly.
I rolled my eyes, stupid fairy code, and stupid sister taking advantage of the stupid rule.
And then Jade disconnected, blocking me out from their conversation, but I know what she was going to do.
She was going to embarrass me in front of Anya.
Anya's POV:
I bit my lips, we walked silently through Avalon. I for one was nervous, I mean I had seen Jade dump a barrel of dead fishes over Emerald, and then laugh, laugh like a maniac.. And trust me it was not only completely fall-off-you-seat hilarious, it was petrifying..
I can't say the same about Jade though, I don't think she was at all uncomfortable, let alone nervous. I stole a glance at her. She was wearing a simply white dress that fell around her loosely, her hair flew in the breeze, playing with her cheeks, and her eyelids hid the green, jade light that lashed out from her straightforward gaze' she was defiantly not nervous, and then she laughed.
It wasn't the manic laugh I heard from before, unlike this was a real laugh  a giggle really, I didn't think she would be giggling type. "Mind sharing the joke?" I said shyly, I didn't want her to appear crazy laughing alone.
She stopped and looked at me mischievously. "of course not, that's exactly what I brought you here for. "
"To make me laugh?" I asked dumbfounded.
"At Emerald." she nodded, and then pointed to my right. "Do you see that?"
It was a swing, deserted there were no kids around it, I nodded. "Yeah what about it?"
"Me, Emerald, and Sapphire used to play around it." she explained.
"So Emerald's brother was Sapphire?" I asked.
"Yeah how did you know? That Sapphire was a he?" she laughed.
"It just came up once when I was talking to Emerald." I said, Sapphire? Wow I sure will not want to be a boy in Avalon.
"Mm-hm" she noticed that I was completely ignoring that how Sapphire came up in our conversation.. Thank god she didn't push for more info.
"Anyway, before I appear like a total loon to you, when I was about five, I pushed Emerald of the swing causing him to fall, but poor Emerald's misfortune didn't end there, he got up, almost immediately, catlike reflexes," she rolled her eyes ruefully. "And glared at me so hard, that I fell out of the swing laughing," she laughed at the memory. "he ran to me, he was running to me fast, really fast," there was reluctant respect in her eyes. "So fast that he fell, and fell hard into this patch of mud, you should have seen the expression on our mother's face when we returned home, and he was actually grounded for trying to attack me."
I stared at her, and she laughed. Recalling a large number of other awkward, embarrassing moment of her brother.
Emerald's POV;
HEY! Jade I'm going to kill you!
How could you she just waltz in and tell her about the playground moment? Noooooooo, She did not tell her about that moment? I was not looking under that girl's dress. And what? I never even did that! I mean I did not try to look under the girl's dress, but I so never, ever did that? How could I have fell onto the ground and break my teeth, I still have them! milk teeth? Fairies don't have milk teeth!
Those were my thoughts as I read through Anya's mind as she strolled back into the house.
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Part 14:
"... And one more thing! How could you just waltz in and start talking about crap! I didn't do half of the things you mentioned...."  Emerald bellowed into a very non-caring Jade's ear, who was thoroughly looking at her dresses for the Masquerade.
In desperate attempt to avoid Emerald's nonsensical chiding i started to fantasize the Masquerade ball. I mean how would a room full of beautiful people, with masks, dresses and suits be? especially when all of them are fairies?
Frankly i was never one for the prom, or dresses, or Cinderella, or any crap like that. But ... Heh a ballroom full of fairies? You have to be kidding me.
I'm not your normal average girl.
'You never were, Midget.' Emerald sent, in between his chiding.
Ignoring him.
''You seem to ignore me a lot these days. Any especial reason?'
wasn't he busy chiding his sister?
''I'm never busy enough, to annoy the crap out of you.'
Gee. I didn't know fairies cursed.
'You are such a stereotype, I bet you think that Asians are cheap nerds, too!'
"Jade how do you get a most unwanted fairy out of your mind?"
Jade suggested me to listen to the song outta my head by Ashley Simpson.
Oh Joy! How genuine.
And now as i ran through the corridors of this great palace, i realize that Fairy telepathy doesn't falter over distance.
'Hey come back! I have a lot of things to tell you!

And then I collided into someone.
His royal excellency.
"Careful, now." he said.
Well golly gee, you don't think about being careful when you want to get a MANIAC PSYCHO fairy out of your mind.
I made sure to think those two words directly at Emerald.
"Sorry, sorry" i mumbled before walking pass him.
"And where are you going?"
"Somewhere i can get away fairy telepathy." i mumbled.
"I'm afraid that's impossible, but i guess i can do something about it."
"Oh No yo..."
That thought never continued.
there was a certain "AGH!" from behind me. Emerald's.
"Thank you." I said turning around. "You have no idea how much I wished that to happen."
"Don't mention it. Aren't you suppose to be with the other fairies, dressing for the Mask?"
"I'm not going" i said like a stubborn child.
"Because i seriously am not one for the lights, princes, dresses, and all that." i said as if i was talking about human cruelty to animals. "And. I can't dance. "
"All that could be taken care of, and anyway you are to be the main attraction, fairies all over Avalon will be begging to see you, A human who can see us! we hadn't have one of those in quite a bit. "
Wow so now I was Kumal the bloodthirsty main attraction tiger of the circus and the rarest kind of humans?
"What do you mean 'we haven't had those in quite a bit' ?" i decided to go with the rarest kind of human, since i don't walk on fours, and Kumal was the shy and gentle tiger in two brothers.
"There were humans who could see the supernatural, once upon a time, and now only you are left."
"How do you know that? Maybe I have some long lost sister at the other side of the world, you just never know?"
"Maybe but you are the only one who we know of, so basically you are going to have to come to the Mask."
"Stupid Smart Fairy Boy."
I can't seem to get the word 'stupid' out of any sentence that 'fairy boy' is used in, so I might as well as a word, cause if i didn't then Emerald will get on my case, saying that he was my one and only stupid fairy boy.
Stupid sentimental fairies.
"It's a Mask, no one will know anyone, Can't someone else say that they're me?"
he gave me an odd look. "How stupid do you think that we fairies are?"
"What if i dress up like a boy?"
he gave me another look. "Why in the world would you want to do that? But It is a Mask."
I narrowed my eyes. "Mask or not! I am not going!" i stomped my foot.
"I'm sorry to say i can't let you do that."
I grinned, for once i think i should use my authority. "How dare you!" i cried tragically. "You must obey me! I am a girl and a human! How dare you defy me!"
He grabbed me by the arm. "Because it's direct orders from the Queen.
Sorry for the shortness, but Heh short is better then nothing, and anyway my laptop broke down, and i'm using my brother's, which i very often do since, my laptop just keeps breaking down, and then fixs itself, DON'T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING AGAINST MY BABY! anyway i hoped you enjoyed.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 December 2009 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Nice story dear.Continue soon dear.

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Girl_2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2009 at 10:44am | IP Logged

yay! i love it =P continue plz, and a request: keep posting the parts wid the same lenght as this one, so itll be easier for me to follow the story and read it every time u update ;D

MegaAngelzs Goldie

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Posted: 02 December 2009 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Luuuuuuuuved it!!! Plz write more soon hun!!!
Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 December 2009 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Lovey update.pls continue soon dear.
Girl_2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2009 at 9:49am | IP Logged

wow! what did her sister do?... suspense huh? =P

Girl_2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 December 2009 at 10:58am | IP Logged
kewl so u, i think u skipped the whole life presentation of this girl who's narrating. Anya?
but well what's this guy? what does he think? lol, and he didnt even say a thing yet!
woo waitin for the next part o_o
_Ashy_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2009 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Just curious........are you a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura?

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