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~The Rishta Series-AN captions story~complete (Page 6)

Ditto100 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2009 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Hey Ivy Smile
Originally posted by Erutan99

Atul: Um...Armaan, I've been meaning to ask you....exactly what is the plan? Cause I don't get it...
Anjali: *turns to Atul in astonished delight* U don't get it either! I thought I was the only one!
Rahul: Yeah Armaan what is the plan exactly...all we've been doing for the past few weeks is stalking either Dr. Modi or Niki....
Armaan: Umm....well u see....uhhh...
*deadpans* There is no plan, is there?
LOL LOL LOL Love Rahul here! And I like the interaction between Anjali and Atul too Smile

Muskaan: If he does we'll kidnap him! There's seven of us and only one of him. We can take him!

Abhi: Interns, I hope all of you are ready for the trip tomorrow.
Armaan: Yup, we're all set, boss. Actually that's what we wanted to talk to you about. U see we were all planning on stopping in Panchgani for a night on the way back after the med camp trip to relax and hang out. We were wondering if you would like to join us since you'll be the one coming with us to the camp and all as well...
Abhi: *looks surprised and thinks for a few seconds before nodding* I guess I could come with all of you. Thanks for the invitation.
Atul: Great! We'll have a ton of fun!
*Others smile and nod in agreement while Niki glowers..*

Makes such a change to see everyone getting along with Abhi. I like it! Smile Although on the other hand I guess all the drama surrouding Abhi and Nikki *eventually* brought them closer together....But who needs drama when you have friends like these? LOL Wink 
Oh and @ Niki *glowers* = Thumbs Up

Abhi: Why? Does it bother u that much to have to spend time with me?
Niki: Do you have to ask?
Abhi: *smirks* You know...most girls go out of their way to try to get a few moments alone with me...u should be quite pleased...
Like the banter. Wink Hmm seeing this side of Abhi - very different. I think the last time I remember Abhi being this cocky was in the dance they had during Holi - when he raised his arms as if to say *yeah! I can dance!* and then Niki pushes him. Always makes me laugh. Big smile

Niki: Well unfortunately for you, I'm immune to ur supposed charm...

Sure you are Niki Embarrassed

Abhi: *whispers
huskily* Are you sure you're immune to me...or is all this indifference of yours just an act...
Niki: *eyes wide in shock* wh-what...?

Niki: *Blushing furiously pushes Abhi away* You wish!
Hahaha!!!!! Firstly I just want to say that you have chosen the captions so well and the whole story just fits with it.
Also, thank you for making Abhi serious in this scene! I know in DMG Abhi pretended that it was a joke (and in that context I think it worked ok...) but I've always wanted to know how Niki would have reacted if it wasn't a joke Day Dreaming  and it's great!
Love how Abhi can read Niki so well that he knows there is something more to her than what she actually presents to everyone...including how she feels towards him! Embarrassed
Great work.

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mich09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2009 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Hey Ivy,  great update... Heavy duty planning by the interns eh ?Big smile    So Dr. Modi does know the kind of effect he has on girls Big smile      and  how can Nikki not succumb to that kind of charm Wink Looking fwd to the next update

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Sigma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2009 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Ivy loved the update, can't wait to read what happens next now

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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2009 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
@Priyanka-Thanks so much! Glad u liked it so much! And I wish I could update everyday but I m kinda short on time....i shouldn't have updated yesterday...i have a physics test i'm suppose to be studying for but its so much more fun to make captions!LOL I'll try to write some today but i don't think i'll be able to do enough to actually post....will definitley update on Friday though if I m unable to do so any sooner!

@Honey- Thanks a ton! glad u enjoyed it so much! How about a deal...u update one scene and I'll update one scene!Wink

@Fahi-thanks! u picked out the best parts! the sardines in the car scene was my favorite and the part where no one gets the plan!!! I figured with the way they're all running about they don't actually know what they're doing!LOL And will update again soon though probably not today....

@Annu- Thanks so much!! Yup that was one of my favorite pics too! When i saw it while looking for good caps I knew I had to use it!

@Durre- Thanks!! The car scene was hilarious wasn't it! Thats one of my favorite caps! And ur right Niki isn't as immune to the Modi charm as she tries to make herself out to be and Abhi is starting to get it!Wink and will definitely pm u when i update next!

@Radz- thanks! I'm glad u liked this part just as much as the rest! I love abhi making niki get flustered too!!!

@Ditto- Thanks for all the comments!!! Loved them! And exactly who needs drama when u have crazy friends like niki'sLOL. I wish the show had gone like this instead! ooh u liked that scene with the cocky Abhi at holi too! I thought it was really funny...loved when niki pushed him! and I always wanted to see how the scene would have turned out if abhi had acted serious instead of turning it into a joke too!! It was one of the best though! And of course Niki isn't immune to him and abhi knows it!Wink

@Mich-Thanks!!! And yup Abhi's not oblivious to his charm and is definitely catching on to Niki's true feelings!Wink

@Sigma-thanks so much! i'm glad ur enjoying the story!!

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AshiYuvi4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2009 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
ROFL! Where did u get the patience to find the caps?! I'd kill myself before even trying!

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2009 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
thanks for the pm, loved the scenes so far!

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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2009 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
@Komzie- Trust me it wasn't easy...a number of times I was ready to just fling my laptop at the wall! Its taken way too much time to find caps but writing this captions story has slowly become a bit addicting!LOL thanks so much for reading it!!!
@Sonali- Thanks so much! I'm glad u liked it!

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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2009 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
~That Night~
Abhi: This is all ur fault! I told u we should have waited till morning before heading for Panchgani! But no...u insisted we go now! And look what happened...
Niki: Yeah well u could have gotten a flat tire just as easily if we had gone in the morning has nothing to do with us driving at night!
Abhi: Yes, but then I could have at least seen what was on the road up ahead and possibly avoided it!
Niki: ....humph.....
Abhi: ....sigh...we better start walking...its a good thing we weren't that far from the village...maybe we can get someone to give us a ride from there....

~The next morning~
Niki: We're out of gas!!!
Abhi: Don't...say....a....word....
Atul: Armaan! U made it!
Armaan: Niki and Dr. Modi aren't here yet?
Rahul: No, but they should be here in a little....Niki called last night and said that they got a flat tire and were going to find some other way to get here...

Niki: Hey, what's wrong? U okay?
Abhi: I'm fine...just got something in my eye...

Niki: Here let me see...*mutters while tilting Abhi's head closer* I told u hitchiking on a hay truck was a bad idea...
Abhi: I'm fine now...and at least they got us here...

Niki: uh-huh sure...*brushes some straw out of Abhi's hair*

Abhi: *stares at Niki in surprise*
Niki: *looks up and freezes as she gets lost in his eyes*

Armaan: Niki! Dr. Modi! U made it!

Niki: Armaan!!! Hey!
Abhi: *falls backward with a groan as niki accidentally smacks him in the face while waving excitedly at Armaan*

Armaan: *helps Niki down and hugs her tightly* Are u alright! Nothing happened did it? Rahul told me that u guys had car problems too...
Niki: Nah...we're fine. *excitedly hugs armaan again*

Abhi: umm....i hate to break this touching reunion but....a little help!!!

Niki: This just had to start what are we going to do?
Muskaan: I know! Let's play truth or dare! That game is always fun!
Anjali: That's a great idea, Muskaan! We'll have a blast!
Armaan: Sounds good but-
Atul: Wait until it's your turn Muskaan...I've got the best dare for u!
Muskaan: Who says you'll get to dare me! And I've an even better one for u!
Rahul: Maybe we should start the game first....
Niki: You just wait Modi. I'll teach u!
Abhi: Hah! What r u going to teach me?! In fact u better watch out urself!
Armaan: *starts heading for the door* -there's not enough room in here...lets go to the other's a bit more open...
Everyone: *watch with bated breaths as the bottle spins around and around*
Niki: *thinks to herself* No, no keep going...don't stop on me!
Abhi: *chuckles in amusement* Well well...Dr. Nikita!
Armaan: *claps in delight* Alright Niki!
Muskaan: Haha Niki, it landed on you.
Niki: *thinks to herself* Dang it! And the other end just had to stop on Armaan...he always picks the most horrible dares...and even worse truths!
Armaan: So Niki, what'll it be? Truth...or dare?
Niki: Dare!

Armaan: *smirks inwardly* Good I was thinking...since Dr. Modi is our guest of honor tonight...he deserves a special how about a sexy dance in honor of our guest...
All the girls: WHAT?!
Niki: Armaan! R u out of ur mind!

Abhi: *looks shocked and then amused* Yeah Dr. Armaan...r u out of ur mind? I mean Ni-ki-ta...and sexy dancing...hah! *snorts in disbelief*

Niki: *glares at Abhi in anger before immediatley standing up*
Niki: *thinks to herself as she starts dancing* Don't think I can dance sexily....u just wait, Modi...i'll show u just how sexy I can be...

Riddhima: Come on, Niki!
Anjali: Yeah, Niki!
Niki: *slowly moves her arms up and down as she spins and dances about*

Abhi: *watches mesmerized before realizing the others r watching him....thinks to himself* get a grip Abhimanyu....
Niki: *spins sexily and beckons for Abhi to join her*
Abhi: *mouth drops open as niki sways her hips and blows kisses at him*
Rahul: *whispers* Do u see what I see?
Atul: *shocked* Dr. Modi's gaping....and is that drool?
Abhi: *notices he's being watched again and mutters* Okay that'll be quite enough *quickly stands up and moves to stop niki before he ends up embarrasing himself*

Abhi: Okay...okay...that's quite enough...*claps his hands* well done...u can stop now...
Niki: *Giggles and starts dancing around Abhi*
Rahul: ...huh...he actually got up to stop her...
Atul: ....but why? Doesn't he want to watch her dance? I thought he was enjoying it? I certainly was.

Abhi: *grabs her hand to stop her*
Niki: *freezes and finds herself staring into Abhi's eyes in surprise*
Muskaan: *delighted* The plan's working!

Abhi: *stares back mesmerized*
Niki: *realizes the others r watching and pulls away* What? not sexy enough for u, Dr. Modi!
Niki: *pushes past him and dances back to her seat*
Abhi: *shakes his head to clear his thoughts and mutters* a little too sexy....
Armaan: *smirks and mutters* Finally...the effects of Project SMN are starting to be felt...


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