Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Pyaar Ki Yeh Dastaan II: Chap 62-Page144 Nov 5th

asyasahil928 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys
I am so happy to open the second thread of the ff...I would like to thank all my readers for the love and wouldnt  be possible with out you guys....thank you so much HugHugHug

Here is the link for the first 36 Chapters:

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    Chapter 62: Page 144

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    asyasahil928 IF-Sizzlerz

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    Chapter 37

                 Heer who was helping meher saw prem waking out. "prem kya chale gaya'woh bhi naasta bhi kiya bina," she thought. "meher'tum yeh pura kardo'main abhi aati ho," she said and left to call prem. prem was driving when his phone rang, "haan heer'bolu?" he replied. "prem'tum kya chale gaye'naasta bhi nahi kiya," she told him. "heer'woh urgent kaam aagaya tha," he said since he didn't want to tell her about his real plans. "khab tak aaoge?" she asked him. "woh'aabi paata nahi'main tume phone karonga," he replied. "theek hai'bye," she said and the conversation ended. "yeh prem bhi na'kal hi toh meeting kaatam hui thi'shayad usse aaj bhi na baata pao," she thought getting a little mad at prem. "heer," gayatri called her and she left. Here, prem couldn't wait for tonight'he was arranging for all the flowers'.heer's gifts'and food'etc. he had selected a special place for tonight...the place was very dear to him'him and his family always came here for their vacations'and he just loved the atmosphere out here'.it was his favorite lake house. The lake house was a two story structured building which the juenja's owned. It was a brick building which was situated on the lake'and the atmosphere was so calm and beautiful and he loved it'and couldn't wait till he made heer experience it tonight. For prem, the whole day flew by doing everything to make the day special. On the other hand, heer was waiting every second hand to move on the clock'because she was waiting for prem to return.


                The clock stroked five in the evening when heer was sitting on the living room sofa reading a magazine just to keep her from being bored. The driver walked in and said, "mam'this is for you." Heer looked at the envelope confused and asked, "For me'from whom?" "prem sir has sent it for you," he told her. Heer quickly took the envelope from him'and sent him away. She opened the envelope to find a letter inside:


    heer'main tum se milna chatha ho'toh tum  jaldse taayar hojao aur driver keh saath aajana'please abhi mat poochna kaha'ok'aur tumare paas sirf ek gantha hai'jald milenge.


    Tumara Prem.


    A smile crept up her lips reading those last two words'.but she was confused why prem couldn't come here to tell her what he wanted to tell. At that moment, gayatri walked in, "yeh kya hai beta?" she asked. Heer stood up quickly and said, "woh'woh ma'prem ne mujhe kahi bulaya hai." "toh jaana beta," gayatri stated excitedly. Heer looked at her surprised'so gayatri calmed down a bit and said, "mera matlab hai keh agar prem ne bula hai toh tujhe jaana chahiye'hum sabh dekh lenge'tum jao'theek hai." heer smiled back and replied, "jee ma'thanks," and left to change. Gayatri was really happy that her son was finally changing'and giving her bahu the happiness she deserved. Heer came into the room and looked at the letter once again and there was line below where it said "tumara prem" which read'.aur ha mera favorite color white hai. Heer smiled to herself thinking about her childish husband. She went to her closet and took out a white sari which was contrasted with a pink border and a pink blouse. She laid her hands over it feeling the love and care with which her baba had gifted her the  saree before marriage. She changed into the saree'and added a pair of pink earrings and pink and white bangles to match it. Pinning up the pallu of her saree, she added a bit of kaajal and light pink lip gloss to add to her beauty.

    This is how heer's saree looked:

                After she finished dressing, she went downstairs to tell gayatri. "ma'main chalthi hoon," she informed gayatri as she took her ashirwaad. "jeeti raho'bahut pyaari lagrahi ho," she replied as she patted her cheek lovingly as heer smiled. "lagna toh haina maa'.kissi khaas insaan kehliye tayaar joh huwe hai," meher teased her as she was arranging the flowers on the table. "ha'yeh toh hai," gayatri agreed as heer stood there blushing. Then, heer left the house to have the best night of her life she had ever had. She questioned the driver many times, but he told her that he couldn't tell since prem had ordered him not to. Finally, she gave up'and patiently waited for the place to arrive. She reached the destination in an hour or so. Heer got out of the car'and walked ahead trying to recognize the place but she couldn't. "yaha toh kohi bhi nahi hai," she said looking left to right. "driver'." She turned around but he was already gone. Now, heer was scared'in this strange and dark place'and on top of that, she was alone. Suddenly, someone placed a blind fold on her eyes. "kyon hai?" she asked scared. But as soon as she felt the strange touch of the hand'she knew who it was. "prem," she guessed. "ha'main hi hoon," he told her. "prem'yeh sabh kya hai?" she asked him. "aabhi paata chal jayega'doh minute ruk jao'aur yahi ruko," he told her and went somewhere.


                Two minutes later he returned and took her a few steps ahead. "aabh mein blindfold khol raha ho par aapni aankhen mat kholna'ok," he told her. "theek hai baba'nahi kohlongi," she said. "ok'now open you eyes," she slowly opened her eyes and just stood their surprised. The whole building flickered on with colorful lights'at the top were white silk cloths hand around in a floral pattern. While she stood there admiring the beauty of the embellished building'prem was admiring her magnificence. She looked dazzlingly beautiful in the white sari. Wearing his favorite color'she truly looked like his angel tonight. The wind slightly blowing her hair and making it fall on her innocent face'he slowly tucked it behind her ears. She turned around to look at him and they both stood there looking into each other's eyes as the soft wind played around them. Moments passed and prem asked brining his hand forward, "kya aaj ki yeh khoobsurat raat Mrs. Heer Juneja mere saath goozaar na chahengi?" she smiled back and accepted his offer, placing her hand in his and they walked inside.


                Heer was more astonished as she walked into the house'.the walls were adorned with white lilies along with red satin cloth strings. As they walked into the living room'he let go of her hand and knelt down in front of her, "heer'jis din se maine tume mandir mein dekha tha'uss din tumne mere zindagi mein khushi keh saare rang leykeh aayi thi'jab bhi main tumare saath hota ho mujhe pura hone ka ehsaas hota hai'aur jab main tumse dhoor rehta ho jab sirf tumari yaad aati hai'main tumse waada karta ho heer keh main tume hamesha khush rahonga'main sabh se zyaada sirf aur sirf tumse pyaar karonga'I love you heer'I love you," he confessed as he took out a blue jewelry box out of his coat. Hearing his words, tears flowed out of heer's eyes. He stood up and said, "heer'" "nahi prem kuch mat kehna'" she said as he placed her eyes on his lips. "jabse tumse mili ho tabse mere zindagi badal gayi hain'main sooch rahi thi keh main yeh sabh tumse kaise kahongi'tum meri dil se'mere aatma se judgaye ho'main tumare bina jee nahi sakthi prem'.main bhi tumse bahut pyaar karti ho," she admitted. He moved closer to her'cupping her face in his hands....he bent down and kissed her tears away'and said, "tumari aankhon mein yeh aanso bilkul acche nahi lagte." "yeh aansoo dukhe nahi'khushi keh hai," heer replied as she smiled a little. He wiped her tears and hugged her. They stood there in each other's arms taking in the ever lasting moment of their life. Coming out of the hug, he opened the box and placed the diamond-ruby bangles on her hand as the symbol of their love.  Then, they walked out in the balcony which had a table for two set up. The table had a cremish white cloth placed on it'.with a red rose bouquet in the middle. He led her to the table and pulled the chair for her to sit in. They both ate the food'heer was surprised that he had ordered all her favorite dishes'which she had told him in their first meeting'he still remembered and that made her happy. As they finished dinner, prem started the music of his favorite song and offered heer his hand for the dance of the night.


    Hoo hooo oooo..
    Hoo hoo hooo'
    Hooo hooo'

    Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi, [His hands went up on her bare waist and she placed her hands interlocked at the back of his neck]
    Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen,
    Utar aayi jheel mein jaise chand utarta hai kabhi,
    Haule haule dheere se,
    Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se taranum mein tum,
    Choo ke mujhe guzari hu yu,
    Dekhu tumhe ya mein sunu,
    Tum ho sukoon, tum ho junoon,
    Kyu pehle naa aayi tum?
    Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi, hoo hoo..
    Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen, hoo hoo..

    Mein to yeh sochta tha ki aaj kal, [he moved her afar holding her hands'and twirled her around]
    Upar wale ko fursat nahi,
    Phir bhi tumhe bana ke woh,
    Meri nazar mein chadh gaya,
    Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya..


    Badle raaste jharne aur nadi, [she looked up deep into his eyes and caressed his velvety hair with love and passion]
    Badli deep ki timtim,
    Chedhe zindagi dhun koi nayee,
    Badli barkha ki rimjhim,
    Badlengi rituyein adaa,
    Par mein rahungi sada, [They danced looking into each other's eyes'hearing each other's heart beat'the beat of their love]
    Ussi tarah teri bahon mein baahein daalke,
    Har lamha, har pal..

    Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
    Rimjhim malhaar ho gayi,
    Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen,
    Kaise mujhko mili tum..[Caressing her soft cheek with his hands'he slowly bent down to taste those soft, luscious lips]

            Feeling his touch'she closed her eyes in bliss. First'he nibbled at her lower bottom lip'.and slowly she opened her mouth to let him in to discover her. Next, he traced his lips at her chin down her throat moving sideways to the side of the neck'her jasmine scent driving him crazy.   As he moved behind her, he slid her silky long hair sideways'opening the dhori of blouse'he placed a kiss there. She held on to him really tight'fearing that she would fall otherwise. Hugging her from behind, he slid off her saree pallu. Heer grabbed onto the pallu before it fell to the ground and moaned his name. He picked her up in his arms and walked to the bedroom. The whole room was decorated with white vanilla scented candles'and the bed was garlanded with white and red roses and in the middle was a big red heart, made of rose petals. Placing her on the bed'he lay next to her'and pulled her closer by placing his hands on her bare waist. The strong winds from the open window blew the candles out and that night'the hearts and souls of prem and heer became one, never to break apart ever.


    hey guys

    here is the next promised all of it premeer and their romance EmbarrassedThis part is dedicated to all you guys as a thank you from me...Big smileBig smileBig smile...hope you guys like it...plz read and comment...Smile






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    sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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    Posted: 10 November 2009 at 9:26am | IP Logged

    awesomeeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap.

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    ...Nikhita... IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 10 November 2009 at 9:36am | IP Logged
    lovely part! it was soooooooooo romantic......and the premeer scenes were real cute! do write more like this.....continue soon!
    and congrats on starting a new thread!

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    meeshti. IF-Dazzler

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    hi afreen

    thanks for adding me in ur pm list
    loved the update
    it was damn romantic
    loved prem's dialogues
    pls update soon

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    XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

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    OMG  I AMM BLUSHING   Blushing   BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

    That was awesome....very romantic finally they confessed and

    Consumate there marriage EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
    BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing  Wow Congratulations on the New thread...the update was awesomeClap

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    -Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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    hey afreen
    congratz on new home
    u rock dear
    i was reading from the begining but didn't get time to comment
    edit this later after reading


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    shininggal2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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     Teacher, Hug

    The more i read the more i  want from u. aww.... u know wht i would have been mad at u for ending it so quick but i wont be mad coz i know how much i had bugged u for it. But ya a great PART in such a short time. Love u so much teacher.  So i m so much satisfied with the part. and abt the part wht should i say .. u have left me SPEECHLESS. aw my preemeer. now cant wait to see their lovely confessed life hehe. and as per said ... here is a small appreciation gift for ur amazing FF.  hope u like it Big smile

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