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Unforseen Circumstances - YuNa fanfic upd.Feb.1 (Page 55)

-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Hey guys, lol I can't believe people still want to read this...anyways...I always say the next chapter will be the last chapter but I can't seem to finish I can't figure out the here is another filler chapter. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Part 23

"Can you choose between your dad and me then?" Naina looked at Yuvi with a shocked expression…she wasn't expecting him to cross question her.

"Yuvi…I asked…"

"It's the same thing Naina…I love you! But if I have to choose between you and my family…I'll choose them!"

Yuvi had a hard time bringing himself to say those words but he knew that if she wanted him to come clean…this was his answer. Not only Naina but everyone in the room, including Raaj, were shocked to hear Yuvi's answer. Everyone knew that he loved her a lot…

"Then I'll choose my dad!" Naina tried to hurt Yuvi back but it seemed more as if she was trying to find her lost confidence.

"You're just saying that right now because of what I said…but if there is a time when you have to choose between the two of us…you will definitely choose your dad. Not because you love either of us more but because there is a level of commitment that you have with your family. It's the same for me…I love you a lot but I am committed to my brother…to my father…to my family…"

"Says the person who betrayed his own mother!"

Everyone in the room turned toward the voice and were shocked…


The gaze shifted from the stranger toward Yuvi…

"Your mom?"

"Yes! I am his mom! The one he betrayed for his revenge madness!"

"I did it for you…"

"Stop it!! Just stop it, Yuvraaj!"

Before anyone could react…Mrs. Singh walked up to Yuvi and slapped him across his cheek.

"I thought you were changing…I thought you were forgetting everything that had happened in the past…but you still haven't! I already lost my husband and my oldest son…why did you make me go through your loss as well? Did you ever think about your mother? Did you think I would be able to bear your death? If I didn't find out the truth that day at the hospital…I am sure I would have lost my life too!"

Mrs. Singh kept on hitting Yuvi lightly on his chest with her fist as she spoke…she was not the only one crying…the whole room seemed to have been immersed in sad emotion.

"I am your sinner…if I had not hidden the truth from all of you…this would never have happened! I know I did you all wrong!" Shashank could not take it anymore and fell to the ground as he spoke.

Yuvi was having a hard time comprehending the situation at hand…he badly wanted to take a swing at the confessing man but he was afraid of the woman standing in front of him…and maybe also the woman behind him. This was not something he was expecting…he could handle anyone…even Naina…but he had no strength to go against his own mother. That was the reason why he chose to let his family believe that he was dead…

"Dr. Shashank…I don't want to remember the past…I don't want any of this nonsense to continue! I am sorry for all the trouble my son has caused you…this should be the end of it!" Mrs. Singh folded her hand in front of the fallen man in front of her.



That was all it took for Yuvi to shut his mouth and look down.

"We shall take your leave now!"

Mrs. Singh looked back at her son and he quietly followed suit along with Mac. Raaj who only wanted to take revenge on Yuvi through Dr. Shashank was left baffling at what just occurred. He didn't know the history, so he was more confused than most people in the room. Atul, on the other hand, was on the ground along with Dr. Shashank…half heartedly trying to get him up while trying to control his anger. He didn't want Yuvi to get away…this was going to be even more dangerous.

Naina was too shocked at Yuvi's claim that she came second to his revenge…she immediately ran up to her room after Yuvi and his mom left. She was too angry for words…but she didn't know exactly why. Was she angry because she came second or because of what he said was true? Family comes before love.

At Singh household


Yuvi's sister was shocked to see her dead brother standing in front of it…on top it…it seemed as if their mother did not give a care since she went to her room as soon as she arrived home. The two siblings stared at each other…one with a guilty look while other with a disbelief expression.

"What is going on? You…you…were suppose to be dead!"

At Gupta residence

"Shashank, what exactly is going on? I think it's about time you tell me everything!" Padma was beyond angry at that moment…for some reason the last few hours had her convinced that her life was falling apart faster than she could cope with.

At Singh household

"Right now…all you need to know is that there is something that I needed to…something I still need to do. I love both you and mom…and even Na…anyways I came back because of mom but I need to leave again. I am sorry for everything that you both had to go through…I really do hope I can be forgiven. But…I want you to do me a favour…" Yuvi looked at his sister with a pleading face. "…live like you always did after my "death"…as if you never knew the truth."

Yuvi's sister looked at Yuvi with tears in her eyes…she took a step forward but immediately retreated and just ended their short meeting with a nod.

Outside of Yuvi's house




"Meet me in front of the dome right now!"


Yuvi lingered few more minutes in front of his house while his childhood flashed in front of him. The joy his family brought to him…and the pain that was later caused to them…both by the Gupta family…and him. He knew what he was about to do was something that would cause them even more pain but he was at his limit. He walked slowly toward the entrance…or his permanent exit from his family.


Yuvi turned around to come face to face with the last person he wanted to see…


They both slowly walked toward each other, stopping right in front of each other. Yuvi could see through Naina's bravery shield that she had put on to confront him. Feeling guilty, he looked down to stare at his feet as he stood in front of her…waiting for her to start the conversation.

"I am going back to Gujurat." Naina told Yuvi with a monotone voice…trying hard to control her emotions from wavering.

Yuvi did not say anything nor did he attempt to look up to face her…feeling her anger rising, Naina took a step back to look at Yuvi for the last time before walking away. As soon as he felt Naina moving far away from him, he looked up with unshed tears in his eyes.

"This is how it was suppose to end…this is good! Now I don't have to worry about you…I wish you all the best for your future…a future without me!"

In front of the dome

"What's up Yuvi?"

"I need a gun!"

"What? You need a what?"

"Have you placed cotton in your ears? GET ME A FREAKING GUN!"

People around the two stopped to look at them but when they noticed the murderous eyes of one of them, they all scurried away immediately.

In a quiet voice, "Look Yuvi, you do realize…why…this is not right!"

"You really shouldn't care! This will be good for you…I'll be out of your way forever…you'll get your revenge!"

"That is tempting…but what about Naina?"

"I've already dealt with her…you better stay away from her!"

"Dealt? Isn't that a bit harsh?"

"Seriously Raaj! I need a gun not a gyaan! Can you get me one?"

"Whatever! Both you love birds seem to have a strange obsession with guns!" Raaj exclaimed the last remark in a much quieter voice than he was originally speaking in already.

"Excuse me? Who are you talking about?

"Ahhh nothing…fine I'll get you a gun! When do you need it by?"

"As soon as possible!"

"Fine, let's meet in an hour at my house"

"Why your house?"

"Do you want it or not?"



Both of them walked away in opposite directions but Raaj stopped midway and looked back at the disappearing figure of his old-time enemy. Though, he hated him…he knew what was happening was not right. Usually he wouldn't care…he really wanted to do the same at that moment…but for some reason…he suddenly felt a conscious attack.

"Great! I can't believe I am about to do this…and that to for that jerk! I should just use the gun to shoot myself in the head!" Raaj exclaimed while standing in the middle of the walkway as people walking around him gave a "you're crazy" look to him.

After an hour

"Well…they both will be arriving soon!" Raaj paced back and forth in his living room as he waiting for his much awaited guests to arrive.

"Do you think this is a good idea? Especially…you know…" Mac leaned against the far wall of the living room with an unsure look.

"I am not sure…but hey…this is the best idea I could come up with!"

Mac didn't bother to reply but changed his expression from unsure to a frustrated one which Raaj chose to ignore.

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Raaj ran full speed toward the main door and opened it to come face to face with one of his guest.


Raaj shook his head violently and moved out of the way to let his guest enter.

"Um…let's go in the living room!"

Just as he was about to close the front door, he saw his second and final guest arriving on his bike. Raaj immediately rushed his first guest toward the living room and ran back to greet his second guest.

"Glad you could make it!"

"Shut the hell up and give me the gun!"

"Dude, chillax! Why don't you come in?"

Yuvi tried to intimate Raaj but when the latter refused to budge, he walked through the door with heavy footsteps. Raaj immediately closed the door and forced Yuvi to walk in the living room.

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Sofna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Will read ALL prev chapters..catch up n THEN commentLOL
-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
lol aww sofna! sorry I know people must have forgotten the story already!

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miss_precious IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 2:59pm | IP Logged

booo stranger........... sowi i aint been chatting since ages... my bbm is not working properly.......... i miss u

btw i cant beleive u still write this........ i read and felt nostalgic lol

nonetheless good piece of work


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Sofna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -bhootni-

lol aww sofna! sorry I know people must have forgotten the story already!
Yr FF was the FIRST one i read on IF...Dnt wry i hadnt 4gotten was just pulling yr leg..Wink...didnt xpect u to cont  thats all....btw Hw are u..jst need to read past couple of chapters..n then will read this oneTongue

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-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:59pm | IP Logged fix your BBM...I miss chatting with you! and aww thanks!
@sofna...awww lol thanks! go read it and tell me what you think of this chapter...and how to end this freaking story!
RadiantTreasure IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Special Shocked Sumaiya..Shocked..
U r back..Dancing..well almost..ROFL
U updated?ShockedI am literally going Silly
Anyways loved reading u r FF after ages..Heart
But that is with u n ur twists D'oh..Naina..leaving..yuvi n Gun?Evil SmileTwist pe twist?
Mac n raaj planning something.,,sooo much confusion..Wacko..
But i loved it..waiting for the next episode..which i hope will be in next few months..AngryLOL..
Update soon..Big smile
Good wishes,,Hug

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sups2222 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo updated after so lnggggggggggggggggggggggg arghh.........misssed u n yuna so much thiss ff will always hold a spcl position in ma heart.............loved it totally..........ahh well coment further later ave to go to coll.luv u..........

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