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Monday 23/11/09

Archu and MM in the shed. MM is surprised (???? hmmmm) that
Archu talked back to LR 1 (???? Roja runs to the fridge - glass of
water please)
. Archu has a valid question " avanga enna vena pesu
vaanga, na MM mathiri kettu kittu summa irukkanumaa??? " (athaane,
 oru MM intha Roja vayile vizhunthu porappadarathu pothathaa???)
 MM says that Vaasu is a reformed guy now "ippO pOi kuthi kamichaa???"
( hello, avanai vaaikku vaai thirudan nnu sonnathu un arumai chithi !!!) Archu says that she is not ready to play Mrs. MM ( avanga fire brand - sontha Oor Sivakaasi Embarrassed) Much to the chagrin of Atina, Eljay and Roja
all this talk happens when MM has untouched food on the plate  !!
Well, the guys who are interested in the car arrive and so MM goes
 with out food ( saapittu mudicha apram pesanum nnu oru vow
eduthukkO Archu )
Archu frets about Mm going with out food
 ( athu sari, enge sapida vitte??nee bathilukku bathil thiruppi pesina
azhagai solli, compliment vaangave neram poralai !!)
but he is in a hurry. Tells Archu that he might be delayed "will call u, ok??" The home cooked food goes to MM's assistants ( jaamaainga da, kaasu miccham, food
cooked with love...hmmm innikki yaar moonjile muzhichinga??)

Park mama is pacing - opposite a tea shop - the 7th sense needs such active exercising for activation  - he is yet to figure out a way to steal
Bank Of Bhagyam. His cronies are restless too - finally Park gets an idea. Borrows an one re. coin from the tea shop guy and calls LR 1 - Holds the shirt collar in between his teeth and calls LR 1 - " akka, na shanmugam ...ration shop..." LR1 first does not recall this guy but later says "Sammugamaa??? voice vera mathiri irukku...athaan" "Sammugam"
says that the free color TV and gas stove are ready for distribution.
"come soon, I am calling you first" LR 1 's greed is visible in her eyes - leaves immediately but not before locking every single door . Park
maama is waiting and sees her leaving - he goes to do some "house breaking" Embarrassed

Park maama and his assistants go and see the house locked. So, Park decides to scale the back wall - well, he does not scale it himself - gets one of his cronies to go in and open the back door. As luck would have it, Bank Of Bhagyam's treasury room is also locked. Park decides to do some real breaking. Tells his cronies that LR 1 will be away for just 30 mins "athukkule Operation Kollai adichufy BoB must get over, ok??" One guy is sent to keep a watch ..Park maama breaks the treasury and starts searching for money. The other crony finds some puli sadam on the stove and starts gabalee- garm panning. "anni kai maname manam" nnu compliment vera !!! Park maama loots the roof and finds only 100 rs notes - he is heart broken. - "enna da ithu, namakku munnadi oru thirudan??" LR 1 is also lucky - her greed is driving her ..she is aping Sholavaram Car race - just that the race course is a country road and the car wheels are replaced by her legs. She sees Sammugam on the way and stops him "color TV, gas aduppu nnu sollittu, where are u going??" Sammugam says that some one has taken for a royal ride - "any one at home?" LR says that she locked the doors - Sammugam is ready to do TTS (Thundu Thandi sathyam) - " yakkOv,
unnai yemathi un veettai kOllai adikka plan " LR 1 hitch hikes in his
cycle -"drop me home please" - Park is busy opening plastic covers ....
puli sadam is disappearing fast...

LR 1 arrives home and sees the front door lock in tact. A relieved LR 1 sends Sammugam and opens the door. Well, she enters and is welcomed by the watch man crony - "vaanga akka vaanga, ration kadai le irunthu ivvalavu seekiram??" LR 1 happily says that the free distribution is delayed. The other guy comes and compliments the puli sadam. LR 1 says that with a side dish it will be better. Then only she realizes that these guys are inside the locked house. "pray, how did u get in here??" Park maama is caught red handed - not that he cares. LR 1 has some choice comments about Park maama's thieving skills - Park maama says that this time around he is disappointed "verum 100 100 rs thaan kidaichithi this time !!!" LR 1 explodes "ennathu??? intha tharam aa??? appo, ithu yethanavathu tharam?? Ipdi thirudi yaavathu kudikkanumaa?? ithukku oru bottle poison ai kudichittu sethu pO , na ore naal azhuthuttu apram jollyy aa irukken" ( unga veetu grocery list le every month  oru poison bottle poda maattingalaa??? Ella Tamizh serial um athai miss panna maattanga ??!!) Park maama kku
rosham antha odaicha door vazhiya pOngi varuthu "niruthu di, na kudigaran thaan but my first theft was for a good cause" - goes on to say that he gave money to MM during Kavya's wedding - LR 1 kku ippO oru puthu reason to karichu kottufy Archu and MM " ohhh, appo yen panathile thaan manjal kuliyalaa??? vekkam illai avangalukku??" Park maama says that they are oblivious to the fact that the money belongs to LR 1 "had I told them that it belongs to you, they would not have touched it.." LR 1 is beyond caring
"vaadiiii Archu vaadiiiii 
yendi kirukku unthan jambam
ennidam balikkuma di???
vaadi Archu vaadi - BG by Roja


Update by Meli

Tuesday, 24th November update

hello my dear buddies..I hope i dont have to update the detailed one as we all know Bags big mouth na...its horrible to watch and even more hard to type it downEmbarrassed
brief update
-After a big fight about the missing money, Bags sends out Archu to get back with the money otherwise, she cant enter that houseCry
-Vasu and that Ranjani girl is on shopping. Vasu so called friend call him from "Mumbai" and starts a drama..well well..both that friend and ranjani is sent by RS so that friend is chennai. ranjani and him decide to carry on with their plan. Revs and her mother sees both, Ranjani sees them and start to pretend like she and Vasu has a great time together by chatting and laughing, they takes off in a auto, revs runs after him and want to call but her mother tell her to have faith in Vasu. it could have been his co worker too, revs seesm to have doubts.
-Poonga is mad at his wife for have kicked out Archum Bags is like i dont care mood, rani comes back after searching after her. poonga and rani calls selvam but his phone is switched off so they call shiva and inform him. FREEZE
ShockedUpon seeing its Mels turn shesings:
sothanai mel sothanai podhumada sami
vedhanai dhaan vaazhkai endraal thaangaadhu bhoomi
soadhanai mel sodhanai podhumada saami


Update by Nithyamkv

Wednesday Nov 25th Updates


Jeyanthy comes to Bhagyam home.. Bhagyam yells at her.. Rani comes out hearing the commotion.. Jeyanthy sends Rani out to buy some tablets for her headache.. Bhagyam says How dare you come into this house after all that your mother has done to us..

Jeyanthy patiently listens to Bhagyam and finally says You are anyways benefited by my mother.. that 3 lakhs money which the police recovered from my mom is with you.. actually speaking that is Archu's money.. But you are enjoying it.. Bhagyam is shell shocked..  Her anger slowly disappears.. Jeyanthy says my mom always does good for others.. It is her bad time that she is in the jail for a crime commited by someone else.. Soon she will come out and meet you.. The other day when I went to the jail.. she felt very bad for fighting with you.. She asked me convince you.. Bhagyam says you too did not support Selvam when all of them round katti avamana paduthufied  them.. Now what brings you here.. Jeyanthy aysy how could I talk against my hobby and in-laws. I tried my level best to help them.. Bhagyam says I have no anger on you.. You can come here as usual .. But I cannot accept your mom so easily.. I cannot call her akka like before.. neither can I forget what she told me at the jail.. Jeyanthy smiles.. Bhagyam in her mind thinks.. I am enacting this drama of coming down in peace only coz you know my secret of 3 lakhs.. If I turn you down.. you will pottukuduthufy the money matter to Archu.. Jeyanthy speaks in her mind.. You have come down your stand only because I should not leak your 3 lakhs secret.. Don't I know you kalli.. Both of them smile outwardly.. Rani comes back with the tablet.. Jeyanthy says after speaking to your mom all my headache vanished.. I need to go and inform my in-laws that Archu is absconding.. Jeyanthy hurries out.. Rani asks her mom.. how cum your anger subsided within the time I went out and came back.. Bhagyam says elders matter you don't interfere.. go and mind your business.. Outside Jeyanthy says to herself.. I came here for something and got a very good information.. I should immediately go and tell this at home, raise my athai's BP and enjoy seeing her shedding tears..


Priya at home teaching Ramya some homework.. She is tensed what if anni pottukuduthufies about Priya and Goutham going in bike.. She goes into the kitchen and volunteers to help her mom in cooking, washing, serving, cutting veggies.. mom is surprised that Priya is voluntarily helping.. She asks Priya why this change? Usually you  refuse to work even when I request you.. Priya says you are single handedly struggling.. I pitied you.. amma says adengappa you realized that now only is it.. Priya takes the milk for Ramya and tensiona looks at the vasal.. Jeyanthy comes home and searches for Sivaraman.. Sivagami asks what's the matter.. Jeyanthy gives a big build up.. how can I tell athai. It will affect your health.. I want mama also to be there.. Priya is tensed and tries to talk about Ramaya and divert the topic. Sivagami shoos her away and forces Jeyanthy to tell.. Jeyanthy enjoys double pleasure.. Sivagami's BP raising and Priya getting tensed.. Sivaraman comes and asks what matter.. Jeyanthy says Archana and Bhagyam had a fight and Bhagyam chased archu out.. Sivagami starts her oppari.. Sivaraman wonders what is the reason.. Jeyanthy says the sovereign seer that Archu did for Kavyas' marriage was done with the money of Bhagyam .. Bhagyam wants that money back since Poonga stole that money and gave it to Arvam.. that is the reason Bhagyam chased Archu out.. Sivagami curses Bhagyam and polambufies about Archu.. She requests Sivaraman to go and fight with Bhagyam.. Sivaraman says How can I go and ask.. We severed our relationship with Arvam and chased them away.. Later they decided not to have any relationship with us.. With what relationship can I go and question.. Sivagami says mother daughter relationship cannot be severed by words. I will definitely go and ask.. She instructs Priya to call Vinod.. A partially relieved Priya obeys her mom.. Sivagami's solo RKO .. Jeyanthy enjoys the moment..


Night time Shiva comes back to his home tired and vexed.. His wife Punitha come out saying Archana.. Shiva says oh you to got to know that Archu is missing is it.. I searched the whole city but did not find her.. I feel like killing that Bhagyam for mean act.. I wonder what to reply to Selvam who has gone out of station and will return tomorrow.. Archu comes from inside and says anna.. Shiva is surprised. he asks Archu are you here.. I am so happy and relieved.. Punitha says she came hour back.. she is asking if she could stays here till Selvam came back.. Shiva says this is your thai veedu.. you can stay here as long as you wish.. Archu thanks them and says I was at the temple thing what to do.. Finally I decided to come here.. Shiva asks did you inform the matter to Selvam. Archu says no.. He has gone out on some work.. I did not want to unnecessarily disturb him.. Shiva says I need to inform your FIL who is worried about you.. Shiva calls Bhagyam's landline. Rani picks up.. Shiva updates that Archu is at his home and will come when Selvam returns.. he asks Rani to update Poonga.. Rani is very happy to hear that Archu is safe and talks to Archu.. Archu says don't worry.. I am fine.. update mama and hangs up.. Rani walks towards thinai.. Bhagyam stops her and asks who on the phone.. Rani updates the matter Bhagyam says she was not able to raise the money so she went to that guy's home is it.. Ask her to come back only if she comes with money.. Rani is sad..




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Thursday, Nov 26th
Update by atina 
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In Sivaramans house.....Sivagami, Sivaraman, Vinod, Jayanthi and Priya are in the hall lloking sad. Sivagami as usual oreh azhugai...and opaari....and very sad about Archu's missing.....Vinod suggests that they should gp to the police but Sivaraman diagree with that idea for Kudumba gowravam. At this point telephone rings and Priya picks it up. From the other end Rani informs," hai Priya...Anni is found...she is in SHiva annah's house only...Your anni must have come and told you all about Archana and that is the reason I am calling you just to tell you all not to worry" Everyone is happy to hear this. Sivaram replies to Vinod when he said about Archana and her Trichi trip etc," Look here Vinod the present Archana is very different from today's Archana. When she was found in Trichi she was hating her husband but now she simply adores him and I was sure that she would go to a safe place and wait for her husband to come back after his trip....and I was correct...anyway SIvagami please stop crying and go to sleep. I will put a fullstop to all this by tomorrow"
Sivagami asks about his plan but SIvaraman tells that he would tell that in the morning. Hearing this Jayanthi's eyes pop up worriedly.
Priya is in the kitchen..pretending to do some work as she is waiting to talk to Jayanthi. Here comes Jayanthi and Priya thanks her. Jayanthi asks her the reason for thanking her. Priya replies,"When you said to amma that you have something important to tell her I was so worried tinking that you were about to tell about seeing me with my boy friend....and you did not tell that to amma....I am releived now and my thnaks is for that only anni" Jayanthi in her mind tells," vaadee vaa...neeya vandu en valaiyileh maattikitiyaa?"
Then she asks," what is this Priya? I am not like that after all nowadays a girl  going out with her boy friend is very common and in fact an enjoyable one too...why should I come and tell all that here as an average sister in law?"  Hearing this Priya becomes happy and tells," Annii I never thought you would be this fact after Kavya got married and went away frfom here I was sad that I had no one to share my secrets...but now I have you as my friend anni" She goes away happily from there and Jayanthi as usual with a villi paarvai tells herself," You came and fell into my tar  wait and have put pulli and I will show you kolam pottu ok?"
Vasu is in Ranjani's house and he is worried about the picture which is hanging in the hall. But Ranjani tells," enna not worry...I have no other option but this...just to convince the house owner...because of this picture if you end up in any trouble...ofcourse I will come and tell anyone that we both are like sister and brother dont worry anna..."He is about to leave as it is already 9 45 pm..but Ranjani forces him to ahve dinner and go. As soon he is done with the dinner he leaves and is shocked to see the gate is locked. Ranjani tells," ayo anna I forgot that the gate will be closed at 10...sorry anna" At this point eh house owner come there and Vasu tells,' illa sir...I normally eat bananas after dinner...she forgot to buy...that is why I am going out to buy" The house owner tells," appadiyaa....ok...justwait here" He comes back with two bananas. Vasu was so disappointed ...and goes with Ranjani inside.
Vasu is ready to sleep oput side the bedroom in the hall and Ranjani closes the door of her room. She calls RS and tells the whole story. RS is happy to hear the news and disconnects the call. He tells his adiyaal about this. At this point Vasu's friend who is cheating Vasu with Ranjani comes there and emands for more money. RS gives him some drinks and asks him to go somewhere away from chennai and gives him 10 000Rs. That fellow tells that money is not enouth and leaves from there. RS tells his adiyaal that after their work is done they have to deal with this fellow.
Vasu is dropped in front of his house and the car owner thanks him for arranging for him to buy that car. Selvam is about to go in but he notices Siva is standing there and asks him to come in have coffee from Archana. But SIva simply moves from there and Archana gets down from the auto with a bag. Selvam is shocked......

Update by Aisha_muka1984

Friday Update  -  Friday November 27, 2009 

Credits to

Shiva has his auto parked on the opposite side of Bhagyam Aranmanai... Selvam happens to just arrive there!  Shiva calls him over... Selvam wonders why he didn't go inside and have a cup coffee made by Archu.  Just then Archu gets out of the auto.  Selvam is shocked to see her and runs... wondering why she is in the same get up as yesterday.  Archu looks upset.  Shiva then angrily tells Selvam about what that lady Bhagyam did... i.e. chase Archu out of the house for that 5 000 Rs... and she did that especially when Selvam was not there. 

Selvam is angered by that!  Wow... for once namma Selvam loses his temper Clap.. He grabs Archu's hand and walks straight inside the house.  Shiva follows them.  Once inside, Selvam asks Rani to call "her Amma"!!!  All are shocked.  Bhagyam walks out....

Seeing Selvam angry, Poonga Maama tells Selvam that he is angry right now and that they could talk about anything later nnu.  But Selvam asks him to stay quiet and yells....

"Even though you told me I was not your son... I still referred to you as Amma, veetlayum saree velileyum saree!  But this is my first time calling "un Amma"nnu.  Your behaviors forced me to say as such.  It wasn't me who went around falling in love with Archana... it was you all who arranged our marriage.  Now how dare you be keen on kicking Archu out of the house?  How could you kick my wife out of the house.... this is the third time you're doing this while I was away!  Ongalukku evu erakkame illaiyaa?  Avalothukku ellkaarama poyitaala Archu?? Neengalum oru penn thaane.. with a daughter.. then how could you?  Raathiri poora ennga porathinnu theiryaama, she went and stayed at Shiva's house... Kevalamam 5000 Rs. kku, you kicked her out naa!  It was Appa who took the money and gave it to be... How could you blame Archu??   Naanum thaa intha family kku evlo olachu kottirukean... can you deny that?  Even though my periyappa senjathai solli kaata kodathinu valathaaru... but you're making me do it!!!  Till the day you asked me how dare I hit her son, Vasu, I gave you all my varumaanam, without taking a paisa out of there for myself!  Etho appa thaan intha veetile responsible aa illama irukarare nnu i wanted to see thambhi and thangai study hard.. athukku i worked hard!!!  So naan olachu koduthathile, oru 5000 Rs. kooda seeraathaa?"  Bhagyam just angrily looks!!


Soon she opens her mouth.... "Ivlo kaalam onnai valathathu yaaru?  Athukkellam evlo selvaagirukkum?  I'm not after the money!!!  But do you know what your wife did yesterday?  All this while they've been living here, and Archu never locked the door.  But yesterday, she locked the door, just because her son Vasu was sitting here by.  When she questioned Archu, the latter said 'kuthamulla nenchu thaan kurukurukkum nnu!'  How dare she...?  How could she kuthi kaating my son!" 


Selvam doesn't just listen to all this like usual.  He also fumes.. "Unga pullaiya kevala paduthitaannu evlo kova padureengaleh... ava senjalithie enna thappu irukku? She told the truth thane!  Ennamo unga pullai unga pullai nnu sollureengale.. intha pullai uyiroda irukarathukku Archana thane kaaronam?  She gave her 35 Sovereign nagai to save his life.. during that operation time.  Have you forgotten that then???  Fine naan than intha kudumbathuku sumai thaangi aatomirunthean.. since this is my family and ratham.. but why did she have to do that?  In fact you took 10 more sovereigns on top of the 35 to go buy some land... where did that all go?? Edatha vaangirean.. sothai vaangurean nnu solli 3 latcham panam eduthu veenaakineengale??  Did she ever ask for it back?  Unga pullai usurai kaapaathina antha 35 pownai ongalaala thiruppi thara mudiyumaa?  (Bhagyam thiru thiru... muliching).  In addition... adamaanom vetcha Archaana nagaiyai thiruppi meetedukka... onga perile irukaara intha veetu pathirathai kodukka mothalle.. you made me take my shed pathirom and hand over to you before giving the veetu pathirom.. what does that show?  Tho nikkiraane pollai.. Vasu.. he was adamant that he wanted to go to a government job.  That is when you stole money and got caught.. but it was me who saved you.  Then i went about arranging money... thanks to Shiva who helped me.  But till this day, Shiva never asked about that money.  But your uthama puthiran.... revathiyai kaathalikkalainnu yemaathi.. then he ran away with her... because of it.. that velai and the money were lost.. athanaala.. i had to go to jail and suffer!  Moreover, I'm the one who is paying all the interest today!!!  Athu kooda maranthidichaa?  For such kind of a kid, you're getting angry naa.. so that means ongalukku thevai nna mattum naanga venum.. but there is no paasom/ bantham.  Pothumada saamy.. here is your 5000 Rs. pannom with interest!"  And he throws the money on Bahgu's face... (sabaash..super super Selvam Clap!!!!!).

Poonga goes to Selvam and says no need to give money nnu.. Selvam is shocked and wonders why.  Poonga informs that Archu's parents had already come to give the money.  Selvam is shocked why they came...

Poonga describes what happened...

Early morning, after putting kolam, Bahgyam throws water on Poonga's face and wakes him up.  Just then Vasu arrives... Bhagyam asks if his friend is alright... since he went to be with the friend last night .... Vasu just nods and leaves.  Poonga is curious to know if Vasu never came home last night.  Just then an auto arrives and Sivagami/ Sivaraman get down. 

Prior to going inside Sivaraaman wanrs Sivagami not to pick up a fight!  Since they are only here to give the money.  Poonga greets them and Sivaraman wishes to speak to the lady of the house, Bhagyam.  Soon Bhagyam arrives.. Sivagami is getting angrier by the minute.  The moment Bhagyam comes closer... Sivagami starts scolding Bhagyam for kicking archu out for the second time.... and even mentions about her using up Archu's jewels.  Sivaraman tries to calm her down and adds they may ask how they could come here after sending their daughter and SIL out of the marriage hall... but they are only here to break all ties... and t to pay the 5000 Rs. Archu was accused of using up for their second daughter's wedding.  Poonga politely refuses it.

Sivagami continues to burst out.. "kevalam intha veetukku vaala vantha ponnu oru 5000 Rs. kooda use panna koodaathaa..."  Bhagyam also starts.... insulting Sivagami for having to chase Selvam and Archu away from the wedding hall.  Sivaraman once again scolds Sivagmi for starting such thing.  Sivagami keeps quiet.  Both of them morachu paarking.  Sivaraman then apologizes to Bhagaym for his wife's pechu... and hands over the money.  Poonga stops him and says this will further hurt the parents - daughter relationship.. but Sivaraman explains that after so much happening.. they'll not be able to rekindle.  After all their daughter had told her mom "nee sethaalum aagathu.. naan sethaalum agaathu.."  then he reminds his SIL asking him (sivaraman) to leave when he came to see them.  Hence why keep the seeru they had given... and hands it... Poonga keeps refusing it, but Bhaygam just grabs it and goes inside.. athoda.. Sivagami and sivaraman leave too..


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honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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thanks for updates...park mama should changed....he cant keep water beating with someone money all the time..all problem started because of Park mama...

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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Thanks for the updates Roja..

LR1 please finish all the fights today.. I don't want the fights on wednesday updates EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Meli, you had better run and borrow Atina's dictionary of chennai cheri Tamizh, because today LR1 will unleash her full vocabulary on Archu and MM also will not come home at night to save her in the nick of time.  Now that she has fought with her parents, where will she go?  To Periappa's house?
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank you for the kalakkal update Roja Akka Clap...

uh oh.. Melikku thanaa aapu??? ShockedShocked

Originally posted by meli

Tuesday, 24th November update

ShockedUpon seeing its Mels turn she sings:
sothanai mel sothanai podhumada sami
vedhanai dhaan vaazhkai endraal thaangaadhu bhoomi
soadhanai mel sodhanai podhumada saami

En maa En... serial paaka munnadhiya you sang this.. b/c now.. according to Eljay maa.. it'll def be opposite kaadhile thean paayira maadhiri episode you might have to actually sing this song while updating pulle Cry

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Thanks Roja akka and meli for the updates..

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Thanks for the brief updates meli..

Appa Nithya escape from LR1 Party

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Meli kutty, thanks da - if u do not have time, then I can
do a detailed update - though I am not sure if we
really need to do that - LR 1 and her tongue.... we
know what she would have shouted !!!

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