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ArMan Times - Edition 6

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ArMan Times Edition 6
Brief Written updates of the Fortnight

By: --__Shireen__--

Nov 9

o    Archu is scared that Savita saw her

o    Savita starts insulting Archu and kicks her out

o    She falls and Satish catches her, and Manav sees Satish and Archu together

o    Archu is angry at Manav and starts shouting at him, signs the divorce papers and leaves

o    Manav is heartbroken that Archu signed the divorce papers

o    Satish drops Archu home, and he tells everyone that Archu signed the divorce papers

Nov 10

o    Sulochana is shocked that Archu didn't tell her about signing the divorce papers

o    Sulochana goes to talk to Archu, and Archu says she'll never look back, and forget Manav

o    Manav goes to Varsha's place and she tells him to leave

o    Manav confronts Ashwin on why he's doing this to Varsha

Nov 11

o    Manav tells Varsha that Ashwin is married and she doesn't believe him

o    Manav goes to Archu's house to tell them about Varsha

o    Manav tells Manju what's going on, and she said thanks, and told him to leave

o    Rashmi tells Ashwin what Manav told Varsha, and they're both tensed

o    Varsha goes to Ashwin's house, and sees a pic of Ashwin and someone else on the wall

Nov 12

o    The pic is of Ashwin and her, and after she leave, he replaces the pic with a pic of him and his wife

o    Manav says he'll talk to his boss about Shravni and Sachin

o    Manav goes to the bank, and sees Archu there

o    Varsha finds tickets in Ashwin's drawer and remembers what Manav told her

o    Varsha sees Ashwin and Urmila hand in hand at the airport

Nov 13

o    Ashwin sees Varsha at the airport and tries to explain himself

o    Varsha is angry at Ashwin, and never wants to see him again

o    Varsha overhears Rashmi takling to Ashwin on the phone, and is even more hurt

o    Sulochana is worried about Varsha

o    Girish agrees to Sachin and Shravni's marriage

o    Varsha is sitting on the road, and Manav comes by

o    He sits with Varsha and tells her to go home, as that's where she belongs

Nov 16

o    Manav gets a taxi, and drops Varsha home (almost)

o    The whole family is happy to see Varsha back (besides Manju)

o    Manav's dad is back

o    He talks to Manav and consoles him

Nov 17

o    Savita is fantasying about Sachin's wedding

o    Varsha is shocked that Archu is working with Satish

o    Varsha tells Archu about Ashwin, and she's really angry

o    Varsha tells Archu about how Manav helped her

o    Varsha says she'll try to get ArMan to meet

Nov 18

o    Manju teases Varsha about not going to the office, and Varsha tells her to mind her own business

o    Manav's dad says that Manav would be happier is Archu was there at the grand opening

o    Manav's dad goes to Archu's house, and begs her to come back

o    Archu's dad drops Manav's dad home and Manav says sorry for the trouble

Nov 19

o    Varsha and Vaishu go to the market to pick up groceries

o    They meet Savita in the market, and Varsha snaps at Savita and humilates her, and tells her to stay away from ArMan's life

o    Manav's dad teases Savita about what happened in the market

o    Savita calls Archu's house by mistake to invite them to the opening of Manav's garage

o    Varsha tells Archu that they both still have feelings for each other

o    Varsha is determined to get ArMan back together

Nov 20

o    Varsha goes to meet Manav at his garage

o    She asks him if he still loves Archu, and he says yes

o    He says he only signed the divorce papers so Archu could be happy with Satish

o    Manju tells her mom about what's going on at home and with Varsha

o    Her mom says don't tell anyone about what happened with Varsha yet, and to wait for the right time

o    Varsha goes to meet Satish and tells him that he's the reason that Archu and Manav are separated

o    Satish sends Archu to go put the company board on Manav's garage

o    Satish says that he'll clear the misunderstandings that were created by him

o    Archu ends up at Manav's garage, and everyone is shocked/happy besides Savita is shocked

 Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

9th November

10th November

11th November

12th November

13th November

16th November

17th November

18th November

19th November

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 This fortnight we had somewhat of a shortcoming in dialogues. Although we could have done with some better dialogues, we did get some good ones. Here's our pick for dialogue of the fortnight.

 Male Dialogue
Archana bohut achi ladki hain, chirag lekar doondane par bhi aisi ladki nahi ghar mein kushiya lati thi voh...apne is ghar ko swarg bana deti ti voh..manav..tune usse jaane kyun diya? - Damodar

This was just the saddest scene. Watching Damodar so heartbroken was so sad. Everyone in the family knows that Archana is the perfect girl for Manav, and to have Damodar just reaffirm it in front of Manav was so sweet. Damodar is right, that house will never have a daughter in law like Archana. As good as Shravini is, even she may fall short of the expectations. Oh and can I say, it is SO good to have Damodar back! His wit combined with Savita's is hilariously funny to watch. Anyway, the fact remains that this was a good dialogue... Damodar considers Archana his own daughter, and the seperation has been proving tough for him too.

Female Dialogue

Lekin ab main bhi tai kar chuki hoon, ki mere dard ko, ab main hawa nahi doongi, main apni zindagi mein aage bad ke dikhaoongi, kuch ban ke dikhaoongi - Archana

The moment I heard Archana say those dialogues to Satish, i jumped with joy. Because we honestly have had enough of the rona-dhona and the self-pity. We would really like for her to catch a hold of herself, and do the things she needs to do... become someone in this cruel world. It is time that Archana starts focusing on her self for once... she has been so selfless, she needs to take some time out for herlself. And this is a great start. She can go so many places with that kind of attitude! Kudos Archana, kudos!

Star Male and Female of the Fortnight.

By: pyaridilwalino1 

Star Male-Satish may not be liked currently in the show, but this man has proved to be a supporter of Archu, to say the least. He has learned the truth and has put the past behind him and shown that he is a man of substance. Satish takes the cake for being understanding and helpful.

Star Female-I always believed Varsha would realize her priorities once in life. I applaud her for coming back to the house and for doing what she is currently, helping out the family and being there for them on an emotional level. Kudos to Varsha for being strong after all that has happened.

ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 Well, if you think about it in the literel sense, then we did not have an ArMan sequence this fortnight.. which is bad considering that a fortnight is two weeks and we havent even had ONE ArMan sequence~ they HAVE to bring them back together soon. How long has this seperation gone on? SIGH! i'm growing old waiting for these two to unite! *Ahem-- got carried away* The point is, even if we didnt have ArMan together and sharing the same screen space, we did have a slight, semi ArMan moment. And even though Archana was not present physically in this scene, she kind of was. The scene I am talking about is when Varsha comes to talk to Manav, and she asks him if he still loves Archana... and Manav replies with, "main Archana se aaj bhi bohut pyaar karta hoon, voh meri zindagi hain, sab kuch hain meri, meri jeene ki pehli, aur meri jeene ki akhri vajah bhi vahi hain...Varsha maine aaj tak zindagi mein itna pyaar kisi se nahi ki jitna main archana se karta hoon" *SIGH* blush~! Aye haye, how romantic! Ofcourse we all know that Manav and Archana still love each other, there is no doubt about that, but after so long, just to hear Manav say that was brilliant. And when I said Archana was present in this scene, I meant she was present through Manav. Together they are one, you can almost feel their love. I thought it was such a good scene.. the dialogues were perfect. The soulful look in Manav's eyes was better! Everything just worked perfectly!

Best Family Scene of the Fortnight

By: pyaridilwalino1 
Family Scene-This has to be between Varsha and Archu where they both discuss how their roles have reversed. It's a simple moment, but the way Aayi looks on to both of her daughters shows that strong mother-daughter and sister-sister bond. It shows how much, regardless what happens in life, they are there for each other and they understand each other.

Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

This one was a little hard to choose. All the three young men, Manav, Sachin, and Satish, looked equally good this week. But I think this fortnight's Mr. Head Turner award should go to Manav Deshmukh urf Preet Juneja urf Sushant Singh Rajput. At the same time Sushant was working in Pavitra Rishta, he took a few shots at Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil. And not only does he play both characters to the T, but even the way he carries off the dressing is brilliant. At Kis Desh, he plays a rich, business man and at PR, he plays a lower class garage mechanic' and he excels at both places. He looks the part in both places, and looks especially good in his "dress-shirts" in Pavitra Risha! Aye Haye! Kinna sona munda hain *giggle*

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 Archana, as always, looks good, so she needs no special mention. But the two ladies who stood out this week were Varsha and Shravini. Shravini's outfits are mostly simple, nothing over the top and she especially looked good in that black salwar. Very every-day like clothing, but she definitely pulled it off with style. And now that she is back in her salwar suits, Varsha looks absolutely pretty in those. But let's not forget that she has been pulling of the "kurti" look very well so far, so she deserves a special mention this fortnight.

World of Archana and Manav

By: nityatarlapally

For All Eternity...

~New York City~

 Central Park; the most peaceful and beautiful place in New York. Resting along the shore, it was a place where people of all sorts came to exercise, relax, and forget everything else. Among those in the park was Manav, sitting on a rock by the shore, staring at the descending sun. Unlike everyone else, Manav came here to remember something, or rather remember someone.

 -Walking down the streets of Nothingville

Where our love was young and free

I cant believe just what an empty place

It has come to be

I would give my life away

If it could only be the same-

 'Her favorite place' he thought and sighed.

 From the outside, Manav looked like any other normal man; tall, fair-skinned, and handsome. But on the inside, it was as though a storm was brewing in his heart, sadness overtook his soul, his heart wanted to cry out but his mind wasn't letting him. His eyes; it's like they were always in search of someone. 'It's not right, she never wanted me to cry, and she wanted me to be happy.' A faint smile appeared on his face. He didn't smile because he wanted to, but because she wanted him to. His mind drifted back to that day two years ago; the day that changed everything'for the worse.

 -NY City Central hospital-

 "Mujhse vaada karo kit um kabhi udaas nahi hoge." Every word was becoming hard for her to say, the pain clearly visible in her almond shaped eyes. Manav sat next to his wife, his love, his jaan and stared at her pained face. How she's changed in the past month, her face always happy and smiling was now blank; nothing but pain and sadness. How he wanted to ease her pain and make her happy again. Being in the last stage of cancer, her condition had reached to a point where there's no cure. Nothing could be done now but pray. And pray he did. He prayed to the one above to send her pain to him. Give her his life. Do anything to make her happy again.

 "Promise me that you'll take care of yourself and you'll try to move on." He made the promise, because this was the first time she had asked for something. He couldn't refuse her her first request. Even though he agreed, he knew that he would never be able to move on, no one could ever replace her. No one can replace his life.

 He took her hand into his and flinched. There was an IV going into the vein on her palm. Her usual soft hands were crinkled and dry. He requested God to let her stay with him, or make him go with her; to keep them together. Forever. An eerie silence filled the room. Neither spoke but both conveyed everything; through the heart.


 Archana shivered. It was time. She was trying to stay awake; trying with all her might to stay with him. She made a promise to stay with him forever, now she was about to break it. This wasn't about her anymore, it was about him. Archana had to stay with him; she knew that he wouldn't move on, knew how much he loved her. First time in her life, she wished that she hadn't met him. If she hadn't married him, he wouldn't have to go through all this pain.

She squeezed his hand. In a quiet whisper, she said "I Love You" and closed her eyes. A silent tear escaped his eye. It was as though their whole life went through his mind in a sort of a timeline; their wedding, their fights, all of the moments that meant the life to them. Placing a soft kiss on her forehead, he replied "I love you too jaan and I always will." He needed to go, to get away, go to a place where she still lived; Central Park. He left but his life'it stayed.


 Manav hadn't noticed when but he was crying. He was finally letting it all out, the pain, the anger, and the frustration. He was finally responding; he felt again. He closed his eyes and remembered her face. She always felt at ease when she came to the park. This was her place; her getaway. His mind made a picture of a petite girl running in the grass; laughing. 'Archana' sighing one last time, he got up and started jogging again. Two years and nothing's different, he was still breathing, smiling and responding. What would be different if Archana would have been alive? His smile would have reached his eyes. He would have been alive.

 -If only you could see the tears in

The world you left behind

If only you could heal my heart

Just one more time

Even when I close my eyes

There's an image of your face

And once again I come to realize

You're a loss I can't replace-

--( Soledad; Westlife)'

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

9th November

 16th November

 19th November

 20th November


Creation of the Fortnight

Chosen by loveabletwinz

By:  xx-ReenO-xx

Video mix of the Fortnight:

**No new video mixes for the fortnight.**

JOKES of the Fortnight.

By: loveabletwinz
Recycling Mother-in-Law

Hahaha! This cartoon sums up everything we have been saying for the past 6 months or more. This mother in law really IS of no use! And *SIGH* the prospect of being able to recycle Savita is so exciting! Haha! Oh man, how much fun would it be to remanufacture Savita into an entirely new product? Lol, this cartoon just had us rolling on the floor with laughter! *giggle*

Review for Fortnight
By: rdfan
Finally .....the story is regaining its lost ground ...thanx to varsha ...she is one heck of a person ...maybe the kind manav deserves ....i think the creatives have put more effort into her character than probably the lead- archana (the less i say abt her the better it is ...she has never managed to impress me with what she does).So some relief for manav as he isnt alone in the battle anymore and has found a very able ally in varsha , but the question that comes to my mind is that ...what kind of a pavitra rishta is this between the leads that a third person is fighting for their relationship ,clearing out the misunderstandings while the two of them do nothing for it ....except believe what ever is thrown at them .
Not totally satisfied but then beggars cant be choosers really ...for all atleast the story is moving forward and i seriously hope that the MAR trio is uncovered soon and that Manjusha is thrown out of the house..... cant expect arman to do that my hopes rest on varsha and now that satish is willing to help i do really hope the truth comes out soon.
Rating for the fortnight -3/5

Expectations for next Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

Last fortnight was not too bad. I know we all wanted a lot more from it, but the track is definitely heading somewhere'With Varsha back home and all for ArMan, I have hope. So, Id really like to see Varsha step it up a notch and fight for her thai and jeeju..I really do hope that Varsha will be successful in bringing Manav and Archana back together..and by the looks of it, Varsha just might make that possible. Speaking of Varsha, I hope she finds a new job, with a better institution and a better boss than her previous work place. Im sure we'd all like to see Varsha successful and finally stand on her own feet and fight the bad world. And for the past few days, Ive seen a couple of posts on Satish and Varsha' that they've been brought up, I do think they'll look quite nice together..So we'd like to see something brewing between Satish and Varsha, so Satish can leave our Archana for Manav :D And also, since Damodarji is back, we'd LOVE to see him bring Savita out in the open..we've had way too much of this woman's nautanki's and it would be great to see her true colors shown' since Damodarji already feels that someone was behind ArMan's split, it would be SWEETT for him to khol Savita's bhol.

Editors Note

Hey Guys! Again, we are uberly, extremely sorry for putting up the Times up late for the third time in a row. But that just means you guys have been all the more "betaab" to read it *giggle* Just Kidding :) Without any more bakwas, we just want to say a round of "Thank-you's" .

First, thank you to ALL our reporters who have been so loyal and always turned in their sections! The Times just would NOT be possible without you guys! Take a bow please Clap

Second, to all our readers! Keep the comments coming! We love reading them, and we're sure our reporters love getting the feedback too! And most important of all, even though the show has gone downhill for some time, do NOT give up on it! Stick with it guys, it WILL get better! No doubt!

Third, to all the moderators of this forum.. who, even without us having to ask, make the Times a STICKY! *woot woot! dance of joy* Thank you so much guys, you rock!


If anyone wants to be a part of the ArMan Times, please do PM us at loveabletwinz if possible. Try not to post your "applications" on this thread, they might get overlooked :( Send us a notification, and we will let you know what sections are open!

Lastly, before we sign out, here's wishing you ALL a lovely and merry, stomach filling Thanksgiving and Eid Mubarak! Do NOT forget to have tons of fun and laugh even more! Till next time guys, take care, stay safe, keep smiling and we'll see you next edition!

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mitts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2009 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I always wait for ArMan times.... U guys are doing awesome job cant stop appreciating... Gr8 work guys!!!!!

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 November 2009 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
Great work guys..u really rock the issue and the forum...always wait fr ur editions...
Once again...great work...

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pooja_l IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2009 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Great Work guys...Awesome newsletterBig smile...congrats to all of you....u r doing a fab jobClap Clap....this issue is really rocking....Clap

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.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is absolutely fabulousClap....thank u so much guysBig smile

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LotusPetals IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 25 November 2009 at 7:48am | IP Logged
very very well put together AnnJan !! bravo !! it was too good !!

to all the reporters, u r doing a great job and we appreciate ur hard work !! keep it up and thnx !!

and I really loved the explanation for the chosen ArMan scene Smile

and Nitya, an amazing OS as usually !! but why did u hav to make it tragic ? CryWink
but when sthg is tragic, we, as audience really feel and understand the love, hai naa ?
and Manav deserves a big Hug

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Simply superb you guys...this is amazing as always!!

LB..superbly put together. Thanks for all your hard work!! I liked your explanation for "Armaan Moment of the fortnight".Clap

The One Shot by Nitya was brilliant. It was so sad Cry

whatever rdfan has said even I want to say that. Why is a third person fighting for this Pavitra Rishta? I was a little disappointed by this turn of events but as she said we beggars cannot be choosers.Atleast Armaan is coming together.

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Great Job guys!!!!!!!!

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