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MY DMG- AR FANFIC : 136-149Updated (Page 3)

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Posted: 26 November 2009 at 2:38pm | IP Logged



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fariaa70,chahatmalhotra, swami,simi2,daring66

thanks for ur appreication guys!!!!

it means a lot to me

i will definatly pm u guys!!

please keep reading and commenting

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after listening to the shout of the pateint

ridz realises that

she forgot to give anesthesia before

doing with his stiches and

Armaan then notice that

ridz was watchin him and rhea flirting

AND gives a noughty smile and

starts constantly stairin @ her.

R:oops, i m so sorry;

mein aapko anesthesia dena bhool gayi

viney(wid lotz of pain in his voice):

itz paining doctor.

R:dont worry, main abhi

aapko anesthesia dedeti hoon and

then will do with your stiches and

finally she is done wid her work and

looks angrily @ armaan and

armaan who was lost admirin her beauty

comes bck 2 his sence

and realises that

ridz had a angry look on her face

and he follows ridz.


A:yo basket

(and runs 2 ridz who was still waliking)

A:hey basket,

kya hua(asks wantedly knowing the reason)

R(wid a little anger in her voice):

kuch nai....kyun?

A:tum thodi gusse meib lagrahi ho isliye.

R(in li'll louder voice):main gussa nai hun.

A:toh phir itna chilla kar kyun baath kar rahi ho....

mujhe behra samajhrakha hai kya?

R:toh finally tumhari duty hogayi

A:arrey abhi toh sirf 2:00 hi baje hain aur

tumhe toh pata hai na ki humari duty raat tak hothi hai.

R:main us duty ki baath nai karri thi

A:toh phir?

R:tum us ladki ke saath kya kar rahe the

A:konsi ladki?.......

..oh acha vo rhea.....

achi ladki hai,nai?

R(stairs @ him wid lotz of anger and

moves 2ward locker room and Armaan follows her)

no one is there in locker room except them.

A:oh toh tum isiliye gussa ho

kyunki vo mere saath flirt karrahi thi and

den he grabs her hand and

moves closer 2 her n says)

kya tum mujhse pyaar karne lagi ho,

now both r starin @each oder,

dey continue stairin each other fr 10 sec and

suddenly ridzis back to her sence and

pull her hand frm his and

is feeling shy turns and

walk forward to her locker while talking to him

R:mera dimaag qaraab hogaya hai kya

jo main tum se pyaar krongi.

A(to himself):dimaag toh qaraab hai tumhara

tab hi toh nai samajh pa rahi ho ki

tum bhi mere liye kuch feel karti ,

tab hi toh us din nai palthi thi na tum.

R:kuch kaha tume

A:mmm....aaaaa...nai...nai toh......kyun?

tumhe phirse kuch sunai diya kya ,

mujhe toh lagta hai k us bhoot ka saya abhi bhi tumpar hai.

R:shutup armaan....

A:canteen chalogi

R(wid attitude):tumhare saath

A:haan.......kyun koi problem hai

R:fine chalo


A:toh kya logi tum

R:hot chocolate

A:gets a hot chocolate for ridz

and a cup of coffee for hmself.

to tumne bataya nai


A:tum kyun gussa thi.......

tum jealouse feel karrahi thi na.


A:rhea se

R:rhea se?

bhala main kyun usse jealous feel karne lagi

A:shayad isiliye kyunki

vo mere saath flirt karrahi thi.......

don lie basket......

sach batao tum mere liye kuch feel kartihona

R:armaan........vo main

A:haan ya na

R:dekho armaan

A:maine poocha haan ya na


they are interrupted by sapna,atul and angie

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Posted: 26 November 2009 at 9:23pm | IP Logged



little precap

this grl called rhea has a hurt on her leg

and armaan is her doctor

and she trys to flirt wid him

and ridz sees it

and feels jealous so she just shouting and.....

then dey go canteen

and armaan asks her

if she feels for him


she say ofcourse not!

and armaan sayd haan ya na?

then suddenly angie atul n sapna comes

(an- angie at- atul, s- sapna, a- armaan n r- ridz)


all three- hi!

AR- hi!

an- koi important bat charahi kya?

armaan sees them and starts actin wried.

a- nahi kuch nahi kyu?

an- jst look at the way tum behave ker rehaho!

at- hai!

yeh lovly muhje kabhi bhi zinda nahi chodenge!

har waqt mere piche piche he bhagte hai!

ridz pager rings

r- ok bye muhje jana hai. bye.

armaan follows her and

says hey basket mera jawab abhi tak tumne nahi diya!

ridz tries to ingore wat Armaan said and

trys to change the topic says

armaan muhje rounds ke liya jana hai. bye

ridz finishs her rounds and

is going to the locker room.

she just pssing through the corridor and

suddenly sum one pulls her

in the stair case ( romantic spot! )

she got sacred for a sencond and

then saw it was armaan!

they just stare into their eyes for a while

and then armaan starts going closer to her

untill she was aganist the wall.

he puts his hands at the side

so she dont go. he cums closer and closer

ridz is kinda meltin and then

armaan says - tumne abhi abhi mere sawal ka jawab nahi diya!

r- armaan voh?

she is really meltin because

armaan is really close to her and

they can hear each others heart beat too.

a- voh kya basket?

armaan leans to kiss her on her cheeks

and then atul cums

armaan says in the low voice:

ise bhi abhi aana ta!

armaan is really angry.

r- armaan. says in a soft voice.

they both quickly get apart.

at- tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho?

and ridz angie tumhe bola rahe hai.

a- yaar champ basket abhi aate hai tum javoh!

at- kyu?

angie ne muhje kaha ke ridz ko lekar avoh

so mein ridz ko lekar hi javonga! and

grabs ridz hands and

tries to take her aways and

armaan tries to stop her but

do not suceed and

atul takes ridz

armaan is really really anger............

and slams his hand on da wall.....................

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Posted: 26 November 2009 at 9:25pm | IP Logged


here u go..........


Ridz is checkin sumit

Ar is checkin harsh

sapna also there busy with her patient.

(armaan = A , ridz = R , sapna = S and harsh = H)

Armaan speaking to harsh

A:gud boy,

agar isi tarah apni dawai time par loge toh

jald hi theek hojaoge and then

he see ridz checking her pateint

H:mein yahaan hun,

idhar dekh kar baath karo

A:ab...vo....main toh bas aise hi

H:aise hi.......

doctor ridhima ko bolon kya?

A:aye chup and keeps his hand on his mouth

S cum to armaan and harsh

S:arey armaan uske muh par haath kyun raha hua hai

H remove armaan's hand frm his mouth

and speaks to sapna

H: vo isiliye take main

doctor ridhima ko yeh na bataon ki

doctor armaan unhe jabse ghoor rahe the...

A(in a low voice to harsh):aye......teri toh

S:oh toh yeh baath hai

A:nai toh .......main toh bas......

S:hmmmmmmmm and

she leaves the ward

A follows her


S:haan bolo

A:dekho yeh baath ..........

ridhima ko mat batana

S(wid a naughty smile):kyun?

A:yaar sapna samjha karo

S:chill main toh sirf mazaak kar rahi thi.........

waise lagta hai ki tumne abhi tak

ridz ko bataya nahi

A:kya......i mean kya nai bataya maine

S:yahi k tum usse pyaar karte ho............bataya kya?

A(wid a shys and head down and

his fingures runnin on his hirs sayz):

nai......abhi tak toh nai....samajh nai aaraha kaise kahoon

S:use kahin baahar lekar jao aur

phir moka mil te hi apni dil ki baath kehdena.

A(wid eyes wide n in loud voice):usssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!and

then calm down him self and sayz use bahar lekar jaon

S:aur nai toh kya mujhe lekar jaoge

A:arrey vo theek se meri koi bhi baath ka jawaab bhi nai deti

aur vo mere saath baahar chance

S:aise toh tum use kabhi nai keh paoge............

arrey ek baar koshish toh a man armaan

A:ok i will try.

IN LOCKER ROOM (sapna,armaan,ridhima,angie,atul)

ANGie:ridz mein bahar tumhara wait karrahi hum jaldi aana

R:haan bas abhi aayi and

she is busy searching for something in her locker

S:ok bye mere auto wale bhaiyya mera wait karrahe honge

ATUL:main bhi chalta hun ,bye guyz


All left except ridz and armaan

finally ridz got for wat she was searching

then shez about to leave when armaan calls her


R:turns........haan bolo


R:jaldi armaan,di mera wait karrahi homgi

A:tum.....tum....mera saath bahar chalogi


A:vo..actually mujhe shoppin karni thi........

aur mein tumhari choice ka kuch..........

i mean meri choice achi nahin isiliye tumhari help chahiye thi.

R:meri help.....r u sure??

A:yea i m.........toh tum chalogi



i mean sonchne ka time nahin hai

kal hi hum jarahein hain......

kal duty k baad mein tumhara wait karaha hoga bahar.

R:par..par armaan

A:par var kuch nai..........

mujhe pata hai tum zaroor aaogi

and he leave with ridz all confused.

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r:okay ... i will see u tomorrow ..


ar:bye ..

next day at sanjeevani 5:00 p.m.

ar:hey basket !!

r:haan ..

ar:yaad hai naa aaj shopping jana hai ??

r:haan armaan ..

ar:toh tum anji aur sir ko kya bologi??

r:that i am going for shopping with u .

ar:WHAT ?????????

r:ya .. kyun ??

ar:wont they mind??

r:ofcourse not ..

neways .. i gotta go ..

will catch up with u later ..


at sanjeevani 8:00 pm

ar:chalein basket ??

r:haan chalo ..

they sit in armaan's car

when dey enter d mall ,

armaan tells her that

they shud first have sumthing like sum coffee

so they go to CCD ..

ar:unhhhhh !! riddhima..


ar:i want to say sumthing to you ..

r:haan bolo ..

ar: i ........ i ........ ummmmmm .. i mean i .....

(he tells himself "armaan ,

kya kar raha hai .. bol de.. )

ar:i love u basket ..

do u feel d same fr me ??

r:(blushes and doesnt say anything for two minutes

but her expressions say it all)

r:yes ..

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A:yane k tum bhi mujhse

R:nai mera matlab vo nai tha.........

i mean ........haan par .......

i dont knw.........i think

A:arey basket ruko toh...

( and runs after ridz and

finally is successful in catching her wrist)

R:(gets worried)armaan haath chodo mera

Armaan just stares at her giving a lop-sided smile

R:armaan maine kaha haath chodo mera

A:theek hai(leaves her hand and folds his arms)

Ridz is confused n touches her wrist

where armaan had caught her then

looks at him while armaan is already staring at her....

and suddenly breaks up in uncontrollable laughter

while ridz looks at him bewildered

A:hehehe basket wt did u think...........

main aur tumse pyar

it was a joke darling and

waise bhi kai ladhkiyaan armaan pe fida hai

toh main dekhna chahta tha ke...

R:WHAT!i mean shee tumhari soch kitni gandi hai....

pyar toh kya tum meri nafrat ke qaabil bhi nahi ho

A:heyyyy heyyy basket chill....

chalo coffee order karein

R:bas main tumhare saath ek pal bhi yahaan nahi rukungi


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ridz wants to leave and

dont wanna be with armaan for a min

and now shez out of the mall and

walking fast 2 catch an auto,

so shez tryin 2 leave wen.......


A(pull her near a side of a road

you can imagine it as a place

which is empty where AR is all alone):

arrey basket suno toh

R( gets emotional):bas armaan

mujhe ab kuch nai sunna,

tumne kya samjha mein un ladkiyon mein se hun

jo 24/7 tumhare aage peeche rehna pasand karti hain,

nai armaan main waisi nai hun........

main yahan tumhare saath yeh sonch kar aayi thi ki

tum mere dost ho aur tumhe meri advice chahiye ,

magar mein galat thi,tumhe meri advice nahi

balke time pass karne k liye koi ladki chahiye thi......

varna itna ghatya mazaak tum nai karte armaan.

A( get angry n thinks that he has 2 say her evrithing now):

wow bohot acha pehchaana tumne mujhe.....

wah doctor ridhima.....wah.....

tum kya samajhti ho mujhe mujhe..

time pass karne ladki chahiye thi

....nai ridhima main tumhe yahan isiliye laaya tha

take mein tumhe apni dil ki baath keh sakun aur

jab maine apni dil ki baath tumse kahin toh

tumhe to kuch samajh hi nai aaraha tha.......

kya keh rahi thi tum?"vo....mmmm...haan par....i dont know"

aur tum wahan se jane lagi

isiliye maine tum se keh diya ki

mein mazaak kar raha tha kyunkii

mujhe tumhare saath waqt guzaarna acha lagta hai

aur ab mein kehta hu ridhima I LOVE U.......

jawaab do ridhima.......

i want the answer.

R( with eyes full of tears

and pain in her voice):

armaan....m sorry,

maine tumhe galat samjha

A(in a soft voice):

yeh mera jawaab nahi hai basket.......

kya tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho?

R nods her head sayin yes and

A pulls her in his arms

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