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AV Dec Discussion - Ini Enna Varum? (Page 6)

aarthivijay Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2008
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Posted: 06 December 2009 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
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Posted: 07 December 2009 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Hi mala...great to see u here active in forum......welcome...
Fine...when did jeeva said that he loves sandhya?
Did he ever  felt like his true love is sandhya?
He is still not clear abt what is the exact feeling he is having for sandhya of friendship??
jeeva cant able to show his love to priya??
Appo ivalavu naal jeeva and priya relationship kku name enna?jeeva sonna i love u kku meaning enna?
aarthivijay Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2008
Posts: 363

Posted: 07 December 2009 at 2:43am | IP Logged

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 07 December 2009 at 4:39am | IP Logged

As Reena told the new promo is out

1.Masterji slapping Sandhya and pushing her(so he sees her taking the pills maybeConfused)

2.Jeeva crying and his amma very upset seeing her son like thisOuch

3.Sandhya asking him to decide either Priya or Sandhya

4.Masterji asking Jeeva whter he asked him to marry Sandhya or wht

5.Priya's sister  face in closeup with candle light ( erkanave paey mathiri thaan irukkanga, idhule candle light velichathile vera idhu thevaya?...)

Ini Enna Varum? Poruthirundhu Paapom

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aarthivijay Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2008
Posts: 363

Posted: 07 December 2009 at 5:38am | IP Logged

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 07 December 2009 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Its good to see everyone discussing the serial here. Long time ago when the serial started, during weekends the thread would be dull as we all will be waiting for monday to come to discuss the new episodes and commentsEmbarrassed.

AV kooda ivalo hot debate topic a maarum nu nenakkave illeLOL.. OMG i was shocked to see such gr8 response from u allEmbarrassedHug. Thank you so much and please do continue to do the same. Thats the only way we can make this thread active and have fun here.ClapEmbarrassed

Now coming to the serial. I have been watching this serial from the second week and am regularly watching it and also updating So this is Purely my view only.

As it is about the triangle loveEmbarrassed .. Let me mention those characters onlySmile.

Naan pudhusa onnum sollarthu ille, Masterji itself has pointed out her mistakes in the last few episodes.


1. From day 1 Sandhya is shown to be loving Jeeva silently with her mind voice and Kavitai. (It was so lovely in the beginningSmileEmbarrassed .. We all loved her and her silenceClap...

2. Priya came into Jeeva's life and she was restless and possessiveness hurt her a lot..She started getting angry for everything and blaming Jeeva and her Appa for not able to read her mind (Mind reading that too reading a Girl's mind is not a jokeOuch... )

3. Okay whenever situations came like Priya, Aadhi and Jana talked as if she was in love with Jeeva, even his amma told she was in love with Jeeva she blindly denied it.. (Atleast to Priya she should have opened her mind... There were situations where Priya directly mentioned to have Jeeva if she liked him.. Appo edhukku poyyana oru kobam.. If she would have opened her mind there Priya would not have been in troubleCryOuch.)

4. Her biggest mistake was her silence and the way she opened her mind at the wrong time. Be it her appa or Priya she told everything after knwing that Priya and Jeeva were in love ....

5. Sari ellam vidunga.. Atleast she should have told it to Sakthi... Ivangalku Jeeva mela vandha feeling Sakthiku Sandhya mela varalaam nu thonave illaya?

On the whole due to her insecurity she played with 4 lives, which includes herself...


He is shown to be attached to Master and family from the first episode itself and his amma is also supporting it. His thaatha and thangachi all are shown to tease him. So avareyum oru aal nu madhichu pesaravar Masterji and Sandhya . So he got attatched to them...

1. Possessiveness : Enakku rendu per thaan ulagam adhu neeyum appavum thaan nu sonna sandhya when she praises sakthi too much,  anyone can be possessive. Friendship le possessiveness varathu nyaayam ille nu sollarthu Andha kaalam, but nowadays possessiveness is common in all relationships..

Even children are possessive about their parents. So his possessiveness was his insecurity of losing the care sandhya had for him, and not love..

1. His Confession : (Many consider it as his proposal but its not his proposalOuch)

One episode he tells sandhya that they used to roam from temple to fish market together. Even his sister stated how they interacted thru SMS from gmorn to Gudnight...

Appidi, Sandhya Sandhya nu 24hrs koodave 10 varshama sutharavanga kitta poyi, avala marandhudu, dont come to see her again nu ellam ore naal le sonna, who can digest it? specially they hint us that Echukutties did make him emotional and thats why he cried in front of Sandhya nu.

Adhu love nu solla mudiyathu, we can get attached to anything if it stays with us for a long time. In fact they turn to become our habit .. That too Sandhya has only taken care of his needs. She was helpful to him in many ways. who will be able to forget someone like that ?

Sandhya was behaving as if Jeeva never cared for her , Paathale erinju vizharthu poga sollarthu etc( thats her pain not able to forget him, but it has hurt him alsoOuch) so he wanted to let her knw he always cared for her..

He told he would be happy with her but never mentioned it was love. till the last moment he was not naming the relationship....

2. Sandhya or Priya :

First of all its viewers vote result but lets forget that part

*.from the first episode, he is shown to be a guy who valued friendship a lot. Friendshipa kocha padhuthitiye nu the way he shouted Aadhi and Jana , the way he bowed his head not able to face Sandhya for such  a day can be noted as a point...

*Priya kudambathukku vizhundhu vizhundhu ellam senjathu because there was no male in that family to support them when it was really needed. Adhu kooda he states its not for her love or to impress her amma... (Thats when Priya confesses that she loved Jeeva a lot).Those were the situations where he had to stay away from Sandhya but otherwise he used to tell everything to her only.

*. He was comfortable and secured with Sandhya . He did love her but he saw her as a friend and infact he liked her as he liked him amma and not as a partner.. He never has mentioned tht he dreamt of a partner like her. (I hope i dint miss anypart like tht Ouch)

Even though she played many games to avoid his meetings with Jeeva, She never gave him up..
She was the one who asked Priya to call the Police but she itself came with the Bail order... So in Jeeva's eyes she is Goddess and her bday gift of 10years love has made him feel sorry for giving her such a situation

Whereas Priya never saw the good guy in him at first , insulted him to the core (adhaan flashback leye kaattarangale, ) So in the end when he was asked whter it is Priya or Sandhya he chose Sandhya...

He still hasnt given any name to the relationship or feelings for Sandhya.. It can change to love but now its not a love for a partner but just love and concern which we tend to give anyone who cares us back...

3. Thaali Kattinathu

What he did during that situation is pure thyaagam. but we can never give tht as an excuse to wht he did to Priya.. Priya also has heart and feelings. She may have insulted him but later she was in love with him... He should have asked her about this. (ofcourse time was not there in such situations, neither will we feel to think of all that when its about saving one life)Still Priya would have given up for her love and his guilt free life.. (thats true love)

*now he stands in front of everyone as a criminal but movies le super heroes kooda indha mathiri situation le idhe thaan senjirpaanga


1. Priya panna ore thappu was to have such a strong character who had to fight with her emotions and feelings for her family, and insult Jeeva to the core. which in turn made her a villi for the audience at one point of time. So she lost..ConfusedOuch

2.FB anna sonna mathiri if she would have slapped him once that day it would have been better...Propose panumbothu adicha, but lifoda velayadinappo she cried ... (After she is also a human thaane)


1. Only mistake he did was nodding his head and believing that his daughter is right no matter wat.. In the promo he slaps her. He should have done that long before and corrected her. Other wise he is purely innocent here..

Priya's sister

1. first of all i dont think this is the gal who they showed to us first , the day her amma asked to get out frm their house.. her face seems to be familiarOuch... (Sorru but i dint like herDead)

I agree with MdearSmile. She is shown to be over matured (sorry its Childish MDear, Her kuty sister is Matured than herLOL).. How can she forget the past?
Its due to that Jeeva she is still alive and with her family now..

As a sister she wants to give tit for tat for spoiling her sister's life is okay when we think as a sister...But when we think as a normal human being, she talking as if she is prefect sounds stupidAngry

2. She told Jeeva slapping himAngry that he had no rights to play with her sister's life while sacrificing his happiness etc : Indha amma mattum enna senjaanga? She played with her parents and their belief and went for a guy thaane?

a.When it was love or parents she went for love and shatterd her parents. Infact she was the reason for her father's demiseOuch..

b. For Jeeva his Master's (who he considered as his father)life was important than his love who he met recently...He might have played with Priya's feelings but he saved a life..

In that case I salute ThalaSmile...But he hurting Priya cannot be forgivenOuch.

Priya ve Thala shatter pannathu unma, Her loss is something which we cant express,

But her sister? I dont feel anything for her. She shattered her family that too for a wrong guy
Its her fault..

Sorry but Emaararavanga Irukkara Varaikkum Emathavanga iruppanga.....

So madam u r responsible for ur fate. dont blame others not even ur husband. You trusted him so its ur fault...

Idhule u want to take revenge on Jeeva? Ur younger sister is much more matured than u.LOL

So if we think of the root of all these problems its Sandhya's silence .Manasule irukkarthe marachu vatchu vali thaangathe vida, Adhe velila solli, life a face paanrthe mel

Haha now wht the beauty is that we are fighting over them. Hehe we can all end this telling just one statement

Here Priya Sakthi and Masterji are made Scape goats for this new turning point.

WinkLOL'All is fair in Love and War'WinkLOL

Idhe manasule vatchu paatha everything is coolEmbarrassed.
Devi Senjathu, Sandhya senjathu. Jeeva Senjathu all will be masked under just one statement

I just love Echukutties : It may seem as if they are big party changers that too in secs. but  innoru vidhathule paatha they are the only ones loyal and loving to Thala. No matter wht he does. they stay as a support even if they get blammed for it, they happily take it for Thala...

Seethaiku Ramar irukkara idam thaan Ayodhya,

Echus ku avanga Thala irukkara idam is equal to HeavenLOL...
They are neutral to allEmbarrassed..

Just love those people. Appidi irundha no one can hurt us ile? See how cooly they move.

hats off Echukutties..

PS :I am very poor in explaining things in brief. Hehe what all that stars and numbers it feels like as if i am giving an essayLOLROFL..

Just love everyone here for giving out their opinions on this new track. It also helps us learn how people view this incident and such situations le..
Please do continue this lovely work of discussing on our AV and having fun here

@ Indra i am sure by now u might have got what happened all these days in the case of Jeeva Priya and SandhyaEmbarrassed..

Oops sorry for for such a long explanation thread.. Idhu just my opinion on my analysis so far..Smile

But truly hats off to all the stars in AV for giving us such wonderful episodes..All have done justice to their characters...

Priya was the one lacking in expressions but she also has reached the level of others in the recent episodesClapClap...

Hope they dont turn Sandhya again into a villi by showing her to be selfish

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 07 December 2009 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by malasara23

hi anjkhoney super pa.Thanks for the promo details.

Anytime Malathy... I should thank Reena first as its her post that made me search for the promo online.
Thank you ReenaEmbarrassed

It is gonna interesting me nowWink
Ofcourse illa na we will make it interesting with our discussionsSmile

@ Kalpana we miss u..Hope to see u again..

@Aishu (FB Anna): varave maatingala? not even for this SandhyanjaliWink

@ Reena, Indra, Malathy, Sindu : its so good to see u all here and active in all the discussions.

@Mdear (Our AV Thala) :Enna thala promo pathi enna nenakkareenga?

@Shreeyakka (TMama) : Better be with us okay , Illa naa unga warning ungalku thiruppi varum WinkLOL. Hope u feeling better nowSmile.

A Big thanks to all from AV family. Family kulla edhukku thanks but still pl donot vanish all of a sudden

Just love u allHug... AV Kudumbam VaazhgaThumbs Up

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aarthivijay Senior Member

Joined: 17 August 2008
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Posted: 07 December 2009 at 6:58am | IP Logged

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