Love Ne Mila Di Jodi


Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

~ Teri Meri Zindgai~ Prida rated Pg-13

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 The first nine parts are posted in the Prida Romantic Thread pn page 67, I'll post them here and then add an additional update when it's ready. It's getting longer than I expected. Part Nine was over seven pages in a word document. Thanks to those who have commented. Hopefully it will be easier to read the updates here until I finish up.
  I have named it after writing nine parts, which is rare for me, I was orginally going to make this a three parter but decided to include more about the other characters. However in Teri Meri Zindagi, Prida will remain the main focus. I have no idea when I will end the fic. The most number of parts or chapters I believe I ever had for a story was 22. Let's see how long this journey lasts for us. I really hope you all enjoy the  ride until it ends. I do enjoy writing, so depending on what's going on with life, I might come back with something new and fresh later on.

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Author's note: The intial idea for this fiction was actually Mera Saaya (1966) I saw it at my Nani's place  two weeks back . The storyline is completly different from Mera Saaya. However  the part that intruged me is what comes over a man when the one he loves is not well? Also whenever I see something sad sometimes I like to a happier verison when I write something inspired by it.

Prithvi had been away on a business conference when he had received the call.
 First it was Roshni crying bitterly on the phone.  He grew immediately concerned and excused himself from the conference room.
" Kya hua Roshni?," he inquired.
" Jeej, Damini Di..," she wailed.
 He heard someone else in the background. Then Varun came on the phone.
" Hello Bhaiya," Varun said softly.
" Varun why is Roshni crying? Did she have a fight with Damini?," Prithvi inquired.
He  hoped it was minor. He didn't want to get in between two sisters fighting. He wasn't even sure if Damini would be ready to listen to him. Things were getting better gradually but he doubted she would let him have the right to interefere between herself and Roshni.
" Nahin Bhaiya. Bhabhi is very ill. Roshni went in her room a few minutes ago and it was hard for her to awaken," Varun replied.
Prithvi turned frantic.
" Varun call the doctor. Don't tell Avani.  We can tell them later. Tell Roshni to stay with Damini until I get there," he exclaimed.
" Theek hai Bhaiya," he stated before hanging up.
Varun turned to see Roshni drying her tears.
" Bhaiya abhi arre hain," he said.
She smiled  brightly.
" I hate seeing Di sick but if it brings them back together then it will be a blessing for them."
Varun nodded.
" I hope so."
 Prithvi arrived and met his mother-in-law in the main room.
"Damini kaisi hai?"
Ila turned solemn.
" The doctor just came and went. She hasn't been eating properly and her blood pressure is low. We need to take care of her. She needs you Prithvi. I know you have been trying but now it's time to take another step forward," she urged him.
He nodded and headed up the stairs.
He opened the door a crack, seeing her laying on the bed. She looked paler. It seemed like he had not really paid attention to her appearance. They would talk in passing these days. He would call her when he would be late to come home. She would say ok and then just move on. They would work together on files, then he would wake her up and tell her to sleep in the bed. If he had carried her to bed he would have known sooner.
 He approached her now, walking closer to the bed. He had to show her that even though they had hit a rough patch, he was going to be there no matter--------------------------------
Damini awakened  from her slumber feeling a strong grip around her waist. She turned slowly and looked at her husband. He looked peaceful. She knew he hadn't slept well the past few months. Then she realized he  had been away this week for a conference, He had come home early?
How would he know she was sick?
She smiled slighly to herself as she got up. She wanted to freshen up. She probably stinked now. She hadn't showered all day, She had wanted to dress up a bit and cook him a  fresh meal.
She sighed maybe she could still manage that, He was sleeping after all.
She  walked towards the bathroom suddenly feeling weak and dizzy. She knocked the vase down  as she tried to keep her balance.
Prithvi heard the noise and awakened instantly. He saw her side of the bed was empty. He  stood up and rushed towards where he heard the noise. She was about to fall. He picked her up in his arms.
"What do you think you were doing?," he inquired.
 She frowned.
" I stink Prithvi. I was going to freshen up and then make you something nice to eat," she stammered.
 He placed her on the bed.
" Prithvi I hate feeling this way. I hate being weak," she stammered.
He sighed and sat down beside her.
" Dekho aagar tuhme theek hona hai, toh tuhme meri baate man ni hongi," ( See if you want to get better you have to listen to me.)
 She nodded like a small child who had been caught doing something she shouldn't have been doing.
 He told her to stay where she was and went to get her some  fruits and water.
"Prithvi I can only have the water. I need to brush and shower," she whined.
 He rolled his eyes as he made her take a few sips of water.
He then got up and started searching for her things.
" Tell me where your towel and what clothes you want to wear. I 'll put everything in there and then let you do your business. Just don't lock the door," he warned locking eyes with her.
They both blushed for a moment.

" I meant I don't want you falling in there. We can't have you getting a concussion. Our mothers will think I don't take care of you. Besides then  I will have to keep you awake the whole night," he stammered.

She smiled slightly.
He found her things and picked out an outfit for her. He showed her the outfit. She nodded in approval.
" Stay where you are," he hissed.
She brought her legs back up on the bed.
 He returned and picked her up and carried her inside the bathroom.
 He closed the door slightly and stood outside after she brushed her teeth.
 When he heard the water turn off  fifteen minutes later, He sighed with relief. She hadn't fainted.
She emerged from the bathroom her wet hair strewn over her face.
They locked eyes.

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Part two

He reached over and ran his fingers through her wet locks and brushed aside the hair from her face. She looked down at her feet and then back into his eyes. His stare was intense. She felt as if he could stare right through her.

He snapped out of it realizing she was ill and he needed to be  taking care of her and just letting her stand here with wet hair and hungry.  He picked her up and sat her down in front of her vanity.  He plugged in her hair dryer and placed it on the vanity. She started to comb her hair and then dry it. He stood there watching her for a moment before deciding to go downstairs and get some dinner for her. The servants had left for the night and packed all the food and placed it in the fridge. Prithvi warmed up a plate and then returned upstairs to his wife.

He paused as she turned from the vanity and towards him.


"How do you feel now?," he inquired.


She smiled brightly.

"Better. Ooh you brought food. Kya bana tha aaj?"


" Aloo palak aur dal. Come we'll eat together," he whispered.


 He fed her the first bite and she obliged. She felt really good inside because they were doing something romantic and sweet together. She  reached over and held the next bite in her hand. He looked at her surprised.


" Hey if you can feed me and take care of me, why can't I do the  same?," she inquired.


He smiled and opened his mouth. They ate just simply enjoying  each other's company.  For now everything was beautiful.


 When Prithvi  got up to take the dishes down, Damini insisted on coming with him.


" I want to go on a ride with Tufan!  I am getting restless staying here, just in this room!" she exclaimed.

 Prithvi rolled his eyes.


" Damini you are not well. It's late you should rest," he insisted.


She rolled her eyes and  clenched her fists in anger.


" Gosh the same line! Every time there is romance in the air or time to have fun you keep telling me I need to rest!," she exclaimed.


He put the plate aside and grabbed her by the shoulders.


"Damini relax! I only say that because I love you," he declared.


She stepped back and looked into his eyes.


"What did you say?," she  inquired. She was stunned beyond belief. Had he finally admitted what he felt for her?


"Look I can't let you ride Tufaan alone. I'll come with you ok?," he stated.


 She nodded.


"Good. Let's go downstairs now," she stated.


As they headed downstairs she thought to herself," I'll make sure he says it again."


 As he placed the plate in the sink and started to clean up with her waiting nearby, he thought," I do love her but will she ever be to express it as well?"


They headed outside to the stables. He gently patted Tufaan as he put on his saddle. She huffed as she came over to sit on the horse. He got on behind her. Their hands touched as he placed his over hers on the reins. They rode for a half hour around the property. He got off first, then helped her get off of Tufaan. Prithvi took off the saddle and then led Tufaan back inside the stables.


" So Mrs. Saxena are you happy now?," he inquired.


She blushed slightly. It was growing cold in the night air. He came over and wrapped her dupatta around her shoulders. He then wrapped his arms around her.


" Ab bikul theek hai," she whispered.


He smiled  and then led her back inside the house.


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Part Three

They arrived back in their room. Prithvi was about to go  freshen up when Damini grabbed his hand.


He turned back to look at her curiously.

"Kya hua. Tum theek toh ho?," he inquired.


" Dance with me," she whispered.


He looked at her astonished.

" Damini you really should rest now. We can dance tomorrow," he stated.


 She turned and put on the song Jaaniye. He stiffened a bit as she started to dance around him and grabbed his hand again. He twirled her around slightly. She keep coming back towards him and then she went back to dancing around the room.


" Damini the others will wake up. We should let them sleep even if you can't," he stated as  he headed towards the stero to turn it off.


She stepped in front of him again.


"Just dance with me once Prithvi, then I promise I will go rest," she pleaded.


He smiled slightly. They danced slowly and he was gentle with her  When the song ended she turned it off. She came back towards him and kissed his cheek.


" I love you too, Prithvi."


His insides filled with warmth and he held her closely by her waist. He pulled back a few moment later and then leaned over and kissed her forehead.


" Tonight we have started anew. I promise you Damini I'll do my best to keep you safe and never hurt you again," he promised.


They both turned teary eyed with relief.


" Ek aur barr bolo na Prithvi," she insisted.


He smiled.




" Those three words," she hissed.


He  chuckled.


" I love you Damini."

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Part Four

The sunlight shone from the window. Damini was sleeping with her head on Prithvi's chest and her arm around his neck. He had one arm wrapped around her and other flat on the bed. He awakened and smiled brightly at her. He took her hand from around his neck and kissed it. He then leaned over and brushed her hair behind her ear. He frowned sensing she was quivering a bit.  He checked her forehead. She was a bit warm. Then she started mumbling something in her sleep.


" Please leave me and Prithvi  alone! Nahin Prithvi tuhme kuch nahin hoga!


She grabbed for his hand in her dream like state. She got a hold of it and felt relieved as she opened her eyes. She looked into his concerned eyes.


" Did you have a bad dream Damini?," he inquired.


She nodded.  She sat up as he went to get some  water.


He handed her some water and sat beside her as she drank it.

" Do you want to talk about it?," he inquired.


"It was just  a stupid dream. Inder is in jail and you are here with me. I got nothing to worry about," she stammered.


There was a knock at the door. He indicated he would answer it.


It was Ila.

" Ab kaisi hai Damini? The doctor called a few minutes ago," she stated.


" She is much better now. Why don't you come and see for yourself? I think she might have a slight temperature," he stated.


Ila entered the room and sat beside her daughter.


" How are you now beta?," she inquired.


" I am fine now now Mom. Just do me one favor could you just make sure the police still have Inder in custody? If they don't answer you then I will go there myself," she stated.


" There is no reason for you to go anywhere.  I am sure he is in heavy duty  custody. Anyway where did such thoughts come from Damini?," she inquired.


" She had a bad dream," Prithvi stated.


" It just a dream beta, relax," she assured Damini.


" Yes Damini you should concentrate on gaining your strength back. Besides I know with my influence you can shoot any target that comes your way," he stated.


She glared at him as her mother laughed.


" Listen Mr. Saxena, I was a good shot before I met you!," she declared.


"I will take your leave," Ila muttered, knowing once Damini started arguing it would take awhile for her to relax again.


 Damini took the opportunity to get up from the bed and start hitting Prithvi with the pillows.

" You always have time to make jokes but no time to be a romantic! You know I am a better shot than you!," she declared.


He began to move here and there to avoid her throws. Suddenly she almost lost her footing, he reached out to steady her.


" I think you need to rest for another day before you can get enough energy to hit me," he quipped.


She tolled her eyes and then punched him playfully on his chest before hugging him. Unknown to them Roshni had peer into the room through the door that was open  crack and she smiled seeing Damini in Prithvi's arms.


" Thank-you God!," Roshni said silently.


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Part Five

Damini had napped for a bit while Prithvi got ready for the day. When she awakened he wasn't in the room.


" He probably is taking care of something at the office. I will be sure to call him later and make sure I have the meal ready for him before he arrives. He has changed for the better. Now I need to show him my appreciation and be  good wife to him," she thought to herself.


  Damini got ready and headed downstairs. Roshni was just about to leave for college.


" Good morning Di! Ab aap kaisi hain?," she inquired.


Damini smiled knowingly.


" You called  Prithvi  yesterday didn't you?," she inquired.


 Roshni smiled bashfully.


" Yes Di, I may have overreacted when I  found you sick yesterday," she admitted.


 Damini  rolled her eyes.


" Thank-you Roshni. You have done a great thing. I love you my sweet sister," she declared as she pinched her cheek and then ushered her off to college.


 Damini then continued on her way to the kitchen. She spotted Ramu Kaka there with Madu the housekeeper.


" Madam why did you come here? You should have asked for us and we would be at  your service?," Ramu Kaka inquired.


Damini smiled.


" Nahin aisi koi baath nahin. I wanted to make something nice for your Sir," she stated.


Madu and Ramu Kaka exchanged appalled glances.


" Lekin madam aap kitchen mein kam karengi?," Madu chirruped.


" Kyun nahin? I am capable if you two can help me. If I succeed then I will be able to give you both some days off next week for that wedding you mentioned to me last month," she quipped.


 They exchanged glances. They could both use the break and wanted to visit their village.


" Theek hai madam. Please tell us what you would like to make," Ramu Kaka stated.


 Damini smiled to herself.


" First get me a recipe book. You two can help me, but I need an idea what foods look good. Sir ko sub kuch pasand aana chaiye hai," she declared. (  Your sir must like everything)


 The servants got to work looking for and gathering items she would need. There weren't many recipe books around. She decided she would shop for some after she visited the office the next day.


Ila Gujral was startled to discover that her oldest daughter was cooking in the kitchen. She rushed into the kitchen and was surprised to see Damini cooking like it was a natural habit of hers. She was delegating to her servants.


She was a bit tense and her mother entered to calm her down.


" Wow today my  daughter is taking control of the kitchen! I am so proud of you Damini beta," she stated.


 Damini smiled slightly.


" Mama I really hope Prithvi will like the food," she stammered as she wiped the aata from her face.


Ila reached over and wiped a spot off of Damini's  cheek.


" He will if he doesn't you can always make him sleep on the couch tonight. You are strong and confident. I know you can do anything you put your mind to," her mother assured her.


" Thanks Mama. I really hope you are right," she quipped.


Later that day Damini took a  break from cooking and took  Avani to the park and some shopping. Avani and Sameer were adjusting better now and Mrs. Saxena doted on her as well.


 A  thought occurred to Avani as they sat in the park taking in the surroundings.


" Damini I was  thinking  Maaji wants us all to live together but we can't leave Mom here all alone. However why don't you talk to Prithvi Jeeju to at least consider us all having a cozy home in Manali? We can all go back there for a break every now and then with our families.  Mom will not be left alone for too long either and Maaji will get to know you better," she stated.


 Damini smiled.


" It's a great idea Avani.  I think we should wait for your baby to born first. Then if Prithvi agrees we can go renovate the house there and make plans for us all to gather there."


 Avani smiled.


" It will be nice for us all to be together in one home every now and then,."


 A  few minutes later, they returned to Saxena house where Mrs. Saxena  was waiting for them.


" Damini beta it's good you take Avani out. Soon it will be too risky for her to go out before the birth of the baby," she stated.


" Jeej Maaji. I want her to be happy and I am glad to know Sameer aur aap iska kitna khayal rakte hain," she replied.


Damini was  restless. She wanted to hurry home and finish dinner before Prithvi came. However she also wanted to talk to her mother-in-law about it.


 Sameer arrived home suddenly.


" Hi Bhabhi, aap kaisi hain.  I heard you were unwell yesterday," he quipped.


 Avani frowned.


" What are you talking about? Damini Di seems fine. She was even in the kitchen first time today for Jeeju," she exclaimed.


 Mrs. Saxena exchanged a puzzled glance.


" Damini it's great you wanted to cook for Prithvi today but if you were unwell..," she trailed off.


Damini quickly got up from the couch.


" Please Sameer don't tell anything to Prithvi! I am  fine now. Avani don't worry.  We had fun today right? You will vouch for me right?," she inquired.


Avani slowly got up looking concerned.


" Di I may be pregnant but you don't need to hide anything from me. Please tell me from now on if you aren't well. I can't believe Jeeju didn't  tell us," she said wringing her hands.


 Sameer went over to Avani to calm her down.


 Mrs. Saxena walked over to her older daughter-in-law.


" Beta I just want to express to you that Prithvi may not always  express it but he does love you. I think it's great you are  trying to cook for him but please don't overwork yourself. He can't see you in any trouble. He has not said anything but I saw it in him when things were not well between you both. My blessings are always with you. Take care of yourself," she stated.


" I understand Maaji. Prithvi really took care of me yesterday. I'll make sure nothing comes between us. I will give him the love he deserves that I promise you," she declared.


 Her mother-in-law blessed her and asked for her to wait for Sameer to drop her back.


" Nahin Maaji. I drove here. I should leave  so I can get home before Prithvi does," she stated.


 Sameer  tried to stop her but Damini slipped out before he could make her wait for him.


" I really hope Bhaiya doesn't kill me for letting Bhabhi go like this," he muttered to himself.


 Upon returning back  home, Damini was relieved to see that Prithvi had not returned home yet


 She told her mother to warn her of his return. She headed to the kitchen to finish up. She told the servants to warm up the food when Prithvi arrived and headed back upstairs to change and then pretend to be resting.

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Part  Six

 Luckily for Sameer, Prithvi had a very busy day and was blissfully still not aware of Damini's surprise. Varun called up Roshni and warned her to not say anything to Prithvi about Damini's activities that day. It had probably been her that told Sameer that Damini had not been well the previous day.


Prithvi came in relieved that his day was over and that he could finally check on Damini. The servants saw him coming and started to warm up the food Damini had made.


 Ila had her lady's club meeting an hour before and had already eaten. She dialed Damini's cell to awaken her. Damini whispered a quick thanks and jumped into bed and covered herself with the blanket. She heard his footsteps approaching.


 Damini looks up as she feels a hand on her shoulder.


" Damini have you eaten yet?," he inquired.


" Nahin, I was  waiting for you," she said  trying not to blush.


He looked her firmly.


" Abhi chalo mere saath. You should be eating on time!," he snapped.


 She sat up in the bed.


"Prithvi I just wanted to wait for you. I wanted to share a nice moment with you like last night," she mumbled.


He softened.


" I am sorry Damini. Chalo saath mein kaate hain," he said offering her his hand.


 She smiled and got up letting the blanket drop. He gazed at what she was wearing and realized she had probably not really been resting.


" Ahem, yeh kapre?"


 Damini turned her gaze and looked away for a second.


" Damini look at me."


She turned to face him again.


"  Bauth sundar lagri ho," he whispered.


She smiled.


" Thanks," she said as she took his hand and they headed downstairs.


  Prithvi pushed out the chair for her  and made sure she was settled before sitting down next to her. He was about to give her the first bite, but she moved his hand back towards his mouth.


" Damini don't be a child, You have to eat now," he insisted.


" Nahin pehle tum," she insisted.


" Accha theek hain. But you better..," he trailed off.


She assured him that she would eat the next one. She watched as he chewed and  swallowed. He smiled. She brightened inside.


" Ab tum," he said.


 She willingly accepted the next bite and was elated when the food was actually pretty decent.

Later as they were finishing, Prithvi inquired," The food today had a great taste. Did your mother hire a new cook or make this food herself?"


Damini looked towards the kitchen and saw Madu and Ramu Kaka ready to walk out.


" Maybe Madu or Ramu Kaka had a new recipe," she pondered aloud.


 Prithvi glanced at her hands and noticed her ring was missing.


" Damini tumari ring kahan gayi?," he inquired suspiously.


" Oh who aata lagra tha..," she trailed off as realization dawned on her that her secret was now in the open.

She turned slowly to meet Prithvi's eyes.


He had a stern expression on his face.


" I'll just go look for it. Abhi aayi," she said getting up.


 He grabbed her wrist and she turned back to meet his eyes again.


" The food was good, but next time you aren't well..," he trailed off.


" Thanks Prithvi but I just wanted to..,"


 He shushed her.


" Let's go find your ring so I can put it back on you," he stated.


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Author's note: One reader  asked why Damini was sick. She wasn't  taking care of herself properly after the truth came out. Everyone else healed more quickly than she did. Now it's two months later, Avani has given birth to a daughter.


 Part Seven

 Avani and Sameer had brought their baby born two months ago. Damini and Prithvi have plans to go to Manali in the coming weeks. One fine day they decided to take their new niece Sanjana out for a walk in her carriage. Damini was playing with her when an older  couple  stopped to comment on  Sanjana.


" She's such a cute baby. Both you and your husband are really lucky," the lady commented.


" Yes what is her name, she is such a beautiful child," the man inquired.


" Sanjana, lekin yeh meri..,"


 Prithvi came to stand beside her and the carriage.


" Aapki beti bauth cute hai," the couple said before wishing the younger couple good luck and going  on their way.

Damini turned to Prithvi who was smiling to himself.


" Why didn't you help me correct them? Sanjana humari beti nahin hai," she exclaimed.


 He smiled back at her.


" Jaanta hoon. Lekin ek din humara koi bacha hoga na?," he inquirid.


 Damini blushed and started to push the carriage up ahead.  He quickly got up with her and they headed back together.


Later that night over dinner the whole family had a laugh over the incident.


" You know Bhaiya after you and Damini Bhabhi have a child,  we should sent him or her with  Varun and Roshni out someplace," Sameer exclaimed.


  Avani smiled as she rocked Sanjana in her arms. Damini and Prithvi  exchanged blushes. Roshni was lost in dreamland and Varun didn't know where to look. Both mothers smiled for two reasons. They were eager for Prithvi and Damini to have a child and they also wanted Varun and Roshni to settle down in the coming time.


Later when everyone had gone to get ready  for bed, Damini remained in the kitchen thinking about the conversation. She thought about the park incident how the older couple thought Sanjana was theirs. She recalled how Prithvi had liked her cooking the first time she had cooked for him. How he had lovingly placed the ring on her finger. It was like he was really promising her this time that he would fulfill all of his marriage vows. She wanted to have a child with him someday, but was it the right time? She needed to see what he wanted. Then she would tell him she wanted a child but perhaps after the house was ready. She wanted to assist him in the reconstruction. She couldn't do as much if she was expecting a child.


( Imagine Tu Hi Mera Dost Hai in the background)


 The water started to overflow in the pot that she was supposed to be washing and her clothes ended up being drenched.


" I hope no one sees me before I get changed. They will have a ball looking me now," she thought to herself.


She quickly cleaned up and headed up to the bedroom.  When she got to the room, Prithvi was at his desk looking at some files and then typing something on the computer. He seemed lost in thought. She hoped not to sneeze. She didn't want him noticing her now, Besides he seemed to be lost in his work now and she didn't want to disturb him now. Nearby the window rattled open. She groaned inwardly. Whenever she wanted to make a quiet appearance something always ruined it. She didn't look in his direction, but went over to the window to close it.


 The wind rattled furiously as Damini struggled to close it. She was suddenly surprised to find a firm chest on her back and hands over her own on the shutters. They closed the window together and Prithvi stepped back to look at her in the eyes.


" Your clothes are wet.  Go change and then I have some important things to discuss with you," he stated firmly.


 Damini nodded. For a moment she thought he would surely scold her for walking around in wet clothes. She turned away and got some clothes and went into the washroom to change. She emerged in a lavender nightgown. Prithvi looked at her mesmerized. He snapped out of it realizing they really needed to talk as well.


" Damini we need to talk about the plans for our trip to Manali and I wanted to discuss another project that we should focus on after that is finalized.

Damini frowned. What project was such as important as Manali that they had to discuss it now?


"Lekin Prithvi yeh doorsa project kaunsa hai? I mean I thought we kept most business deals out of our time at home," she said puzzled.


Prithvi smiled.


" Come sit here," he said.


She approached him and he pulled her to sit on his lap.


" Prithvi muhje choro na!," she exclaimed.


" Come on Damini, this project is very important. We'll have a new place to call home soon. We can't leave Mumbai and your mother but we can bring some fun whenever  we go to Manali. You know it is always fun to have a houseful of people. I am thinking we should add at least two of own in this project. This way neither one will be alone and we will have priceless profits," Prithvi stated as he leaned in closer.


Damini frowned.


" Prithvi yeh kya do log kaise itne profits leker ayenge.  Do they have experience?," she inquired.


 Prithvi smiled.

" If not two, should we pray for a cricket team?," he chuckled.


 Realization hit her, and she jumped off his lap.


" Prithvi! There is no way I would be able to give birth that many times!," she exclaimed.


He grabbed her again and hugged her from behind. She tried to squirm away.


" Phir theek hai, ek ladki  aur ek ladka.  Yeh to theek ra gaya na?," he inquired.


 Damini smiled to herself. Prithvi turned her to face him. He took her hands in his.


" When you are ready Damini, I want to see that glow on your face. You know a mother-to be is when a woman's beauty increases with her expecting joy," he  declared.


Damini smiled.


" When we go to Manali we'll go to the mandir there and we will ask that bhagwanji  blesses us with healthy children," she stated.


Prithvi's joy knew no bounds and he quickly embraced Damini with all his might. When they pulled back, Damini had a light bulb strike her.


" Why don't we repeat our marriage  vows there as well? Besides we never went on a honeymoon. It's  always work and housework for us. I know sometimes you try but..," she trailed off.


 Prithvi wrapped his arms around her again.


" When we are in Manali we'll romance like newlyweds and we shall also get the house fixed up," he promised.


" I love that idea Prithvi!  I think I should make a list of things we need to purchase. You can go back to your work now. I'll probably sleep soon," she commented.


Prithvi groaned inwardly. He had wanted to be romantic and maybe dance with her but she was already off doing her own thing. Anyway when they went to Manali it would be a different story. It would be just him and her. He had not mentioned that the location of the house made cell phone reception and internet connection hard to come by.


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