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Posted: 11 November 2009 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Dear All...

I keep writing One shots I thought why not put them in a gallery...

I'll post the earlier 2 one shots that I have posted in 2 places in the MJHT forum earlier and 3 newer ones Smile

Please do leave in your comments Smile

OS 1 - His thoughts/ Her thoughts -Page 1

OS 2 - The hug - Page 1

OS 3 - The Happy Birthday -Page 1

OS 4 - The Rehearsal - Page 1

OS 5 - Missing u -Page 2

OS 6 - Mayank & Nupur - The Rain -Page 8

OS 7 - My lady in Red - Page 12

OS 8 - Smiles for you - Page 17

OS 9 - The never ending conversations -MN story not part of the track -page 22
OS 10 - Lag jaa gale - page 27
OS 11 - Onscreen husband - page 32
OS 12 - Is this love -page 38
OS 13 - Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Naa - page 41 (MN - in line with track)
OS 14,15, 16, 17                                     - Page 48
Some things seem right with you..
one dance with u..
Quiet comfort
Being with you...
OS 18 Jab we met again          - Page 50
OS 19 I see you                          - Page 52

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His thoughts/ Her thoughts


His thoughts
I think I saw her in a party some years back. She was a pretty girl, but seemed very reserved. As long as we work well together, nothing else matters, I had thought rather naively! Well, it dint matter then, its been a year matters, lord knows it matters to me now. She has been my co-star and friend for more than a year now and I still cant figure out her feelings for me. The feelings -that I hope exists- hidden deep in her heart. I call her my mysterious lady for there's never been an enigma like her in my life! We were introduced to each other in the inital phases of casting, then, I just thought she had become more beautiful since the time I last saw her. She was courteous and friendly willing to discuss the characters we were to play in great detail. She seemed to have great understanding of her character, which incidently had looked pretty one-dimensional to me when I first read the story idea, that of a filmy small town girl with dreams of meeting her prince charming - nothing new. My character, on the contrary was very freshly conceptualised, academically inclined lad with a cool dude attitude. I digress, coming back to what I was saying, I think I was first floored by the sincerity with which she approached her role. She made notes on character quirks, mannerisms and body language that she thought suited the role. she compared notes with me to contrast it with the quirks of my role. I was not impressed, I was mega-impressed. I sort of started admiring her after my first few interactions. I have worked with actresses before and they can vouch for it that nothing on earth can stop me from flirting. Harmless casual flirting is how my day passes by, with her all my years spent in perfecting the art of casual flirting went down the drain. She was the only one who could get me toungue tied. It was not like, we never became friends, infact we became great friends, we had scenes which required huge amount of comfort level as co-stars to make it look believable. I sometimes think its only because of the need to be perfect in her work that she brought down her defences a little and became friends with me. Not that she was not a sweet person, she was infact the sweetest girl that I ever met. She was the most kind-hearted and the most sensitive girl I had known. She was also equally ambitious and hard-working. Day by day, little by little I lost my heart to her. As we became friends, I got more comfortable around her, I unleashed my brand of charm on her, got away with teasing her and doing a mild flirting routine as well. She would laugh it off, always, without fail. I would sing the most romantic songs for her, sometimes in front of the camera as well, she would simply blush and laugh it off. Sometimes,I took it lightly, at other times, it irked me. No matter how I reacted, she never let slip how she really felt. Oh, dont think that we never talked, we talked all the time, we discussed a lot of things, we knew a lot about each other. I just dint know what I wanted to know the most and I never succeeded in getting to know what she felt. Well, if she dint like me at all, it would have been easier. Maybe not easier, but atleast I would know for sure how she felt about me. I knew one thing though, she was not immune to me, that felt great, but did she love me - I was always left wondering. There were days when I felt like simply asking her, but I was scared, I admit. I dint want to ruin a wonderful friendship and a perfect working relationship.I was really happy with the comfort level we shared, everybody who saw us on screen said we shared a magical chemistry. That always made me happy, I often dreamed- its because of our feelings for each other. Earlier,I was so much in awe of her that I couldn't let her know how I felt, Now I value our friendship too much to want to mess it up. I just wish I knew how she felt about me, really felt about me.

Her Thoughts
When the makers told me he was to be cast opposite me, I dint think much about it. I had seen him in an earlier serial and he was fairly popular with the girls, well that should work to our advantage I thought. I was in no mood to take up the usual saas-bahu routine so I thought it was a good idea to just give the campus caper a try. The expectations of the makers from my role was minimum but I knew I had it in me to create an impact. I was all set to prove myself to all and especially those who thought I wouldnt be able to do well. My goal was fixed and mind set. The last thing I expected was to fall in love. Fall in love, I did, and of all the people on earth, it was my co-star I fell for, the eternal ladies man. There is no girl on earth who can resist his charm when he turns it on. I feel myself going week-kneed and I relate to all the girls who are his fans. I had trouble controlling myself intially, so much so that some of the scenes in our interactions had some real emotions emanating from me. I finally gave in to his charm and became friends with him. Unlike what I thought of him earlier, he turned out to be a very nice guy, a complete Gentleman (trust me, I'm an actress and I know the difference), just really friendly and also, he doesnt keep much in his heart. Sometimes, I suspect he likes me, no sorry, loves me, but at other times I just put it down to my mind working over-time hoping for something like that! I feel it when he does those sweet little things for me, showers me with special attention, looking after even the tiniest need of mine. That guy, sigh, he really has it all in him, he is sincere, committed to work, is attached to his family, like the proverbial cherry on the cake is his smile, I'd classify it as the best in the whole wide world. He reserves those special smiles for me, that I've noticed, its not like he doesn't smile otherwise, he does..more in real life than in reel, yet, he smiles from his heart when we are together. This I know for sure! Sometimes I think he is genuinely trying to impress me, I hate it when he does it in full public view. Here, I'm not sure of his feelings for me, but he gives the entire world a feeling that we are in love with each other ! When he does those sweet things like sing for me, I cant help but blush, but then I get back into the actress mode, pretend that it was all part of the character we are playing! I never call him by his actual name when people are around. Sometimes, I confuse myself into believing its our characters that are in love with each other. Who am I kidding though, I know as sure as hell that I love him. This was not the plan! So I decided to concentrate on my work, well the problem is my work involved him. Its not like he were my co-worker, who I can be indifferent to, even if I like him. We are actors and the bane of our existence is that god forbid, we fall in love with out co-star, the act we put on gets harder. See, if I'm trying to avoid this guy for a day, just to prove to my mind that I can manage without him and what scene do I get for the day? A hug or a kiss !! Its not so much about acting anymore, its about controlling the natural emotion and thats way tougher! I feel so confused here, I am happy to be here but unhappy as well. I want to be with him but I want him to know. I love my work, so I wouldn't leave, I wouldn't leave my work because that would mean leaving him as well. Talk about how ironic life can be..

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Thank you all..for liking the above OS Smile

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His thoughts

Its a funny co-incidence actually, we were to confess on stage and I am supposed to act like the character in the play but confess to her as if I'm the character in the serial..Confused? Well then imagine if I say I was about to confess to her as the real person , the actor who plays these roles in reel life, in between all this. Bad Idea. I thrashed it then and there. We had anyway shot the entire dialogues bit and I could easily act it out because she was standing looking beautiful in her pink lehenga and crying and smiling while saying those dialogues and I couldnt help but feel the love surface. She is so mesmerizing to watch..I tell you, what you see on TV is nothing like the spontaneity that she displays, I keep feeling she loves me. Sigh..there I go again !

Have to shoot the hug part now..

Her thoughts

Is he that good an actor? I mean, ofcourse he is a good actor but those tears ..that smile and those expressions, I felt the love and it was easy to act. Good god, since when did I want co-stars expressions to spur me on to act better? Well...what can I cant blame a woman for falling in love, can you? It just happened and I just wished it was all real. I think I should concentrate on hugging him now...ok not on hugging him but on the act...ok, so how am I supposed to concentrate when I'm hugging him..! Sometimes, I just love my job, you get to hug the guy you love but at other times I hate it, why am I hugging him when he doesnt even know how I feel.

Ok, concentrate on the shoot...

After the shoot

Her thoughts

I looked at him, he was standing there with open arms and a slight smile on his face and I tell you, my heart skipped many beats. I wanted to go and hug him then and there..but no, the script said (god-damn thing - the script) I had to walk back and then run into his arms...I walked a bit, then I stopped, I could hear them urging me to move some more from the sidelines, but I was not going to listen to them..I ran into his arms and he took me in his arms and god..let this be reel ..let this be real..let this be anything...all I can say is I have never felt such happiness in my entire life..I felt I could die right there and I would've died the happiest girl in the world..! I think we hugged each other for longer than necessary I was unwilling to let go, it seemed so was he ...hmmm..does that mean? ..ok perish the thought.
I got a lot of praise for my acting that day, I felt it undeserved cos I dint act, I just felt the emotions. I wonder how he felt?

His thoughts

My heart was beating really fast, the anticipation was getting to me, why was I acting like a love-struck teenager, dont ask me, love-struck I was, teenager I was not! Yet I was excited like a teenager, she turned around and came into my arms and I just held her, my girl..ok, not my girl ..but in my heart she was my girl..I held her with all the love I had for her. Ditch the camera, lights and the works, right now nothing on earth or heavens above could cause me to leave her, I was so content with her in my arms. Later, one of friends asked me if I was in love with her..when I asked him why he felt that, he simply said dude, you are no Tom Hanks, you are a good actor no doubt but you seemed to be positively thrilled having her in your arms, you looked like a lover..and that looked straight from the heart...

Sure it was, direct dil se..after it was the hug post the confession, only we never confessed!

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Thank u all for liking the above OS

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Happy Birthday! - OS3

There was so much noise around, I couldnt take it any longer. ITs strange really, I am quite a party freak. I love the loud music, the crazy dancing, mad all. I'm usually crazier than my friends (not that they dont give me good competition). Today, however, I felt like an alien dropped from some zen-like place to this obnoxiously loud place. My friends were trying hard to get me to dance. I had stayed put all evening and I continued to do so. AS my luck would have it, a moron who had had a little too much to drink decided I was the best place to puke. My friends caught him and took him away. Nice Birthday dude, I couldnt help thinking as I went off to wash myself. The only good thing about the incident was that I got to get away from the god-damn place.

As I drove off from the place the only thought that came to my mind had to do with her..She had wished me, yes, but in a tone so polite that it felt odd, I felt as if a stranger were wishing me. We had a fight over some stupid scene, we both were at loggerheads at each other. It was normal, we fought over such things often, but it went out of hand, I dint apologize, neither did she. Then things started piling up, our egos got in the way and we ended up not talking to each other, other than work related matters, it was depressing. Not just for me,but for her as well.

Out of an impulse, I drove to her house. She opened the door and I couldn't help but gasp, she was looking lovley in white. She silently let me in, no questions asked. I dint know what to do, I kept staring at her. Was it just me or was she looking breathlessly beautiful. She caught me staring at her open mouthed,thats when she asked if I were drunk, at that I not only closed my mouth but it automatically curled into a frown. Dont look at me like that she said, you are smelling of booze. I remembered the moron and his puke, huh, that was it. I told her what had happened and took off the shirt, she stared at me wide-eyed in surprise at my actions. I would've been surprised at my actions too had it been any other day, but today I was not connected to my usual world. I went to her washing machine and put the shirt for washing. I could hear the water flowing in, I walked back to the hall, I found her trying to keep away something from the dining table. I walked towards her, imagine my surprise when I saw a home made cake that had my name on it. She turned the deepest shade of purple.
She tried to cover up by saying she had another friend of the same name and she had baked the cake for his birthday. That hurt. As much as my heart told me, it was for me that she had baked the cake, the other side of me believed her. I nodded and walked off to the hall.

I sat there not knowing what I was doing and wondering what to do. She came into the hall looking very disturbed. She sat on a chair in the other corner of the hall. We kept stealing glances at each other. At one such moment, I thought I saw a solitary tear making way across her face, she wiped it deftly, in a way I wouldnt know. I walked upto her, she stood up abruptly, probably she wanted to cry her eyes out, thats what she looked like. I couldnt take it any longer, I hugged her and she held on to me too, I could feel her sobbing against my chest, I couldnt stop my own tears. We stood there for a long long time. Finally, she looked up at me, her eyes red and tears still making their way across her cheeks. I wiped every tear that trickled down until they dried up..She told me, her voice choking that she had made the cake for me. She had wanted to make up with me, she came later in the evening only to find out that I had already left for the day. I smiled at her, my first real smile of the day. She gave me a watery smile too. I felt my heart warm instantly, I think it showed on my face as it caused her face to light up further. I promised to myself that I would treasure that smile forever and would never let it leave her lovely lips ever!

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The Rehearsal -OS4

When we had the tiff on a scene we had to perform, it was a small one but I have no idea when it became such a big issue. Really, I have no idea who did what but we were barely speaking to each other except about work, it was completely annoying and very depressing. Maybe I get hurt easily but he usually makes me ok, he knows me so well. I dont have any idea what happened this time. I am the sensitive one, but maybe he got hurt this time? I tried to speak to him, but he was not really speaking to me as he used to. That really hurt me, I couldn't take it any more, my defense mechanism set in, I went into my shell and there on, even if he tried he dint stand a chance. SO we drifted apart and we were terribly unhappy. Yes, we were unhappy! Sometimes, the miseries we set on ourselves is the most difficult to overcome for just that reason. Wonder why we do that to ourselves?

When we were asked to do a passionate scene, we both nodded our heads. It was our job and we would do it without making a hue and cry about it. People knew about our tiff, we were always chattering and playing around, when it stopped abruptly there were a lot of hushed whispers. When I got a brief on the scene about 2 days before (for a change) I panicked. I looked around for him, he looked freaked out too. I mean , we were really touchy post the tiff and every thing small or big caused us to be madder at each other. Then, he came over and said that we'll need to discuss this. I shook my head vehemantly to indicate a yes. Ofcourse we needed to discuss this, this was a gonna be tough with such proximity required. We were always comfortable with each other, but these scenes seemed a step ahead. As luck would have it, our shooting got extended and I became a nervous wreck. There was hardly anytime left for us to rehearse or even discuss.

That was when he came over to my place, though I was taken aback I was also relieved that we could discuss our work. Also, I loved having him around. He was always such fun to be around, he was quite a chatterbox, I couldnt help smiling at the thought. He looked at me inquisitively, he hadnt expected a smile. I felt my smile falter, then out of the blue we started behaving like nothing happened and we were just colleagues. We discussed the scenes and rehearsed a bit, then came the trickier parts, a short dance sequence and some intimate scenes. We had been very polite to each other through our entire rehearsal which is a first because we are usually at loggerheads on how to execute a scene. We decided to skip all the other scenes then suddenly he said that he felt that we should do the dance sequence bit as well as it had a lot of dialogues in between. I was ok with this, after all we had done similar scenes before, only it was a little more intense here. We started off awkwardly, we kept messing up the steps, rather the movements. Finally we put on the song we were supposed to perform on, and lo..we were back to performing our best. We got more and more involved ..then he kissed me on my cheeks, it was part of the script but we weren't planning to rehearse the kisses, surely? I looked into his eyes, they just looked at me with so much love that I dint protest, I just held on to him and he was holding me like I were the most precious possession in the world for him. I felt happy and secured in his arms, I forgot we were actors, I forgot we were rehearsing, I forgot everything just standing there. Slowly he kissed my lips and I kissed him back, this I knew was not part of the script..we were not lost in the moment..we were in love and now we knew it. We have never admitted it before but what better way than this. We just looked into each other's eyes and realised all that we had left unsaid. It was love.

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It's really good, i could imagine everything happening..Smile

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