Meli's Taang Keecho/ Vambhu Izhukkum B-day party!! (Page 8)

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Originally posted by -Samiya-

Aish I Sarika di added ur name to the msg too..but dunno where it went Confused I think I deleted sum by accident sorry Embarrassed but ur name was defo there =)

Awww... that is so sweet hun.. it is not a problem dear HugHugHug... Man i wonder what our Sarika di will  think if she ever read those horoscopes ShockedShocked... Nahiiiiii.. ROFL....

@ all... Melz is currently having some net problem... and as soon as she gets her net problems solved.. she'll be back with us to thank...

Edited by aisha_muka1984 - 02 December 2009 at 4:22pm

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

Omg...I love this pucca, AishEmbarrassed Thats so typical me when i was a kid...I mean B shakingROFL
ROFL that me, your little sis  sitting on your shoulder FB anneLOL

Y'all ready for it??? .... Here we GOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo

To kick start the day... we're proud to bring forth to you the best salsa dance ever.... Please welcome
Arjun Punj and Aunty MS (from Kitani Mohhabat Hai) !!!

Wow!!! what an amazing performance that was!!!  Something I'll never be able to forget ROFLROFL... after all, many girls were jealous seeing our Aunty dance with their heartthrob, Arjun Punj ROFLROFLROFL...



                                                                  Latto lattoo Mein Uss Pe Lattoo LOL

And the one who tops the 'Lattoo Hogayi' chart is our Birthday Gal!  Seeing this performance not only make her jealous, but also shed a few crocodile tears Cry LOLwell well well.. it's all a blackmail to have Arjun (sweetly called Ajju) all to herself Wink......
man...that salsa was the worst i ever have seenClown...poor my hubby who was stucked uoith aunty ji...but u know not jealousLOLLOL..but our Tarzhu was heartbroken his lady love danced with my hubby nuROFL ROFLROFLROFL

As I speak of the devil Shocked...
waaah there she is!!  But she is a our cute little devil... and an angel.... unless someone tries to enter her territory... that is when someone tries to steel her heartthrobs  LOLLOL...

Her list of crushes is never ending.....
Actor Imran Khan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harshad Chopra (Prem Juenja),Karan Kundar (Arjun Punj), Sushant Rajput (Preet Juneja), Tamil Actor Karthi, Telugu Actor Mahesh, and her latest crush being Ranbir Kapoor.... Phew...D'oh... I finally managed to put up a list.. LOLLOL.. but trust me, I know I'm missing a few names OuchCry... hmm... what an interesting lady ehLOLLOL!!
Erm...Ermm...should i outuvittufies your list ma kannu..?Evil Smile 

Her journey on IF began on October 22nd, 2005.... when she frantically searched the net for her favorite show Karam Apna Apna Tongue.... especially Shiv (initially played by Iqbal Khan EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)... Thank God she spared Angad Khanna (played by Iqbal Khan Embarrassed)... since many are after Angad to this day (me included LOLLOL) it wrong naOuch It was cause of Kavyanjali I ended up in I-F but started to become active on KAA as Iqqu was thereEmbarrassed

ShockedShockedShockedShockedithu enna dress...if Mother India sees me on that dress....i need to digg my own grave and can ever get up from itLOL

will come back and edit Embarrassed

First and foremost...
I wish to gift you a Poem I had written 11 months back! 
Even though it was written upon a request...
every time I read this poem, it reminds me of you....

after all, those words I've chosen (along with Thenu) are really meant for you....
Enjoy Kannu Hug

Ennathuyir sagothariyay....

Aish IF Jan' 09

Kaalaiyil malarum suriyan pol...

Un pon siripal ennai magilavaithaai!

Maalayil valarum vennilla pol...

Un petchinaal ennai kuliravaithai!

 Sorgalogathu thevathai pol...

Un paasathinaal ennai aravannaithaai!

Kanneer mazhayil thegum patcham....

Saaivathartku oru thozhaaginaai!

 Santhosa mazhaiyil moozhkum patcham....

Oru Nalvirumbhiyaanai!

 Ennathuyir thozhiye...

eppozhuthum anaiyaatha Jothi nee!

 Thozhi mattum alla....

Enathuyir sagothariyum kooda nee!

 Ini Varum kaalangalilum...

 inbum mattum pongattum thangal vaalvil!

 Itthirunaalil... enathu manamaarntha pirantha naal nal vazhthukkal!!!

                                                                    Unnathu anbu Saashaa, Kat, Maapu Ayya...

For such a wonderful Friend like you, here is a small Gift!!

Smiles and laughter.... joy and cheer!
New happiness that stays throughout the year!
Hope your birthday brings all these and more...
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!
                                                              - unknown author

It's so good to know someone special, who shares,
My secrets, my laughter, my dreams and my cares,
Someone through good times and bad, when there's tears,
It's good to know you (Meli), our sister and friend.....
....through the years,
Happy Birthday!!!
                                                               - unknown author

HappyBirthday8.gif happy birthday: ballons image by simmolp

Well.. Well.. Well... this is not the end... the night is still young WinkLOLLOL and all the Taang Kichaayi/ Vambhukku Izhukkufies are yet to begin..Wink... so please join us below!!!

Introducing the Masters of Ceremony
~Two hotties of Indian Entertainment World~

Tamil Lounge Galatta
~by Rojapoooo (Moderator, Tamil Section)~

Yalla Habibi - a dream trip to Dubai

~by Kitni Mohabbat Hai Chat Club Parvar~

We Petta Betta Rap
~a modern Rap by Actors Arjun Punj and Siddhart~

We've two hotties here with us today as Masters of Ceremony...
(Tamil Makkalee... don't worry.. ithu Thaadhi Maamaa and FB Mani illeva allaLOL)...

They are the heartthrobs of the many girls on IF... They are none other than....

Arjun Punj and Actor Siddharth

Floodlight vspace5 Picasion.Com vspace5 Floodlight vspace5

Arjun Punj

(color coded in maroon)

Salaam Namasthe , Satsriyakaal, Adaab Pyaare Doston
Munni Ki Thaang Keechayi Party Mein Aap Sab ka Swagath hai

I'm Arjun Punj and today we have a special co host here with us... please welcome .........

Even before Arjun introduces Siddharth... the latter sings out loud...

Naan Aanai Ittal, Adhu Nadanthu Vitaal,
Inge Meli Kutty Nondhu Poyi Noodles Aavaal
Naam Ulla Varai,Escape ku Chance Illai,
Escape aaga Vaaype Ille
Meli Escape aagarthukku Vaaype Ille...

(writer's note:  MGR is a famous yesteryear actor of Tamil Cinema)

A confused Arjun wonders, Kya? Naan Aana It All, ....OMG Bachaao ....Mujhe Chakkar Aa Raha Hai.. Ajju  Bhaag.....

(Ennathu? 'Naan' Aana It All a?...OMG Kaapathungo... Enakku Thalayellam Suthudhe...Ajju Es Aayidu) vspace5  


(color coded in green)

NOTE: Naan in Tamil means I... while it also means the food Naan LOL

Hence Sid explains, hey Chill Dude, Mein tho sirf MGR ko Imitate Kar Raha Tha... Darro Math Yaar
Kuch Samaj Mein Aaya?
Hey Cool Down Machcha.... Naan Chumma MGR ayya ve Imitate Pannikittirundhein...Bayapadathe Machchi...
Enna Edhavathu Madele Ericha?

Arjun: Arre Sid Kahaan Phasa Diya?,
Ek tho mein Dieting Karke thakk gaya
Aur tum aathe hi 'Naan' ke baare me gaa rahe ho...
Mummy ...Mujhe Bhook Lag Rahi Hai....

Ada Paavi Sid, Enna Enga Maativida Patha?
Naane Dieting Senju Senju Tired Aayittein
Idhule Nee Vera vandhu, "Naan' Chappathi nu Paatellam Eduthu Vidre?
Amma.. Enakku Pasikkudhe, Thaaye Pasikudhe

Sid: Oh Ho Bachchu, Yeh Khaane ki Cheez Nahi Hai.....
Dont worry okay,, Show Khatham hone ke baadh
Mein Mummy se bolke tujhe Sukha DIET Roti banake doonga..
Ab tho Haso Bachcha

Achacho Kozhanda, Idhu Saapadre Matter Illa Kannu
Kavalapadadhe .... Show Mudinjathum
Naan Mummy Kitta sollu Unaku Diet Roti Oil Poda ma Panni Thara Sollarain
Ippovachu Konjam Siriyen

Hey Tum ne tho sab doston Welcome Kiya Na?
Hey Nee Mattum Un Nanbargale Welcome Panne Le?

Chalo now let me welcome my friends...
Sari Ippo Naan En Friends Welcome Pannattum

Periyorgale.. thaaimaargale...
Hot chicks gale.... my opponents gale....
Ellorkum Vanakkam,Vandhanam, Swaagatham...
(Welcome speech in Tamil by Sid)

Engal ulaga azhagi Meli yin pirantha thinam andru..
inge koodiyirukkum anaivarukkum
nandri nandri nandri..

Arjun: Hamaari World Beauty Meli ki Janam Din Par
Yahaan Maujood Sabhi Doston ko
Sukriya Dhanyavaad Thank you....


The massive hit of the year Down by Jay Sean

Baby are you down down down down down
Down... Down...
Even if the sky is falling down
Down... Down..

You oughta know tonight is the night to let it go...
put on a show...
I wanna see how you lose control..

So leave it behind' cause we have a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me...
as we make our great escape.

So baby don't worry, you are my only,
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You'll be my only, no need to worry..

Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,

Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down


Aayiye, Hum Sab Milke Kuch Tasty Golgappe or Vadai Chakke Mazaa Lenge woh bhi freshly Made Girly Alcoholic Bevarage ke saath...

Aamaam Nanbargale....

Party nnu vanthaale... saapadhu thaan rombha rombha mukkiyom... athuvum leg pulling party nnu vantha... sollave thevayille.. athanaala.... vanga naama Vadai.. Pani Poori ellam Margaritas oda serthu pattaya kelapuvom! 




Coming up next...

Tamil Lounge Galatta
~by Rojapoooo (Moderator, Tamil Section)~

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  TongueBelated Birthday wishes meli madame.Many more happy returns of the day.Tongue

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

Woohooo!!!!  Someone so special... has wished you our B-day Baby... She is none other than the one who has entertained us all this while DancingDancingDancingDancing... she is none other than our Aunty... Sarika Didi PartyPartyPartyParty..... Thank you Sarika Didi Hug!!!

.... man in the last couple of weeks.. i tried to get a hold of Karan and Krithika.... LOLLOL.. but thanks to our Samiya... she got a hold of Sarika Didi.. as per her promise ... Samiya... Thank you so much hun for this... Hug... This is really speciaL!!!

ShockedOh boy....I never expected this msg from our Aunti was a such a pleasant and unexpected surpriseEmbarrassed…who thought the aunty who had a crush on Ajju on KMH will wish miss those days on KMH CC days.Cry

Thanks a lot Samiya for getting the msg from herHug..plz do thank her on my behalf next time you chat with her, sweetyEmbarrassed

Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

Flowers Glitter Graphics

I like this poem  and thought that it is apt to tell you on this day!!!!!! So here it is

Friends Glitter Graphics
Friends Glitter Graphics
Dividers Graphics

~ Atina ~

Our journey together started when I got the PM from you about BhandamEmbarrassed..i still remember that PMLOLLOL...from that day, there is no way back...  That was a sweet poem da and the words are so trueEmbarrassed 
You have always been there for me..thanks for always being on my side, for your protection and support.a simple word cant be enough for thanking youHugHugHug
 see you soon  on your thread within few weeks yaarLOL
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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happy birday again mels Hug

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HOWDIE MELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Melz..u Lazy girll where r u?
u still havent replied yet to us..LOL
r u still daydreaming about Punjiii?
-Imu.M- IF-Rockerz

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Hello Mayli, *Dirty*, Hello Devil LOLLOLLOL ..
How are you ??, I Know I didn't wish you on time, as you know I had exams during then and even though was on india-forums, I still didn';t wish you, Please forgive me ConfusedConfused ..

Anywaii, I wish you get OLD very soon, So I can start calling you Nani ROFL ..
Kos youve been horrible to me.

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