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Originally posted by Motibah

Take ur time dude but the updates better be long! Haha :) xx

Thanks Yaar glad you get it! Don't worry they are long and specially for you guys. Thanks for the wait really appreciate it.

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Originally posted by xoHarshaxo

Originally posted by -BabyCupid-

Originally posted by xoHarshaxo

Originally posted by -BabyCupid-

Busy Ayysha with what???
The premiere of eclipse is done with than what are u busy with???
LOl just kiddin!
Do update or else i will come to ur house and kill u!!
Or phone i and keep on bugging u!

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Mother Frikin Life. I started work too so i am like never home anymore. And just so we are clear Twilight isn't the only thing to keep me busy its ROB! ROFL.
Phone and you? SURE SURE! you can't even pick up.

Sorry dude we were actually busy!!
And we have a party to go to today!!!
Anyways u a job????

<font size="2"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">LONNNNNNNNNNNNG STORY!
Tell you when we talk ON THE MOTHER FRIKIN PHONE!
Also My boss has a HOT SON! ROFL.
What are you guys busy with?

Actually my cousin had a son so were going to that party today and we were just going out doing stuff like shopping going to the temple and stuff so we didn't have that much time to talk!!
Anyways we will call u tomorrow!! And about ur boss's son???? Wink Wink do tell us when we call!

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its ok...take ur own time..but i want llng update...and plzzz add me to ur pm list
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we luv u too darling and waiting eagerlyy tc
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hey m new reader............... ur ff simply great...............add me 2 ur pm list plzzzzzzzzzzzz n pm me when u update........................... update soon..............................

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ROBlicious. IF-Sizzlerz

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Okay I am pretty sure most of you have shoes or sticks in your hands to hit me with but I UPDATED. And this one is heated and HOT so please try to enjoy without thinking about killing me. Love you guys.


Prem and Heer's small relationship turns upside down when Prem recalls their relationship a "Distraction". Heer is hurt but eventually moves on, Prem hits the stage of jealousy while Eric is becoming friends with Heer. Heer tells Prem to mind his own business and let her be.

.. My Win ..

Heer's POV

The Wedding went smoothly and flowed down into a Reception party. Couples dancing, Teens getting drunk and some even hidden in corners making out, Beer, food and laughter was filled in room covered in white flowers and fabric. Everything looked beautiful and flawless, and most of all the couple of the evening Meher&Preet sharing their first dance in the middle of the floor was breath taking.

"Do you like sitting alone or just can't find any company?" Looking up from my glass my eyes traveled along his amazing body covered with the black&white Tux and up to his light brown piercing eye balls.

"Last Time I checked sitting alone wasn't considered a crime in the Forks Law." My eyes drifted back to feet, as I sipped my wine. Prem Took the across from me fixing his Collar.

"What Has you turned into Ms. Grumpy." Rolling My eyes I kept quite. Prem leaned back in his chair and let his eyes rest on Meher and Preet. "You Look Nice By The Way." He spoke so softly for a Second i hesitated to think He meant for me to hear.

Looking up from my feet I looked at staring into the party. "You Flatter me." I mocked with a light chuckle meeting his eyes. "Flirt with someone who cares."

For an odd reason my last statement pulled his lips into a cute smile. "Who says I am flirting? Can't I compliment a Girl?" I rolled my eyes and leaned back.

"Compliment and Flirt are two different things."  He stated still staring at me. Again I didn't answer.

"I see, Your Still Mad." Raising his brows he took a sip of his drink.

I kept Quite.

"So That's Your not going to talk to me?" I sighted and turned to meet his gaze.
"Glad you get the hint." With that I got up and left the table heading towards the waitress to give my empty glass.

"Everyone On the Dance Floor."

Eric Caught a hold of me first holding me a little tighter then I Liked but What ever enjoy what you can get.

Before even realizing What was happening Everyone was Caught up in switching dance partners, a  pair of hands grabbed me firmly.

"Care To Dance?" Prem Spoke into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. He spun me out with our hands linked together as I looked at him with a new wave of anger. But hell, he was an excellent dancer and God he held me so tightly. Not that I was complaining.

"So Now you Force Women Into your arms too?" I questioned with a hint of annoyance.

He crushed me against him on my way back from twirling. As I slammed into his hard chest, he looked down at me with his burning brown eyes. They were clouded at the corners from drinking. "If it keeps Eric from groping you then why Not," he answered in a tight voice.

We kept dancing to keep up appearances. There was no way I was going to make a scene on the dance floor in front everyone I went to school with.
"Who are you to tell me Who can and Can't touch me?"

He snorted a laugh and held me tighter by the waist. "Eric is trouble for you," he said seriously probably referring to my dance earlier with him.

I laughed dryly. "You flirt with me for weeks, Kiss me twice and then call me a distraction and now here you are telling me who to stay away from. How Rich!," I exclaimed with sarcasm.

"You didn't even hear my side of the story and keep taking me for some low life prick," he said through his teeth.

"What else have you given me to think about?"

Even our dancing was a battle. Both of us were too proud to stop and give in, trying to out-dance each other. Determined not to look up at him anymore, I stared to the side of his arm and caught Mehar and Preet sharing a Deep kiss.

Tugging stiffly and pulling firmly, we danced in small circles between other people as he dragged me closer to himself. I repeatedly yanked my self in the opposite direction. He was much stronger than me and it seemed he purposely used the opportunity to press me against him with each pull. He even spun me around a few times to interrupt my withstanding movements and held me in his arms as I tried to keep up with our footwork. My face was getting flushed from the exercise, but Prem's energy was steady.

"I If told You I liked you would you believe me?"

His mouth parted as my eyes met his. The blood pumped in my ears, drowning out the noise of the room. My brain started to cloud over but I knew the situation continued to bring more questions to mind that I tried to ignore yet couldn't. My eyes blinked hard to alertness, fighting the haze. He felt the need to lecture me on getting into trouble and grinding up against countless dance partners and here he was making his own pass at me.

"Lets See..."

I ground my heel into the toe of his shoe and pushed away from him turning towards the hallway.

"Running away, you're so good at that," he hissed coming up behind me.

"Prem Don't Piss Me!" I whispered furiously.

He whispered back at me angrily. "I told you, You need to listen to me before making stupid shit up your self." He caught himself when I slowly turned to look at him with angry. He looked like he regretted the words instantly.

"What That you just needed someone to keep you physically distracted since the girls from school who throw them selves at you couldn't keep you busy!" My voice had the hint of venom.

"Can't you take the time to think that there might be a possibility that I might like you and'"

I shushed him with and pulled at his sleeve to leave the bar. The last thing I wanted was for people to get the wrong idea about anything. I stalked my way past the crowds and out the side door to the hallway. I was looking for a more private area to rip him into two. stomping down the hall of the 5 Star Hotel I heard Prem stomping behind me and I could feel his glare burning the back of my neck.

He caught up with me and grabbed my wrist, tugging me toward the hotel room which I was sure belonged to him.

I pushed him a little and then yanked my arm back but that was no use He gripped my waist tightly and pulled me into the dark room, hearing a click I knew he locked the door

"Prem Open the Door! I am Not Here to complete you satisfaction, Guys like you never appealed to me. I am serious Prem Open he Damn Door, Find someone else for your needs Pr'"

"Your not Leaving until you listen to every word I have to day and I don't if you want or you don't but you will. I never wanted to get involved with you in the first place,  It was just a favor to Mehar to be nice to you. If you have forgotten our meeting before you entered my house I think you'd know how we clearly felt towards each other, And Then you come into my house - ."

"So By being Nice to Meher I was your extra Wedding Bonus!" I shouted into his face. I pushed him aside to stalk off, But he gripped my waist once again.

"Why didn't you complain about this when you kissed me back or spent time with me!" he yelled as loudly.

"You don't believe a word I say do you?" he continued, angry and annoyed. He turned the lights on finally. "Instead of even trying, here you are running again."

I turned to face him. "You think I'm running away just because I don't want to be dominated by you? You are such a pig."

"Prem Open the Door NOW! Eric is waiting for me, and rather then wasting my time here I rather be with some one who cares for something other then my kissing skills."
His voice dropped to a normal pitch as his eyes pierced me. "Why can't you get past a stupid little comment and look closely." And he walked closer to me as I backed up.

"I don't want to because there is nothing to look for," I ground out, breathing heavily.

"You know that's not true." His voice was biting and his eyes raked over my face.

"Whatever I thought doesn't matter, I knew you'd show your true self eventually." My voice had quieted, but still had a harsh streak to it. "I'm only surprised it took you this long," I sneered.

He ripped his gaze away from my face and started to pace, looking like he had the urge to punch a hole in the wall. "Damn it Bella, This is not about me, this is about you. Your head is screwed on backwards that you're not even seeing straight. You're not seeing that I'"

"What I see is that your head is far too big! Why don't you just admit that you were using me because you were too much of a chicken to actually look past your physical needs?" I taunted icily.

He ran a hand through his hair, grabbing the ends in frustration. He stopped pacing and turned to face me, completely backing me against the wall with nowhere to escape.

"You are such a Pain! Are you seriously telling me I am scared to start a relationship?" he roared into my face.

"And what would you know about relationships? You're the one kissing me because your sister-in-law needed someone to keep me company '"

"And what the hell have you been doing? You are the one letting another guy grope you because you were Mad at me? Now That's Rich!"

I had never been so angry in my life. I screamed between my teeth in frustration and raised a hand to slap him.

His head leaned to the side reflexively and he caught my hand in his before it made contact with his cheek. The prevention left a reverberating tingle down my wrist.

He stared at me from under his furious brows bringing my hand closer to his lips finally pressing a kiss on my palm. The Blood from my body rushed to my cheek,. I looked away from his trying to get my wrist out of his hold again meeting his gaze.

I stared back at him, unable to break from the moment. I was still so angry and upset, but this change in energy left me stunned and breathless. I didn't know what to think.

After another moment I dragged my shaky hand out of his and he followed it like I had beckoned him with it, moving his body even closer to me. He gripped my shoulders with curling fingers and stared down at my biting lip and owl glare. "I've never wanted to force myself onto a woman, but you drive my patience off a cliff," he spoke in a hushed angry tones. Before I could react, he pressed his lips to mine firmly. The heat of his skin against my own spread like wildfire over my cheeks, down my neck, and straight to my fingertips with a jolt.

I pushed at his chest with renewed anger. He immediately detached himself from me'not because I hurt him, but to obey'yet his chest was still lightly against mine. "Oh Please Prem! Go find you self another Kiss-Buddy," I said in a hoarse voice, gasping.

We both tried to catch our breath in the silence and it almost stifled us as we both struggled for control over the situation. My body already missed his heat.

"I could go back downstairs right now if I wanted, or to any other woman, And not once look back," he said angrily.
Suddenly his words tightened my chest causing pain in my gut and I knew what was to come.

"But you won't," I whispered staring into his eyes moving my self closer.

"Why would I not?" He asked as his eyes drifted to my lips making my body tingle.

"Because This time its my win."

 Pulling him by his collar I plundered my mouth with his in urgency. Easy as falling, he gave in and kissed me back hard. I was pressed up against the  wall. Our lips moved together, viciously, ravaging our skin. All the times I'd stared at his lips: when he spoke, smirked, wrapped them around the edge of a coffee mug, I'd wanted to kiss him as much as I'd wanted to smack him.

My hands drew up to the sides of his neck and roughly pulled him closer. I felt the muscles of his shoulders and chest beneath his silk shirt pressed against me. One of his hands moved to clasp my jaw to him, the other wrapped around my waist and I could feel every inch of definition to his body.

 He groaned into my mouth and held me tighter around the waist. The wetness of his tongue, the softness of his lips, and the tight grip of his hands on me had worked me up into frenzy, an uncontrollable need. I heaved my chest into him harder and dove my fingers into his hair, fisting the strands as I moaned softly against his lips.

 He pressed me up against the door of his room, as His heated kisses moved down my neck impatiently, scraping his teeth along my skin. God, he was so good at this.

He rode my dress higher by his finger, His fingers pressed them self to my thigh. I captured his lips with mine again, diving into the heat and softness of his mouth. I felt his breath catch and he instantly deepened the kiss.

I heard bits of chatter and a low thump on the door. My eyes flew open, the cloud of lust parting.
A banging sound from someone's fist was heard right near my head from the other side.

I fought the whine rising in my throat as we reluctantly pulled away from each other, completely unnerved by the interruption. I leaned against the wall beside the door as Prem also leaned against it with his palm beside my head to support his weight.
"Prem, Preet wants you down in 5 minutes hurry up!" With the we heard the steps fading away.

"I should go first," I said, catching my breath and standing up. He moved his arm out of the way as I went towards the door.

"So What Now Are we'"

Turning around I walked back into front of him. "I am still mad at you." I spoke trying to hold my grin.

Smiling he held my by the waist pulling me closer and pressing his lips once again to mine. "I thought it was your win?" He continued kissing a path along my jaw as he slowly pinned me with small pressure against the wall. His lips were soft and warm and gentle on my skin. It tickled too but my anticipation grew as he neared my lips. He finally placed a small kiss at the corner of my mouth and then pulled back, pausing.

"Never Said it wasn't, If you can kiss me for distraction so can I." Stretching on my tip toes I pressed my lips to his neck loving the warmth of his skin.

"So For the sake of this distraction Can I take you out for dinner tomorrow?" Pressing a final kiss along his Jaw, I moved back to look in his eyes.

"As long as its for distraction Fine." Both of us laughed softly as Prem Released me from his grip. I smile and turned on my heel and left the room with a stupid grin.
"Heer Wait you forgot something." Prem caught up with looking around to see anyone else in the hallway. Approaching me he pressed me against the wall placing his lips on my mine.

"A Distraction Good night Kiss." He Whispered before meeting my lips.


"Prem's Who's This?" The burning in my throat was clearly spoken with my voice.
"Hee-Heer How did you get it?" The sudden change in the emotion on his face told me I didn't wanna know.

"Doesn't Matter." Shoving the picture back in chest I stomped out of the room trying to hold back the hatred I felt towards Prem Juneja.


Okay So? Prem & Heer Will NOT back together until his past is out which will also be soon and the last Precap will also be true. Prem does have a Kid thats all I am telling you right now.

I will Try to update soon no promises.

Love You all Hug.

Ayysha <3

Do Comment&Press Like Button <3.

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