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Mini AR: -||Love Again||-|Epilogue Pg-71|5\2|

Hello_01 Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2009 at 6:49am | IP Logged

-||Love Again ||-

Story of Two Lovers, who could die for each other - If their is a need of it. Who carve to be with each other, who could do any thing for one another, but the Question is

Will they fight with their parents for each other?

Will they fight for their love?  Will they accompany each other - for the fight with their parents ?  will they get married... or will their love story end ! like famous lovers, who did fight ... but will they ?

by Maha.Embarrassed

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k_anjali12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 November 2009 at 6:49am | IP Logged
                HeartWoww  Sweetheart Congrats For The New FFHeart
                         HeartInteresting concept MahaHeartI loved itHeart
                 HeartWill be waiting for ur next updates SweetyHeart

HeartTakecare MahaHeart LHeart VE UHeart

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Hello_01 Goldie

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-||PART 1||-
"Hi Riddimaa ' Kahan jaa rahi hou?" a girl with curly hair shouted, wearing a tight jeans stood outside the university door with a kurta shirt'

"Later Muski ' I m lateee" Riddimaa shouted back, running with flat sandals  - wearing a dark blue shade jeans with a black shirt a bit loose but tight from her chest '.

"LATE FOR WHAT??" Muski shouted back and scratched her head when a hand crawled over her waist from behind "late for what Rahul?" Muskan again asked the person, who pulled her close and placed his lips on her cheek

"Must be something important Muskan'." Rahul winked and passed a sloppy smile while Muskan smudged his hair through her fingers "Heyyyy" Rahul groaned moving her hand away.


"Hey guys"

"Hey Atul   - Heylo Anjie" Rahul said and so did Muskan.

"Guys, Let's leave we have to collect our letters and see in which Hospital are we selected to do Our internship'."Anjali said, walking a head of others while the three walked together with a gloomy face.


"Rahul ' u will leave me?" Muskan said.

"Aree No Muskan ' we will be in contact." Rahul soothed her back.

"But people say long relation don't work out" Muskan said while Rahul looked straight in her eyes ' which showed the fear of getting separated. On the same time, Anjali stop rooted and looked back at Atul, who looked back with the pain'. Anjali took a sigh and gave him her back and walked to the counter for the letter'

"Where's Arman?" Atul Asked looking away from Anjali. His Instance made every one look around and then they all shuddered.

"We were meant to open the letter together ' Remember Guys?" Rahul Added. As they collected their lettesr and walked out of administers office'

In reply every one nodded.



"Arman, I m sorry ' I got Late '' vo ghar par Pa'.."  Pause "Arman stop" she holds his hand.

"Riddimaa ' u know naa. How important day is for us and you still '." Arman said, with a puppy face ' his hair brushed his one eye which Riddimaa lovable moved away and kissed his forehead with love'.

"Acha baba Sorry '"she said after placing another pack on his cheek.

"Fine --- forgiven this time'." Arman hands rounded her waist and pulled her close while Riddimaa sighed with the closeness.

"Arman ' everyone must be waiting'." RIddimaa tilted her head back ' her hair fell down and moved in a pendulum way, she had closed her eyes the very moment when she felt his lips in the crook of her neck. He pulled the collar of her T-Shirt  a bit away and kissed her nap ' making her gasp loud, air came from her nostrils landing on his forehead ' making him look up at the angel whose head shook with pleasure'.

"I love you Riddimaa'." She looked down at him and breathed heavily as he brought her back in standing position. She pulled her T-Shirt down as it was rising a bit'.

"Let's go Arman'." She turned with a slight blush appearing on her cheek '

"Oye hoyee'." He said and followed her to administers office.


"Sorry Guys we r late '"

"It's ok Arman'. And Riddima ' join guys we are dying to open these F***ng letters" Rahul said with restlessness.

"Chill Rahul" Arman and Atul said together while the girl shook their head with his restlessness.

"FINE !!! OPEN NOW" Rahul shouted, and the six tore the letter and stood up with their seats'


"Sanjeevani" the voice echoed'..  The boys shouted with howls'' as this was the only name the six said "YES YES YES WE ARE TOGETHER GUYS" girls shouted and hugged their love ones''.Everyone in caf clapped but then

"WAIT!!!" Riddimaa frowned'. Silence was the last thing that echoed'

"Kya Hua Riddi''" Arman walked up to her

"Sanjeevani Hospital of Delhi" she fell back in her chair. Every one frowned harder and opened their letter again'

"Sanjeevani Hospital of Mumbai" Muskan and Rahul said and took a sigh of relief' and seated back.

"Sanjeevani Hospital of Mumbia" Anjali sighed, and settled beside Muskan but looked at Atul, who opened with trembling hands.


"Sanjeevani Hospital of Delhi"   Atul said and jerked back at seat with defeat. Anjai groaned loudly'. And looked away from Atul, who himself was not looking at her

"Arman kohlo'" Rahul said, looking at Riddimaa, who looked up at him ' holding her breath. But Arman just took the seat and didn't open it


"Let's Order something guys" Arman said calling waiter. Every one frowned while Riddimaa couldn't take it any more she snatched the letter "RIDDIMAA" he shouted. She read and mumbled "Mumbai'." Pressing her lips together, she licked it with her lips.


She took a hiccup under her breath, when Rahul beside her moved a hand over her shoulder and took her in a side hug as Arman was not doing anything and eating his sandwich'..

"Shhhh Riddimaa ' Its ok ' we all are meeting up every weekend's naa and Atul is there for you --- hai na atul" Rahul Looked up at Atul, who was in Anjali's embrace itself'. All sighed 

"Guys you are not leaving now ' we have one week '! Ok so let's enjoy and party as we got admission in Sanjeevani Hospital ' that's what the great deal is!" Arman said and passed the other sandwich to Riddimaa, who moved it back at him

"Arman, I won't be here to eat your left over sandwich" Riddimaa said getting up from the seat when he pulls her back'

"you will eat them on weekends lady ' I will collect all and give you on every Sunday" Arman said, while after a second all six burst out holding their head up in air --- Riddima had a slight tear which went away as Arman clicked it from the tip of his finger. She passed a genuine smile and mumbled 'I love you Arman 'who blinked his eyes in reply'.


"maa ' I got admission in Delhi" Riddimaa walked in the house ' Everyone cheered and said to settle everything soon for her their ' Everyone was happy accept her Dadi, who didn't like Riddimaa going so far and that to alone'


"Dadiii ' worlds changing. Girls are much stronger than boys'." Riddimaa hugged her dadi'

"bhai, humsha saa Larki kamzor hee hoti hai ' lakon sa' Humara yahan Itna Nahi Parha ta Shahank !! Larki Bari Hogayi hai ab shaadi karoo iski ' 24 ' 25 ki hogai hai.. Koi Uncha Neecha hogai tou kya kahou ga is duniyaa ko" Riddimaa shook her head and went behind her mom to kitchen'


"MA' Riddimaa will be a doctor first then shaadi waadi --- I want my daughter to be the best doctor in the world'."Shahank said with a broad smile' and reading his newspaper.

"Theek hai !!!! jou karna hai karoo ' badda mai mujha mat kehnaa'." Dadi walked slowly to her room beside Kitchen '.


"Yea Dad --- big deal' not interested in making it celebrate right now..!" Arman said placing letter on the table in lounge and walking up stair when

"arman beta kahnaa"

"No mmaa please ' some time alone" Arman closed the door and landed on his bed'

"issa Kya hua?" Arman's mom asked to his father, who shudder in reply and gave a look to his letter'


At night

"Shahank ' Vikram sa ristay ki baat karna ma kya bura hai'.?"

"But maa'" shahank kept the phone on side table and looked at his maa helpless.

"Shahank ' Ma is correct. Vikram bhai sahib had came up twice with this offer. He really loves riddimaa and want her as her bahu. Whats wrong in it'"

"Ok ' I will talk to Vikram in office'" Shahank sighed and went away to his room'

While Riddimaa, who heard all this ran upstairs with tears and locked her room ' on an instance she took phone and dialed his number with trembling hand'.


"Hello --- Arman" she spoke with cracking voice "Please ' can you come and meet me?" she sobbed and the next moment the phone was cut off. She laid on her bed and cried


Cried till she heard a knock on door.

"Riddimaa Beta soa gai?"

"Haan Ma ' Please Abhi nahi I really sleepy'Good night'" trying her best not to make her mom feel that she is crying a shadow appeared on her balcony.


She opened and flunked in the strong arms' who encircled it around her and pulled her closer'

"shhhhh'.." he soothed her, his hand went down to her knee ' he picked her and settled on bed himself and kept her in his lap. She was wearing a small pink nighty that landed on her knee itself.

"vo Dadi '. Ma naaa" riddimaa sobbed under her breathe and kept her head on his chest'

Arman pulled the blanket up to them as it was mid of December and IT was cold and kept on rubbing her back'

"Vo meri shaadi'." She managed to spoke when Arman's hand stopped and he looked down at her

"Arman?" she looked up at him "Please don't leave me --- mai Mar jaunn gi" she fell on him while after few seconds he grabbed her tight ' and got scared of losing her'.

"tum meri ho Riddimaa" he mumbled and kissed her behind her ear lobe'.

"Thanks Arman'." She placed her lips on his --- he kissed her back but broke the kiss'


"Riddimaa, you will complete your internship first naa?" he looked up at her '

"Papa was saying that I will go Delhi either way..!!" Riddimaa said.

"Tou bas theek hai ' let them do what eve they want to we will talk to our Parents when we finish Our Internship'." Arman said'

"But why not now?" Riddimaa said.

"It's too early Riddimaa'" Arman said "I m nothing to ask for your hand'." Arman added.

"But promise you will not forget me'."

"2 years are very less to make me forget about you" he whispered brushing his cold nose on her cheek "I guess life time is less to forget you" he moved his fingers on her bare-arms ' making her shudder'.


"Arman --- I m not getting anything what are we going to do'" Riddimaa asked

"Look Riddimaa ' start packing your bags and go for your career bacha ' we will join back soon'" Arman said brushing her flicks away from her face'.

"Cross your heart?" Riddimaa said

"Cross my Heart'" he smiled and kept his palm ' holding her cheek in it'

She sighed in relief'.  he pulled her head and kept it under his chin and moved slowly like a swing making her sleep'.

"Good night jaan" he kissed her head and made her sleep '


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Love MahaEmbarrassed

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Hello_01 Goldie

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 Buddy list
 Debadrita Saha
Intro     --  UPAR dheko
PART 1 -- Phir UPar DhekoLOL
PART 2 -- Page 9
PART 3 -- Page 13
PART 4 -- Page 17
PART 5 -- Page 21
PART 6 -- Page 26
PART 7 -- Page 29
PART 8 -- Page 33
PART 9 -- Page
PART 10 -- Page 43
PART 11 -- Page 48
PART 12 -- Page 51
PART 13 -- Page 55
PART 14 -- Page 64

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k_anjali12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 November 2009 at 6:53am | IP Logged it ohk nowTongue

hey this one is for first part LOLu have to see here for my comment ohk ..if u want Heart


Hai Maha

                                  Awesome update yaar
HeartSeems like this story is completely different from ur other ffsHeart'm loving itHearthmm AR r going to be seperate for 2 years . . . waiting to see what changes occur in their lives in  this timeHeart

                                 Pleasee update soon Maha
HeartWill be waiting for ur next updatesHeart

HeartLoVe UHeart

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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hey Maha u starting a new fic......gr8888.....awesome concept.......start with the first part super sooon........n ya do PM me.....

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X..Niha..X Goldie

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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Its Rocking one Maha yaar I Luv it

Nidhasmileys hspace5

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