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It's OK, Shwets..Net can be a major pain at times..Thanks a lot for explaining..

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Originally posted by Who-I-Used-2-Be

The Gujrals and Prithvi in Avni's room, a beautiful scene, a complete picture. LOVED how everybody tried to make Avni feel better..There is no better feeling than having one's family by their side in the times of need.. Avni must have felt good, and confident..Her world is still beautiful..
Her world is more beautiful than she knows... She has a wonderful family - a doting mother, a caring older sister, a loving younger sister, a supportive jeej... That scum she calls her husband is not needed at all.

Sameer and his angry+sad look? This is where KT really needs to improve. He is at his best when he is being lighthearted, teasing, negative without being intense, but as far as intense/angry scenes are concerned, they are not his forte. He totally overdoes anger and intensity and does this crazy eye-brow thing, and it ends up coming out all kinds of funny. No offense meant to anyone. This is just my opinion.
Who exercises in the middle of the night? And what was with the constipated I-can't-lift-these-weights-cos-they're-too-heavy expression? Why did he borrow my Prithvi's hot black vest? Why couldn't he have simply been remorseful, like they showed in the precap? Ah, so many questions...

Queenie telling Kingie she can't forgive lies and deceit and the look on Kingie's face..Awww, the future is not a pretty sight at all..
Ab tera kya hoga Kaliya, oops sorry, Kingie? *laughes maniacally* 

Here comes mush..

PriDa (gushfest)

PriDa in their room? Awww... Embarrassed

The look on Damini's face when she turned around and looked at Prithvi was so sweet. And didn't Prithvi look so cute and like a big teddy bear while he was sleeping with his hand over his eyes! EmbarrassedLOLSho shweet he looked... my darling baby was sho adorable... *goes to GK land* Hayyeee...

Damini's "So gae kya"..Awww, did someone else feel like that 'kya' was a caress itself? She said it so sweetly. She seemed a tad disappointed too...

How she held his hand and told him she'll always be with him was sweetness personified. Awww, look at where Queenie stands today.. Awww.... and it was all wasted on Kumbhkaran, who wouldn't wake even after she touched him. Prithvi needs counselling...
Damini resting her head on his shoulder and placing her hand on his chest, awww. Didn't they look just perfect there..! EmbarrassedLOL *swoons.. transports to PriDa heaven *joins in swooning* Hmmm my house in PriDa heaven is rather dusty from disuse... Hope the next moment won't be this long in coming... 

And Prithvi? First you went to sleep without telling your doll goodnight, then you woke up after she had gone to sleep having said the sweetest of things to you when you were in a far away land..It was your loss only, baby.. Like I said on the heartracers thread, if I were Damz, Pri would be woken up by a jugful of cold water and the jug, falling on his head... How could he sleep? Silly goose... He totally needs counselling..

And then you woke up and ran away? Didn't even spare wifey dearest a look? My oh my..Kya hoga is ladke ka? Queenie looked like a lost kid when she woke up, didn't find him anywhere and looked around.. Yeh nahin sudhrega... sab lucifer ki galti hai...

But it was sweet..I don't even want to see PriDa enacting mush right now, but like most of you, I too wanted to see him at least sparing her a besotted look in the morning. Ya it was sweet, but that one gesture would have made the episode... With you on the mush part tho, please let them not go mushy any time soon... preferably never, cos that is totally out of character for them...

Anyways, I am not complaining.. Oh, I am, babe... 


Rosh taking Avni to a walk and not allowing anybody else to accompany them..Lovely scene Love the dress Rosh was wearing... but how does munchkin expect to walk in it? Shocked

Eh eh..Kingie got scolded by Queenie when she went all 'why are we talking about Jai?".. Kingie's face was a sight.. I LOVED that... I think Damz vented her anger at him leaving her without so much as a word.. But their disagreements are so much fun to watch!

To be continued...

Only got to watch the first half of the episode. Will edit this post once I have seen the whole episode.Embarrassed


The showdown

Well, I don't have much to say about it..

Loved Damini and Ela's anger.. Damz looked ready to punch and kick... LOL Can't say I blame her, tho. Ela was classy...

Loved the angry/unhappy look Rosh gave Sameer.. She should have fed him to her fishes... that was what he'd be fit for anyway, if Damz had her way....

It was entertaining to see PRithvi's reaction when Damini and Ela got mad at Sameer..I am probably imagining things, but looking at his face, I felt like he was seeing himself in place of Sameer and imagining the future.. He was guilty and exasperated at the same time... Well, Prithvi, no one said your wife would be easy to handle... She's going to lead you a pretty dance LOL

Sameer's apology? Didn't touch the heart at all, but something is better than nothing, they say.. Fake identity, fake explanation, fake remorse, fake apology... Only thing that was real was his respect for Prithvi...  

Well, Avni's silence is hiding thunderstorms behind itself it seems..The precap tells us she wants Sameer to accept the baby in front of the whole world? Let's see where it goes..Maybe she is planning to leave him at the mandap.. I think she'll say "Agar Jai ko pachtava hai, toh usey mujhse shaadi karni hiiii hogiii" effect of Pri's blood, you see..

That's all, folks..You may shoot now..I think there wasn't much to say/analyze about the episode, everything was pretty straightforward, but maybe my brain is not clear today to see anything today.. @red Really That was a one heck of a level-headed analysis tho... But you prolly can do this with your eyes closed, na? The post was wonderful, babe... Sorry I'm so late, btw!

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Sarah   Hug

Just a few random observations....

Adore Ela and Sujata these days ---- What a woman and what a mom....Normally such successful  business women are portrayed in serials  as ruthless and bossy's a complete lady in every sense. Loved how after the initial shock and disappointment the gujral women closed ranks....the security and understanding they provide avni  is just awesome....There is so much calm dignity in humiliation and suffering...
What a relief that there are no bhashans on'' khandaan ki izzat ''and such crap.......

Rosh ---was never fond of her initially now shes such a sweetheart.....she has grown up and how ....all this without loosing her basic this the same girl who was endlessly worried abt nail colors and dark-circles...

Avni --- Surely  there's smt behind the apparent calmness yest ...she could look straight into SS's eyes ..way to go dont need to be ashamed of have done no wrong..So carrying  a Saxena baby and Saxena blood in her veins now....her jeej will  need all the goodwill he can accumulate.

Sameer -  Does he have smt called a heart ? and was that an apology btw ?

Prithvi -- love you for being you ... its a dilemma of Hamlet-ean proportions...

Your mention of  William Congreve's following  line the other day  gave me this thought

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Hope Avni exhibits that fury  and hope and pray that when the truth about her husband comes out  Damimi  does'nt follow the first line.

Sarah --- i have not yet read all the posts in your last three threads so please excuse me if you find all this a repetition of what has been done to death....could'nt resist posting even tho there is'nt much to say.

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Sowie for disappearing, folks..Ouch

Eh eh, Shwets, I think the day might drag on, but who know, we just might get lucky..*winks*

@ Diya, eh eh @ scum..

Word to your questions about Sameer

*grins @ laughs maniacally*

Hhahahah..Yes, Prithvi indeed needs counselling

Ehehehhehe @ waking him up with a jug of water..I know

Love it when you call a certain someone Lucifer..

Word @ never mushy

I know @ Rosh's dress and walks

Yes, Damini indeed vented her anger out that way

Eh eh @ pretty dance

Thanks a lot, pal, for always being so sweet..

And thanks for your awesome reply..LOVED reading it..

Priya...HugGood to see you posting again, pal..

Loved what you said about Sujata-Ela

I knowwww @ Rosh

@ Avni, very well said

And yes, that was so not an apology

Eh eh @ a dilemma of Hamlet-ean proportions..Lovely!

LOVE William Congreve's lines so much..Gold!

Yes, hoping for Avni to be a tigress..

It's all good, Priya..Thanks a lot for sharing your precious take..LOVED reading it..

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Originally posted by kheerni

Sameer begins by apologizing only to Prithvi. I loved Prithvi's reaction - telling Sameer to get it right! Damini wants nothing to do with Jai, wants to hear nothing he has to say. On seeing this Prithvi must be further concerned for the longevity of his relationship with Damini. @BOLD  Very true

Now Avni wants a proper marriage. This would mean bringing the real Jai and his family into the fold. Will we witness another upheaval during the next shaadi???   @ BOLD Would love to see it,"perfect" twist for the story.(if this happens then hats off to creatives for being real or close to real ,not just being  "soap-like" for sake of entertainment by showing fillers or dragging the track with confusing plot each day)

Prithvi regretting not coming clean with Damini, him being almost caught by her, her claiming she will not forgive treachery...all signs lead to the truth coming out soon. Eeeeks!! *bites nails* not yet please!!! More awkward PriDa love and confusion please!! Would be worth watching  the show /tv,full onThumbs Up  paisa vasul

Loved your analysis - very hatke ,very real  Clap
Sorry Sarah, I could not keep quite sitting and reading here ,just had to respond .I love to read others take, do not like  to post one.But always love to read your post especially on Prida from Ph.D holder (Sarah)Wink

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Sorry forgot to reply yesterday...Loved your post as usual..
just like you i was going into prida heaven when they were sleeping together...that's just soooo normal and i love how they fell into place...
also, hats off to avni for not crying at all in front of sameer, she handled it amazingly well and i think she's gonna do the same thing today by telling him to accept her..
love the family now...i love how they all come together whenever they need each other..

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Sorry Sarah .. wish I could reply earlier Ouch Yest my net connection went for a toss .. today was at work until late afternoon .. and later was just toooo exhausted to say anything .. and so, I conveniently fell asleep on my laptop! D'oh 
Leave all that aside .. and I simply LOVED your analysis! Seriously .. like many others have pointed out before me .. you can do this even with your eyes closed! Brilliant post! Clap Clap 
AGREE with everything .. everyone said! Loved everyone's responses ... especially baby Krupsie's .. with all that daddy & baby talk! LOL LOL 
Loved all of them in yest eps .. Ila, Damini, Rosh, Avi .. and ofcourse, Prithvi! Sameer .. no comments!
PriDa scene was Cuuuuute!!! And though I also wished there was a scene where he turned around and just looked at her .. sleeping like a baby .. I'm happy with what we got! Slow & steady is the name of the game for PriDa .. and it should be like that. Anything too quick will look forced and sorta out of character! Loooved how Prithvi kinda rolled over to switch off the lights .. it was just so sweet!
I do have a feeling that we will get such scenes .. where he will look over at her .. maybe while she is sleeping, or him looking at her from afar .. thinking about her .. enough to melt him.. and with it, release all his revenge demons! The situation is/has/will become such .. that the closer he is to her .. the more his guilt will eat on him!
Loved how Avni was strong in her reactions to Sameer .. and the precap showed promise! Seems like another exciting episode .. Embarrassed 
Looking forward to the episode .. and naturally, your post as well! You Rock, babel!! Thumbs Up

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