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AK FF:Dill hai ke maanta nahi-6/10- Pg89 (Page 89)

angadluvkripa Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2010 at 11:29am | IP Logged
superb part
continue soon

saragul Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2010 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
its really good.Please continue soon
j44a IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2010 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Awesome part Nadz..
Finally the truth is out..
Waiting for AK to be together again. N AK finds the real culprit to help/save Shabd..
Sorry foa the late comment..
Update soon ...
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 October 2010 at 5:06pm | IP Logged

Recap: Kripa hears the fact that shabd had been blamed for the murder of mahi and that's why married her to prove himself innocent, she was reli upset… Noor-e-khuda… she meets angad at the usual spot and hugs him crying, after they realize it they feel awkward and angad sticks his hand out for friendship. On Vday they meet again, he gives her a bouquet and they dance together while shabd decides to tell everyone, he tells everyone abt the truth that he was jst blamed and kripa feels bad, she cries while angad feels hurt, shabd tells angad to look after kripa while he goes to jail.

Ab aage…


Kabhi kabhi kuch faisle dil pe chordene chahiyen, kyunki;


    Hai ke maanta nahi…


Part 11


Kripa sat down on her knees crying drastically, angad runs back in after shabd left, RM jst watched her sadly, they had tried to get her up but she wouldn't budge, angad looks at rahul who was hugging a sobbing muski, he gives him a signal t go to her, by then all the visitors had left, angad goes to her, he sits down next to her, he's eyes had swelled up jst seeing her that way, he puts his hand over hers, she immediately looks up she hugs him and cries a lot, he hesitates to hug her back but finally as he puts his arms around her she removes herself from his grip and gets up.

"Main London jaoongi" she finally says and they all look at her, angad gets up.

"Kripa tum…"

"Angad plz, plz mere liye mushkil matt karo yeh sab, Shabd mere bache ka baap hai" she says holding her tummy with tears in her eyes "main usse jail se churaoongi and we will start a new life" she assures herself, he looks sad but if she was happy he wud be happy too.

"Haan hum shabd ke gunegaar ko dhund kar nikalenge"

"Hum nahi MAIN, mujhe kissi ki madat ki zaroorat nahi hai, main akele hi uske gunegar ko dhoondloongi" she says sternly, angad feels bad and tries to protest her decision but she interrupts him.

"Mujhe abhi jaana hoga, I have to go right away" she says and rushes after meeting RM, they try to explain to her as well but no use she leaves.


Next day;

Angad was walking around at the airport sadly, while kripa was getting her luggage out of a taxi and entering the airport… he see's her and starts to slowly follow her…


Koi Faryad… Tere dil me dabbi ho jaise…

Koi Faryad… tere dil me dabbi ho jaise…

She goes to get her flight ticket, there was no smile on her face, her eyes were covered with black sunglasses which proved her eyes wud be swollen coz of crying, angad felt miserable seeing her that way, he knew she was giving herself pain, he hears wat flight she had taken as she leaves he gets a ticket of the same flight as well…

Tune aankhon se koi baat kahi ho jaise…

He starts looking for her but couldn't find her anywhere, he had expected her to be at the check in counter but she wasn't, he finally spots her walking towards it, she had gone to the bathroom and now her glasses wer off, her eyes were sad…

Jaagte jaagte ek umr katti ho jaise…

Jaagte jaagte ek umr katti ho jaise…

She jst walks to the check in counter without looking anywer else… he gets his seat right next to her.

Jaan baaki hai magar, saans ruki hooo jaise…

In the meanwhile she had left and was already at the boarding gate waiting for it to open, as angad looked around for her, he felt so miserable, so lifeless, he finally sees her at the boarding gate, there was an hour before it would open, so he entered a bookshop that was closeby and from there he cud see her, he stood there with a book and jst stared at her…


She had her payal in her hand, she kept staring at it, he looked shocked, how did she get it? She was talking to it now but he couldn't hear it.

"Kitni bhi koshish karloon, tum mera saath kabhi nahi chorte, kal maine faisla kiya ke phirse main shabd ke saath apni life shuru karoongi par poori raat yeh soch kar so hi nahi paayi ke phirse tumhaara saath chut jaayega, par main kya karoon? Usse iss mor pe akela chordoon?? Main jaanti hoon usne mera istemaal kiya but usne mera saath bhi diya, mera sabse accha dost bhi banaa, main kya karoon?? Kaise usse chordoon? Kaise" she cries, he jst watches her sadly, finally the gates open and she boards the flight, she sits on the window seat and looks out a lil worried, she closes her eyes and starts praying when she feels someone sit next to her, she opens her eyes and turns to find ANGAD.


"Main jaanta hoon, tumhe sahaare ki zaroorat nahi hai, main to sirf… saath dene aaya hoon!" he tells her with a smile, she jst smiles and looks out the window worried about her feelings.


Har mulakat pe mehsoos yehi hota hai…

Har mulakat pe mehsoos yehi hota hai…

The plane starts to move and kripa gets reli nervous she closes her eyes and prays, he smiles, she holds his hand in a trance with her eyes still closed, after it takes off, she opens her eyes and realizes.

Mujhse kuch teri nazar pooch rahi ho jaise…

They both stare at eachother for a while, she was still holding him, her eyes get a lil teary with the thoughts about them, she leaves his hand and looks away.

After that she just ignores any contact with him.


They get to there hotel, both greet eachother 'Goodnight' and leave to there respective rooms.


They next few days pass with them searching all evidences…

 both head to shabd's old house, they meet his mom who was sobbing badly about how she feels helpless to have lost her son, they meet the police to find out if they found anything… they tell them that it was too deep to dig for that scarf was enough to prove it all… they also meet mahi's best friend, who tells them that mahi was very worried before her death she was pregnant and shabd had told her to wait as he couldn't marry her right now, she was depressed due to that. They hadn't got any proper clue, they jst had to work in riddle, they jst had to try and solve a mystery or a puzzle with jst two or three pieces wich was impossible… finally after failing in most of the paths, they both walk back to the hotel, they were quiet all way while walking, angad gets a call from shabd's friend who tells them he would take them to the place where it all happened.

Angad hangs up with a lil hope "kripa rohit ka phone tha, usne kahaa ke wok al humein uss jagah pe le jaayega jahan wo sab hua and he also has shabd's last call recorded" he says excited, kripa gets hopefull too and smiles.

"Sach?? OMG thank you bhagwanji, thank you sooo much" she says kissing her hands in prayer mode, he smiles at her, they had reached the hotel but angad wasn't going in she turns back "tum nahi chal rahe?"

"nahi main thora walk karke aata hoon" he smiles and turns to take a walk, she jst stares at him go with a smile, something inside her makes her follow him.


Rah chalte huye aksar, yeh ghuma hota hai…

Rah chalte huye aksar, yeh ghuma hota hai…

He goes to the nearby park, while walking he feels her presence and turns around but each time she would hide away, he sits on the bench watching the kids play.


Wo nazar chupke mujhe dekh rahi ho jaise…

Wo nazar chupke… mujhe dekh rahi ho jaise…

He goes and starts playing soccer with the kids, she smiles and stares at him. This time he turns around and sees her staring at him, he looks at her with a questioning look, she gets embarrassed and looks away with a faded smile. He smiles and rubs his head.


Later at night;

They go down to the restaurant for dinner, kripa tries really hard to avoid any eye contact after that embarrassing situation in the afternoon. They both stare at the menu for abt twenty minutes.

"are you ready sir??" the waiter asks annoyed, they both get embarrassed and get the menu off there faces.

"um yeah, get me number 134 and a pepsi" he waits for kripa to order but she was looking everywhere but at him "umm kripa tumhaara order" he asks.

"oh… yeah mere liye umm" she was confused "number 156 and a orange juice"

The waiter leaves, and angad just keeps on staring at her to see her reactions, she was trying very hard to ignore him.

"so ready for tomorrow?? 6 din baad ek khush khabri milli hai, we should celebrate na"

"yeah, lets hope kal sachme kuch mill jaaye"

"ummm, tum wahan park pe…" he starts and she looks embarssed "kuch kaam tha??" he asks on purpose.

"uh… nahi, haan… I mean wo… mujhe…" she hesitates and he smirks "actually mujhe Thank you kehna tha" she finally says.

"THANK YOU?" he looks disappointed "hum to friends the na??" he asks.

"haan but phir bhi, tumne mere liye itna kuch kiya hai, I owe you something, actually agar tum nahi hote to shayad main doosre hi din laut jaati" she confesses, he smiles.

"jab mujhe kuch chahiye hoga main khud maangloonga" he smiles "phir tum manaa matt karna okay?? But kal to hone do, lets see what we get"


They have dinner with jst general talks then head back towards the rooms, There rooms wer on the 12th floor, angad escourts kripa to her room first, he's was on the same floor jst a few rooms away.

"See you tomorrow" she tells him, he smiles and she puts the card in the slot but it shows a red light and doesn't open, she tries it a few more times then he tries it but it wouldn't open.

"Mera room yahin hai, I'll call the reception from there, tum wahin chalke behto" he offers.

They go to his room. Kripa feels awkward, his room was a mess, all his things were spread around, he heads to the phone and calls the reception while kripa clears up his room without him knowing he finally speaks to them and turns around jst to see her putting his jacket in the cupboard, he realizes the room was a lot cleaner and gets embarrassed, he quickly rushes to her

"lau main karloonga" he says grabbing hold of the hanger but instead holds her hand, and they both stare at eachother for a while.

"Nahi main to bas" she takes her hand out of his grip and puts it in the cupboard "koi room itna ganda rakhta hai kya?? Tumbhi na, shoes zameen pe, socks yahan, shirt wahan, jacket wahan.. tum kab sudhroge??' she asks annoyed.

"Kabhi nahi, aur waise bhi mujhe aise rehna accha lagta hai tumhe isse kya??"

"well tumhe aadat badalni chahiye because its really annoying"

"whatever, as if tumhaari aadatein bohot acchi hain, whos scared of take offs" he rolls his eyes and she looks at him open mouthed.

"Excuse me… WO AADAT nahi hai phobia hai okay"

"yeah whatever and har baat pe jhagra karma?? Wo aadat nahi hai??"

"Main larti hoon?? Jhoote tum hamesha jhagra start karte ho" she says annoyed they argue for a while till kripa slips on his sock lol, she falls and starts behaving like a kid.

"ouch, dekha tumhaara sock, aaah" she holds her hand and head, he looks worried and sits down, holds her hand to examine where she got hurt, just then lightning strikes, thunder sounds were so loud, kripa gets scared and hugs angad, her eyes were closed and she didn't realize wat she was doing while he had a smile on his face, he wanted this moment to last forever.

Ek lamhe me simat aaya, sadiyon ka safar..

Ek lamhe me simat aaya, sadiyon ka safar..

He recalls all there moments together from the day they met till now…


Zindagi tez, bohot tez chali ho jaise…

Zindagi tez, bohot tez chali ho jaise…

She realizes what she was doing and gets out of the hug and they both stare at eachother, recalling how life had passed by, how it seemed as if yesterday they were a happy couple and now they were in this awkward situation where he was helping her save er husband, WHY?? So she could go back?? As angad thought of this he's heart sank with pain, he couldn't let her go, he just couldn't let her go away from him… but if that was what she wanted then be it… he  thinks and gets up to open the door, the room service was there to give them a new card for kripa's room, she finally gets up after the embarrassment and confusions of her life ran a reel in front of her eyes, she takes the card and greets angad goodnight and leaves.


Iss tarhan, pehro sochta rehta hoon main..

Iss tarhan, pehro sochta rehta hoon main..

Angad lies down on his bed, then sits by the window, paces to and fro, thinking about kripa, he didn't know what was in store for them, what life had planned for them but whatever it was, he couldn't stop thinking of her.


Meri har saans tere naam likhi ho jaise…

Meri har saans tere naam likhi ho jaise…

He lies back on the bed and closes his eyes jst to find her there also, he jst nodds his head at the realization that his life was and will always remain her's till the end of time, till his last breath, till the time he was alive…



SORRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I know im sooo delayed, im extremely sorry dunno why I get so busy and then neglect my FF's Unhappy this one as I said would be short so maybe two more updates or I'll see if you all enjoy it might continue a few more updates… sorry about this short crappy update, next one pakka will be long… hope u still liked this one too Embarrassed and abt the song lol I reli liked it since tum bin released and right now I found the right time to use it lol so yeah… next one sooooooooooooooon!!!!




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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 October 2010 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
hey dear nice part......................when will AK get together?????????????
u forgot to pm me........................cont soon dear....................
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2010 at 12:40am | IP Logged
superb update
hope AK unite soon & shabd is free frm all charges
cont soon....
SuhanaSafar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Reopened at the request of the author..

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