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Ask a star: Rupali Ganguly
   By: A hitList Correspondent
   August 15, 2005

Rupali Ganguly
This week's ask a star is Rupali Ganguly who plays the role of Monisha in Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai and Gayatri in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Here's Rupali answering your questions …..

Who's the hottest actor according to you on TV?

Dear Reena, I find Hussain and Ronit Roy quite attractive

I want to know which is your favorite serial and what kind of roles do you want to do?

Dear Amna, I love doing Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, it's a great show to be a part of. As for the kind of roles I would like to do and am open to anything that excites me. I don't take up any role unless I am totally convinced about it.

Between Gayatri and Monisha, which roles do you like the most?

Dear Mahvish, I love both of them, but Monisha is very close to my heart. I don't have to try and act like Monisha, cause she's exactly how I am in real life.

What kind of films would you do if offered?
Aarshi Rajpal

Dear Asrshi, I would love to do a film like Kora Kagaaz directed by my dad Anil Ganguly. Also I am very inspired by Nargisji, I would love to do a Mother India if offered.

Which role on TV would you like to do, other than you own
Anjali Singh

Dear Anjali, I think I would like to play Parvati in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii

Of all your roles on TV, which character did you enjoy playing the most?
Joanne Deo

Dear Joanne, I personally have a great time playing Monika in Sarabhai

Who has been your favourite co-star?
Gitanjali Sharma

Dear Gitanjali, I have a blast with my entire Sarabhai team. In fact we are like one big family, and you have to come on the sets to witness the chemistry between us. Working with Satishji and Ratnaji is like attending an acting school. There's so much to learn from them, as they both are great at what they do.

You have had to slap a couple of actors in your scenes, how do you handle it?
Tuna Mushran

Dear Tuna, I am the one who gets slapped all the time. I hardly have a scene where I get to slap some one. The only person I have slapped on a show is Tina Parakh. 

Is it true that you are dating someone and are all set to marry him?

Dear Misha, I wish it were true. But all these rumors are complete rubbish. I have no time as of now to get married, forget dating. Also I have always been a good sister, a good agony aunt to guys, but when it came to actually dating, they just chicken out. So I am still finding that someone who's interested in me. Currently, I am focusing on work and making the most of the roles given to me.

What is the motto of your life and how were your struggling days

Dear Mousmi, I have gone through times when I had no work. I did screen tests and got rejected. But I never gave up hope and always believed in myself. Never ever give up on your dreams. 

Is it difficult crying in scenes all the time?

Dear Amit, Once you learn to differentiate between your real personality and the character you play it becomes easy. It's all about switching on and off. In fact there are lot of times in Kahaani when I have to cry and I end up laughing because of something happening in the background. I have to be controlled when it comes to laughing. Also I am an actual crybaby in real life, so tears come easy to me.

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Stage set for Om's theatre act
      August 4, 2005

Kiran Karmarkar
Post his exit as Om from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kiran Karmarkar steps on to stage. He will soon be seen in Hindi play Kachche Lamhe, based on a story by writer-director Gulzar in his book, Ravi Paar.

Penned by theatre and film writer Javed Siddiqi (Tumhari Amrita) and directed by Salim Arif (Aap Ki Soniya, Taj Mahal Ka Tender), the play is slated to open at Prithvi Theatre in September.

Man-woman relationship

"Kachche Lamhe dwells on the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect union. It is an extremely contemporary play about today's man-woman relationship. It examines the emotional trauma in this quest for perfection," says producer Lubna Salim, who will also act in it, along with Harsh Chhaya (Astitva – Ek Prem Kahani).

New role

Salim Arif and Lubna Salim
The idea of casting Karmarkar came about when Lubna was reading out the script to a bunch of friends.

"Actress Sucheta Trivedi suggested Kiran's name. We have just finalised him," informs Lubna. "He is extremely enthusiastic and excited. Post his character of Om in Kahaani, viewers will see him in a new role."

Karmarkar has done Marathi theatre earlier in the '90s. His plays include Kimaya Gaar, written by V V Shirawadkar, as well as P L Deshpande's Sundar Mee Honar.

New script

When the story was to be adapted for the stage, Gulzar was requested to script it; he told Siddiqi to pen it and said he would write a fresh theatre script. "Now we are waiting for him to write a play for us," says Lubna.

Siddiqi took over a year to pen Kachche Lamhe, which was completed in June.

"It is an extremely poignant piece of writing. It is about how relationships evolve, how they are rectified and how everyone strives for perfection; when in reality there is no perfection," she adds.

New show

Lubna will also be seen in the new Star Plus daily Baa Bahoo aur Baby, which airs from this weekend after Kaun Banega Crorepati 2.

She plays the role of Lila, the eldest daughter-in-law of the house with Sarita Joshi as her mother-in-law. "With the veteran actress around, our green rooms are converted into workshop rooms on the sets," says Lubna.

Though seen more on stage (Mera Kucch Saaman, Kharaashein) she has earlier featured in serials like Shivaji and Premchand (DD), besides Daman (Sahara).

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Kahaani - 1,000 not out 

   August 3, 2005
FAMILY REUNION: The Aggarwal parivar as we see them presently
Tonight the Aggarwal family of the Star Plus daily Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii land in Jodhpur to a tumultuous welcome.

It's the 1,000th episode of this Balaji daily. 

But naturally, Parvati bhabhi's parivar is ecstatic. There are those romantic moments between Shruti and Sameer.

Monalika and Vigyat take Vandy, Dadi, Maaji and Shilpa for shopping. Kamal and Gaurav play badminton.

While Parvati and Om have a romantic diner where Om gives Parvati a pendant.

Here are some high moments from the drama all the years down…
ROCKY MARRIAGE: Parvati's favourite devar Kamal with wife Pallavi
MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Om and Ajay try to settle scores
Parvati's sis-in-law Garima with Neer
Sasha and Machan
WHERE LOVE HAS GONE: Parvati's daughter Shruti and her former husband Aryan
FACE OFF: When Parvati went off to Australia, Swati filled in for her
WEDDED BLITZ: Parvati's nephew Krishna with bride Gun
THE EXTENDED FAMILY: The political family of the Gills who came up with
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Krishna to quit Balaji shows
   By: Vickey Lalwani
   August 2, 2005

Sachin Sharma plays Krishna in Kahaani and Vansh in K Street
Sachin Sharma who plays Krishna in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Dr Vansh in K Street Pali Hill, says he has spoken to the concerned people and the decision is mutual.

It's all about the money, honey

According to a source, "Sachin was unhappy with the money he was getting. He felt that he deserved more."

Sachin confirmed that he was quitting Balaji, but refrained to comment on why he had taken the decision.

"I have spoken to the concerned officials and the decision is sort of mutual. I would not like to get into the details of why I am moving out from both the serials at this point of time. I will speak but only at a later date," he quipped.

The production house and the out-going actor are giving a thought on what to do with the two characters he plays. "Let's see what happens. Either they will replace me or get me killed," says Sachin.

All out

Less than a month ago, Sachin went out from Tumhari Disha (where he played Vedant) on Zee TV as well.

Doing three dailies at that time, Sachin was running from pillar-to-post and unable to devote adequate time to his assignments.

Consequently, some actors from Tumhari Disha had started expressing discontent over the fact that they had to adjust their shoot timings depending on Sachin's availability.

Sachin says that he has no regrets about being out of Tumhari Disha and holding on to Balaji shows at that time.

"Because I am left with nothing today, I don't regret leaving Tumhari Disha. That time, I didn't have any reason to move out from Balaji. The actors of Tumhari Disha were having a problem and Rupali Guha (producer) told me about it. So my decision to remain loyal to Balaji then was pretty justified."
However a source reveals, "Sachin did not opt out of Tumhari Disha but was asked to leave."

Unprofessional behaviour

When contacted, Sandiip Sikcand, creative director of the shows said that Sachin had not informed him directly but the actor's unprofessional behaviour was the only bone of contention.

"Balaji is not a garden where anybody can walk in and out as per his/her fancy. There are certain clauses in everybody's contract, which have to be adhered to. Our legal department is looking into the matter. As for money being the reason, that's crap."

Out from both the shows on Star Plus, Sachin is likely to move on to Sony. "I may soon join CID Special Bureau," he informs.

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Kahaani touches the 1000 mark
   By: Kasmin Fernandes
   July 22, 2005

The entire Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii clan came together in Jodhpur to shoot the landmark episode

1. Ekta Kapoor was conspicuous by her absence in Jodhpur, where the Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii parivaar came together for the 1000th and 1001st episodes of the long-running show.

Said Balaji creative director Sandeep Sickand, "She was scheduled to accompany the cast, but had to cut her trip short due to other commitments."

Agarwal family
Jodhpur is very close to Kapoor's heart, as she has spent many childhood vacations here. "We wanted to do something completely different from the Kyunki bash," said Sickand.

2. Speaking of criticism, Jodhpur journalists did not exactly welcome the close-knit parivaar. "I have never seen a single family battle so many problems," sneered one at the press conference.

ATTENTIVE AUDIENCE? Shruti (Tina Parakh) sleeps while her parents perform the saat phera ceremony. Pic: Kasmin Fernandes
"Yash Chopra completed the Mahabharata in 150 episodes. When will the Agarwal family's story end?" asked another. "Considering Parvati's good wins over evil philosophy, is it not a great ideal to follow?" countered Sakshi Tanwar.

3. Sameer (Amir Ali) will play the lead in two Hindi films this year. Raghu, in which he is paired opposite Isha Koppikar, "is a radical and crazy film."

ALL DRESSED UP, NOWHERE TO GO: The newest member of the Agarwal family, Shilpa (Jayaa Mathhur), watches the shoot. Pic: Kasmin Fernandes
Anjan, opposite newcomer Mehek (who plays the lead in Seher), is being produced by Pankaj Agarwal. Until the release of his films, the actor is committed to his role in Kahaani.

4. Jayaa Mathhur, who will be introduced in the 1000th episode of Kahaani, to be telecast on August 2, has now changed the spelling of her name.

The actress, seen in films like Aamir Khan-starrer Baazi, and serials like Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya, Bandhan and Aati Rahengi Baharein, plays Gautam's wife Shilpa. But she did not hire the services of a numerologist to improve her luck.

Kyunki neend bhi kabhi zaroori hai: Cast members of Kahaani Ghar Ghar
Kii take a break on
the sets of the 1000th episode of the serial.
Pic: Kasmin Fernandes
Instead, she used her own knowledge of astrology to add an extra "a" to her name and "h" to her surname.

"My astrological number is 5. So, the extra letters balance my name equally," she says.

Of course, she consulted star astrologer Sunita Menon before making the final decision.

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Om, Parvati... and Trishna?
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   July 8, 2005

Trishna (Mita Vashisht)
Om (Kiran Karmarkar) and Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar)
The Aggarwal family in the Star Plus daily Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is in for a huge shock next week.

In a blast from the past, a woman called Trishna enters Om Aggarwal's (Kiran Karmarkar) life.

Who is Trishna? What is her relationship with Om? These questions will repeatedly haunt Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar), leaving her perplexed.

Hope floats

Essaying the character of Trishna is Mita Vashisht, who enters the daily from the July 11 episode.

Vashisht, back on the small screen after a long gap, is more known for her portrayals in arthouse Hindi cinema. How will she fit into the Balaji mould?

Says Vashisht, "It is definitely not a conventional Balaji role. They are incorporating new elements into Kahaani along with the character of Trishna." The actress describes her character as having a "vulnerable look" initially, followed by a "hoping look."

Gimme red!

Adds Kahaani's creative director Sandiip Sikcand, "The serial will unfold this mystery character and her relationship with Om. To add to the drama, Trishna always wears red — Om's favourite colour." Is she in Om's past or present?  "That's a mystery for the viewer to figure out," says Sikcand.


Mita Kaun?

Years ago, Mita Vashisht featured in a Balaji show called Kaun on Doordarshan. "It was prior to the Kyunki days," she says. "In that sense, my association with them goes a long way." On the small screen, Vashisht was also seen in the Saturday Suspense thrillers on Zee.

She replaced Smriti Iraani as anchor of SAB TV's Kuch… Diiil Se in 2003, when Smriti was on maternity leave. On the Bollywood front, Vashisht was last seen in Deepak Tijori's film Oops. She also featured in Abhijeet Chaudhary's Bengali film Patalgarh, besides a Malayalam film Bhavam.

Vashisht makes her directorial debut with the documentary Summer Moon, based on the lives of the girls in red light areas. She has also staged a play Neethi Maan Ki Karan with these girls at a remand home.

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Ali Asgar

Plays Om's brother Kamal in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Real age and status: 32, married and father of a son
Reel age and status: 50, married and father of a son
What he says: I've always been excited about playing an elderly character. As a prerequisite, I've tried to keep my body language and physical movements more controlled.

Kiran Karmarkar

Plays the devoted son Om in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Real age and status: 37, married and father of a daughter
Reel age and status: 52, married and father of a daughter
What he says: It's not that difficult. You need to be more conscious on the sets and keep in mind that you've become more mature and experienced. I just need to get my voice more mild and soft

Ritu Raj

Plays the doting father Aditya Khandelwal in K Street Pali Hill.
Real age and status: 41, married and father of a daughter and son
Reel age and status: 50, married and father of one son
What he says: You need to get your stature and get-up to suit your character. I had to get a baritone in order to sound mature. If you can get these little things right, half the battle is won.

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Sakshi Tanwar

Plays the iconic crisis-managing bahu Parvati in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.

Real age and status: Early 30s, single.

Reel age and status: 50, married and mother of a daughter.

What her on screen ma-in-law says: She has done justice to her character.

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