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~The Rishta Series-AN captions story~complete

Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:18pm | IP Logged hspace5

Hey guys this is a captions story I originally started working on and posted on the AN Fiction Thread but then it just became too long and I decided to move it into its own topic to make it easier to update!



The storyline basically consists of the interns all trying to matchmake Abhi and Niki. It doesn't take place in an exact moment in the series as it deviates from the original storyline somewhat...If you want to be specific it could take place after the whole track with Shashank finally agreeing to let Armaan and Riddhima be together but before he brings up the topic of marriage between them. Also Rahul hasn't left yet and in the beginning at least everyone still thinks that he and Muskaan are married. Another deviation from the original storyline is that  Niki wasn't in love with Armaan; the only love they share is that of two very close friends that think of each other as siblings.

Please leave comments and enjoy the story!


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:21pm | IP Logged hspace5

Parts 1-6: pg 1
Part 7: pg. 4
Part 8: pg. 6
Part 9: pg 8
Part 10: pg 12
Part 11: pg 15
Part 12: pg 19
Part 13: pg 22
Epilogue: pg 27


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:27pm | IP Logged

Two best friends make each other a promise after one of them as always gets injured at the hands of his latest ex-girlfriend...
Armaan: Ok, ok! I promise not to get myself into a situation like this again...
Niki: *disbelievingly* Really?
Armaan: Alright...alright...but I can't help it...there's so many beautiful girls out there; how am I suppose to focus on just one...?
Niki: Armaan...*rolls her eyes*...ur impossible. What am I going to do with u?
Armaan: Aww Niki don't worry! Come on cheer up. I swear I'll try to act better...
Niki: *raises her eyebrows in disbelief*
Armaan: No, really! Here I've got an idea. Ur my best friend and know me better than anyone else, right? In fact ur more than my best friend, ur practically family...and I feel just as responsible for u as u do for me. So here's my idea...u help me find the perfect girl and I'll help u find the perfect guy. Deal?
Niki: *shakes her head in amusement* Deal!
Armaan: Great! I'll find u the perfect rishta! And if anyone can finalize a rishta for me, it'll be u!


~Three years later~

Niki: Arrey, Armaan, why r u worrying...ur parents aren't here but don't worry...u said urself that I'm family! I'll just go to Riddhima's house and ask her parents for her hand for u! Don't u remember, u did want me to help finalize ur rishta in the end?
Riddhima: Yes!! Exactly! Armaan, Niki can come ask for my hand on ur behalf! its perfect...
Armaan: I guess...but why do i get a bad feeling about this....has a flashback to the last time he sent Niki to ask for a rishta on his behalf and by accident she asked for the aunt's hand instead...

Atul: So I heard u were going to Riddhima's house to ask her parents for her rishta for Armaan...u know ur my best friend too...would u go ask for Anjali's hand for me as well...Pretty please!
Niki: But-
Atul: Oh thanks, Niki! Ur the best *runs off happily*
Niki: *sigh...*

Rahul: Niki! Niki! Wait! I heard u were going to go ask for Anjali and Riddhima's rishtas for Armaan and Atul...while ur at it could u convince Muskaan to marry me for real!!!
Niki: Rahul-WAIT! Ur not married?!
Rahul: um...I meant ask her to have another wedding where we could invite all of our friends!!!
Niki: Fine...

Niki: I have to go ask for the rishta's for all three guys, even though one has already married his girl! *sigh...* how do i always end up playing the sister role for all the guys that enter my life and never the one who they send someone after for a rishta...

~One week later~

Niki: I'm sorry guys...I tried really hard...its just that their Nani came in and i started talking to her and then accidentally asked for Padma Auntie's hand instead of Riddhima's when she walked in cause I was trying to greet her....And then Dr. Shashank got mad....and it all went downhill from there....And Muskaan how was i to know u 2 weren't really married and that Dr. Keerti was standing behind me and heard...I'm so sorry guys....
Armaan: Its ok Niki...we'll just try again later...anyways I suppose its time that I start looking for a rishta for u again...*to himself* someone that can handle ur accident prone self...

Niki: This is all my fault, Armaan...I'm so sorry.
Armaan: Don't worry about it Niki...Dr. Shashank said it was okay when u explained to him what happend and besides he said yes to the rishta which is all that matters! So cheer up! Now its definatly ur turn. Don't worry I've been searching everywhere for the perfect guy for u...just give me a few more days...


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:33pm | IP Logged

~One month later~

Dr. Modi, what is this?!
Abhi: What is what, Dr. Armaan?
Armaan: This notice about closing down the children's ward! U can't do this?!

Abhi: First of all, Dr. Armaan. I am in charge of Sanjeevani and can do whatever I want! Secondly what do u have against the children's ward being closed down for remodeling...the children after all are only being shifted to the general ward for a few weeks. I thought for sure u would be thrilled with this since the children's ward will be getting all the latest technology...
Armaan: *humph* and u call urself a doctor. How can u-Wait what?
Abhi: *rolls his eyes* Really, Dr. Armaan. Its not good to react to things without finding out the details. Now if ur done telling me what i can and cannot do u should get back to ur duties.
Armaan:...yes, sir.

~A couple weeks later~

Well done Doctors. Because of ur hard work this past month we can proudly say that Sanjeevani is gaining more and more credibility and the higher our credibility the easier it is to get donations and funds for our projects. Remodeling the children's ward was just the start; hopefully we'll be able to remodel much of the rest of the hospital as well and buy more of the latest medical machines....There will be a party in honor of all of u next week. Once more thanks for all of ur hard work.

Abhi: Dr. Armaan, I want u to arrange the party to honor the interns as ur good at this type of thing.
Armaan: Me? Wow...well sure. No problem!

Armaan: Hmm...Modi's not so bad after all... somewhat harsh and strict.....a bit arrogant...but overall he's a pretty decent guy...guess u just have to get used to him...


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
~The Next Day~

Hey guys!
Armaan: Niki! How was the lunch date?
Muskaan: Date?
Armaan: of my patient's friend seemed like a really nice guy so I set him up to have lunch with Niki. *turns to Niki* So how did it go?
Niki: Eh...fine.
Anjali: What do u mean by fine?
Niki: He ran away....
Atul: Ran away?
Niki: Yup! Suddenly remembered he had a wife waiting for him at home...really Armaan u need to check up on these guys before setting me up with them...
Armaan: He can't have been married! I made sure he was single!
Niki: Nope! Poor guy was in a rush to get to his wife too...didn't even finish his sandwich before running out of the canteen...
Rahul: Exactly what did u say to him before he suddenly remembered he was married, Niki....
Niki: Nothing...just that I had 13 younger siblings who I was raising on my own and that he looked like he'd make a great surrogate dad for them...
Everyone: Niki!!!!!!!!

Riddhima: Armaan calm down!
Armaan: Calm down! Calm down! How am I suppose to calm down when that crazy girl keeps scaring away any potential rishtas I find for her! This is the tenth one this month and the month has only just started!!
Riddhima: Armaan just relax...Don't worry, everything will turn out alright...maybe u should just let her find someone by herself...
Armaan: I can't! She has the worst of luck when it comes to guys! Every guys she picks out herself turns out to be a scumbag! She's my best friend...and I promise i will find her someone worthwhile.

Riddhima: Alright, alright...just relax. Watch, when the right guy for Niki comes, it'll be obvious...


~Later throughout the week~

Niki: You know, u should smile sometimes...its good for ur health.
Abhi: *rolls his eyes* 
DilMilGaye22ndJanuaryXvidHQDesi9-11.jpg picture by dmg_abhiniki
Dr. Shubankar:
*gulp* Really she's the only one that can make a suggestion like that to someone like him without fear...*surprised* and he didn't even say anything back...?


Niki: Oh so I'm doing this wrong, Dr. Modi?
Abhi: Yes!
Niki: Well then why don't u show me how to do it properly...
Abhi: What?!
NIki: Yes! *hands him the equipment and backs away from the patient with a smirk*
Abhi: But-
Niki: I'm waiting Dr. Modi. Aren't u going to begin?

Dr. Keerti: Dr. Nikita...*sigh*...but I have to say I've never seen anyone manage to trap Dr. Modi in his own words...*shakes her head in amusement before walking on.*


Niki: But Dr. Modi I said it was an accident!
Abhi: don't even play that innocent game with me, Dr. Nikita!
Riddhima: *amused*...they look kinda cute together...especially with the way they're fighting...


Abhi: This is all your fault!
Niki: My fault! How is it my fault we got trapped in the elevator!

Anjali: *groan* they go again...arguing like an old married couple...


Atul: Oh thank god u caught her, Dr. Modi! Niki is the hardest to catch of all! She's even more hyper then Muskaan!!!....umm...u know u can let go of her now...

~At the party~

Niki: *gasp* Hey! don't u know its rude to steal a dance from a girl!
Abhi: hmmm...I guess it is...well lets just call it payback for all the times u've been rude to me...
Niki: *grumbles and pretends she's not enjoying the dance...*

Rahul: Wow...that's the first guy I've seen get one over Niki...
Muskaan: I know...but then again its Dr. Modi...that devil reincarnated would be the only one...

~Day after the Party~

Armaan: What r u guys talking about?
Anjali: Oh, just about Niki and Dr. Modi...
Armaan: Wait, Niki and Dr. Modi????
Rahul: Yeah, Niki is crazy but I have to say Dr. Modi starts acting just as crazy when Niki's around.
Armaan: Hmmm, yeah. Niki does have that affect on people...
Riddhima: Whatever u guys say, I still think they look cute together...
Atul: Oh come on Ridzy! They hate each other!
Anjali: Hate each other or not, they definately act lik an old married couple with the way they're always bickering...
Muskaan: Yeah, they seem to be the only ones that can handle each other...I know I haven't met anyone who can control Niki as well as that Modi can...and only Niki can do anything to set him straight as well...

~Later that week~

Abhi: Whoa...*grabs Niki on reflex and freezes*
Niki: *gasps before freezing as well*...

Abhi: *whispers huskily* U alright....
*murmurs softly* yeah....
*Slowly reluctantly the two pull apart and let go of each other*

Armaan: *mouth drops open* Whoa...what do u know...the girls were right...they do look good together...


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
~The Next day~

What's gotten into you, Armaan. You've been sitting here grinning to yourself for the past fifteen minutes!
Armaan: Oh nothing...*smirks and thinks to himself* I've found u the perfect rishta, Niki...and this time i won't let him escape like those other guys did or let u scare him away....I'll make him fall for u and get him to sign the contract and viola I'll have u taken care of before the poor sap ever realizes what hit him...don't worry this guy is ur perfect match!
Niki: *thinks to herself* why is he smirking??? and why am i getting a bad feeling over it....

Everyone: WHAT?!
Riddhima: U think Dr. Modi is the perfect guy for Niki?!
Rahul: U want to set those two up?!
Muskaan: They'll kill each other!
Dr. Shubankar: They'll kill us as well if they ever find out we tried to set them up!
Armaan: I don't care. Dr. Modi is the one I've been looking for. He's the only one that'll be able to handle Niki and take care of her properly. Whether they want this or not I'll make sure he marries her!
Rhiddima: But u can't just force Niki like this!
Atul: And how r u going to convince Dr. Modi that Niki's the one for him...he'll never fall for it!
Armaan: Eh...don't worry about it. They're practically in love anyways...u guys said it urself how they always bicker like an old married couple...I just need Modi to sign the contract now...
Rahul: *sarcastically* wonderful logic...and if ur right and they r "practically" in love already, then why do u need him to sign the contract?
Armaan: Security...just cause the guy loves her doesn't mean he'll marry to make sure he doesn't escape!

Armaan: So let operation SMN (Secure Modi for Niki) commence!
Atul: Yeah!

Dr. Shubankar:
I'll also help!
Muskaan: Modi doesn't stand a chance!
Rahul: How did I get dragged into this again...
Riddhima: I hope Niki doesn't find out...
Anjali: I hope Dr. Modi doesn't find out...

Armaan: Okay guys! Everyone knows what to do. We need to get some research done on the target's habits! So follow him around and take note of everything he does...then we can start phase two of the plan...
*rolls his eyes in exasperation* Armaan why don't u just ask Niki about Dr. Modi's habits?
Armaan: Huh?
Rahul: She memorized his schedule last month while trying to maximize ways of irritating him...

*smirks* What a sly girl my Niki is...she's trying to get him herself...not to worry Niki, I'm here to do these things for u now!
Err...Armaan. I don't think that getting Dr. Modi was part of her plan...
Armaan: It is now!

Atul: Yaar, this is harder than it looks...Oh! Oh! Here he comes! 11am, Target comes out of his office to stalk the halls of Sanjeevani....

Armaan: 12pm-Victim-*clears throat* I mean Target walks into canteen for lunch...Soon very soon I will learn all his habits...what he does...when he does it...where he does it...and then I'll make sure Niki ends up running into him everywhere! All he'll be able to see is Niki, Niki, Niki!!! Soon he won't be able to do anything but think of and see Niki!!!!! Muahahaha-*cough-choke-cough-* Eugh...guess evil laughs aren't my thing...

Armaan: So what did u find out, Champ...
Rahul: Yeah, Champ. *sarcastically* What did u learn about Dr. Modi that we didn't already know?
Atul: He comes out to stalk the halls at 11:00am and makes rounds for an hour before heading off too lunch...

I see...
Rahul: Like we didn't already know that...

: Well i learned that he eats alone in the canteen at noon and orders a sandwich and soup for lunch....
Atul: So what next!
Armaan: Now we start putting our plan into action! Here's what we do....

Atul: Okay's the plan...Armaan said-
Niki: *confused* What plan?

Atul: NIKI! Wha-what r u doing here?
Umm...i work here too u know...
I mean what r u doing here?! Don't u have duty in the general ward...
Niki: Yeah just picking up some files...

Niki:...btw what plan r u talking about? This doesn't have anything to do with the weird way Armaan has been acting does it...
Atul: Plan-eh what plan? There's no plan...*looks about nervously before motioning towards the staff* There's no plan, Right?!
Staff: No! No plan, Dr. Nikita!

See everything's's ur u go! Don't want u to get in trouble with Dr. Keerti!
Niki: But-

*shooes Niki away before sighing in relief*

Niki: They're all up to something....but what...and why aren't they telling me...Man, i hope Armaan isn't up to anything extreme...*sigh* hopefully Rahul and Riddhima will keep him in line....



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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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~A few days later~
Niki: Ah-choo!
Patient: Bless u....
Dr. Keerti: Dr. Nikita, r u alright?
Niki: Yes, *sniff* m'am. vspace5
Niki: Ah-choo!
Dr. Keerti: Right. Dr. Nikita, I want u to go home and get some rest...
Niki: Yes, m'a-Ah-choo! vspace5
Armaan: U go home and rest, angel! Sleep and get better soon!
Niki: Armaan let go or u'll get sick too!
Atul: Seriously Armaan let go of her! She needs to breathe!
Armaan: Niki is sick...meaning we're going to have to put the rest of our plan on hold...we'll have to wait before continuing with mission SMN...right now need to focus on making Niki better...hmm...think Armaan think! How to make her feel better....should definitly take her some flowers and a card...maybe chocolates too...nah, girl gets way to hyper with chocolate...need to keep her away from the stuff while she's ill...need to keep her away from the stuff in normal circumstances as well...
Armaan: Wait a Modi!!!!
Atul: But why me?!
Armaan: Because ur the best at convincing people! Besides the plan is brilliant!
Rahul: He'll never agree...
Shubankar: He might...
Abhi: What is going on here!? Where did all these flowers come from?
Nurse: umm...they're for Dr. Nikita, Dr. Modi. Get well boquets from the staff and patients...
Abhi: But why r they in my cabin!
Abhi: But-
Patient: This is the best one! Give her this one!
Abhi: Why me?
Atul: We drew names and urs got picked! Come on Dr. Modi, its not that difficult...all u have to do is drop off the flowers and card at her place on ur way home today....
Abhi: Hi. So how r u doing?
DillMillGaye_9thMarch-flowers_1_-8.jpg picture by dmg_abhiniki
Niki: What r u doing here? I'm sick! your not suppose to follow me home and bother me here too!
Abhi: N-no! it's nothing like that...i mean i only dropped by to check on u...i mean i wasn't worried...err i didn't come here by choice...uh, wait thats not what i meant- vspace5
Abhi: -Here...
Niki: *shocked* U...brought a card? vspace5
Abhi: N-no, not me! I mean yes, I brought them...*coughs in embarrasment* actually they're from everyone at yeah...uh so I better go now...and get better soon Niki-I mean Dr. Nikita.... vspace5
Niki: *giggles* and a card...and he brought them himself...hmm...he's kinda cute when he's stuttering... vspace5


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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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~The next night~

Abhi: What the heck?! Grrr...What is wrong with these people?! Dancing in the middle of the streets this late at night...

*Loud music is being played as the revelers cheer and dance in merryment oblivious to the traffic being held up...*

*Gets out of the car to yell at the merrymakers and does a double take...* Wait a that...NIKI?!

Abhi: Dr. Nikita! What are you doing?! Ur suppose to be resting at home not dancing in the middle of the streets!
Niki: *squeels* Modi!!!!! Yay!! Come dance with me!!!!

Abhi: Have you been...drinking, Niki?
Niki: No way!! I only drank red wine...thats not drinking!!!
Abhi: Why?
Niki: Ur a doctor! Don't u know anything?! One glass is suppose to help u feel better....
Abhi: How many glasses did u drink?
Niki: Two no three...cause I wanted to feel even better! And look, it worked! Wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abhi: Okay, its time to go now...

Niki: I want to stay and dance!
Abhi: You're sick! U need to go home!
Niki: But I don't want to go home! I want to dance!

*Scoops up the protesting girls and throws her over his shoulder.*
Niki: *Starts screaming and kicking.* Put me down! I don't want to go home! NOOOO!!!!!!!!

Niki: *singing* Whee....I'm a bird...
Abhi: ...sigh...*mutters
* How do I always get stuck in these situations...

Abhi: Alright Niki, no more wine from now on. Okay.
Niki: Okay...can I drink orange juice instead?
Abhi: *smiles warmly* ...yes u may drink orange juice instead...Now I want u to try to sleep and rest so that u get better quickly. Everyone at Sanjeevani misses u.

Niki: U miss me too? *stares up at him with wide innocent eyes*
Abhi: *hesitates*...y-yes...I...I miss u too...*smiles teasingly before leaning over and tweaking her nose* the hospital is a bit too quiet without u there.

Niki: Will u stay with the monsters don't come out and get me...
Abhi: *chuckles in amusement* I promise u that there aren't any monsters here...except for this one thats lying on the couch...and she's too tired at the moment to scare anyone.

Niki: *makes puppy dog eyes* Please stay...

Abhi: *hesitates before smiling softly and whispering* I'll stay.
Niki: *beams before letting her eyes slide shut* Night...
Abhi: Good night...sweet dreams...

~Early the next morning~

Abhi: *Wakes up with a start and looks about in confusion before remembering where he is. Begins mumbling to himself* Must have fallen asleep...should probably go now...need to get ready to go to Sanjeevani soon anyways.

Niki: *Sleeps on oblivious to everything around her and content to hold Abhi's hand as if it could keep her safe from any potential nightmares that may haunt her dreams.*

Abhi: *whispers* she's really innocent...looking at her right now its hard to believe how much trouble this girl can cause...*laughs softly to himself before gently pulling away and silently sneaking out of the house.* 


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