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MY DMG- AR FANFIC : 136-149Updated (Page 62)

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PART 153

recap:armaan thought abt the great plan as they were alone today!!!!!. 

armaan:acha tumhe papa, nani aur angi se milne ka maan tha na. chalo chalte hai milne 
ridz:tum kitne ache ho armaan i luv u(& hugs him) 
armaan :i luv u too basket. 
shashank opens the door 
shashank:armaan, ridhima beta tum. wat a pleasant surprise. 
ridz hugs shashank 
nani: meri bachi agaye. kaise hai tu aur tum kaise ho armaan 
armaan:mein aur riddhima bilkul theek hai nani. 
ridz gets little emotional as she meets them after a long time& arman consoles her 
nani & shashank r watching this r really happy to see their love for each other 
armaan:papa ab mein chalta hoon mujhe kuch kaam hai. (  thinks abt the plan) 
riddhima mein tumhe thodi deer mein pick karne ata hoon 
ridz:pata nahi ab armaan ko kya hogaya hai 
armaan: jaldi karo 5 bajne hi wale hai& after everything is done he goes to pickup ridz. 
armaan in car: 
armaan: acha ridz close ur eyes. plz hum ghar poohcne hi wale hai 
ridz: par kyun armaan 
armaan : tum mere leye itna bhi nahi kar sakti(& makes sad face)  
ridz: mein tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakti hoon& she closes her eyes. 
now armaan opens the door of their house: 
armaan: aankhe khol lo jaan 
ridz opens the eyes & sees a beautifull house.decorated 
with roses of different colours & in between their was a 
table for 2 with candle in center & lights were dim. 
the house looked like a palace. 
ridz: ye... ye saab mere liye 
armaan: meri sab se pyari jaan ke liye 
& he takes her hand & make her sit on chair. 
armaan & ridz feed each other from same plate 
armaan: khaan kaisa hai. meine banaya hai 
ridz had tears in her eyes. 
armaan:khaana acha nahi hai to mat khao par ro mat 
ridz: khaana bohot achaa hai. par mein isleye ro rahi hoon kyuki mein soch rahi hoon ki koi mujse itna pyaar kaise kar sakta hai. kya ye pyaar mein deserve karti hoon 
armaan: jaan tum bahut achi ho aur tum ise bhi jyada pyaar deserve karti ho. now stop crying jaan 
armaan: chalo jaan lets dance 
armaan plays the soft romantic music!!!!! 
armaan puts both his hand on her bare waist & 
ridhima puts it around his neck. they r really close& 
r dancing really slow lost in each other!!!!!!!!! 

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PART 154

Recap: Armaan took Riddhima to meet her dad and nani and then gave her a sweet romantic surprise in the evening at home. 

After finishing the food, Armaan and Riddhima had a slow dance in their balcony and were completely lost in each other when suddenly, both of them came back to their senses. 

A: Toh Riddhima tumhe mera surprise pasand aaya? (in a curious and enthusiastic tone) 
R: Nahin Armaan! (in an angry tone….lowering her eyes and facing the floor) 

Listening to that, Armaan felt disappointed and made a sad face and then asked her… 

A: Toh tumhen pasand nahin aaya? (in a less enthusiastic way) 

R: Nahin (still facing the floor….but was also trying to see Armaan's expressions by raising her eyes from time to time in between) 
This time, she wanted to play a prank on Armaan and enjoy its outcome. LOL 

Armaan was feeling low after hearing this and felt as if he was not able to reach upto Riddhima's expectations. His mood and facial expressions started to take a drastic change from being completely joyful and excited to being sad and dissatisfied. He now lowered his head and started to think where he went wrong with his plan. 

Seeing this, Riddhima being Riddhima (as in being gentle at heart) couldn't continue playing with Armaan anymore and ultimately raised his face from his chin with her right hand and then held his face in both her hands. 

R: Armaan, mujhe tumhara surprise pasand nahin bahut pasand aaya (said with a smile on her face to cheer Armaan up) 

While saying this, Riddhima couldn't control her emotions and tears started flowing from her eyes. These tears were not flowing because of any pain or unhappiness but, instead, were flowing because of the happiness given by Armaan's love. She felt so happy and thankful to God for giving her such a devoted and loving husband who could do anything to make his love happy. 

A: Arre Riddhima, tum ro kyun rahi ho? (in a concerned voice) 
R: Woh Armaan, I am sorry! Please forgive me. 

Armaan couldn't understand why Riddhima was asking for forgiveness. 

A: Riddhima, tum sorry kyun keh rahi ho? 
R: Armaan, woh main tumhen satana chahti thi, isliye tumhen pareshan karne ke liye maine tumse kaha woh sab. 

Now, Armaan understood everything and started smiling. He hadn't seen anyone in his life as innocent as Riddhima. He wondered how anyone could be so innocent and gentle at heart. 

A: Isse toh jhooth bhi bolna nahin aata (thinking and smiling to himself) 
R: Armaan, tumne kuchh kaha? (in an innocent way) 

Armaan came back to his senses. 

A: Huh? Nahin, kuchh nahin. It's okay basket, bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain. (and winked at her) LOL 
R: Armaan, tum bhi na, bade filmi ho! 
And they both started laughing. 

After dancing for a while, both Armaan and Riddhima felt like concluding their dance. 
Armaan then interrupted. 

A: Umm….Riddhima! (with a raised eyebrow) 
R: Haan Armaan? 
A: Mummy aur Papa aaj kitne baje aayenge? 
R: Armaan, mummy ne kaha tha ki unhen der ho jaayegi aane mein. Most probably, raat tak hi aayenge. 
A: Great! (to himself in an excited way) 
R: Kuchh kaha tumne? 
A: Nahin, woh main soch raha tha ki kyun na hum aaj ki saari shaam relax karen apne bedroom mein? (with a cheeky face) 

Riddhima knew what Armaan meant by that. 
R: Armaan, tum kabhi nahin sudhar sakte. (was blushing and hitting him playfully on his chest) 
Armaan started laughing on hearing this. 

R: Armaan! Kyun na hum aaj ek romantic movie dekhen? 
She had a shine in her eyes as she said that. 
A: Movie??? Kya yaar Riddhima? Movie bhi koi dekhne ki cheez hai? 
He behaved in a revolting way as if a candy was taken from a child. LOL 
R: Please Armaan, mujhe movie dekhni hai. (with a cute face) 

Seeing Riddhima all excited about the movie, Armaan had no choice but to accept her demands. So, he took out a "Classic" romantic movie DVD from his collection and inserted it into the DVD player and sat on the couch in the living room. Riddhima prepared some popcorns and bought them in a bowl and sat on the couch beside Armaan all ready to watch the movie. Armaan pressed the "Play" button and the movie started running. 

Riddhima was all busy watching the movie with the popcorn bowl on her lap and was having a great time. Armaan on the other hand, was feeling bored. So, he slowly and steadily started coming closer to Riddhima. 
Riddhima was so deeply engrossed in the movie that she didn't even pay attention to what Armaan was feeling or doing. Suddenly, Riddhima felt a touch of someone's nose on her neck. She faced her right side and it was Armaan. Armaan was now kissing her neck. 

R: Kya hai Armaan? Movie enjoy karo! (In an irritated and angry voice as she was getting disturbed) 
A: Wohi toh kar raha hoon (with an innocent face yet having a slight cheeky smile on his face) 
R: Yahan nahin wahan dekho (and turned his face from herself to the Tv screen) LOL 

Armaan made a sad face but still was not ready to give up. He put his hand inside the popcorn bowl where Riddhima's hand was and took the popcorns from her hand and ate them. LOL 

Since, Riddhima was all busy with the movie, she didn't let that distract her and again put her hand inside the bowl to take some more popcorns from it. Armaan being Armaan, again placed his hand inside the bowl and opened Riddhima's folded fingers. This lead the popcorns to fall from her hands back inside the bowl. He then interlocked his fingers with hers and tightened his grip. Riddhima on noticing this got angry. 

R: Armaan, tum chup chaap movie nahin dekh sakte? (With her eyes all bulging out with anger) 
A: Chup chaap hi toh dekh raha hoon Riddhima! (with a cheeky face) 
R: Aage dekkhar movie dekho! Aur, yeh lo popcorn khao! (and she put a popcorn in his mouth) 

Armaan again made a sad face and thought to himself... 
A: Yeh Riddhima bhi na! Itna achha mauka mila tha aaj akele time spend karne ka. Maine kya kya soch kar rakha hua tha aaj ke liye. Par nahin, in madam ko toh movie dekhne ki padi hai (with his puppy like face). 
A: Is movie ke hero se zyada "handsome" ladka in madam ke saath baitha hai; jo inka real life "Hero" hai, par, dekho kaise usse ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahi hai…hm! (in irritated tone) 

All irritated and in a desperate need of getting Riddhima's attention, he paused the movie. 

R: Armaan! Yeh kya kar rahe ho? Itna achha scene chal raha tha.(in an angry tone) 
A: Arre Riddhima, yeh movie "Mature Audience" ke liye hai. Tum mat dekho. LOL LOL LOL 
R: Toh main kya tumhen bachhi nazar aati hoon? (Again in an angry tone). Chalo Armaan, "Play" karo. 
A: Uff! (in an irritated voice) 

Armaan then unpaused the movie and was all ready to be bored again. 

In the movie, some ahem ahem scenes b/w the male and female lead actors started to take place. Seeing this, Riddhima started to feel shy and started blushing badly. She tried to act as if she was not watching the movie but was rather busy looking at something else at her left side with the back side of her head facing Armaan. 

On the other hand, Armaan knew why Riddhima was looking in the opposite direction and came close to her and started kissing her on her neck. Feeling Armaan's warm lips touch her cold skin, Riddhima said… 

R: Armaan! (in a whispering tone) 

Armaan then turned Riddhima's face towards his side and started to kiss the front side of her neck. Armaan's warm lips were making Riddhima melt and it showed on her face. 
Armaan seeing Riddhima's facial expressions felt happy and started to move his lips towards her chin. 

R: Armaan! (in a whispering tone) 
A: Riddhima! (in a whispering tone as well) 

Armaan then moved towards her lips and was about to kiss her when the doorbell rang. Armaan and Riddhima both came back to their senses. 

R: Lagta hai mummy, papa aa gaye. (In a scared and nervous voice while putting her saree pallu back on her shoulder properly) 
A: Haan darwaaza kholo! 

Riddhima went towards the door and opened it and saw the Postman standing there. LOL 

R: Oh Postman! (Felt relaxed and smiled) 

Armaan felt like being naughty again and hid behind the door so that the postman could not see him and started pulling Riddhima's pallu. Riddhima didn't want the Postman to see that, so, she signed the document quickly and took all the letters from him. 
Armaan, during that time was in full naughty mood and was thus rolling himself in Riddhima's pallu. Riddhima quickly shut the main door and saw that Armaan had Riddhima's pallu all around him LOL and was standing just a few inches away from her. 

They both started gazing in each other's eyes when the main door suddenly opened and to Armaan's and Riddhima's surprise, Armaan's mom and dad were standing at the entrance. LOL 

A & R together: Mummy, Papa aap? (With shocked face) 

Armaan quickly realized that he was surrounded by Riddhima's pallu. So, he quickly unrolled himself. 

A: Woh main Riddhima ko theek se saree baandhna sikha raha tha (felt all embarrassed) LOL 

Armaan's Mom and Dad were still standing there with shocked faces in front of Armaan and Riddhima….. 

Xxx xxx 

That's it guys! 

Please comment after reading as that's what encourages me to write more. 

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PART 155

armaan takes ridhima to meet shashank and nani then they come home and spend a romantic time together the door belll rings it was the postman ridhima is signing and armaan is trying to take a pallu off the post man goes and ridhima see armaan wrapped aroung her pallu and he is reallly close to her, armaan's parrent come in and see armaan wrapped in ridhima's pallu and so close 

A & R together: Mummy, Papa aap? (With shocked face) 
Armaan quickly realized that he was surrounded by Riddhima's pallu. So, he quickly unrolled himself. 
A: Woh main Riddhima ko theek se saree baandhna sikha raha tha (felt all embarrassed) 
Armaan's Mom and Dad were still standing there with shocked faces in front of Armaan and Riddhima….. 

armi: mom dad mein woh 
mom: armaan beta yeh sab tum 
riddz: mummy ji mein yeh sab armaan ki galti hai 
armi: KYA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [shocked] 
riddz: haan tumhare glati hai 
armi: meri sab tumhare galti hai 
riddz :nahi meri nahi tumhare 
armi: tumhare 
riddz: tumhare 
armaan's mom and dad moved out of the coversation and went into their room 

armaan and ridhima were stilll fighting 
armi: ridhima yeh sab meri galti nahi hai 
riddz: jaisi meri galti hai 
armi: haan tumhare hai KYU ridhima KYU [fake crying] 
riddz: armaan i'm really sorry mein kya kiya plz rona mat plz 
armi: ridhima tumhare hi galti hai tum hamesha inti koobsurat jo lakti ho [starts laughing] 
riddz: toh yeh sab mazzak ta [very angry] 
armaan realises what he has done and he holds her hand 
but ridhima pulls her hand off and runs to her room 

armi to himself: yeh maine kya kiya 
armi :mujhe hi kuch karna chahiyeh 

armaan rushes to his room 
ridhima is sitting on the bed and is really sad 
armaan comes in 
armi :ridhima 
ridhima stands up 
riddz: mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai plz yaha se joa 
armi: ridhima plz suno na 
riddz: ARMAAN JOA YAHA SE JOA [shouting] 
armaan felt a different tone in her voice 
armaan left from the room crying he went to the garden behind his house. 

in ridhima's room 
riddz: apne app ko kya samage ta hai phele mummy or papa ji ke samne woh sab hua aur fir mere dil ke saath mazzak kiya mein usse kabhi maff nahi karugi. 
ridhima came downstairs armaan's mom and dad were having dinner 
mom: ridhima beti kanna kale 
riddz: ji mummy ji 
dad: aur yeh armaan kaha hai 
ridhima's head shot up with concern. 
mom: haan bahar bhi kitne barish ah rahi hai 
dad: lakta hai tufaan ane wala hai 
riddz: mummy ji armaan kaha hai [very worried] 
mom: mujhe laga tumhe pata hoga 
just then armaan's mom and dad finish their food and went to their room 

ridhima was crying really badly 
riddz: yeh sab meri hi waje se ho raha hai 
it stated to thunder and lightening 
ridhima got really scared 
riddz: armaan kaha to tum 
ridhima decided to search the whole house she searched the whole house but still no armaan 
ridhima was really scared now and she couldn't control her tears they were flowing like the niagara fall 
she went up to her room and sat down on the bad letting all the tears come down no one there to comfort her to conesol her no one there to lay her head on. Just one thing kept commign in her head NO ARMAAN NO ARMAAN NO ARMAAN she had no control over herself. 
She remembered how she had screamed at armaan 


armi :ridhima 
ridhima stands up 
riddz: mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai plz yaha se joa 
armi: ridhima plz suno na 

* end of flashback* 

riddz: meine aisa kyu kiya kyu 
riddz: sab meri hi galti hai mein hamesha armaan se ladti hoon bar bar sirf usi par naraz hoti hoon 
ridhima got up and went near the window she stood there for a few mins and then she saw someone out there sitting on the swing he was crying really bad he was dripping went thundering all around him and lightening everywhere 
ridhima tried to see who is was she tried her best but she couldn'e she gave it a last try she saw the person ridhima had the most shocking face on her tears were coming out really fast now 
riddz: ARMAAN 
ridhima ran downstairs she ran right to the back to the garden armaan back was facing her 
riddz: ARMAAN [screamed it out] 
armaan looked back and stook up ridhima came running and hugged him as tight as she could armaan couldn't help it he hugged he back as hard as he could ridhima parted first she went closer to him she brought him face closer to hers she put armaan hand on her back and the other on her waist ridhima lifted her self a bit and started kissing armaan it started out really gently and slowly but them ridhima put more presure into it she brought armaan more and more closer armaan put as more and twise of presure into the kiss he didn't want to left go of her he wanted more and more and more armaan stopped and went to her neck kissing every single inch of it he took he pallu of and layed her down on the grass he went to the other side of her neck not leaving a single part of her neck empty without his kisss.Ridhima was exploring armaan back caressing his hair, armaan then started kissing her stomach he wanted every part of her body with his kisses 

riddz: arrrmmmaaannn [gaspping with his every touch] 
armi: shhh ridhima kuch maat khena ajj toh tumne bohot kaha abb kuch nahi 
armaan went down to her feet her slowly took of her payal and kissed her anckle 

armaan picked her up in his arms and took her in their room 
he placed her onto the bed he untied her top kissing every part of her top leaving a trail of kissing 
ridhima stated to unbutton armaan's shirt she took of his top and started kissed her chest leaving lipstick marks everywhere she got on top of armaan and started kissing his neck and then leading up to his shoulders she underlocked her fingers with his not letting him or this moment to leave.Armaan was just staring at riddz following every single gaze of hers not letting his eyes move from hers as ridhima was kissing his bare chest moving up to him forehead then his cheeks on to his chip and then juts waiting for their lips to me meat and again back into a passionate kiss not letting their lips to be out of it 
armaan was rubbing his leg into ridhima. 
Ridhima was happy to win armaan back she promised to never letting a tear in his eyes ever again she will never lose him. 

riddz: armaan plz mujhe maff kardo 
armi: ridhima tumhe maffi magne ki koi karurat nahi hai 
riddz: armaan tum inte ache ho sab meri hi galti thi 
armi: shhh ab kuch nat khena ab toh sirf humhare dill ki dadkaan baat karege 
with that armaan started kissing her again 
riddz :I LOVE U 

With that armaan pulled ridhima into him and then he pulled the bed covers. The only thing that had seen this was the shinning mooon whowere smilling at them. 

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PART 156

Recap:-Ar spend sum cute moments 2gether... 

IN d mornin:- 
AR sleepin... 

suddenly armaan's fone rings... 
R-is still sleeping... 
A-picks up d fone... 
A-hello(in a sleppy tone) 
A-whose dat??? 
Caller-arre vah riddhima se shaddi karke mujhe bhul gaye??? 
A-hello...cant u answer a simple question...if u cant den plz lemme sleep... 
bi...n yawns 
Caller-hey w8... 
A-now wat??? 
Caller-sings sum kiddy song... 
A-gets up...n is in a shock... 
R-who was sleepinj on armaans shoulder got up... 
kya hua armaaan???sone bhi nahi dete... 
A-gets up from d bed... 
A-Tia tum???? 
T-ji bro mein... 
A-awww...after soo long...kahan ho?? 
R-kaun hai?? 
R-got angry... 
R-got up from d bed n went to teh washroom... 

A still tokin to her...sis... 
T-bro in in USA 
A-abhi tak??? 
T-ji bro...bas airport ja rahi huun... 
T-india aa rahi huun bro...mumbai...n den im gonan meet bhabhi(riddhima) 
A-woow!!!! luv u...u w8in...yeh even shes diein to meet u... 
T-meri flight kal shaam ko land hogi... 
A-ok i'll pick u up...wid riddhima 
T-ok u... 
A-bi sweety...luv u...muah... 
T-cuts the fone... 

R in the washroomn... 
-samajhta kya hai aapne aap ko???koi aaiuse baat karta hai kya???how mean...i hate him... 
fone pe i luv u kar raha hai...hogi koi ex girlfren... 

A-riddhima...riddhima...kahan ho tum??? 
he cant fuind riddhiam anywhere... 
he goes n opens d door of the washroom... 
its locked... 
R-kya hai??? 
A-arre...mein kabse tumhe bula raha huun...tum jawab hi nahi de rahi... 
R-freshen's up n cums out... 

A-guud mornin svtheart... 
R-dosent listen to him...n just walks n goes to the balcony... 
A-arre aiise kya hua??? 
R-is standin in d balcony... 
A-goes up to her 
n hugs her from bak... 
Riddhima tries to escape from his grip...she tries hard but cant... 
A-tumhe kya hua???btw aaj meri guud mornin kiss ka kya hua??? 
R-tumhe uuski kya zaarurat hai...jao aapni uus fone wali se le lo... 
R-kya hai??? 
A-lol...shes my sister...TIA... 
R-wat???n she dey r standin face to face... 
A-still laughin... 
R-blushes...n her head is down... 
A-still laughin...n den says...see tumhe jalan hui 
A-na na na...Mrs.Mallik...ko jealousy hui... 
R-shut up armaan!!! 
A-aacha yeh sab choodo...ab toh meri guud mornin kiss de do... 
R-ok den close ur eyes... 
A-closes his eyes...but den opens n says...nahi u'll run away... 
R-nahi...close ur eyes if u luv me... 
R-is abt to run... 
A-gets to know shes gonan run...he pulls her...n now dey r standin rilli close... 
A-aaj toh nahi choodunga... 
R-blushes...armaan plz... line socho... 
R-laughs...armaan koi dekh leega... 
A-omg...riddhima...mein..tumhare husband huun...aur hum aapne kamre mein hain...aur hum kuch bhi kareen... 
A-just 1 kiss riddhima... 
R-is abt to kiss him... 
AM-Armaan beta...Riddhiam beta...neeche aao... 
A-uuuf...pehle hitler beech mein aati thi..ab mom... 
R-gives him a quick lip kiss...n says bi.. 
A-hmm...yummmy...baaki bad mein... 
R-blushes...n says ab chalo neeche... 

Dey go down n den dey all hav breakfast n all... 
After sumtym in AR's room... 

AR r sittin n as usual armaan is flirtin wid her.. 
R-armaan chalo anjali di aur atul se milne chalte hain... 

n suddenly Riddhima's fone rings... 
R-picks it up... 
Angie-hey riddhima... 
R-hi di... 
A-is kissin her...on her shoulder... 
Angie-kya hua ridzi?? 
R-ab...voh..kuch nahi di... 
Angie-so r u aur armaan kaisa hai?? 
R-mein theek huun...aur armaan bhi theek hai... 
aab batao how r u n Atul jiju??? 
Angie-we r guud...we r just at a plant exhibition... 
A-starts kissin her on her neck... 
R-armmaan!!! w8... 
Angie-kya hua ridzi...armaan kya har raha hai?? 
R-nahi kuch nahi... 
R-luuks at armaan wid big big eyes...and wid an angry face.. 
A-makes an innocent puppy face... 
R-kisses him on his cheeks... 

R-ya temme...hows lyf?? 
Angie-ntn...was missin u...tum toh mujhe bhul hi gaye ho... 
R-no di..not at all...abhi i was just tellin armaan...dat let us all meet up... 
Angie-hears dis...n laughs... 
Armaan-snatches d fone her ridzi's hands.. 
A-hey angie...yeh riddhima ne nahi maine kaha tha... 
R-snatches d fone... 
nahi di i said dis... 
Angie-laughs...Riddhaim tum dono abhi bhi aise hi ladte rehte ho... 
R-di yeh armaan mujhse hamesha ladta hai... 
n suddenly...Atul shouts...anjali dekho...jalid aao.. 
Angie-ridzi mein baad mein col karti huun...atul ko shayad koi plant pasand aa gaya hai... 

n cuts d fone... 
R-armaaan...tum na...mein fone pe baat kar rahi thi n wat were u up2??? 
A-duubara karke bataun.. 
A-gives her an innocent luuk... 
R-bahut cute ho... 

hope u liked it... 
i just wrote it... 
plz comment... 
im w8in...

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PART 157

armaan gets a call from his sister tia but ridhima thinks its one of armaan's girlfriend but all the missunderstanding is cleared now 

in armaan's house 
armi: ridhima meri behen 2 hours mein airport pe ponch jaige toh hum dono usse pick karne jaige ok 
riddz: teek hai baba ab nasta toh karlo 
armi:ridhima kya tum nasta kamere mein lau plz 
riddz: teek hai baba tum joa mein lati hu ok 

armaan goes to his room 
ridhima gets 2 glases of juice and some paratas 
armaan is sitting on the bed and reading a case 
ridhima came in 
riddz: armaan yeh loh tumhara breakfast 
armaan got up and locked the door 
riddz: armaan yeh yeh kya kar rehe ho 
armi: shhh 
he put his finger on her lips. armaan made her sit down he slowly took of her earings kissing her ear and then bitting it 
riddz: armaan ahhh 
armi: dard hua kya 
riddz gave a no reaction after taking off her eaarings he went to take of her necklace while taking that off her started kssing her neck again and again he was about to take of ehr magalsruth when ridhima stopped him 
riddz: armaan nahi yeh mera magalsruth isse maat nikalo plz 
armaan smiled at this he knew how much ridhima loved him 
armaan then went closer to her and kissed her eyes 
riddz: armaan plz yeh maat karna 
armaan didn't listen to her he kept on kissing her eyes and then moving to her cheeks but ridhiam kept on saying "armaan plz don't" but armaan didn't listen to her at all he kept on doing whatever his hearts was telling him, he couldn't stop kissing her cheeks again and again layed ridhima on the bed and ended up kissing her neck this time he wasn't only kissing her neck but was sucking her neck sucking her skin it leaving red marks everywhere.Armaan wanted to stop himself but couldn't stop himself he tried his best but his heart takes over his mind everytime he loves ridhima too much to leave his lips of her body. 

armaan slid down a bit so his near ridhima tummy he wanted to kiss it but instead he was chewing it as hard as he could the only thing ridhima could do was gasp everytime she couldn't stop him or herself she liked the way he kissed her. armaan wanted more this wasn't enough for him he wanted more and more of her. They had 2 hours left before they go and pick up tia before that armaan wanted more of riddz. So he took of her pallu she was wearing he kissed her shoulder he snked his fingers down ridhima's arm, ridhima kept on saying "I love u again and again" armaan loved it when she was saying it again and again. he went down to her feet he started kissed her ankcle then kissing her lips pushing her down ridhima tried her best to keep up but couldn't armaan was the only person she has ever put her lips on, now ridhima was geting in the mood she was getting more naughtier she tookher hand and started exploring armaan's back. armaan had goosebumps everywhere shivers ran down his back for the first time while riddz was doing that armaan was kissed her foreheab then her neck leaving his kisses everywhere around her face. ridhima then started kissing armaan neck she loved it she felt like she was in a new world 

just then armaan's phone rang 
armi: yeh phone ko bhi abhi bajna tha 
riddima was giggling 
armi: teek hai di ponch jaige bye 
tia: bye 
armaan hanged up 
armi: ridhima di ko pick karne chale 
riddz: teek hai ab toh mere uppar se uto [laughing] 
armaan got up of her and then ridhima made a sarre properly armaan put his buttons on 

in the car 
riddz: armaan tumujhe tumare behen ke bare mein kuch nahi bataya 
armi: meri behen bohot sweet and kind sabka dyan lekti hai she is so cute 
riddz: ab toh mujhe usse milna hi padega 
armaan tell more about her sister how they used to fight and stuff 

in the airport 
a girl is seen she is wearing a green colour churidar all the security is just staring at her 
armaan and ridhima reached the airport 
the girl comes out 
armi: T I A... 
tia turns around [tia is played my kashish or kth i hope no one mind u can change if u don't like it] 
riddz :bohot koobsurat lagti hai [whispering to armaan] 
armi: pata hai 

tia comes 
tia: BHAI... 
armi: hi tia di kaise ho tum 
tia: first class 
tia notices ridhima 
tia: hmmm toh yeh hai meri pyaari bhabhi 
ridhima blushes 
riddz: hi 
tia: hi toh tum ho jisne mere bhai ka dill le liya 
ridhima starts blushing even more 
tia: ohe ohe kinte cute ho tum 
riddz: thnaks 
armi: ab tum dono ke battei ho gaye to gahr chale 
tia and riddz: CHALE... 
they all laugh 

and go home 

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
thnx 4 da massive updt! loved it! Armaan is so romantic! he always have his way with Ridz! he takes every oppurtunity he gets 2 romance with her! LOL!
want more...updt asap
thnx 4 pm


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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Very nice all the parts...please continue soon !!!!
mohit_aggarwal Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 11:22pm | IP Logged


AR recives tia  from the airpot. this part is dedicated to all of the readers . 
aa wedding night part
sorry for posting late

PART 158

(Much awaited atul-anjali wedding night)

anjali was sitting in her room & was thinking something& 
blusing too.atul was busy planting his new plant in garden. 
big smile appeared on angi's face as remembered her wedding night. 
Smile *flashback* Smile 
Angali was sitting on the bed. 
Atul enters the room as being pushed by the girls.the girls r giggling & laughing. Atul closes the door of the 
room & comes & sits on the bed.he was sweating badly. 
an(angali)& at(atul): 
an: tumhe paseena kyun a raha hai. 
at:actually mein nervous ho raha hoon. 
an:angi laughs a bit & says nervous hone wali kya baat hai.(she sees thatatul is hiding something on his back) 
an:atul kya chupa rahe ho. 
at:woh tumhare liye present laya ne bataya tha ki shaadi ki pehli raat ko biwi ko taufa dete hai & he gives it to her(guess wats the gift Wink ) 
an: she unwraps the gift & finds that their was a small cute baby rose plant.tears begin to fall from angis eyes 
she was extreamlly happy& says oh atul "i luv u" Heart 
at: i luv u too Heart 
then atul stares at her.she is feeling all shy & starts blushing.the lights in the room were dim. the room was decorated with candels & flowers all around. 

atul comes near angali.their hearts are beating really fast.atul starts coming more closer, closer & closer. 
soon they can feel each others breath.atul wanted to kiss her lips but is hesistant. angali understands this 
&she begin to kiss him.he responded back enthusiastically. soon they began to hav a long passionate kiss.then atul bends over her & starts removing the jewellery& kiss the part from where he removes the jewellery. first the earing he kissis &bites the ear.then her neck , then the anklet and so on.angi was feeling good. she was feeling out of the world.angi begans to unbutton his kurta & kisses his chest & neck. atul slowly opens the strings of his top 
& then removes it. he was astonished & amased to see angi like this & nervous also being atul.He obsereved her carefully.. she was blushing & shying badly. he pulls her closer & kisses her everywhere. they both are enjoyinh themselves. he takes the sheet& pulls over both of them . the night goes on & candels melting & aa melting in each other.

*flash back over*

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