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ArMan Times - Edition 5 - One Shot Updated :-D

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ArMan Times Edition 5
  Brief Written Updates of the Fortnight

By: --__Shireen__--

Oct 26

    Savita shows up at Statish's office and Archu is also inside

    Savita sees Archu and Staish and creates a scene in the office

    Archu is upset and defends herself and Satish

    Shrani is helping Sachin fill out forms for scholarships

  • Savita starts bad mouthing Archu, and Manav tells her to stop, as she is his wife

Oct 27

    Archu is upset about what Savita said about her and Satish

    Sachin's scholarship got accepted

    Manju is trying to convince Vinod to let Satish help him find a better job

  • Savita tells Manav to chose between his wife or his mother

Oct 28

    Savita gives Manav 24 hours to make a decision

    Satish tells Sulochana what happened in the office

    Manav and Archu almost run into each other in the back

    Sulochana goes to Manav's house, and Savita and her have a fight

  • Ashwin and Rashmi are planning against Varsha

Oct 29

    Manju is worried Archu will never leave the house

    Savita starts dreaming of he rlife and Sachin and Shrani get married

    Savit atells Manav that Sulochana came and told him to divorce Archu

  • Savita tells a girl to talk about Satish and Archu in the bank, and Manav is upset

Oct 30

    Manav refuses to accept that there's something going on between Archu and Satish

    Archu was happy that Manav got the loan

    Manav sees Satish and Archu again, and completely loses hope

    Archu sees Manav, and Manav goes back to work

    Manav hurt his hand, and Archu almost runs to help him, but is stopped by Anjali

  • Sulochana tells Archu to start thinking about a divorce

Nov 2

    Varsha sees Ashwin and his wife enter the office

    Sachin tells Savita that Shavni will be her daughter-in-law

    Manav is in Satish's office, and Archu calls, and Manav is sad

    Savita is mad that Manav went to Satish's office

    Shrani's boss sees Sachin and Shravni together and is against this relationship

  • Manju and her mother decide that Manju will push Sulochana and her mother will push Statish's mother for marriage

Nov 3

    Manju goes to Manav's house, and tells him to stop coming in between Archu and Satish

    Manav signs the divorce papers

  • Savita looks how sad Manav is and consoles him

Nov 4

    Savita is at Archu's house with the divorce papers

    Manav is depressed, and Savita is rubbing it in his face

    Archu comes home happy that she's learning the computer and everyone is happy

    Sulochana doesn't tell Archu about the divorce papers right away

    Archu tells Sulochana about Manav's loan and Vandu, and Sulochana hesitates in teling Archu about the divorce papers

  • Munjua and Sulochana tell Archu about the divorce papers in the morning

Nov 5

    Archu is shocked and upset that Manav signed the papers

    She calls Manav's house, and Vandu tells her that he's in the garage

    Archu goes to see him in the garage, and Manav is shocked to see her

    Archu questions Manav on why he signed the papers, and that she wanted to ask him a few questions before she signed them

    Manav told her to come to his house tonight and they'll talk then

    Manav is remembering his good times with Archu, and Archu is remembering their conversation in the garage

  • Archu tells Vaishu what the plan is, and Manju overhears it and is scared

Nov 6

    Archu leaves work early to go see Manav

    Manju calls Satish and asks if he can stop Archu from going and he agrees

    Manav is waiting for Archu at home, but his boss calls and asks him to go and fix Ashwin's car

    He goes, and tells a neighbor to tell Archu to wait till he gets back

    Manav sees Ashwin and Varsha together and is suspicious

    Archu comes to Manav's house, and waits for him inside

  • Savita comes back and sees Archu, and Archu is scared

  Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

26th October 2009

27th October 2009

28th October 2009

29th October 2009

30th October 2009

2nd November 2009

3rd November 2009

4th November 2009

5th November 2009

6th November 2009

  Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz
This fortnight had several good dialogues! We had a lot of good ones from Satish, and boy, Manav was on the top of his game with some fabulous dialogues as well this fortnight. So this edition, we're just going with some of the best dialogues. And trust me guys, when I say I had a TOUGH time picking only a few that I liked. So go on, take a look, and I hope you guys like them as much as I did :-D

Sach kahoon Archana, i really appreciate you, kitna pavitra rishta tumne bana kar rakha hain manav ke saath, ek aisa rishta jho na hi koi insaan, na hi koi kaagaz koi nahi usse todh saktha, ek aisa rishta jis par koi bandish nahi hain, koi bhi usse define bhi nahi kar sakta, ha mehsoos zaroor kar sakta hain, jaise maine waqt jab maine manav ke loan pass hone ki baat tumhe kahin, tho tumhari ek muskurahat ne mujhe sab kuch keh diya - Satish

I fell in love with Satish as he said those lines! You know, if Manav was not the protagonist of the show, I would most definitely not mind Archana's pairing with Satish. He seems honest and very understanding. And it shows clearly from these lines. And it also gives us all hope that maybe if Satish really does understand Archana so well, he may not consider the prospect of marrying her. *SIGH* lets see what he decides!

Archana koi badchalan aurat nahi hain ai, woh ab tak zinda hain, yahi sabse bada sabooth hain ki uska charitra kitna saaf hain , ai sab ke saamne agni ko saakshi maankar maine usse rishta joda hain, aur ussi din maine kasam kha li ke chahe jho kuch bhi ho, apni poori zindagi uspar se apna vishwaas nahi utne doonga... voh alag baath hain ki ham log saath mein nahi hain, lekin aai aise bohut se rishte hote hain jho bina sune, bina kahe sirf man hi man se nibhaye jaate hain ai, aur mera rishta bhi aisa hi hain - Manav

Jadoo ki jhapiyan galore! Hehe! Honestly, how many of us did a victory dance when we heard Manav finally show his mother her place? What a relief it was to see Manav stick up for Archana. For the first time Manav talked back to his mother, and woah, how he did it :-D I was so proud of him. More so, I am so happy that throughout it all, he still maintains his trust with her. Love grows where trust is laid, Manav! Stay strong :-D The last few lines of this dialogue are the best. Kudos to the dialogue writer~

Jis waqt maine agni ko saakshi mankar aapse rishta joda, maine ussi waqt tai kar liya ki ab is rishte ko us pal tak nibhaaongi jab tak yeh shareer chita ki aag mein na jal jaye -Archana

GO GIRL!~ Archana has never been the kind to express herself, and wow, ever since she's started going to school, she sure as heck has become more expressive! Finally we have some substantial dialogues from her. Not only did she do great here, but also with Savita when she pointed fingers at Satish and her relationship! This is the kind of Archana we are all looking forward to!! keep it coming creatives, keep it coming :-D

Star Male and Female of the Fortnight

Star Male - This edition's Star Male of the Fortnight goes to Satish!!!! okay okay, hear me out first guys! I know he seems like the kabab mein haddi, but it seems like his intentions are good. Unlike the others on the show, he does not look like he is hiding behind a facade. What you see is what you get. He isn't putting up a front like the others, he genuinely seems like a nice guy. And if it wasn't for Pavitra Rishta being about ArMan, Satish would'nt have have been a bad choice :-D

Star Female - This one was a tough one to choose. But once we went over the happenings of the fortnight, it didn't seem that tough. This fortnights spot goes to VANDU! There are many, many reasons for why she deserves this spot, but the main one is for being such an AWESOME sister! All brother-sister bonds are special, and she makes the relation between her and her brother a lot more special. She is forever sticking by her brother and vahini...actually, to come to think of it, no one is really against them besides that wretched Savita *giggle* but nonetheless, it is always good to see a relation like that played out on screen!

  ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

We did not have too many scenes between ArMan this fortnight, but the ones that we DID have were very special. The best one these past two weeks was their conversation at Manav's garage. It was so real, raw, unpolished and so natural. Manav and Archana had a lot of good dialogues in this sequence. Their conversation seemed honest and genuine, and its something we have been longing for quite some time now.. just some plain old conversation. It does wonders! Hehe! My favorite line of Manav's was "Archana..gin chunkar, gin chunkar do mahino ka saath raha hain hamara, aur in do mahino mein, hum dono ne itni baat nahi ki jitni hamari khamoshiyon ne ek doosre ke saat ki hain...lekin shayad mujhe lagta hain ki tum woh zubaan bhool chuki ho..tumne dastakat dekh liye mere...lekin uske peeche chupe meri..meri khamoshi pad nahi payi tum?" There is a time to speak up, and a time to be silent! If this was a moment of candid conversation, then their eye-lock on 30th October was a moment of silence, a conversation only their eyes could understand.

  Best Family Scene of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz
Not a lot of sweet, fun filled moments between families this fortnight, but I did think Dada's attempt at cheering Manav up with talks of Cricket was just so sweet. I wanted to hug Dada for at-least trying to lighten Manav's mood. Even though it wasn't of much use, Dada did talk openly about how he felt about Manav and Archan's relationship. And I am quite sure that must have given Manav some kind of perspective. Dada has always been supportive of Manav and Archana, and although he seems to "sakth" from the outside, he's "narm" and oh so adorable on the inside. Makes you wish you had a Dada just like him :-D
  Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz
Wow, looks like this guy has won a lot of nominations this fortnight. Yes guys, you guessed right. The title of Mr. Hear Turner of the Fortnight goes to none other than SATISH! His height *i LOVE tall guys*, his physique, his unconventionally good looks, and his simpleton clothing style makes him the perfect candidate for this edition's "Male Style Icon"


  Ms. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

There's no letting her off the hook on any edition... Archana just keep's getting prettier and prettier by the episode. I also like the experiments Ankita's stylists are doing with her hair. Her hairstyle last week was splendid.. it was a perfect balance... a blend of youth and slight maturity. Her sarees, even though we have had an overdose of them by now, still do wonders for her. But I do hope the creatives can figure out something else for her.. no harm in trying things out no?

  World of Archana and Manav
By: nityataralapally

Je t'aime-

'I'm coming! I'm finally coming to London' Archana was shocked out of her wits after reading the message on Yahoo. She shrieked, and then looked around her to see if anyone had heard her. Luckily, everyone was busy in their own conversations. 'He's coming! I'll finally see him.' That sentence had enveloped her thoughts.

'No way! Are you serious?! I'm so excited, can't wait to meet you!' she replied back eagerly, already racking her brains out wondering what he looks like and what his reaction would be upon meeting her. Deciding that there is no use to think about this now, she sighed frustratingly and leaned against the oak tree, her favorite place in the whole campus. Her heart was racing at what seemed to be 100 miles per hour at the thought of meeting 'him'. It was time for her next lecture, so she stood up, packed her laptop and made her way to the classroom. As the professor was lecturing about Thermo chemistry, Archana's thoughts wandered back to that fateful day when she had first talked to Manav.

- 4 Years Ago -

Archana sat at the oak tree chatting with one of her buddies when a message popped up on her main screen.

'Manav has sent you a friend's request' 'Is Manav your friend? '

After trying to recall who Manav is, she arrived at a conclusion that she would ask him. So she accepted his request and started typing. 'Um...Do I know you?' 'Know me?... you don't remember me? I'm Manav, I sat next to you all through high school yaar!' amused at the way he was questioning her, she replied back saying that she went to an all girls' school so there is no possible way that he had sat next to her. He had apologized so many times that she scolded herself for ever saying that to him. She should have said something better instead of a 'No I don't know you' poor him, she must be feeling so sorry. And so began the journey of Archana and Manav's chatting.

Ever since then, a day hasn't passed when Archana and Manav hadn't sent each other a message. No matter how busy one of them was, they always found time to talk, be it at 3 in the morning or 12 in the afternoon. Archana didn't realize when, but she had started falling for Manav. Falling hard. It seemed that her love increased when he mentioned that they should send each other's pictures, because their relationship was beyond just looks and words. It was the way he understood her so well, he wasn't judgmental, and Manav listened to what she had to say, gave his opinions and never forced her into talking to him. It was beyond just a buddy-buddy relationship with him, she felt loved when she talked to him, like someone cared for her. Even thought she knew that what she felt for him was love, she had no clue if he felt the same way about her. She never dared to ask, thinking that it would risk whatever else they had. It was one secret she had kept within herself.


That night, before going to bed, she sent him a message inquiring about his flight's schedule arrival time in London. She plopped on her bed, thinking about the day to come, she dozed off into a deep slumber.

The next morning was hectic for Archana. First she woke up late because of her alarm, later she couldn't contemplate on what to wear. Picking up a pair of her favorite jeans and a white shirt, she sped her way out of the house to the airport. 30 Minutes later, Archana arrived at the terminal in the Heathrow Airport. There was a jambalaya of emotions storming through her; nervousness, excitement, eagerness to see him and fear of what he will think of her. Being late at a time like this didn't help her poor soul much either.  She walked up the terminal and initiated her thought process once again. 'What will he think of me? Does he like me the way I like him? How will I recognize him? Archana your so stupid'stop thinking all of this'etc' So lost in her thoughts, she didn't even notice that the passengers had started coming out of the gate.

Suddenly, she felt a flutter in her heart. The pattern of her heartbeat altered. She felt someone, someone close to her. "Archana?" She turned around and there he was, standing right in front of her. 'Just as I imagined' she thought. His eyes, his chocolate orbs were making her melt like an ice cream in the hot summer sun. What she loved the most was the look of innocence mixed with a tint of question on his face. He was definitely a wonder.

Elated beyond words, she ran into his arms without thinking once. When it finally registered, she quickly pulled away and started looking everywhere but him. For a moment, there was an awkward silence until he spoke. "Uhh'Hi! Finally, after 4 years, we're finally seeing each other!" he sounded so casual that all thoughts of nervousness disappeared. Soon, he took his luggage and they headed outside when he stopped her. "What happened?" she asked. "I want to show you something" saying this, he pulled her towards the announcement sign. "Where are you taking me?" "Just wait'you really don't have patience do you?" She turned to look towards where he was pointing and a gasp left her mouth.

'Je t'aime' (I love you)

She saw him kneeling and it seemed as though it was a dream, just another one of her day dreaming days in class. But no, this was reality, there he was, the love of her life, asking her to marry him. "I know, we don't know each other a lot, but what I know of you'I fell in love with. It seems as though you complete me, I feel full when I'm talking to you. You've become a part of my life that I can't let go off, I want you to be with me forever. I've been waiting four long years to ask you this, and I don't think I can wait any longer. Archana, will you marry me?

- Now is the moment
I've been waiting for
When dreams they come to life
No hesitation, only open doors
You pushed those doubts aside '

(by Westlife)

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight

27th October

2nd November

3rd November

  Creation of the Fortnight
Chosen by loveabletwinz 
By MiNaKsHiii
  Videomix of the Fortnight
Chosen by loveabletwinz
By: sidra2007 of IF and 123zaqxsw789 of Youtube

JOKES of the Fortnight
None of these jokes are hilariously funny, and none of them will make you bang your heads on your laptops, but with the snobbish attitude we have been getting from Savita this past fortnight, we thought why not make her the target of all our jokes for this edition (haha, like she hasn't always been our target *giggle*) I hope you guys have a giggle or few from these :-D
I find it interesting that if you rearrange the letters in the word "mother-in-law" you get the words "woman Hitler".

O EM G!!!!! I could have NEVER found a better description for Savita! She is definitely woman hitler! No two ways, no doubts! The woman is malicious man! She just does not take a break from all the negativity. Agreed, we can't blame her for wanting the best for her son, but for crying out loud woman, there are nicer, more polite ways of doing it!

Haha!! WOW! Would that make our day or would that make our day? Archana cooking Savita?! Eating her for supper?! *GIGGLE* But sigh, Archana is too nice... but we can atleast laugh at the prospect of it. Although I doubt anyone would want to eat her for supper. She has way too much Gut! *haha, pun intended*

  Lol, talk about being cold! Savita is as cold as the ice in Antartica! UGH! She is such a cold hearted woman. I do feel bad for her when she watches her son cry, but the moment she goes to the "Karanjikar" house, I want to flush her brain down the drain! What disgusting ideas! Ugh! Okay, I think we've had enough of Savita-bashing! We need to save some for next time... well, with Savita, I don't think we'll ever get tired of pulling her leg!

  Review for the Fortnight
By: rdfan

I feel so disgusted while writing this review ...never knew that this serial will get so bad that i would have no interest in even knowing whats goin on in the show but sadly such has been the case ....but really it was Arman and the positive handling of the storyline that made this show tick for me but now neither is there any Arman nor is there any positivity left in the show ......and what kind of a pavitra rishta is this where there is no trust , no communication and plenty of misunderstandings !!!!

Satish bugs me so does manju ...i still cant believe she and her family get away with everything as for savita i really cant blame her for what she does , As for manav and archana well one lives with the nice tag while the other is just plain stupid and both are letting their families run their married life .

The story in the past two weeks ...same old crap ...just a little progree with manav knowing that varsha's boss is fooling her and that Archana decided to talk to manav (but again with the kind of end on friday i really dont have any hopes)

Rating for the fortnight : 1/5 (just for the show being there)

  Expectations for next Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

We have had a lot of good things happen this fortnight, plus a lot of negativity. How is it that Manjusha always get's away with her slimy little tricks. One thing we ALL expect from the future track is to put an end to her mothers and her sick traps! Evil cannot reign over good! Ashwin... now that we're getting to see more of him, and we realize what a jerk he is, we also hope that Manav can come to the bottom of this and expose that good for nothing, sick-excuse-for-a-human-being man! *lol, thats a lot of gaaliyans* Also, Sachin has scope.. please creatives, help him make something out of himself so he and Shravini can live happily ever after and we can start focusing on ArMan again.. please?! And ENOUGH of the separation guys, this has gone on for too long! This is a misunderstanding that can easily be cleared.. bring that slime Ajit out in the open, and thats it! Nothing else! Move on, speed up the track! That will make this show a LOT more better! And please, come back to the main focus of the show.. Manav and Archana, and their Pavitra Rishta. So far, we see anything but a sacred bond! Stop it from becoming a mockery! You guys offered us something different, so go on, we're waiting...and we're watching! Give us what you promised!

  Editors Note

Heya Guys! Again, a million sorries for posting this late. I think from now on the Times will be up on Monday's because this is the day we find best! Thank you for all your comments on the last edition, and do keep them coming. They are very encouraging to us as the editors, and also to all our reporters.

If anyone is willing to sign for a position for the Times, please do PM us at loveabletwinz. We have a LOT of sections open, and we can do with some help. Feel free!

Hope everyones week has started off on a good note and also that it ends on a fabulous note :-D Since we won't have an edition before Veteran's and Children's day, heres wishing you all, on behalf of the Reporter's team a very, merry, HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY and a Prank-tastic CHILDRENS DAY!

This is it for this edition of the Times, till next time, this is loveabletwinz Signing out!

Edited by loveabletwinz - 24 November 2009 at 6:41pm

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pad_420devashree_h-RD-pria4evertoothbrush13-Shankar-sensodyne--__Shireen__--.Mandy.Gur.N.coolisomersmitts*Resham* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2009 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Excellent work guys, all of you have done a wonderful job at thisClap.

Really liked the jokes, wow never knew that mother in law, can be re-arrenged as woman HitlerShockedLOL

and I definitely would want to think of Archana cooking up SavitaLOL
.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 November 2009 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Satish gets on my nerves but I will agree with you about what you see is what you get. He has no ulterior motives. With that said, I still think he should stay out of Archana and Manav's marriage problems.

Savita, she can be bad but her reasons behind wanting Archana and Manav's marriage to end are not all bad. From her point of view, she's has good reasons to be mad.
It was great to finally see ArMan have a proper scene, it's been a while. It was nice to see Archana finally show some seriousness about her marriage to Manav, to see her not go down without a fight.
Headturner, definately Archana she is gorgeous!!!
You're not alone, I too am getting sick of the show. The cast is great, and Archana and Manav have amazing chemistry but the show has dragged too much. Manju has gotten away with too much!

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mitts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2009 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
awesome work guys!!!!! Its always good to read ArMan times!!!!
in this dull week too u guys cold snatch out good moments!!! Hats off to u guys...

BUt show is getting worst by day... its lost its original charm... to be honest i dint like satish but dats all bcoz of personnel reasons LOL

Thx again....
*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 November 2009 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Excellent work guys..u r the reason the forum actually gets going and this edition the most awaited for...
Keep it up!!
toshibelekar Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Thumbs Down worst of the serial and pavitra rishta.
-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 5:14am | IP Logged
Great work guys as usual ..............
As for the serial ...i just dont know what to say ...i had high expectations of it but the creatives have let me down big time so much so that i am no longer interested to know what happens next.......
*edited*-@ nitya - nice oneshot!!!!

Edited by rdfan - 13 November 2009 at 3:14am
.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Great Job guys....once agian thse ArMan times are just so much fun to read....especially loved the jokes this week.

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