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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Apologies, and perfect pictures..:-p (Edited) (Page 4)

Mru_bee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
Nice analysis, Sarah Smile

So we finally get a  teeny tiny PriDa moment Dancing... It was pretty amazing... I am so in love with the characters...... I can't imagine what if we had a full blown PriDa entree instead of the appetizer that we had!!! hehehe Silly Silly... I should stop drooling over the idea... LOL... So Day 1 ( or should I say NIght 1) Prithvi escaped... what's coming up with NIght 2?????Embarrassed.. I hope my hopes don't disappear in some black hole like when we lost one whole month of PriDa moments!!! Wink

Enough of my gushfest... I liked Avni reaction to seeing "U know who"... It seems she has become way stronger, almost like a stone... not sure what she is upto though.

Well, we seem to be getting close to the "fareb" and jhoot" coming out in the open ... but we should have definitely have some more PriDa before the bigg reveal..Wink

-- Mru


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RonMione4ever Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
Hey Sarah, look at the pics ... Aren't they cute ... Awwwwww .... It really is a picture perfect moment ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed This scene was so cute .. Pri was so innocently sleeping .. And Damz was so sincere .. And then the way she kept her head & hand on him ... Day Dreaming *sighs* She shared a beautiful moment with her hubby .. But our Kingie was sleeping, sad indeed .. I loved how he put off the light without displacing her .. Though I was also waiting for Pri's one longing look for his wifey dearest .. But he ran away from her in the morning !! D'oh
Well, great post, friend Big smile !! Avni today indeed looked strong, and I hope she will show Sam his place .. Sam's apology was fake ... Ermm Loved the reactions of the Gujral women .. Pri was surely thinking about his own fate, both during this scene and the one with Dam .. Their mini disagreement was good .. Sam's angst scene was strange due his weird expressions .. Lets wait & watch whats going to happen next .. C ya ... Smile

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4rosegirl1 Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
oo cant wait to seee
Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Who-I-Used-2-Be

The Gujrals and Prithvi in Avni's room, a beautiful scene, a complete picture. LOVED how everybody tried to make Avni feel better..There is no better feeling than having one's family by their side in the times of need.. Avni must have felt good, and confident..Her world is still beautiful.. Obviously it always felt good when your family stand next to you in your hard time.

Sameer and his angry+sad look? This is where KT really needs to improve. He is at his best when he is being lighthearted, teasing, negative without being intense, but as far as intense/angry scenes are concerned, they are not his forte. He totally overdoes anger and intensity and does this crazy eye-brow thing, and it ends up coming out all kinds of funny. No offense meant to anyone. This is just my opinion.

Queenie telling Kingie she can't forgive lies and deceit and the look on Kingie's face..Awww, the future is not a pretty sight at all.. Exactly!!! I felt actually bad for Prithvi, cause it seems that his feelings for Damz, and concern for the family is really genuine. Love PriDa no matter what?

Here comes mush..

PriDa (gushfest)

PriDa in their room? Lovely Scene, wow waiting since long time!!!

The look on Damini's face when she turned around and looked at Prithvi was so sweet Ya it was really sweet, i had goosebumps anyways. And didn't Prithvi look so cute and like a big teddy bear while he was sleeping with his hand over his eyes! EmbarrassedLOLLolz you are funny, like a teddy bear

Damini's "So gae kya"..Awww, did someone else feel like that 'kya' was a caress itself? She said it so sweetly. Yes, it was with all rights, pati parmeshvar.

How she held his hand and told him she'll always be with him was sweetness personified. Awww, look at where Queenie stands today.. Exactly, but what will happens after knowing the truth? Do you think she would be with him then?

Damini resting her head on his shoulder and placing her hand on his chest, awww. Didn't they look just perfect there..! EmbarrassedLOL *swoons.. transports to PriDa heaven*  Ya, what a couple? Lovely very lovely, too perfect for eachother. I really wished to see their eye contact once in room. I wished that somehow when she placed her head on his chest he would moved his hand and looked direct in her eyes, but missed that spark. I hope soon we will get chance to see some beautiful scene with so much intense between them.

And Prithvi? First you went to sleep without telling your doll goodnight, then you woke up after she had gone to sleep having said the sweetest of things to you when you were in a far away land..It was your loss only, baby.. He will learn dont worry, not easy to ignore queenie dear

And then you woke up and ran away? Didn't even spare wifey dearest a look? My oh my..Kya hoga is ladke ka? Queenie looked like a lost kid when she woke up, didn't find him anywhere and looked around.. Ya, it was their morning, and hubby dear dear not there.

But it was sweet..I don't even want to see PriDa enacting mush right now, but like most of you, I too wanted to see him at least sparing her a besotted look in the morning. I know, i also dont want any mushy mushy scenes, but atleast some eye contact, lil sweet scenes between them is enough for now

Anyways, I am not complaining.. No one dear, we are just wishing something, and hoping to see soon.


Rosh taking Avni to a walk and not allowing anybody else to accompany them..Lovely scene Rosh was really sweet, i loved the way she talked in room, and told her that if we get angry thats not the mean we are not here for eachother.

Eh eh..Kingie got scolded by Queenie when she went all 'why are we talking about Jai?".. Kingie's face was a sight.. Lolz, wifey dear doesnt know anything, so she could get angry, but once she found out the truth, Prithvi hardly would face her

To be continued...

Only got to watch the first half of the episode. Will edit this post once I have seen the whole episode.Embarrassed


The showdown

Well, I don't have much to say about it..

Loved Damini and Ela's anger..

Loved the angry/unhappy look Rosh gave Sameer..

It was entertaining to see PRithvi's reaction when Damini and Ela got mad at Sameer..I am probably imagining things, but looking at his face, I felt like he was seeing himself in place of Sameer and imagining the future.. Agreed!!! Poor Prithvi, he is the next anyways, but as i said yesterday that Damini would find out first, and she will not gonna reveal that, and deal that matter by herself. I hope i would not wrong in this, rest are on writer, and creatives.

Sameer's apology? Didn't touch the heart at all, but something is better than nothing, they say.. Exactly!!!

Well, Avni's silence is hiding thunderstorms behind itself it seems..The precap tells us she wants Sameer to accept the baby in front of the whole world? Let's see where it goes..Maybe she is planning to leave him at the mandap.. I am hoping that once he accepted their marriage, and baby front of media, the whole world, then i think she will not gonna accept him, but atleast she would get the name of her baby's father, and no one would say the baby is illegal.

That's all, folks..You may shoot now..I think there wasn't much to say/analyze about the episode, everything was pretty straightforward, but maybe my brain is not clear today to see anything today..

Thanks Sarah for the post. In the whole epi the most lovely part was PriDa scene, it was short, but electrifying. There was nothing, but something Embarrassed.

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
@ Krupz - Your post totally awesome, gave me good laughLOLLOL LOL. You are very funny sweety, just loved your post. Keep coming more naughty posts of you, love to read Embarrassed.

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kheerni Senior Member

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
You write wonderfully well even when your brain is not working Sarah! LOL  Like yesterday, I haven't yet read other replies, so am sorry for re-iterating anything.

Finally a sweet PriDa scene!!!

Damini suddenly notices Prithvi on the bed. can you fail to notice this sweety!

When I saw him sprawled on her bed, my heart stopped for moment, and her's did too I'm sure! It must seem a bit unusual to her, and yet so right. Unusual because, imagine one fine night seeing a man sleeping in the same bed you've grown up sleeping on. And right because, this man is Prithvi, her husband, the man she has grown to feel so much for.

Her reaction was totally realistic. Surprise, followed by a faint blush, then tentative, and concerned that he may have been waiting for her, followed by faint disappointment that he was already asleep. She wants to touch him, hold his hand but hesitates. Awkwardness back!!! Thank god for small mercies!! She puts her head on his chest and goes to sleep content awwww!!!! Your right Dams, you truly are a lucky girl! 

He wakes to find her cuddled close. Wants to caress her but doesn't. After this long eventful day, he must be so tired after being the rock for everyone despite his own personal demons. And then not to be able to take some comfort offered him must be so hard on him.

Him thinking that he ought to have told Damini who he is makes me think that he has given up on the revenge. Because now his need to be honest with Damini is weighing heavier than his need for revenge. Possibly the entire chain of events - Sameer's deed, then him marrying Damini, then Avni's public humiliation and Sameer's treachery, Avni taking her life, news of his mothers recovery, the two close calls with Damini finding out the truth, leading up to her proclamation that she cannot easily forgive lies and betrayal - all these may have shaken him enough to realize that this whole plan was stupid, and what matters most to him is Damini. Right now he must be afraid of losing her.

On an aside, when he bends over her to turn the light off, I thought he might pull the covers over her. But mahashay does no such thing! Does he think just being close to her is going to keep her warm? LOL

Now I feel bad for Sameer. He was just following his PB's instructions. Ab how is he to know that his PB changes his mind every time he has an attack of conscience! But when his PB changed his mind about hurting the girls, Sameer should have complied na? Didn't he get the memo?

So we get to witness a PriDa takraar of sorts! Nahi Prithvi...nahi Damini...Loved it! More please!! I want to see difference of opinions arising, causing hot friction. Would love to see how this friction translates when they are back in their room at night. Day Dreaming

Avni's reaction was better than I had expected it to be when she sees Jai. I thought she'd have tears, be angry and give him a piece of her mind. But she's cold and aloof. A distant image of her former self. Wonderful! Exactly what will melt the cold, confused Sameer.

Sameer begins by apologizing only to Prithvi. I loved Prithvi's reaction - telling Sameer to get it right! Damini wants nothing to do with Jai, wants to hear nothing he has to say. On seeing this Prithvi must be further concerned for the longevity of his relationship with Damini.

Now Avni wants a proper marriage. This would mean bringing the real Jai and his family into the fold. Will we witness another upheaval during the next shaadi???

Prithvi regretting not coming clean with Damini, him being almost caught by her, her claiming she will not forgive treachery...all signs lead to the truth coming out soon. Eeeeks!! *bites nails* not yet please!!! More awkward PriDa love and confusion please!!

Btw, Rosh is back in westerns!!! Yayyyyy!! Loved her more in those! But why is she wearing a little black evening dress for a morning walk?? Chalo chodo, forgiven for being such a doll and rescuing Avni from a heavy moment.

Thoroughly enjoyed today's epi, and waiting for more!

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achumen Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2009 at 12:09am | IP Logged

Sarah, loved your post pal. You say everything b'fully .......everytime ...

Loved :

Ila Gujral's resolve - why should Jai be forgiven - usually the take would be to hush hush and get the guy back to avoid .futher badnaami blah blah..... But she stands by her daughter great to see that.

Damini's pov - forgiveness does not come that easily - one has to pay the prices of deciet.

Roshni - taking care of her sis - well Avni needs company now.

Avni - again her resolve - she has definitely returned stronger from the death bed. And Sameer will not find it easy. After the so called wedding if it happens - she would just make him grovel, let him get a taste of his own medicine - he would know what it means to be rejected and insulted.

Hated :
Sameer - being there only because of Prithvi Bhaiya.
Prithvi - sleeping off without even a prper good night.
and then leaving Damz all alone in the morn.
Loved the most :
That b'ful Prida moment - oh wow - that was oh sooooooooo cute.  Prida - Perfect with each other.
And just as so many others have said - knowing the CVs they could have done a better job definitely - but then hoping they won't disappoint us in the future.
I have a feeling the Savni wedding will bring in complications as Ila might want to call up Jai's parents and then well the cat would be out of the bag. Or our Prithvi Bhaiya might pull a smart one - by convincing Ila not to involve Jai's people for the time being.
Still reeling under the duress of rumors. Cry

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morningdew IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2009 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Hey Sarah... nice analysis for a decent episode.. Smile

My favorite moment today, when Prithvi leans around Damini to switch off the light, and settles back.. call me an absolute idiot for falling for that scene, but I did.. and no regrets.. I was all mush.. Embarrassed

Second favorite scene of the day, when Avni is assessing Sameer while he goes on with his absolutely useless dump of an apology, I was watching her eyes the whole time, AWESOME.. and the hopeless guy atleast he showed up and saved his Bhaiyaa's face. So one small speck of brownie to him.

That apart, like everyone else, I fail to understand the import of all his scowling earlier. Maybe he is getting angry with his Big Bro for getting him started on this mission in the first place, and then changing course mid-way. Maybe thats how HE sees it.. that could be the only reason for so much fuming. Its not Big Bro's fault that you have no scruples Sameer. Just open your eyes and SEE, your bro has married Damini in full public view, STILL he is not touching her even.

Learn from him, but thats too much to expect from you I guess..

Damini.. here's a hug for you baby.. your preoccupied hubby is doing you grave injustice.. Wink His guilt about the whole situation and now Sameer is weighing him down..

I think he just wants to call an end to all this... nahi?

And yes, Damini spitting fire.. pat on the back.. Prithvi has a very god idea about the kind of music he has to face in the very near future.. that explains his discomfiture at Damini's anger. The guy was so uncomfortable, it was funny..

Avni gets another hug from me today, for being the epitome of dignity. I think she is going to marry Sameer, to legalise her marriage, and THEN give him hell.. Just turn into ice, baby, make him disappear. Thumbs Up

And Sarah, cant help sneaking this in, we WERE talkng about beds and Prida, right? *wink wink *


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