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Originally posted by pomegranate

I don't want catherine hardwicke anywhere near twilight Period!!
there was soo many things that were wrong with it.exactly, I was so excited to watch twilight, i think i got carried away and could see past my love for it. now that i think about it, I didn't like twilight at all.

I too agree with you dear......Catherine should stay away from Twilight Saga.....I too don't know why I was so damn crazy about that movie...After watching New moon.....I too now don't like Twilight anymore !!!! As Anu said...They should make Midnight Sun to cover up flaws of TwilightTongueLOL

luv Alina

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The movie was AWESOME..I'm going to watch it again tomorrow.Cause i loved it.IT lived up to my expectations unlike Twilight.and yes i was really disappointed with Twilight.In terms of story..not following the book much..and most of all ACTING..Their acting was soo AVERAGE.

but in  New Moon..I have to say Kristen impressed me the most..I thought i would have to complain about her acting thorughout the entire movie but NO..She was MARVELOUS..And Rob was AWESOME..OMG i cried when he left Bella.
and Taylor was AWESOME..He was tooo good.My heart felt for Jake at the end of the movie. Taylor was Absolutely great.
and my favorite Ashley..I Loved her..She was sooo good.I LOVED ALL HER SCENES.Espcially when she came back to Bella.and i love alice & jake scenes sooo much.
AS soon as you put the Dog Out..My favorite line in the enitre movie..
Emmett to Edward..and older
Jasper.It would be nice not to want to kill you all the time..and his smirk..KILLER..Sexxy..

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The moviee was absolutely amazingg but have to say that it wasn't as good as Twilight. The first scene with Bella as an old woman was hilarious LOL....The birthday scene looked kinda fake but Emmet was soo cutee!! dating an older women ... thats hott =] I love Emmet he is sooo cutee!!! I did like rosalie in the book but in the movie i dont really like her. Alice is veryyy cute and i love her!! Jasper is funny and cute too =] it was sooo sad when Edward leftt!! I feltt so sorry for Bella ... but he did it for her protection so i love you  for that Edward =] When Jacob was shown in the beginning i kept going EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW but when after he became werewolf i was like YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! LOL Taylorrr's bodyyy is effin HOTT but his face is ehhh LOL!!! but he seemed sooo sweet and i didn't wanna feel that way about him because when i read the book i hated him soooo muchhh!!!! First, when my sister told about Jacob and him imprinting on Renesme and liking Bella i was sooo happy and was in love with jacobb but when i actually read the book it all went downhill. but i still like the fact that he's gonna imprint on renesme and not feel that way about her at all. Jacobb was an okayy deal for me for this movie.. i didnt really like him in twilight but yeah LOL!!! now comes my love ... EDWARD ... Whenever they showed Edward on Bella's "imagination" he was sooo sweet and protective of Bella ... I hated him for leaving yet i loved him for appearing over and over again for Bella!!! you rock Edward... trust me you wont ever disappoint me. but i have to admit they made edward a little too pale!!! i didnt like that!! I loved all the effects and  stuff!! that was amazingggggggggggg!!! volturii were what i imagined!! wanted to see more of Dakota Fanning!!
about their acting i must sayy kristen has dissapointed me a lot!!! I want another bella but i also want rob and kristen in real life and their chem is amazing on and off screen but other that the romantic scenes ... kristen kinda sucks at being bella =] Taylor was okayy ... robb was amazinggg and ashleyy should improvee too =]

When they were showing the previews they showed Robert's new ovie called "Remember Me" and as always he looked damn hott!!! not like vampire hott but a bad boy kinda hott!! and the moviee semmed sooo cool!!! if you are a Rob fan you should definitely check out the promo =] !!!

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I agree with Am's post :)

The movie was amazing, really no words. The actors were great, the producer and the rest of crew did good, & it folllowed the book. I abs loved it [unlike twilight which I complained the whole time]

Only two "bad" things come to mind about the movie *spoiler*
- When Bella is turned and running with Ed
- The end after the confrontation, where Ed makes a "proposal" hint, hint to Bella about what he wants in return if he has to turn Bella
^ the only reason why that disappointed me was bcz that didn't happen till ch 20 in eclipse
But overall I would say 9.5/10, just brillant and deff must watch even if you aren't a huge Twi fan!

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Okay, so this is genna be pretty long post.
I saw New Moon on Thanksgiving [11/26/09]. New Moon, for me, has set such a high standard, that the first movie, Twilight, seems like crap. NEw Moon was amzingly awesome.
-I luved luved luved luved Taylor Lautner. Not just cuz of his gorgeous appearnace, but the way he brought Jacob Black to the screen. He shined through out the whole movie, and did justice to Jacob Black. He made the movie <3
-I luved Rosalie. Yeah she's not in the movie so much, but i feeel so much for her. I was about to cry when she gave her answer to Bella becoming one of them. I felt soooo bad. "I wish there had been someone there to vote no for me. " :(
-I luved the wolves. Seriously, they were fantastic. I luv the human wolves and the Computerized wolves.
- I luved all the break up scenes, especially the one between Jacob and Bella. I didnt feel for bella at this point, basically i never do, but Jacob's anger
-Alice and Jasper are awesomeee. I luved the Alice in New Moon more than i did in Twilight. I actually felt that this time it was Alice. Jaasper was amazing.
:Lines,and scenes i liked:
"Age is just a number baby, what are u now ? 40?" -By Jacob Black, when he goes to take the bikes out of the truck.
Bella Swan: It must be nice, never getting cold.
Jacob Black: It's a wolf thing.
Bella Swan: It's not. It's a Jacob thing. You're just warm. You're like your own sun. [I luved this sooo much!]
"What a marshmallow!" -By Jacob Black, after he and bella come out of the theaters when Mike Newton rushes to the bathroom.
Quil Ateara: So this is your girlfriend, huh?
Jacob Black: I said she was a girl who was a friend
Quil Ateara: Do you remember him making that distinction?
Embry Call: No I don't.
Bella Swan: Jacob's kind of a werewolf.
Alice Cullen: Ugh! Bella! Werewolf's are not good company to keep!
Jacob Black: Speak for yourself...
[Lmfao, this was epic!!!]
Mike: Well, I need to go home. I was feeling sick before the movie, okay?... What? What's your problem?
Jacob Black: You're my problem. Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital?
[Omg, i cracked up hysterical when he said that!!!]
Emmett: Dating older Women....HOT!
Edward luks at him like he has two heads. [Lmfao, this was awesome!!!]
Edward:U cant trust me. LOL
Bella Swan: No. No romance. Uh, well, how about "Face Punch" You heard of that?
Mike: Well, it's an action movie.
Bella Swan: Yeah, it's perfect. With guns... adrenaline... it's my thing.
Mike: Okay...
Bella Swan: We should get a bunch of people... You guys wanna go see "Face Punch" ?
Eric: Yeah! Hey, Mike, remember we were suppose to watch that? The trailer's all like "* Pew, pew!* Punch his face in"
Jessica: Movie night with Bellllllaaaaaaa
[Lmfao, this was so funny, specially eric:PEw Pew!]
Charlie Swan: Can I ask you something? Hanging out with Jake seems to take your mind off things for a bit, doesn't it? You know sometimes, you gotta learn to love what's good for you, you know what I mean? Of course, what do I know? I'm just a terminal bachelor... Famous ladies man. [LOL, i luv charlie:)]
Embry Call: These are trade secrets! She runs with vampires!
Bella Swan: You can't really run with vampires. They're very fast.
Embry Call: Well, we're faster. Freaked out yet?
Bella Swan: You're not the first monsters I've met.
[God, these wolves are awesome(:]
Harry Clearwater: Don't worry about the bears Bella. My Kung Fu is strong. [I fell soo bad for harry]
-The morning scene. When Bella goes to school on her birthday, and Jacob gives her the dream catcher. God, when he hugged her and stared down Edward, god, i think i was on cloud nine!
-The Birthday Scene. Luved Emmett and bella. "Hey, dont dont hate the truck...."
-The Scene with Sam Uley and Bella.
-Scene with Jacob and Bella, at Jake's house.
-Motorcycle scene
-Scene with Jessica, with the homeboy. [LMFAO!!!]
-Scene with Jacob and Bella.... braking up.
-Scene when Jacob jumped into Bella's room, through the window. I luved him here sooooooooo much. I wish i was in those tight arms. I waws about to jump outta my seat when: Bella"Yeah, bout the cold ones. Jake:"I could understand y u only rember that...." [Grrr Bella!!]
-Scene in the ebach. "So ur a werewolf?" "Yeah the last time i checked"
- Luved Victoria. Omg, she is amazing. I can't believe she wont be in eclipse. I luved the scne with ehr in the forest and the water.
-Luved the scene with Jacob and Bella, after Jake saves her from drowning.
-The Volturi are mad scary, but i luvvvvvvv Alec and Caius. Jane is sooo friggin scaryy!!!!
-Luved the wolves fighting!
-I got so excited at the end when jacob morphed into a wolf, i was like FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!...but ofcourse, the human gets in the way. LOL
-I luved the scene with Jake and Alice and Bella. I fell so abd for Jake. He's always led on, but gets nothing.

What i hated:
Godd...what kind of ending is that? U need to marry may...WTH?? I was about to seriously jupm out of my seat. I was about to cry when Jake ran into the woods. When his wolf face was like so disappointed, i was like AWWWW!!!!
Thats it. Thw whole mopvie was amzinnnnngggg. Luved the actors/actreess. Luved Chris Weitz.
Fpr Me, i would give this a 9/10, but cuz of Taylor's wonderufl acting and Chris Weitz taking this movie to the next level, i give this a fulll 10/10:)
Now i Just cant wait for Eclipse.

_love Esha JBTDL.

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Originally posted by xobabiicakesz

I agree with Am's post :)

The movie was amazing, really no words. The actors were great, the producer and the rest of crew did good, & it folllowed the book. I abs loved it [unlike twilight which I complained the whole time]

Only two "bad" things come to mind about the movie *spoiler*
- When Bella is turned and running with Ed
- The end after the confrontation, where Ed makes a "proposal" hint, hint to Bella about what he wants in return if he has to turn Bella
^ the only reason why that disappointed me was bcz that didn't happen till ch 20 in eclipse
But overall I would say 9.5/10, just brillant and deff must watch even if you aren't a huge Twi fan!
hey edward does proposes to bella in new's after bella asks da oder cullens to vote...wen bella n edward were in her room...
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OMG OMG IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first of all let me say.... it was 100 times better than twilight....
TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!! star of the movie.... robsten chemistry was amazing with a newfound chemistry for taylor and kristen... um taysten?? lol
agree with pomegranate.... now that i think about it i didnt like twilight at all... if it was any other movie i would have liked rated it 1 star.... :P
loved the volturi sequence.....
hehe omg quil was so much cuter than i thought he would be.... like actually didnt imagine him that way.....hes cute...
so loved the acting of rob in this particular movie... he seems improved or maybe its just the storyline?
loved the scene where jake calls mike a marshmellow.... HAHAHA so unexcpected!
emmett with the thing dating an older women hah????/ OMG HOTNESS.... and i was really really cute!
loved all motorcycle scenes.... the way bella saw edward ... i was like OMG especially with the one is port angeles when hes like no bella walk the other way.... holy crap.... i cant explain the feeling i had.... scared out of my guts dosent even explain it..... was a mixture of sexy and mysterious..... :P ROFFLMAO im weird i know!
hehe esha.. i know i felt like that too... but after i while i thought it through while coming home in my car... i was like maybe it wasnt that bad.... it explained that there was a continuation sort of thing... it aint that bad...
OH YEAH.... ashley and taylor chem..... alice and jacob... ahaha once u get the dog out..... omg it was epic!!!!
loved so much more.... im glad i got more than what i expected....
i think with twilight.... you have to remeber that it was the very first movie of the series... so no matter how crappy it would have been i would have probably liked it... lol
thats all....

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Thanx guys 4 reveiws..i'm jus gonna see it...!!!Smile

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