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Monday 30/11/09

Starts with LR 1 snatching the money from Park maama's hands -
"yaar panathai yaar vendam nnu solrathu?" - apram screen le
surul surul - present kku vara vendamaa?? - Park mamaa gives
the money to MM and tells him that he is a very nice person -
"athaan nee kudukka vendiya kadan unakku munnale inge vanthachu.
And, I did not steal that money - I did not take it from somebody else's
pocket , LR 1  did not earn this money.  All this is saved from what
you gave to this house. I have never been a father to my kids, nee
thaan ellam. LR 1 might conveniently forget all this, but I can not u see.."
MM is still angry, Archu looks lost,  LR 1 looks as if none of these things involve her in any way "paavi manushan, innoru 5000 kidaichathai
thatti parichuttane.....varattum varattum, cutting kku panam kekkum
pothu paarthukkaren " LR 1 's dialog by Roja
- Vaasu has an expression
which says "na thirudan thaan, useless thaan, ithai vida assertive aa
establish panna mudiyaathu " Fortunately, Reva is not around ..where is
she? wait folks wait..adutha segment le paarkkalam. Shiva is livid and
shouts at MM " after all this, u still want to stay in this rat hole?? Ok,
unakku thaan thalai ellam..why should Archu tolerate all
this?? She has been driven out of this house thrice !! What if she went elsewhere and we have to do another search?? IthO paaru, na oru nalla veedu pakkaren, u and Archu can live peacefully, nee panninathu
ellam pOrum" MM says that he is right - " I do understand your anger
and I do know that Archu is suffering. But the reason why I stick
around here.. is.." turns to face the whole jing bang and addresses
LR 1 in particular " though you have disowned me, I still consider
Raani as my own sister . She also loves me equally. I have the
monumental responsibility of settling her life. The day she gets married
and leaves this house....that second, we also will leave.." Park mamaa
face le no fly dancing.
LR 1 kku nimmathi "habba , intha thiruvazhathan Vaasu vai nambina no use..Park ...hmmm kekkave vendam.... MM ellam seythuduvan.." - Roja the face reader reads all this !!! Finally MM warns -
" until then, yethanum glatta pannine..... " Hugs Archu and takes her in. Raani is moved ..Park maama is all set for the next cutting. MM looks
tired. feels the money in his pocket ..and asks Archu to come with him
" let us go and return this to your parents" Archu says that she has no parents and MM is dejected -" look babe, when u were in trouble, in
spite of all the misunderstandings, they only  came to help !!! Do not
talk like this " Archu says that he need not return the money "listen
hubby darling, they did not come to my rescue. They came to break
the last straw on the camel's back - seer panathai thiruppi kuduthaa??
And they said this themselves !!! So, keep this money, this is yours,
save it" MM sees the logic and hands the money to Archu. Wants to
go to the shed but Archu asks him to rest a bit. MM agrees.

Reva kku realization time - RS is directing his daughter on the phone -
to the exact address of where Ranjini stays - tells Reva that one
Raghavan who stays in that house owes him 1 lakh "introduce yourself
as my daughter and ask for the money. He has been dilly dallying!!" As Reva goes in, RS calls Ranjini and tells her that Reva is there - " just
lock the house and go out but do not talk to Reva, ok??" Ranjini does as told. Reva sees her, recalls seeing her with danda soru Vaasu..mind
wheels turning .... probes .That house owner Raghavan is busy defending himself -" nee vantha address correct, name is also right but I have not borrowed any money from any one" Reva has forgotten the money .... probes about Ranjini - house owner says that Ranjini and Vaasu are
newly married and Vaasu works as an accountant in a finance company. Reva does some mental maths ..however calls her dad and says that she went to the wrong address. RS says "vantha velai mudinji pOchu, I am coming back. I will take care of it. You go home" Reva goes to the auto.
RS asks his crony to settle the hotel bill "time to go back home"

Reva in the auto - has visions of seeing Vaasu and Ranjini and her
mother telling her that Vaasu might jump house if she stayed too
long to look after mommy. Reva goes home, correct aa falls on the
bed ( this is  some feat folks !!! sogathile epdi thaan correct aa bed le vizharaanga !!??? ) and cries her heart out. Amma comes and Reva
tells her the story with regular vick vicks - amma knows where to go
and seek  justice. Reva says that Vaasu is capable of this and more -
" amma appa manasai noga adichittu, avan pinnadi Odi pOnene,
athukku ithu venum thaan " Mangalam goes to MM - imitates her
daughter and does some vick vick - "Vaasu dhrogam pannittan.... thani veedu eduthu... another girl...' MM is shocked .

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Tuesday 1/12/09

Well aunty Mangu goes to MM to seek justice - "arumai perumaiya
valartheneee aaachhh , intha Vaasu payal ipdi dhrogam pannittaneee
- oru oppari vaichuttu apram nithanama details ellam
solranga. She goes on to say that Reva is a rich girl and has never
seen such hardships - " unga veet le vanthu dharidharathukku
naduve she suffered. Ippo ithu?? I did not cry in front of  Reva but
when I saw your face , I could not control. You were the one who
brought Reva back when she ran away (MM kku ithu side business -
Reva, Archu ellarum aal aalukku Oduvaanga, ivar pinnadiye pOvaar )
 If I tell my hubby, he will react very differently. I know that you do
not have good relationship with LR 1 and Co but you are the only
one who can save Reva's life. You once told me to think of you as my brother, athaan un kitte vanthen, please do some thing" MM is keeping
quiet and so Mangu asks "  enna ppa, summa irukke, Na ipdi oru oppari vaikkaren??" Archu walks in with "avar apdithamma iruppar" Mangu did not bargain for this and so asks MM " so, this is your stand as well??" Archu does not give an opportunity for MM to talk . So, continues
 " amma, Reva is like my sister and we are very sorry for this. But there
is nothing that we can do amma. MY MIL LR 1 sent me out of the house
 for a paltry sum of 5000 rs. Ippo if we interfere in this, Govinda Govindha thaan " Mangu cries some more but is able to see the logic in Archu's arguments.  " Reva life epdiyO pogattum " - leaves.

After she leaves MM looks pensive. Archu wants to know if he is
upset because of her shooing away Mangu aunty. MM says " i
thought that Vaasu is a changed guy and is becoming responsible
but ...this..." Archu says that she also feels bad but there is nothing
much that they can do " nee ippO ithile thalai yitta..." MM says that
he needs to do some thing for Reva " paarthu kittu summa irukka solriyaa??" Archu says that  he better get used to it " high time we
started living for ourselves". Mangu goes home and finds a morose RS - sitting in the drawing room. Goes and sweet talks as if nothing is wrong. Goes to Reva who is crying in the pooja room . Mangu warns Reva that if she gives the cry baby act "unga appa kandu pidiichu eda koodama yethanum panniduvaar" Well, RS comes there and tells Mangu that
Reva has already told him every thing "well, my daughter trusts me
and tells me every thing but my wife??? You act as if nothing is
wrong??" Mangu says that she was worried about RS dealing this
 issue - " we should set right her life, not break it !!!" Rs promises to
deal with it "We can not just believe what we heard. Let us first see
if there is any evidence for all this. Then we will think of the next
action"  And RS is informed that MM decided to stay away from
this issue - which pleases him.

LR 3 is collecting dry clothes from the terrace - just then Priya
gets dropped by her BF - not just that, after he drops, both have a
kilu kilu talk, Priya taps him on the shoulder, smiles....and finally
comes home. LR 3 witnesses the whole drama. Priya enters the
house with an order for a cuppa. LR 3 stops her and tells her that
the cat is out of the bag "yaaru di avan?? bike le drop pannittu
pOraan??" Priya says that he is the brother of one of her friends.
LR 3 does not buy the story " brother nna, veettu vasalile drop pannalaame??? U can introduce him to me???  enough is
enough, no more college for you" LR2 comes and wants to know the scenario "Priya, whats up?? why is athai angry??"


Wednesday Updates - Dec  2nd 


Sivagami scolds her daughter for having a love affair and asks her to discontinue her studies.. She says I will get you  married and pack you off at the earliest.. Priya says he is my friend's brother.. Siva not prepared to listen.. Jeyanthy says athai don't be in a haste.. Kavya was educated so she got a well educated groom.. Now only if Priya studies we will be able to find a educated guy.. Please let her continue her studies.. Sivagami says both my daughters whom I married off never brought in a bad name for this family.. Kavya walked out of this house and lived with her friends.. But nobody said a bad word about her.. In fact she came back into this house coz her friends were not good.. I fear that this girl will tarnish our respect in society.. Jeyanthy says I agree that for middle class people like us prestige is important but studies is equally important.. Priya says anni mummy is illiterate and a village girl.. so she does not understand the nagareekam.. Sivagami's BP shoots up.. She says I may be illiterate but I can differentiate between good and bad.. Just wait for your dad and I will put a full stop for this.. My decision is the decision.. Jeyanthy panics and says athai please re-consider for a good future of Priya.. Otherwise you will repent like Archana's case.. Sivagami says all this while this girl is trying to defend that I am wrong and she is right.. She does not want to accept her mistake and apologize.. Jeyanthy immediately orders Priya to fall at Siva's feet and apologize.. Priya stand like a stone.. Jeyanthy forces Priya . Priya finally says amma I did a mistake without realizing the consequences.. I am sorry. She falls at her mom's feet and says please let me continue my studies.. Sivagami says ok. I pardon you.. this is the first and last warning.. Siva walks away and Priya runs into her room.. Jeyanthy walks behind her and bolts the door.. Praia chided her anni for making her fall at her mom's feet.. Jeyanthy says I did that for your good only.. nothing wrong in you freaking out with boy friends.. As parents they will put restrictions but as  youth you must break them and enjoy those little pleasures.. But you should be clever and not get caught like this.. Be careful next time.. I am with you come what may.. Priya apologizes for misunderstanding her anni.. Jeyanthy says I care for you and walks out with a wicked smile.. She says to herself.. I have spread the maya valai and you have fallen into it.. Wait and see I will use you and shatter your mom.. 


Alliance assembler comes to Bhagyam's home.. Bhagyam gives him a warm welcome and offers a seat for him.. he shows photos of some mechanic, electrician  guys for Rani.. Bhagyam chides him for finding a poor guy.. Assembler says I thought for your status only this is possible.. now than Selvam too is not in terms with you.. Bhagyam says ignore that fellow.. I can manage my daughter's marriage expenses.. who is he to conduct my daughter's marriage.. Archu decides to eavesdrop.. Bhagyam says I will prove to tsh world that we are not dependent on him. I can put 20 sovereigns of gold and buy a bike too for the groom.. Also I will find a big choultry and perform a grand marriage.. Assembler says oh.. your status has gone up so much is it.. I thought you will be able to give only 2-3 sovereigns.. hence I matched these guys.. Give some time.. I shall come back with guys matching your status.. Bhagyam says look for engineer or DR and send the assembler away .. Bhagyam loudly says He told that he will vacate the house the moment my daughter is married.. I have started looking for an alliance.. Get ready to pack and leave.. Archu is sad..


Night time Revathy and her mom are anxiously waiting for RS.. RS comes with a sad face.. Mangalam asks ennaga what happened.. Have you got evidence to prove that Vasu is a good guy.. RS says Hope I could says so. Reva asks what do you mean.. RS says I am feeling very sad to tell this.. I did not expect that Vasu will cheat us like this.. What we heard is true.. Reva and Mangu are shell shocked.. RS pulls out a framed photo of Vasu and Ranjani and gives it to Reva.. Reva is shattered.. RS gives the copy of ration card application .. he says from the info I gathered from the house owner, I used my influence and got this copy from civil supplies office. This application says they have applied for a new ration card claiming they are hubby and wifey.. Reva looks at the application and double checks it.. She is shattered.. RS says I asked the house owner and the neighbors too.. They are vouching that Vasu and that girl are living as husband and wife.. Reva and Mangu start their oppari.. RS wickedly smiles when they are not watching and changes to a sad face when they see him.. RS says Mangu Don't cry .. You are just recovering for your heart operation.. Too much stress can affect your health.. Mangu says why should I bother about my health .. when our only daughter life is wiped off.. She ran away without listening to her parents and has ruined her life.. What do we do.. RS says come lets go and ask nyayam..


Bhagyam invites all for dinner..  She identifies RS's car outside their home and runs out showing her 32 teeth and does a vanga samandhi as many times as possible.. RS and co come in.. Bhagyam says you told you will send your daughter after you come back.. Looks like you have returned early.. why did you take the pains of coming.. You could have just called me and I would have come and picked my DIL.. He asks Vasu to welcome RS.. Vasu does so reluctantly.. She instructs Poonga to pull a chair for RS.. RS says I have not come here to sit and have a joyful time it you all.. Bhagyam and Co are wondering what could be the problem.. RS says I have come here to ask nyayam for my daughter's life.. Vasu is confused.. A emotional Reva is standing like a statue



Thursday, Dec 3rd Update by atina 

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The whole episode is about Ranjani and RS........rubber oh....rubbber.......!!!!!
Angry Rs and his wife are in Vasu's house with Revathy. Rs asks," Yes I considered my daughter as a dead one and naan thalaiye muzhikitten....but out of anger any father would have done the same....but neer adichu neer vilagumaa? ( at this point Archana comes out of her room) after that I have accepted her just for my wife's sake? but now my daughter's life has become a bog question" Bagyam and Poonga ask what is the problem after all. RS immediately gives the photo of Vasu and Ranjani and tells," ithudaan prachanai"
Bagyam and every one is shcoked and she asks Vasu what is all this. Vasu simply stands there helplessly while Revathy murachifies Vasu....Finally Vasu opens his mouth and tells that this is not true. Now Rs takes the photo copy of Ranjani's house ration card form with Vasu's picture  and signature  in it.  Revathy starts screaming at him,"' just for your sake I went against my own father and came with and is this what you are giving me in return?" One more time Vasu is questioned by his parents and he starts telling the whole story of  Ranjani coming to his officce before three days....she is Ravi's mura ponnu....etc etc.....and he also tells that Ravi is aware of the whole situation....and he promised to him that he will be back from Mumbai soon to take Ranjani with him. "She is really like my sisiter and she calls me only anna.....I did not tell all this to Revathy....since there is some problem between me and revathy already...and I did not want to induce it more"
RS still accuses him and Poonga asks him to call his friend and talk. Vasu tries calling him but he could not get. So again RS blames him and Poonga asks Vasu to ask Ranjani to come there. Vasu calls and tells the problem to Ranjani and she also like a good girl tells Okay anna. She comes by auto and Vasu runs to her and brings her inside and he tells her to tell the truth to every one about them acting as husband and wife just to get a house for rent......he shows Revathy and tells," see here...she is wife please tell her everything Ranjani" Ranjani  is shocked and asks," if she is your wife...then who am I?"
Everyone is shocked to hear this and RS smiles himself. Ranjani cries and asks Vasu," ennathu...thangachee yaa...? how dare you call me as thangachi when you tied this thalli on my neck...? which unmai I should tell you all....thali kattinathaiyaa...or unga gorwing inside me.....which trueth I should tell? Is this the thaali which you tied on my neck right?" Vasu becomes speechless....and tells," no she is telling all lies....for some reason for someone else she is acting like this"
Revathy starts screaming again," I am not prepare to listen to your rubbish anymore...." Mangalam also curses him and Revathy tells that she is not ready to live with Vasu as his wiofe anymore. She goes to RS and tells," appa...I am really sorry for giving you this much pain...please arrange for my divorce....." Bagyam pleads her not to be hasty but revathy replies," how can I forgive him.....when I decided to move away from Vasu....Selvam maama only met me and requested me to come and live with him and change him to a good man...andI have been trying to do the same...but now everything has gone beyond the limit.....appa vaanga polam"
RS tells,"I only wanted to come here to ask nyayam for my daughter...but she on the other hand has already taken her final let us meet you in the court" As they leave from there Selvam enters and asks them to go inside with him as he wants to prove that Vsu is an innocent in this matter. Revathy says sorry she has no intention to live with him anymore but somehow Selam manages to bring them in and he looks at Vasu  and tells," the marriage between Vasu and this girl...all are not at all true" 
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Friday 4th December update

Everyone goes in to hear out what Selvam has to say, when Ranjani says what to discuss as its very clear Vasu tried the thaali on her. Selvam warn her to be quite cause she have talked her part , now its his turn. He stares at Archu and says even though they both agreed to stay away he cant stand and watch a innocent man been accused for something he didn't do. He talk to the rest and says this marriage and thaali is a big drama, Vasu haven't done anything wrong. Ranjani says that's not true when he tell her not shut up as the truth will come out soon. RS ask what kind of prove he has, when Shiva comes in with Ravi. Ravi seems to have been beaten up a lot, Vasu is stunned to his friend there as he tried to call him many times. Why did they beat up his friend? Shiva in return ask who is his friend? This fraud who played game with his life? Selvam ask ravi to tell the truth, RS is kind of afraid his true colour will come out while Selvam stares at him. Ravi says Ranjanis real name is Geetha, and they both decided to go ahead with this drama to spoil Vasu reputation and his marriage. Vasu is angry and ask why he did that when Ravi replies it his own fault. He used to play and flirt with a lot of girls before got married to revs. But it was a girl names Anu whom loved him very much but he broke her heart and moved on without thinking about anything but that girl turned into a mad girl and Geetha is none other than that girls elder sister. Everyone starts to accuse Vasu when Selvam very politely remind them, not to only think from one side as the fault is on Vasu as well. Now he has to face the consequences. Poonga thanks his son and so does Mangalam. She says as long as he lives on that house, her daughter to will stay happy. Ravi gives a look to RS that he didn't reveal him at all, Selvam warn him never to repeat that again, both Ravi and Geetha leaves. RS is leaved his drama didn't came out. Revs says sorry to Vasu and ask him to forgive her. She also thanks her dad for taking her there, if not then she would have never learned the truth. Everyone leaves.

ArVam goes to their room when Poonga stops him. He says was harsh earlier on him but only Selvam ha a great heart to do this. He turn to Bags and tell her ho much she insult his son but talks a lot of Vasu puranam, today it was his son who saved her sons honour, cants she can say a thanks to him at least? . Revs says its actually vasu who should thanks Selvam. Selvam says no need as he didn't do that cause of any brother sentiment but he was only on the truth sides and gores inside.

At Revs and Vasu room, revs says no need for any barrier between them but Vasu doesn't want to break the barrier. He want to wait until he achieve something in his life so her dad will accept him. She is proud of him.

Selvam ask whether Archu doesn't feel bad for him not staying away, Archu says nope she isn't but she is sad Bags always tries to find a reason to insult and hurt there, how much can they bear it. Selvam says that's her behaviour, and this is his, he can't change himself so its them who has to do that.

Jeyanthy sees a girl on the guy Priya hangs out with. She thinks so he is a flirter who hangs with different kind. She spot him and ask whether he is Priyas friend? Introduce herself as Priyas anni. He says not to think wrong of him. That girl was his cousins sister while Priya is his friend. Jeyanthy smell something fishy and ask whether he loves Priya? He says yup but doesn't have the courage to tell her that. She thinks to herself if this love story continue then her plan will flop. FREEZE


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Ahaaa... Thanks for the suda suda wonderful update Rojakka.
Yabbaaa.... final-a MM ellaththaiyum pesiyacha?!! Santhosham!  Nanumkuda Friday episode parthuttu ithuvum yaroda dream sequnce-oonu ninaichen.  For once Selvam did the right thing, and it shows the care he has on Archu.
Vasu - muRpagal seyyin piRppagal viLaiyum. - Eppavoo pannathukku ippa vasamaa Appu-la maattitee....  

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thanks for updates...hope LR1 will channge come she be so selfish? pity MM..always think about others. he should start to think about himself and archu soon...

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Thanks for the updates Roja..

Vasu.. unakku un mamanar correcta appu vechar..

This stupid MM will again go and help vasu.. adhan nee vedamnu poga sollitanaga illa.. vekkam manam illa.. U said I am here only for Rani.. Now why do you want poke into Vasu's life... Better tell reva's mom.. I am not a part of that family anymore..  Please meet my mom..

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Thanks for the updates Roja akka..

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Thanks for the update roja akka.
selvam nallathaan pesinaaru...but at the end whe said that he is here only becoz for rani....DeadDead....neenga illainna avangalukku onnum nadakadho..illai neenga panna pora help aa unga chithi mummy yethukkaporangala..
yaarumaey illadha kadaiyila yaarukkuya tea aathuraAngry

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Thanks, Nithya.  Sounds like today's episode will be interesting.  What will LR1 do now, will she open her mouth and scream at Rajashekar the way she screams at everyone else for maligning her arumai son, Vasu?  I have a feeling that Selvam will come, and as usual Archana will tell him about all this the minute his food is served on the plate, and he will go out and find out everything about Ranjini.  Or worse, he would have already done his share of spying and found out that she has been set up by RS, in which case, tomorrow we will see him bringing her in just as RS announces that he has evidence that Vasu is married to her.  If so, today's episode will focus on Priya, Selvam trying to hunt down this Ranjani, and maybe a little bit of Sori and Kavya.  This is my guess.  Atina, let us see what is in store for you.

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Selvam..u Angry, i was so happy to see reva walk out frfom Vasu's life..u  make me upset..let this family suffer for awhile..after what they have done for u and archu..u r really MM.Angry 
thank u for updates

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