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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

LNMDJ New FF Important Note Page 7!!! (Page 6)

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And the maqsad continues
Really like how u want to mix the paly and music. nice idea.
And a cute update.

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Wndrful n interestn update !!

me waitn 4 gym class nw !!! Day Dreaming

- luv niki..Embarrassed

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awww....i love sameer in this gurleen!
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you started a new FF I didn't even know. This is so beautiful.with all three jodis.plz add me to your pm list. don't want to miss anymore part.

as usual I have some confusions:P. isn't damini senior to avni and roshni, then how come it's the last year of both avni and damini?
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There was about ten minutes left till lunch time and everyone started wrapping things up before they left. While Kali was helping put things away, she was wondering as to who she would hang out with for lunch. She thought about Mehak and Heer, but didn't know as to where she would meet them. The bell rang and everyone headed out the door except for Kali as she stayed back a while longer, still wondering as to who she'll be with for lunch.

Avni, Arohi, Kripa and Sameer waited for Kali at the door. Avni went on over to her wondering what was taking her so long.
"Kya hua? Bhook nayi hai kya?"
"Hai, par.."
"Par? Par kya?"
"I was.. just wondering... who I would hang out.. with at lunch." Kali answered looking down at the floor embarrassed.
Arohi and Kripa laughed which made Kali blush even more.
"Hello. You're with us now." said Arohi.
"Exactly. And as long as we're here, you don't need anyone else." Kripa added.
"Now come.." said Avni while she pushed Kali out the door.
Arohi, Kripa, Avni, Kali and Sameer were in a line inside the cafeteria waiting for their turn to come. Shortly, they were joined by Varun, Roshni, Mehak and Heer. They all chattered and gossiped on who was staring at who, what they did over the summer. They were basically just catching up with each other and making their last year the best one yet.
With their trays, they all went outside and sat down underneath a big oak tree. They were half way through eating their lunch, when they saw Prithvi and Damini head towards them. They all stopped talking and looked at them as this was a first. First of all, Prithvi and Damini never stayed with them for lunch and second of all, which is a huge point, they were never together anywhere without raising a havoc.
Damini sat down in front of Avni with her tray while Prithvi sat down in between Varun and Sameer.
"Hi." Damini said happily.
"Wassup." Prithvi asked Varun and Sameer.
"This is akward." Arohi whispered to Kripa.
"Ssshh.." Kripa shushed Arohi.
"You're new?" Damini asked Kali.
"Yeah." Kali answered a bit timidly as she didn't want to get on Damini's bad side.
"Cool. I'm Damini."
"I'm Kali."
"Nice name. Kali. It has two meanings. It can either be Kali, as in phoolon ki kali or Kali. As in black or Maa Kali. The Goddess of Destruction." stated Damini.
"Yeah. I never thought of that before."
"So what are you? Phoolon ki Kali ya phir-"
"Phoolon ki Kali. I don't believe in destruction. Only peace."
"That's good. So you're going to bring peace to this college. Good luck with that."
"What do you mean? Is it that hard?"
"With her around..." started Prithvi.
"Yeah." everyone replied together.
Damini pouted. She picked up a can of soda and through it at Prithvi to which he caught it.
"Thanks. How did you know I thirsty." he said with a smirk while Damini glared at him.
"Do you mind if I ask you something?" asked Kali.
"You already did." said Heer to which Kali rolled her eyes.
"How come you all are in the same grade?" asked Kali to The Hexs. "I mean aren't you all different aged?"
"Yeah, but..." started Damini. "Me and Prithvi are in our last year. Avni and Sameer already took the courses for second and third year before we moved to here, and Varun is just too smart, so he practically skipped three years and Roshni... is just Roshni. How are you in our grade?"
"Dii.. Remember, I had to my exam again in the summer because there was a flood in the stupid professor's house?"
"Oh yeah. And everyone in first year had to do their exams again. I remember."
"Yeah, and I came in one of the top ten." answered Roshni with a big smile on her face.
"Which is a big shock." replied Avni before taking a bite out of her sandwhich.
"Di.." Roshni hit Avni on the shoulder.
Everyone giggled.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you! We're missing third period." informed Mehak.
"Why?" asked Sameer.
"We have an assembly." she replied.
"What?!" exclaimed Prithvi and Damini at the same time.
"That means I miss gym! No!" complained Damini.
"Di, that's good for you." said Avni.
"How is it good for me, Avni?" Damini asked.
"Di, remember..." Avni gestured with her eyes.
Avni gestured again with her eyes to make her understand. When she didn't get it, she mouthed the word. Damini put her hand on her head now remembering.

"Oh yeah! I forgot. How can I forget that!"
"Forget what?" asked Varun.
"I have my -"
"DI!" shouted Avni stopping Damini in mid-sentence.
"What." Damini looked at Avni who couldn't believe Damini was about to blow her secret.
"He's a guy." Avni whispered to Damini.
"So? What does that have to do with anything?" asked Sameer who overheard Avni.
"There are some things that should remain a secret. And why are you listening to my conversation with my sister?" asked Avni.
"Umm.. hello. It's not my fault that you're so loud. I can hear you a mile away from here."
"Then go a mile away from here."
"Guys!" interrupted Mehak. "Let's not forget the major problem right now."
"What problem?" asked Kripa.
"I'll tell you if you let me talk." said Mehak annoyed.
"Fine. Talk." Arohi said making everyone shut up and listen to Mehak as well.
"Good. We're having an assembly because we're getting a new principal." said Mehak.
"What!!" everyone exclaimed except for Mehak and Kali.
"No, that's not possible. He can't leave!!" panicked Damini. "My get out of jail free card can't expire now! We had a contract for four years!"
"Yes, but unfortunately, your card is retiring and it's all thanks to you two." Mehak said pointing at Prithvi and Damini.
"Us?" Prithvi and Damini said in unison looking at each other confused.
"Yes, you two. You two have made an old man at an early age. He's sick and tired of saving you two. Every year it's the same thing. You two would mess something up and he will have to cover up for you. But here's what you guys didn't know. Last year, when you broke all the antique vases in the museum in your fight, the police warned him that if you two get into anymore trouble then he'll be fired. And what did you do on the last day?" stated Mehak.
Prithvi and Damini thought back to the last day of school last year. When they remembered as to exactly what they did, they look down at the ground and coughed a bit and looked here and there but not at their friends. Avni shook her head at Damini then sighed.
"See. I told you. You'll regret it. Didn't I tell you not to take advantage of Mr. Robinson?" scolded Avni.
"Yeah, but how was I supposed to know this will happen."
"That's the point. If you didn't do all that then this wouldn't have happened."
"Oh come on. How do you know that? Maybe it would have happened."
"Well whatever the case, we know that the prinicpal is being changed. But to who? Is it someone even better or worse?" stated Kripa.
"I guess we'll have to see that at the assembly." said Arohi.
"You seem a bit different today Damini." said Sameer.
"Why you got a problem with it?" retorted Damini.
"Never mind. You're still the same." said Sameer.
Everyone went back to finishing off their lunch and chatting with each other. While everyone was busy within themselves, Prithvi looked at Damini to see if whether or not what Sameer was saying was true. She didn't get any haircut or facial treatment done, so that couldn't be it. Physically she looked the same, but there was something different about her. But Prithvi just couldn't tell exactly what was it yet. He decided to shrug it off for now and deal with it later as it wasn't a huge problem right now. But for some reason, he felt that if he didn't find out the truth really soon, it will be too late.
"Hey, I just got an idea!" exclaimed Arohi, breaking Prithvi out of his thoughts and catching everyone else's attention. "Why don't we give our gang a name."
"Gang?" asked Kali.
"Yeah. I mean we're all practically good friends so that does make us a gang. So, we should give ourselves a name. You know, to make it easier." explained Arohi.
"Yeah, but there already is a group here. The Hexs." interrupted Kripa.
"Who's The Hexs?" asked Roshni as she, her sisters and the Saxena brothers were still oblivious to the name that the whole college had given to them.
"What do you mean by who are The Hexs. They're y- OUCH!" exclaimed Arohi as Heer pinched her.
Arohi looked at Heer and saw her giving a look that told her to shut up. Heer then looked at The Hexs and smiled.
"They're no one. She confused you with someone else. They left here long time ago." explained Heer for her behavior.
"Okay...." said a confused Avni. "Anyways, how would we name our "gang". By hobbies, marks what?"
"Please, Avni. Atleast don't bring marks into this. This should be fun. When people here of us, they think of something cool and exciting. Not lame and boring." stated Sameer.
"Marks are not lame and boring. They help you get a job in the future. And-" argued Avni.
"Blah-blah-blah." interrupted Sameer making Avni irritated.
"First letter." said Kali out of the blue causing everyone to look at her. She looked back at them. "First letter. We can name our gang using the first letters of our name."
"If it makes sense, then sure." said Arohi.
"Okay, then let's see. Mine is K." said Kripa.
"Mine too." said Kali.
"Wait let's right this down on paper so that we don't get confused." said Varun.
He took out paper and pen and wrote down everyone's name.
"K. So we have one, two K's, one H, one M, one S, two A's, one V, one R, one P and one D." read out Roshni.
"Wow. Alright so let's start combining them. Umm..." Sameer along with everyone else started thinking of all the possible names that there could be for their group. "We can make SPARK out of the eleven letters."
"And what about the other six letters?" asked Avni.
"Why don't you try coming up with something." challenged Sameer.
"Fine. Umm.." Avni accepting the challenge started thinking. "I got two words which don't go together and I still have two letter left over."
"What are they?" asked Sameer smugly.
"SHARP KADAM VK." said Avni softly.
Sameer started laughing to which Avni made a pout and started hitting him.
"Wait. We can't make a group name just with our first letters." said Damini.
"Then should we add more?" asked Mehak.
"Maybe. Let's see."
"So now, we have..." began Roshni.
"Wait." interrupted Heer.
"Now what?" asked Roshni.
"What if we just make a word using any of the letters in our names. Like it doesn't have to be the first one, last one or second or third one. Just any random letter."
"We could try that." said Varun thinking. "Let's see."
"K, so now we have.. you know what just forget it. Let's just think of a name."
Everyone started thinking once again hoping that they will get the perfect name for their group. On the piece of paper that Varun was writing the letters that were written were:
"Wait! I got it!" exclaimed Damini.
"What?" asked Heer excitedly.

Damini grabbed the piece of paper and pen from Varun to make sure that the name that she came up with was valid.
She took the L from Kali, the O from Arohi, the V from Varun, E from Sameer, N from Roshni, E from Mehak, M from Damini, I from Prithvi, L again from Kali, A from Kripa, D from Damini, I from Avni...
"Shit!" swore Damini from disappointment.
"What's wrong?" asked Roshni. "Didn't you get it?"
"Yeah, but I need a J. And no one here has a J."
"Umm.. hello... Gujral." said Prithvi.
"We can use last names?" asked Damini.
"If it can give us a name then why not." said Prithvi.
Damini smiled happily and filled out the rest of the word.

"So will you tell us already?" asked Heer impatiently.
"Love ne mila di jodi." said Damini happily.
Everyone just stared at her.
"What?" asked Prithvi.
"Love ne mila di jodi." Damini repeated this time with her smile all gone.
"Are you insane? I mean... love? No. That's the shittiest name that I have ever heard." insulted Prithvi.
"Oh yeah. Then why don't you think up of something?" yelled Damini standing up. "Besides I think it's the perfect name for our group." argued Damini.
"Oh yeah?" said Prithvi standing up as well followed by everyone else.
"Then tell me this.." said Prithvi coming closer to her. "Out of us three who do you like best?" asked Prithvi surprising her and everyone else.
"What?" asked Damini in disbelief.
"Well, yeah. You said that Love ne mila di jodi is the perfect name for our group. There are three guys here and nine girls. Out of those nine girls, only three can be paired up with a guy. That leaves the other six. So they might like each other...?" trailed off Prithvi making all the girls there feel insecure.
"Prithvi..." Damini pointed at him.
"Okay, so it's either Sameer, Varun, me or the girls. Who do you like? Apart from your sisters of course." Prithvi looked at her smirking. "You don't know. Okay I'll help you." He faces the rest of the group and puts his arm around her which Damini brushes off annoyed.
"Avni, Roshni out. That leaves you... eight people. Varun is smart, but too young for you. Out. Arohi and Kripa... they're tight. They're out. That leaves you... five." He rubs his hands together and sees whom he'll choose as his target next. "What about.. Mehak. Wait, she already has a crush on someone. And so does Heer. So they're out." said Prithvi embarrassing them both. "Now, you're done to three. Kali is new. So you might have a crush, but it's definetly not love. So you're out. Sam. My man." says Prithvi extending his arms out. "He's the biggest player ever. So you'll definetely not fall for him. So that leaves.." Prithvi pretends to think.
Sameer looks at him laughingly as he knows that this is another one of Prithvi's tricks to harrass Damini.
"Oh. Me." said Prithvi smugly now turning to face Damini. "So," says Prithvi bending his face so close to Damini's that they almost can feel each other's breath on their faces. "do you love me?" whispered Prithvi.
Damini looked up at him, unable to answer for the first time surprising all her friends. She looks away and blinks.
"Come on Damini. You can tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone." said Prithvi so softly so that no one else could hear except for her.
Damini closed her eyes for a second or two then opened them again to get a blurry vision. She did this two or three times which confused Prithvi.
"Damini." he said.
She put her hand on her head and started swaying slightly.
"Di." said Avni concerned.
She ran over to her before she fell. Roshni joined her and made her sit down.
"Di.." asked Roshni to Avni confused.
Avni not wanting to say anything out loud whispered something into Roshni's ear which explained everything.
"Di here." Roshni gave Damini a bottle of water to drink out of.
"Is she okay?" asked Heer concerned.
"Yeah.. she's fine. We'll take her to the washroom and then everything will be fine." answered Avni.
Roshni and Avni took Damini off to the washroom leaving everyone else worried about Damini. Especially Prithvi.
Lunch was over, and everyone headed for the auditorium for the assembly. The Gang, took the first middle row to the auditorium, so that they can get a better view of their new principal and judge him/her. They saved three extra seats for Roshni, Avni and Damini so that they don't have to sit far from them. The lights dimmed and instead of settling down, the students started making even more noise. Before the presentation could start, Avni, Roshni and Damini sat down in their saved seats. Damini assured everyone that she was perfectly and fine and that there was nothing to worry about. A picture of their former principal, Mr. Robinson, came up on a screen which made the auditorium settle down and pay attention.

All the pictures that contained Mr. Robinson came upon the screen, bringing back good old memories. Like, Mr. Robinson sitting down doing his work in his office, him cheering the school's various sports teams, like soccer, basketball, badminton, volley-ball and those were just to name a few. There were some pictures of trips that they went on to, like a village, hospitals, New Delhi to see the Taj Mahal, some very famous temples, the Ganges to name a few. To end off the slide show, a picture of Mr. Robinson with the whole college that was taken last year was shown.
As the screen went black and the lights turned back on, the whole room went into a chorus of applaudes. As Mr. Robinson, approached the centre of the stage, everyone started applauding even louder. Some of the students whistled, hollered, called out Mr. Robinson's name in a sing-song along with many other things. Mr. Robinson just stood in the centre smiling at all the affection that he was getting. He looked at the front middle row and gave a big smile to his most cherished students. Especially the two who were sitting at the far ends of the row. As everyone quieted down, Mr. Robinson looked down thinking of how to begin his speech. Normally he didn't have any problems talking to the students, but today was different. Today was the last time that he would speak with them as a principal to student.
"Good afternoon everyone and welcome to your last year here. Wow." he gave a little laugh. "Three years. Three years I have been with you all." he said pointing at the whole room. "I had to tolerate you all for three years! But finally, now I'm free." he said which made everyone laugh along with him. "I have spoken with the rest of the college, they know as to what this assembly is about. And I bet some of you in here do too." he said looking especially at Mehak which made her embarrassed. "I know I should have talked to you all first, as I've known you all the longest. But, I thought this will be best. I... I'm retiring."
A burst of murmurs and chatters broke out into the room as they recieved the news by a blow. Damini took in a deep breath and remained calmed. She looked at Mr. Robinson who was looking very hurt.
"I.. know.. that I'm still too young for that, but.. I have reasons, because of which I have to retire early." explained Mr. Robinson.
"What reason?!" asked one of the students.
"I can't tell you that."
"What? Why not? And.. and you can't just leave. Just wait one more year." complained another student.
"I can't. I have filled out all the forms and everything. I've even gotten you guys a new principal. She's really good. She can bring the discipline that you all really need." he explained especially looking at Prithvi and Damini.
They both fidgeted a little in their sights, a bit embarrassed to be in the spotlight.
"Send them to military school. They'll get their discipline there." said another student.
"Who said that!" exlcaimed Damini getting up from her seat and looking back at everyone.
"I did. You got a problem with that?" stood up a girl whose name was Malika.
Damini glared at her as she knew that Malika will do anything to humilate her.
"Yeah I do."
"Well, you shouldn't." said an authoritive voice.
Damini turned around and saw a woman in her mid-thirties wearing a mauve skirt and a white shirt with a matching mauve jacket on top. The lady was standing beside Mr. Robinson.
"Sit down, Ms. Gujral. By now, you should know how to behave with others and be an example to others." said the lady.
"It's my choice of how I want to behave with others, and as for being an example to others... I'll pass."
"No you won't. You will become the best role model for this college. You will be the person that everyone will look up to. You will be the person to who's mistakes everyone will refer to and learn from. By the end of this year, you will be the perfect role model." promised the lady.
"In your dreams." argued Damini. "There is no way that I'm going to listen to a woman who's name I don't even know."
"My name is Ms. Rai. Your new principal." she informed, surprising Damini and everyone else in the room.
"Di.." Roshni nudged on Damini's hand to make her sit down.
Damini sat down and regretted that her first impression on the new principal had gone horrible.
"Good. Thank you Roshni. Now then, as you all know that Mr. Robinson is retiring. He chose to ignore many of your foolish mistakes." she looked at Prithvi. "But I won't." She now looked at Damini. "Things will be different here. Rules will be changed. You will not get millions but only three chances." she held out three fingers. "Your first, detention/community service, second phone call home, third suspension. You get in trouble again and it'll be straight expulsion. So my advice to all you trouble makers out there is to start getting serious."
She looked at everyone to see if there was anyone out there who thought that maybe she's joking around. When she didn't see any such person she smiled.
"Good. Now then, you may resume back to your classes." she dismissed everyone off.
Everyone got up and started going back to their classes. The Gang walked together and decided to go straight to their fourth period class as there was only two minutes left for their third period. They walked past Mr. Robinson's office. Damini saw that Mr. Robinson was sitting down looking at a picture album.
"Chale." asked Avni.
"Ha, tu chal. Mein abhi aati hoon."
Avni left and Damini entered Mr. Robinson's office. She went over and stood behind him looking down at the pictures with him. He was looking at the pictures from their last year's basketball tournament. They laughed at remembering some humorous moments from their game. They were about to reach the end of the album when Mr. Robinson closed it, unable to take it anymore.
"You don't have to leave us, you know." said Prithvi.
Damini was surprised to see him there as she didn't even realize when he entered the room. He was now standing behind Damini looking down at Mr. Robinson.
"I know. But you both know that I have to do this. If I don't then everyone will get worried." he explained.
"Yeah, but.." started Damini.
"Besides," Mr. Robinson cut her off. "you two need the discipline. You need to see the real world and show it others and make them understand that it's not as cozy and easy as they think it is. It's a cruel and scary place out there."
Damini and Prithvi both listened to what he has to say silently.
"I called you both here especially, because I know that you two have the potential to make everyone change. Make them into responsible adults. If they stay like this and go out there, they'll reach no where. People will laugh at them, misuse them. I should have been more strict on you guys. I thought that by every chance I gave you, you'll learn from your mistake. But no. You all just got even worse. Ms. Rai will change you all. I know that. And I want you to keep everything under control as I know students here will rebel against her. I'm putting a huge responsibility on you two. Accept it only if you know that you can." he said.
Damini put her hand on Mr. Robinson's shoulder, on top of which Prithvi put his.
"We accept." they said in unision.
Mr. Robinson closed his eyes assured.
"Promise me that you'll visit me atleast once a month if you get the chance." asked Mr. Robinson trying to lighten up the mood.
"Of course we will." said Damini.
"Good. Now, get to your class before you get into trouble on your first day." he said.
"Yes sir." said Prithvi. "Take care of yourself Mr. Robinson."
"You too."
Prithvi and Damini walked in the empty hallways with no other noise than their footsteps. They were feeling akward as now they'll have to work together to take care of all the students in college. They weren't too worried about the first, second and third years as they already practically ruled over them. What they were worried about was the fourth years. There will be wondering as to why they are not arguing, or fighting like usual. Rumours will start spreading and they know that they won't be able to tolerate it. Before entering the science room, they took in a deep breath, promising each other that no matter what they will be alongside each other like this, till the year doesn't finish.
As Prithvi and Damini entered the science room, they were surprised to see all their friends there. It looked less like a classroom and more like a party. They saw Arohi, Kripa, Sameer, Avni, Varun, Roshni, Mehak, Kali, Heer, Prem, Angad, Arjun, Shabd, Mahi, Samrat, Gunjan, Mayank, Nupur, everyone. Damini couldn't believe her eyes.
"Ah..." she took a step back in surprise. "R.." She was so shocked that she couldn't bring her name to her lips but finally she did. "RIDDHIMA!!" she exclaimed.

A girl turned around and was equally shocked and happy to see Damini. They both screamed and ran towards each other and ended off with a tight hug.
"AAAHHHHH! OMG!!" they both screamed in unison.
Damini broke off the embrace to get a better look at her. "I can't believe it's you!!" she shrieked. "When did you come?"
"Just right now." answered Riddhima who hugged her again. "Really, I just got off the flight a few hours ago."
They unhugged again.
"You know, I wanted to see you first, but my bad luck. I bumped into him." said Riddhima rolling her eyes.
"Who?" asked Damini.
"Armaan." she replied with a pout.
"Armaan." repeated Prithvi who was standing in the middle of the room. "He's back?" he asked.
"Of course I'm back." said a voice behind Prithvi.
Prithvi turned around and saw Armaan standing behind with a smirk on his face.
"Yo dude." They both held onto each other's hands tight and hugged. "Missed you man."
"Same dude." Armaan saw the girl, who bumped into just a few minutes ago.
He smiled at her. When she didn't react, he winked at her, making her mouth make an O. Damini rolled her eyes at him, since she knew how big of  a flirt he is. Armaan and Prithvi went to sit down with the rest of their friends, while Damini and Riddhima did the same. They all chatted as their teacher didn't come in yet. Avni returned from notifying the office of the absence of their teacher.
"What did they say?" asked Mehak.
"Nothing. They said that we should teach ourself."
Sameer scoffed.
"And how did you think we're supposed to do that without knowing the curriculum?" asked Sameer.
"How am I supposed to know that? All she said was teach yourself. So teach yourself." answered Avni annoyed.
"Alright." Sameer said walking over to her. He leaned against the desk and looked down at Avni's face. "Let me teach you how to smile." he whispered.
He was about to touch her chin when she knocked it away.
"Behave yourself Sameer. This is a classroom."
"Oh, so that means that if this wasn't a classroom, you wouldn't mind?" he asked teasingly.
Avni turned around and looked at him disgustingly. She turned back and started going through the teacher's desk. Sameer smiled and went after her. As her hands searched through papers, he put his hand on top of hers. Avni looks up at him and tries taking her hand out of his but he keeps his grip strong on hers. Another hand joins theirs making Avni and Sameer look up to see who it was. Damini just smiles at him.
"Haath pakdne mein maaza aara hai." she said.
Another hand came upon theirs. This time they all looked up to see it was Prithvi.
"Bohot." he said to Damini.
Damini pulled her hand out of his, breaking the hand pyramid. They all go back to their own groups and start talking.
"So, di. Do you have a crush on anyone?" asked Roshni teasingly.
"Of course not." said Avni. "I mean not right now."
"So that means, you did? Who?" asked Roshni excitedly.
"It.. it was no one. He wasn't the type of person that I thought he was." explained Avni.
"How was he?"
"A traitor. He lied to his parents about what he did with his college fees. Instead of paying them here for education, he would spend it on girls, drugs etc."
"So what kind of guy do you want di?"
"A trustworthy, loyal, honest and loving guy. Basically I want someone who will... not do anything that will hurt others."
"But Avni, aise toh koi nayi tumhe mile ga. I mean, every human being in this world has hurt someone either intentionally or unintentionally." said Damini.
"I know di, but I know there is someone out there, who's not like that. I don't know how or why I feel that, but I just do." Avni said softly.
Damini patted Avni's hair smiling. All the girls turned their attention to Armaan who was yawning louldy.
"Batameez. Manners toh hai nayi iske paas. Hmph." said Riddhima.
"Toh akar sika do na." he said teasingly. "Kya kare. Itna intezaar kiya par koi aiya hi nayi sikane ke liya."
"Kyun? Ghar par koi nayi kya?"
"Of course not. That's why I'm available. 24/7." Armaan winked at Riddhima.
Shocked, Riddhima looked away.
"I'm bored." said Varun.
"Same." agreed Prem.
"What should we do?" asked Heer.
"Antakshri?" offered Mehak.
"Oh come on. Tum ladkion ko aur kuch ni aata kya?" asked Varun.
"Then why don't you come up with something?" said Roshni. "Thought so."
"Who's starting?" asked Arohi.
"Ladies always goes first." said Kripa.
"So we'll go." said Angad.
"Harne ki itni jaldi hai." challenged Kripa.
"Nayi. Harane ki." Angad challenged back.
"We'll see."
"We shall."
The class was separated into two groups from the beginning so it was easier for them. Kali was by the blackboard as she was the score keeper. As it was agreed upon, the boys were going first.
"Okay. Are you all ready." Kali asked.
"Yeah." everyone said.
Kali thinks about a letter and says the first thing that comes to mind.
"Dekho dekho dekho dil yeh dole
Dekho dekho dekho tujhko bole
Come on baby let's do the dhamaal dhamaal
Dekho dekho dekho dil yeh dole
Dekho dekho dekho tujhko bole
Come on baby let's do the dhamaal dhamaal" sang Angad. "L." he said looking at Kripa.
"Lambi Judai Lambi Judai
Char Dino Ka Pyaar O Rabba
Lambi Judai Lambi Judai
Tere Bin Dil Mera Lage Kahin Na
Tere Bin Jaan Meri Jaye Kahin Na
Kitne Zamane Baad O Rabba
Yaad Tu Aaya, Yaad Tu Aaya
" sang Kripa. "A." said Kripa looking at Angad smiling over victory.
"Aa Jaao Meri Tamanna, Baahon Mein Aao
Ke Ho Na Paaye Juda Hum Aise Mujhamein Samaao
sang Sameer clearly to Avni.
Everyone smiled over this while Avni looked super annoyed. Before Avni could sing to respond back to Sameer, Kali spoke.

"Wait. This is getting boring. Why don't we do this. If you guys sing, you have to sing one whole verse and you have to get the words right. If you don't then you're disqualified." offered Kali.
"Sure. Whatever." said Avni.
"What's my letter again?" Avni asked.
"O." replied Kali.
"O By God
Chahe Mujhe Jo Chori Chori
Mohabbaton Ki Dori
Jo Bandhe Hai Pasand Mujhko
O By God
Only Jo Teri Meri Jodi
Khuda Ne Khud Jodi
O Aayega Pasand Mujhko
O By God
Chahe Mujhe Jo Chori Chori
Mohabbaton Ki Dori
Jo Bandhe Hai Pasand Mujhko
O By God
Only Jo Teri Meri Jodi
Khuda Ne Khud Jodi
sang Avni.
"I have a question." said Roshni.
"What?" asked Kali.
"What if there are male parts in the verse too?"
"Then sing duet. I don't know. Do something. All I know is that I'm really tired right now."
"I wanna sing." offered Riddhima.
"Okay?" said a confused Kali.
"But it's our turn." argued Armaan.
"Too bad." said Riddhima.
Before he could say anything else, she started singing.
"Gore Gore Yeh Chore
Gore Gore Yeh Chore
Yeh Ishq Ishq Chilaatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Yeh Ishq Ishq Chilaatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Shaadi Ki Degar Na Jaaye Magar
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Andher Se Chahe Kuch Bhi Ho Yeh
Adha Magar Hai Heero Wali
Din Raat Kitaabein Parthe Hai Yeh
Ladki Ki Tasweero Wali
Kahin Jeevan Mela Oye Shava
Par Shaadi Jamela Oye Shava
Darwaza Inhe Dikhlaon Zara
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore"
sang Riddhima which clearly was aimed for Armaan.

"So, that's how you wanna play. Fine." 

Armaan cleared his throat before beginning to sing. Armaan opened his mouth to sing but instead of a male voice, a female voice was heard. All the girls started giggling while the boys stared at him in disbelief. Armaan tried singing again, but it had the same result. He tried once again, but the result was still the same.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor little baby. He still hasn't fully grown up yet." Riddhima said teasingly which just made Armaan angry.
Before Armaan could say anything back to Riddhima, Prithvi put his hand on his shoulder to stop him. He blinked to reassure him since he knew exactly as to where the voice was coming from. He got up and walked over to Damini and sat down in front of her. While everyone else forgot about the game and started doing whatever they wanted to do, Prithvi sat down staring at Damini while she had her head resting on the desk. Prithvi didn't know exactly who, put someone put the radio on and a song started playing. Prithvi kept staring at Damini. He was mesmerized to see someone who is so loud and obnoxious when she's awake, could be so quiet and peaceful when sleeping.
Tumko chaha tha tumko chahenge
Waade jo kiye woh nibhaayenge
Tumko chaha tha tumko chahenge
Waade jo kiye woh nibhaagyenge
Aye sanam har janam ka yeh ikraar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain

Tumko chaha tha tumko chahenge
Waade jo kiye woh nibhaayenge

Damini who was still sleeping moved a little and laid her head on Prithvi's hand. He looked at her wondering what to do. Not wanting to wake her up, he gently lifted her head, and turned his hand around so that it was palm up and placed both his hands underneath her head so they were like a pillow.
Ho wada hain mera ab dil yeh tera
Kabhi zindagi mein na maayus hoga

Ho meri wafaye tere liye hain
Meri jaan tujhko yeh mehsoos hoga
Bas tere liye mera dil bekaraar hain

Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain

Tumko chaha tha tumko chahenge
Waade jo kiye woh nibhaayenge
He doesn't know to what, but Damini was smiling. Probably of something or someone other than him, he thought, as he only gave her pain and anger.

Meri tamanna khushi ban gayi hain
Koi aa gaya hain meri zindagi mein

Ho mohabbat ne meri bulaya hain mujhko
Uda jaa raha hu main bekhudi mein

Aa bhi ja
Aa bhi ja
Mujhe tera intezaar hain

Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain

Tumko chaha tha tumko chahenge
Waade jo kiye woh nibhaayenge
Aye sanam har janam ka yeh ikraar hain

Damini woke up and looked up at Prithvi.
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain

Humko tumse pyar hain
Humko tumse pyar hain 
Embarrassed, Prithvi removed his hands from underneath Damini making Damini's head fall and hit the desk as it was still resting on them. She looked up at him in surprise as for the first time, if only for a few seconds, they didn't fight or argue. There was something different. Something docile. Something vulnerable yet beautiful. Prithvi got up and left from there, leaving Damini to her thoughts.
Damini starts thinking as to why she's feeling so weird.
Yeh kaisa safar hai
Yeh kaisi hai rahiye
Ke manzil ki mujhko kabar hi nayi hai
Ho yeh kaisa safar hai
Yeh kaisi hai rahiye
Ke manzil ki mujhko kabar hi nayi hai
She thinks that it's probably because of her monthly sickness at first but then dismisses it as she knows that's not the reason.
Dhondoon kaha mein sakoon apne dil ka
Idhar bhi nahin hai
Udhar bhi nahin hai
Phir kisi dard ne mujhe kiya beqraar hai
She sees Prithvi talking with his friends as if nothing even happened. She felt tears welling up in her eyes.
"Di." said Roshni. "Di, aap ro ri hai?"
Roshni's statement made everyone look at Damini as they never saw her cry before. Forget cry, they never saw her break down before anyone. Damini didn't answer any of the questions that were being asked to her. Instead she stared at Prithvi because somehow she knew that he knows the answer to all the questions that are being asked.
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
As Damini listened to these words from the song, she got shocked. Love. For... No way. She thought. She looked at Prithvi scared. She covered her mouth with her hand and shook her head. Prithvi shook his head slightly wondering as to what's wrong with her now. Damini stood up and ran away from the room crying???
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Humko tumse pyaar hai
Prithvi ran after her and caught her before she could leave the building.
"Damini. Yeh kya kari ho tum?" he asked.
"Just let me go." she screamed.
"Not till you tell me, what's going on."
"That's the thing! I don't know what's going on. I don't bloody know what's going on." Damini cried out.
She sat down on a bench defeated. Prithvi did the same to support her.
"I think I do." he said softly.
Damini turned to look at him curious and wanting to know the answer. Prithvi put his hand along her cheek.
"I love you." he whispered softly before he leaned over to kiss her.
As their lips touched, Damini woke up in a jolt, hyperventilating.
"Di. Are you okay?" Roshni asked worried.
Damini just stared at her trying to remember where she was and what's going on. She pushed her hair back as she realized she fell asleep in class and everything that just happened was a dream.
"Are you okay?" Roshni asked once again.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Damini lied.
Damini looked over to the blackboard and saw a score; Girls - 15, Boys - 14.

"We won by one." Roshni said smugly.
Damini smiled faintly.
"BOO!" someone scared Damini so much that she yelped and jumped out of her chair.
She turned around to see Prithvi laughing.
"Why you..." she began angrily, but then remembered her dream and stopped.
"What. Cat got your tongue?" teased Prithvi.
He took a step towards her and Damini took one back. He took another step towards her and she took another back.
"Di. Are you okay?" asked Avni who was watching Damini's unusual behaviour.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Damini lied again. "Why?"
"You're not fighting back." she explained.
"Maybe she gave up." Prithvi said.
"Damini Gujral never gives up." stated Damini.
"Oh yeah." said Prithvi coming really close to Damini making her feel uncomfortable. "Then prove it."
Prithvi was about to touch her face, but she dodged it.
"Don't touch me." she said a bit scared.
"Wait. Is that fear that I sense? Damini Gujral is finally scared of Prithvi Saxena." he boasted.
"Of course not." said Riddhima. "Damini's not scared of anyone."
"Oh yeah." Armaan challenged. "Then why is she running away from him?"
"She's not running away." explained Riddhima. "She's dodging him from his attacks."
"What attacks?" he asked in disbelief.
"I don't know. For all I know, he could have slapped her."
"Oh please. He wouldn't even dare."
Riddhima raised an eyebrow at him.
"Okay, so maybe he would, but not now that we've got a new principal."
"True." agreed Riddhima reluctantly.
"Hey, I got an idea that will prove it once and for all." said Armaan.
"What?" asked Riddhima.
"Kiss him."
Everyone stopped to stare at him.
"What did you say?" Damini asked him.
"Kiss him. I mean it's not as if you like him or anything. Just get it over with and prove that you're not scared of anyone." said Armaan.
Everyone looked at Damini to see if she would actually do what Armaan said. Damini looked at the ground wondering what to do. Hesitantly, she looked at Prithvi not knowing what drastic turn her life would take with her one decision.

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Dana Marie Senior Member
Dana Marie
Dana Marie

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Posted: 09 January 2010 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
come on damini
kiss him
me wanna read about it lol

please update soon
great part
dee86 Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Gurleen, I just caught up with all the chapters of this fic, and I'm absolutely kicking myself that I missed this gem for so long! This is just fantabulous babe! Love the premise of the jodis being in college, love the 'Hexs'... and really really love the way you've characterised the jodis.
Being a Pridaholic, I generally only like PriDa fics, but the way you've written SaVni and VarNi has me hooked!! And I really like the new (yet very familiar) characters you have introduced...
Fabulous work!! Please update soon... Just can't wait to read more of this wonderful story...
Lifez_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 11:31am | IP Logged
AWSM !! gr8 job dear !! ClapClapClap

abb damz.. usse kiss mat karna !! arrey he is havng evrthng 2 easy 4 hm !! Pinch.. instead say u r rdy 2 kiss sm1 else 2 prove da point !! hehehe........ then u can see hm totally GREEN WITH ENVY !! Wink... let hm also realise hw precious u r !! Evil Smile

update soon swts.....

luv niki..Embarrassed

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