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Part Eight

 Damini was out shopping  and ordering things for the house in Manali. She was excited as this would be her and Prithvi's project for their family and the future. She had gotten up before Prithvi this morning and cooked him breakfast. It had not turned out as great as she hoped but with some help she was able to compose herself and make some pretty good parathas earlier today. She smiled at the memory.


 It was nearing 7:30, she was sure he would be down any minute to grab some more water after his morning workout. She grew frustrated and was wringing her hands and  trying to wipe the aata off her face in vain. Prithvi came down finishing a  drop of water and wiping the sweat off his body after this routine workout.


He did a double take seeing Damini upset. He approached her slowly and then placed his hands on her shoulders. She turned suddenly and he had to take step back and keep from laughing.


" What are you up to? It's aata not play dough. Besides you don't put it on your face like that unless it's Halloween. I thought you were  coming to the office  today but it looks like maybe you are planning to play house with Sanjana," he said.


 She started to cry.


" Damini muth row.  You know I don't like to see you cry," he whispered.


" I know but I have been trying for weeks to get this  right. I know you like aloo parathas," she wailed.


He softened and cupped her chin as he wiped the aata off her face.


" Let's try to do this together then. Next time maybe you can surprise me. Is that ok?," he inquired.


She nodded. He wiped her tears and then helped her get ready to put the parathas together. She felt like the world's luckiest woman as he guided her step by step. In the end they had four parathas which they ate with glee.


" The mix was good Damini. I am sure next time you can do it alone," he stated.


She smiled shyly making him think she was going to at least give him a peck for being so sweet.


"Prithvi next time you will enjoy it better as you can shower while I make parathas," she stated.


He looked at her wide eyed as she stood up and then he chased her around the house before he realized he was getting late.


She  arrived at the office an hour after him. She did some paperwork and made some calls before heading out to do her errands. She was just waiting for the driver when she spotted a message from Prithvi. It read: Be careful. I just heard that Inder has escaped from jail.


Damini's heartbeats were racing as she felt a cold chill down her spine. It was in fact a nice sunny day. Inder could harm  Prithvi as well. She wanted to simply get back to him now. She heard the car stop right behind her.  She turned hoping it would be anyone but who she found to be there.


It was Inder.


" What are you doing here?  How dare you follow me! I am married to..," she trailed off as he pressed a gun to her rib cage.


" Chup chap ghari mein batao. I wasn't following you. This is a kidnapping ! 


 Her face turned pale. She pressed call back on her phone as she stared at Inder. She looked around. There were a few people around. If he was going to kidnap her and make a show out of her life, let the game begin.


" Leave you alone idiot! You killed Balraj Saxena! You are a murderer. Just leave me alone!," she exclaimed.


People started to rush for their phones and dial.  Inder noticed this and grabbed her by the arm and told his driver to start the car. She yelped as he hit her with the gun in the ribs and then threw her in the backseat of the van.


Meanwhile Prithvi and Varun had heard everything. Prithvi was down right horrified. Varun shook him slightly to snap him out of it.


" Bhaiya where was Bhabhi. Uss Inder ne toh..," he trailed off.


" I'll definitely kill him  this time!," Prithvi declared as  Varun followed him out of the room.

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Part Nine

 It was hard to keep the family uninformed. They soon realized that Damini was missing. Prithvi was talking to police and security. The police were doing their investigation but he was impatient. He knew Damini was injured and was kidnapped and he just couldn't just stand by and wait for someone else to do something.


 Sameer and Avani were now at the Gujral house with Sanjana. Varun and Roshni were puzzled and were trying to think why Inder had kidnapped Damini. Was this a beginning of a ploy to destroy their families or was this simply aimed at Prithvi and Damini's happiness?

 Their mothers were trying to keep a strong presence and tried to console everyone.


" Where did he take her?," Prithvi exclaimed.


 Suddenly the phone rang as if an answer to his inquiry.


" Hello Prithvi. I am sure where Damini is. Don't worry who mere kabse mein hai," Inder stated.


" Yeh toh meri mazabit hai. If anyone else had tried to touch my wife she would be home right now," Prithvi growled. ( That is the problem)


 Inder chuckled.


" Let me get to the point. See I will call you back to tell you when and where you can see her but let's see if you both get out of here alive,"


Prithvi stiffened.


" Give her the phone. Muhje aapni biwi se baat karni hai," he demanded.


" Yes you can. After all next time you see her it may be your last time," Inder declared.


 There was a ruffling of noise and a yelp.


" Damini kaisi ho tum.  Don't worry I'll get you out of there," he promised.


 Her breathing was a bit labored and he grew tensed.


" Prithvi I think my a few of my ribs are broken. Don't worry I'll be fine. Isse Inder ko main..,"


He heard a thud.


 Inder came back on the phone.


" Sorry Prithvi who behosh hogayi ho. I'll call you in an hour. Make sure you are here on time otherwise that would be the last conversation you had with your wife," he stated  before cutting the phone.


 Sameer and Varun came to stand by their brother.


" What did that scorundrel say? How is Bhabhi?." They inquired.


" He will call me in an hour. Damini ke halat theek nahin hai," Prithvi replied trying to remain strong.


 Meanwhile  Inder  splashed cold water on Damini's face to awaken her.


" Chal uth. Tera pati aan wala hai. Uska sawgad tuh hai karna hai," he snapped.


 Inder called him within an hour and Prithvi  got ready to leave. His brothers wanted to come with  him but he told them to stay back.


" We don't know his plans.  You two need to stay here with everyone else," he stated.


He took blessings from both mothers.


" Go bring her back. Inder needs to be taught a lesson but first ensure your safety along with Damini's."


" Bring back the oldest bahu. She is the pride and shine of our family. Mera ashiwad hamesha tere saath hai beta," his mother declared.


Prithvi  rushed to the location. Inder came out first.


" Hello Prithvi," he stated.


" Kahan hai Damini?," he inquired.


" Pehle toh inke saath deal karo," Inder declared.


Some goons came out and Prithvi was surrounded. However this time he was aided in the blessings of two mothers and the love for his beloved. He would not let them stop him.


Once Inder realized Prithvi was going to win against his goons he pulled out Damini and dragged her out.


Prithvi knocked the last guy out and then rushed over to them. Inder had a gun to her head. Damini was finding it difficult to keep standing up.


" Come and get her. Most likely one of us won't make it out alive," Inder insisted.


Prithvi rushed at him and tried to aim the gun towards Inder. Damini started to slip back to the ground. The gun went off the bullet hitting Inder but grazing Prithvi's shoulder.


 After that happened, Prithvi came to his senses realizing he needed to get Damini out of here. He kneeled beside her.


" Damini  wake up! He gently shook her by the shoulder. She was grimacing in pain. He realized she needed to be examined soon. Inder suddenly grabbed from his neck, but Prithvi quickly shoved him, breaking his nose.


He reached for Damini and quickly picked her up in his arms and carried her away.


 The  family arrived at the hospital and noticed Prithvi had not bandaged his wound.  Ila and his mother insisted he get it bandaged. The others inquired about Damini.


" The doctor is examining her now. I just hope..," he trailed off.


" Bhaiya Bhabhi ko kuch nahin hoga," Sameer assured him.


" Hum sub jaante hain ki Bhabhi kitni bahur hai," Varun said with confidence.


" Damini di toh sub ka khayal rak ti hain. Ab humari bahri hai," Avani stated.


" Haan hum sub mil ke unhe theek kardenge Jeej. Don't worry," Roshni stated assurilingly.


Prithvi  smiled slightly before unwillingly going to get his dressing done.


(Toh Phir Aao from Awarapaan playing in the background)


 Prithvi thought about the night before when he had held Damini in his lap and they had  talked about having children and their plans for Manali.  How this morning she had trouble making parathas for him and how he had chased her around the house before they got ready for the office this morning. He recalled how she was kidnapped and how pale she looked when he had found her.


The dressing was done and he got up thinking about how she had been sick and he found out she had cooked for him and  tried to hide that fact. He recalled how she emerged from the washroom with her wet hair and they had locked eyes. He recalled how they had an argument about who the better shot was and she almost tripped while  trying to hit him with a pillow.


He came to stand by his family and then the doctor came out.


" Damini ab kaisi hai?," he inquired.


 " You brought her just in time. We were able to prevent the internal bleeding from occurring. She will need bedrest for a week and but the soreness may take two months to completely reside," the doctor stated.


" Kab mil sakte hain," Prithvi asked.


 The doctor smiled.


" We had to a procedure to reset her ribs. She should be awake in sometime," he assured them before walking away.


They decided to take turns staying beside Damini. Prithvi stayed by her bedside the whole time. He wanted to be there when she awakened. Avani needed to check on Sanjana, so the mothers and Sameer returned home. Roshni and Varun kept Prithvi company until Roshni felt sleepy. Varun  was hesitant, but Prithvi told him to make sure she got back safely and  return with the others in the morning.


Prithvi turned to Damini and took  her hand his.


" Damini I am sorry I couldn't protect you. Tuhme itna dard hora hoga," he said sadly.


 Meanwhile Damini was having flashes of how she had been running errands and then Inder standing  behind her and then when he had hit her. Then she saw Prithvi and Inder fighting for the gun and then it went off.


She lurched awake. She looked at the ceiling first. Tears started to flow from her eyes, and then she felt a hand tighten  on hers. She turned to meet his eyes.


" Tum theek to ho?," she inquired.


 He smiled and kissed her hand.


" Mujhe yeh sawal karna chaiye tha," he replied.


She touched his forehead.

" You have a fever. You should be resting too Prithvi," she commented.


He sat up in the chair and she noticed his bandage.


" Yeh kya hoga aaya?"


" The bullet grazed me, Don't worry he got it the worst," he stated assurlingly.


 She nodded.


"  When are we are  going home? You need to rest and I feel stiff," she stated.


" The doctors had to go in and set your ribs. You'll be on bed rest for a week," he stated.


Damini nodded and tried to get up and winced in pain.


"  Relax Damini. You need to rest. I'll see if we can take you home later today," he promised.


"Phir theek hai. I don't like hospitals. People come here and get more sick anyway," she declared.


He smiled.


She turned solemn.


"It wasn't your fault you know. I should have  fought harder," she stated.


He wiped her tears and said," You are a fighter Damini Gujral Saxena. I am proud of you and I will always love you."


 She smiled.

" Same here Prithvi, you are my hero and I love you."



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Hey Sonali I'm glad u decided to turn it into a ff on its own thread. I was just about to suggest that u do so since it was getting so long. I'll add the link to the ff section on the front page of the Prida  scene thread as soon as i have some time to!

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 Yeah Ivy I realized it would be too difficult to read all that on one page, Thanks.

Part Ten


 It was later that day with great convincing the doctor and the nurses that Damini was allowed to return home. The nurse pushed Damini in wheelchair to the exit. Everyone cheered as Prithvi gently picked her up and gently put her in the car.


Everyone was gathered together in the house that evening. The nightmare that had hit them  the day before was starting to fade away. Everyone was busy pampering the couple. Damini was lost in thought and Prithvi sensed she must be troubled with something.


When it was time to get up and go eat dinner, she stopped Prithvi by grabbing  his hand.


" Ek minute mere paas betho," she requested.


He nodded before easing himself back on the couch beside her. She leaned over and touched his forehead.


" You are burning Prithvi. You must have not slept last night. I will take care of you tonight," she declared.


" Nahin Damini aisi koi baath..,  he trailed off.


" Mujhe pata hai ki  tum kitne strong ho, lekin tuhme mujhe rok nahin chaiye. Meri aur teri zindagi ek hai Prithvi, Iss baat jo yaad rak na," she stated.

( "I know you are very strong but you shouldn't stop me from helping you. My life and your life are one. Don't forget that.")


 Prithvi nodded.


She tried getting up herself and managed to stand up but not without wincing.


 He put his arm around her and offered a hand. She smiled slightly and took it.


" Look who found fit to join us," Sameer declared as they sat down at their places.


 Damini and Prithvi exchanged glances.


" Sameer, tuhme pata hai ki teri Bhabhi ki surgery ho chuhki hai. She needs time.  We used to always say the same to you," he quipped.


Sameer started to look away as Avani eyed him suspiciously.


" Main aap ki kabar bad mein leti hoon," she stated.


 Everyone laughed.





Later on while Prithvi was freshening up, Damini asked Roshni to help her downstairs.


" Di you know Jeej is going to be pretty upset that you are wandering around the house just after surgery," she quipped.


" Tumare Jeej bauth ziddi hain. He has a fever and doesn't want anyone to take care of him. Don't worry about him. I'll change his dressing and then put some wet cloths on his head, that will reduce the fever," Damini said as they returned towards the stairs.


 Each step was difficult  because of her pain but she made it back with her sister's help.  They entered the room to find Prithvi standing there with his arms crossed.


" Kahan gayi toh tum?," he asked sternly.


 Roshni  tried to  not to laugh and swallowed hard.


 He looked at her firmly.


" Roshni tum tumari di ka saath kyun deti ho? Hamesha meri baath tal deti hai," he said.


 Roshni looked at him guilty.


" Sorry Jeej lekin Di ko aap ka khayal rakna tha., islye main ne  in ki madad kar di," she stated.


 Prithvi nodded.


" Leave the bowl here. Go to bed, it's getting late," he stated.


Damini nodded at Roshni and she left the things on the side table.


 After Roshni left, Damini turned to Prithvi.

" Chalo betho yahaan. I need to change your dressings," she stated.


" Pelhe tumari dava," he stated.


 She sighed.


( Iktara playing background)


"  Shart kyun rakte ho?," she inquired.


 He smiled as he uncrossed his arms.


" Kyunki main ziddi hoon," he quipped.


 She shook her head.


She sat down on the bed and he handed her medicines and water. After watching her  swallow them he handed her the dressing stuff.


 She unwrapped it and kissed his arm above the wound. He kept her eyes on her as she wrapped his wound up again.  She then with his help stood up to get her things and then enter the washroom. She took the bowl with her.


 She emerged a few minutes later, He helped her get settled into the bed. She placed a cloth on his forehead. They exchanged smiles. She slowly scooted to lay in his arms. They fell asleep soon after.



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beautiful and so real...amazing job adventure_gurl!
pm me wen ur done next!

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marvellous thanks 4 pm
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thanks for comments, will have nect part up soon!
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Part 11


 Next morning, Damini awakened first. She had tried to  stay awake the whole night but had fallen asleep by 2am. It was difficult pretending to sleep and then trying to check on Prithvi without him noticing. He was more worried about her condition and did not wish for her to feel any discomfort.


She removed the cloth from this forehead and checked his head. The fever was gone. She smiled as she tried to ease herself out of bed. She went to get her things and  went to brush her teeth and shower. She realized it would be difficult for her to wear most of her clothes until  her ribs healed.  Damini  looked around and found a kurti that was loose. She would need more of these later. She wasn't going to be working out as much since it hurt whenever she had to move. She would ask the doctor when she could start working out again.


 She wanted to go to the  shooting range and she badly wanted to ride  Tufaan. However she knew this time no one would let her ride until she was completely better.


Prithvi came up behind her suddenly.


" How are you feeling today," he inquired.


" A little less pain but I hope to get better soon so I can ride Tufaan with you again," she stated.


" What about Manali?  I think whenever the doctor gives you the okay to travel we should go there. Now I am thinking we should visit all the religious places there as we have  truly been blessed for a second chance," he stated.


 Damini nodded.


" Yes I will speak to them about it. Trust me Prithvi going to Manali is very important to me as well. Kabhie yahaan se door ja ke ka mann karta hai," she stated.


( Sometimes I feel like going somewhere far from here)



" I can't wait to show you where I grew up Damini.  We lived a simple but good life in Manali. I want our whole family to be able to enjoy that again someday," he declared.


"It will be nice to see the house filled with children running around  and I can see you laughing at me when I chase them," she said softly.


 He smiled at her warmly and kissed her forehead.


" I better go get ready now. Wait right here for me. We shall go to the mandir and pray together  before breakfast," he stated.


  Damini smiled.


" Yeh to meri line honi chaiye ti. Usually the wife takes the husband to the mandir," she quipped.


 Prithvi smiled.


" Teri meri ek zindagi hai Damini, aur kya kaho,"



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