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Mohnish to enter Kahaani
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   September 21, 2005

Mohnish Behl plays Suyaash Mehra in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Post the supernatural thriller KalCchakra, Mohnish Behl is back on the small screen in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. As the meticulous business baron Suyaash Mehra, he will be at loggerheads with the protagonist Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar) in this Balaji drama.

Not my first time, says Behl

Behl, who began shooting for the Star Plus show yesterday at the Aakraman Studios, Goregaon, makes an entry in tonight's episode.

"This is the first time I am working in a Balaji serial though I have worked with them earlier in their other projects," says Behl. The actor had featured in Ekta-Shobha Kapoor's film Kyoki Main Jhuth Nahi Bolte, directed by David Dhawan, starring Govinda.

"The character of Suyaash Mehra is not a replacement for Om (Kiran Karmarkar) post his death," emphasises creative director Sandiip Sikcand at the outset. "It is a totally fresh entry and Suyaash is a brand new kick-ass character," he explains.

At the helm of his business house, Atlantic Company, Suyaash has to enter into a contract with the Agarwals. "He is a very conscious businessman and wary about the reputation of those he enters into business with.

He finds certain shortcomings in the business deal with the Agarwals much to their consternation. This angers Parvati who unleashes her ire at him."

More than what meets the eye

Adds Behl, "It is a very interesting character; he is an extremely driven industrialist but there is also a hidden sight to his persona which unfolds later in the show."

Will it be a case of foes turned friends later with Suyaash being the new man in Parvati's life? "Just wait and watch," is all what Sikcand has to offer.

Behl, who was earlier seen in the daily Sanjivani- A Medical Boon (Star Plus) and in the weekly Devi (Sony), also anchored the game show Bachke Rehnaa (Sony) two years ago.

On the big screen, he will be seen in Mahesh Manjrekar's Life Ho To Aisi along with wife Ekta.

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Deepak Qazir, Ali Asgar, Sakshi Tanwar and Neelam Mehra
5. Kahaani camp

Members: One can't miss how the entire Agrawal parivar always stands together (we mean literally) at any social gathering. Be it the holi celebration or an awards function, you will always see Sakshi Tanwar (Parvati) and her on-screen family sharing jokes and bonding big time. Unlike her sobbing and whining tube avatar, Sakshi is always the one hitting the dance floor and having the most fun.

Distinguishing features: One doesn't have to look too hard to find them. If you know your soaps, this parivaar is the easiest to spot. However, one member of the family who prefers to stay aloof is Kiran Karmarkar (Om). Kiran is usually seen standing by himself or hanging out with actors from other shows.

Most likely topic: These guys resemble a close-knit family. Whether it's fellow actor Chetan Hansraj's (Sasha) reception, or someone's birthday, they make sure their attendance is well noted. If you hear them laughing instead of shedding the mandatory tears, then it's likely to be Ali Asgar (Kamal) cracking his famous one-liners.

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  Sasha's Canada jaunt
   By: Tushar Joshi
   September 5, 2005

Inside the church of Ntre Dame
Canada is like a mini Mumbai," says Chetan Hansraj on his return from Montreal after attending the Indian Day parade held there.

The actor, who plays Garv in Kkusum (Sony), was invited to be part of the annual parade.

Gujju land

I was shocked to see the number of Gujaratis in Montreal. If I didn't know I was in Canada, it would have looked like Matunga.

The people there are so patriotic and loving, it was heartbreaking to come back. I left for Canada

Leading the Indian Day parade
on the 19th and the parade festivities started on the 21st.

I love my India

During the parade, all the Indians come out on the street in colourful, traditional outfits.

They sing and dance on popular film songs as well as patriotic songs. 

Chetan with a horse buggy in Old Montreal
The atmosphere is very lively and joyous.

Europe darshan

A lot of old Montreal has architecture like Europe — stone walls, beautiful churches and huge gardens.

I was surprised to see that everyone in Canada recognizes me as Garv (Kkusum) and not Sasha (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii). Kkusum is a huge hit there, and they kept asking me about what will happen next on

At the C N tower in Toronto
the show.

Off to Malaysia

I am leaving for Malaysia tonight. Being a part of Fear Factor is something I am really looking forward to.

I love the outdoors and sports, so I hope there's scope to try a hand at both.


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Shital ki social Kahaani
   By: Sandipan Dalal
   August 26, 2005
Nuts About Coconuts:
Getting naughty with a knife
Shital Thakkar.

Claim to fame: Born and raised in the city, this classical Bharatnatyam dancer chose to put her histrionic skills to use to make it big on television. After donning endearing cameo roles in television series like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Ye Meri Life Hai she is presently working with Aakanksha, a NGO for underprivileged children.

MISS BEANS: Shital gets
comfy at home
Favourite haunts:
Carter Road.

Favourite drinks: Lemon tea.

Favourite street-food: Dabeli roti and sukha bhel.

Favourite restaurant: China Gate and Zodiac Grill.

Favourite salon: Nalini and Yasmin.

Favourite clothes store: Si Branch.

MUJHKO BHI LIFT KARA DE: Aiming for the sky
Favourite shoe store:
Sole 2 Sole.

Favourite celebrities: Amitabh Bachchan and Julia Roberts.

Favourite destinations: Monte Carlo and South of Belgium.

Treasured body feature: My brains.

I pamper myself…
By gorging on mom's sabudana khichdi and buying diamonds for myself.

Things I like about the city:
— It embraces the outsiders.
— Safe city for women.

WALKING ON THE EDGE: She gets her balancing act right
Things I hate about the city:

— Corruption.
— Traffic.

I love Mumbai because…
It lets you be yourself.

Pictures: Rane Ashish
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Amir Ali

He plays: Sameer in Star Plus daily Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
Reel-life situation: He breaks up with his fiance Gayatri (Rupali Ganguly), who is  superbusy with her work, and has little time for anything else. He then realises he has fallen for his bosom friend Shruti (Tina Pareikh) and ties the knot with her.
Real-life reaction: If I start loving and caring for my friend, I might go ahead to marry her. But at the same time I'll feel bad for my fiance.
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Chetan Hansraj
Chetan Hansraj's dream to work in international projects will remain just that — a dream. Better known as Sasha, of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, the actor was taken for a ride by a lady from UK, who calls herself Milli Wadia.

Wadia offered the long-haired dude a foreign serial and film. But now it comes to light that these were simply Wadia's fabricated proposals. The actor got excited about beginning work abroad and asked for official leave from Balaji Telefilms, to embark upon those projects.

Two international projects

Hansraj was offered the two projects long before his Sasha character became popular on telly.

The offers came when he had started shooting for Kkusum.  He was supposed to leave for UK in January for a 40-day schedule. The actor was also offered a film called Meet Mrs Clooney with Robert Downey Junior.

The big break?

Hansraj rewinds, "Wadia called me and narrated the roles to me over the phone. After that she sent me a contract by mail. It all seemed very straight and legal. I was supposed to do a 13- episode tele-serial called Love Forever.com to be shot in the UK. I thought that it is the big break I have been waiting for."

There was no money involved

Did he pay any money to Milli Wadia? "I did not pay a penny to her. Neither she asked for it." It seemed that the lady derived some sadistic pleasure in giving high hopes to TV actors and blocking their dates"

Wadia gayab

When the shooting didn't take off as scheduled, I was told it's a small delay, "I was told that the projects were postponed, and I would be required in June instead."

At this point, Chetan suspected that all was not well.

He admits, "I got suspicious, and this time, I told them that I would like to see some payment as advance.

When I asked them for money, they said that they would roll in July." End of June, Wadia stopped calling the actor. And when Hansraj tried contacting her, the numbers that she'd given him — landline as well as the mobile — failed to evoke a response.

Bach gaya!

Unlike other actors, who bid adieu to everything they are doing at the sight of a overseas project, Hansraj hadn't asked his character or track to be culminated from his shows. Or else he would have been left with twiddling his thumbs.

Presently Hansraj is working in Kaisa ye Pyar Hai (Josh) and Kkusum (Garv). "I haven't shot for Kkusum since some time now; I don't know what's happening. But my loyalties are with Balaji. I am not looking for work outside," says Hansraj.


The trick was played on Iqbal Khan and Aamir Ali too

Iqbal Khan (Angad of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai) and Aamir Ali (Sameer of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii) also received calls from Milli Wadia. In fact, Ali had even warned Hansraj that Wadia was a fake.

Later, Hansraj learnt that even Khan had received work proposals from her. Incidentally, Khan and Hansraj were offered the same projects. However, Khan and Ali were not as gullible as Sasha.

Iqbal knew…
Says Khan, "From the day Wadia offered me the role, I suspected that something was fishy. 

She used to call me twice a day. She also talked about signing some Bollywood stars in the projects, which she was offering me.

I have been in the industry for four years. Maine kafi papad bele hain. I could make out that she was talking in thin air. So I stopped taking her calls," he said, adding, "If she was a genuine person and making a big project, she would've had a PR agent at least. Which producer would herself keep calling the actors repeatedly?"

Khan says that he has received an offer to work in a US film, "This party is genuine. As I am required to shoot for KYPH for 20 days, I have told the US guys that I can offer 7-10 days to them. Let's see."

Ali's started getting scared of her
"Wadia called me about 15 times in 30 days," says Ali. "She started off by saying that she had found me very impressive in the Mountain Dew ad. She sent me a rough draft of the script. She said that she wanted to cast me in a film co-starring Matthew Perry and George Clooney.

She even seemed to know a few guys who work behind the scenes in the Indian TV industry," he said adding, "After a while, I started feeling scared of her. Instead of work, she started talking in a very friendly manner. She was rather weird. I think she got a kick by talking to guys from the television fraternity."

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New face for Kahaani's Krishna
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   August 11, 2005

Samir Sharma
Krishna of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii has a brand new face — a case of one Sharma replacing another. From tonight, Samir Sharma will play Krishna in the Star Plus daily, after Sachin Sharma decided to quit the Balaji show, as reported by hitList last week.

Samir also plays Nitin in the Star One weekly, Dil Kya Chahta Hai. "I made my acting debut with Dil Kya Chhata Hai; Kahaani is my second show," says Samir. "I went through the usual process of leaving photographs and auditioning, as I wanted to work with Balaji – now, it's finally happened."

Sachin Sharma
Like the simple and loving Nitin of the weekly Dil Kya Chahta Hain, Samir will continue to play the caring son of Kamal (Ali Asgar) in Kahaani. "I have just started shooting for Kahaani. A year ago, I was not into acting at all. Dil Kya Chhata Hai happened, and now Kahaani," says Samir.

Says Sandeep Sikcand, creative director, Kahaani, "We were looking for a new Krishna ever since Sachin left Kahaani. He had his own issues — he wanted a fee hike; even after being given one, he thought he deserved much more. His behaviour was terrible despite the fact that Balaji had given him a break," adds Sikcand.

Meanwhile, the drama in Kahaani will reach a high point soon with the death of Om (Kiran Karmarkar) in the show. "We begin shooting the track in the next couple of days.

Viewers will get to see Parvati (Saaksi Tanwar) in new light after Om's death." As for Sachin, post his exit from Kahaani and K Street Pali Hill, he makes an entry into crime drama with CID — Special Bureau, from August 22.

Who is Samir Sharma?

Delhi-based Sharma arrived in Mumbai 10 months ago to pursue a career in acting. Before that, he worked in an ad agency and an IT company in Bangalore. Made his acting debut with the weekly, Dil Kya Chahta Hai, on Star One. Now, he also models.

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Ali Hassan
Claim to fame: Aryan in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.
Last seen in: Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.
What's he up to now: Recently brought himself a brand new flat in Malad. He's busy shifting and doing the interiors for his new pad.
Will next be seen in: KGGK. Hoping to return as Aryan

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