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Monday 2/11/09- Archive's copy

Starts with Sori falling down ( Kaana kan kOdi vendum - BG by
- starts his "thaad bood Tanjavur" - his accent gets more
pronounced - Kavya looks at him - one of those pathetic ..."solli
thaane kootti kittu vanthen, yen da paduthare?" look - Sori goes
buzzzzzzzzz - manages to contain himself. Kavya escapes...
goes inside... to be caught by Priya and Manjal Pisasu . Manjal
drives Priya away and probes -"mappillai mood out aa irunthaare, sariya pochaa?? are u happy?? " ( saamy, nanga rendu perum kudimi pidi sandai pOttOm... na azhuthen, avan innum konjam accented English le thittinaan - apdi nnu yen kaathu kulira solla maattala Kavya nnu oru expectation manjal pisasu eyes le..) Kavya does not give manjal pisasu the pleasure - says that she and Sori had a heart to heart talk, settled all the issues and then were happy. Manjal pisasu looks crest fallen but acts as if she is overjoyed to hear the news. Sori , Sivaraman and Vinod - asadu vazhinjufying - Sori fans himself with his hand and indicates the absence of an air con. Sivaraman thinks that he is doing a favor - passes the Tamil newspaper ( yen neenga thaan visiri vidarathu !! moneyed mappillai... Sori yaana mappillai !!)
- scared to tell Sori that the newspaper is for fanning  and so
asks him to read the paper - aana Sori yaaru??? Ivy league school le padichavar - local Tamil paper laam padikka maattar -
tells his FIL that he reads ONLY English papers - talks about
Afghan war, China encroaching in to the Indian border etc., etc.,
Sivaraman immediately backs out as he has no opinion on all
the International issues. Tells Sori that it is time for breakfast . Sori prefers to wait for his MIL - " she was upset last night, might as well wait for her to come.."

Park maama and Rani come to see Archu. Park maama is very
upset - " EE erumbukku kooda kettathu ninaikkatha unakku yen da intha punishment?" Turns to DIL and apologizes " I am the reason for all this. My water beating and my stupid behaviour..
I am sorry" Archu says that it is destiny but Park maama is not
ready to leave it -" you and Selvam ...had so many dreams about this vu.." Archu joins the oPPari and Shiva is livid -"ippo thaan kashta pattu Archu vai samathanam panninOm...ungala le
aana ubagaram??" Park maama odane plate ai mathittar -" u both are young... many kids ... I will play with them..." Finally learns that the couple have not eaten any thing. Asks Rani to feed Archu and goes out to get some food for MM. Rani is nice
to Archu and says that she has cleant their room. Archu thanks her. The doctor comes and clears Archu for discharge -" eat good food and rest, OK?? U will be fine.."

Sivagamy lands at the hospital. Asks at the reception about Archu - " my daughter..Archu... abortion..."  She gets directed to Archu's room - Ram has come to the same hospital and gets to see this. Immediately tells his friend that he has an important job and rushes out ( pOttu kudukkanum Sori kitte , late aagitta no use !!) Sivagamy hurries to Archu's room only to be stopped by Park maama -" enge vanthinga??? unnale thaan yen marumaga ipdi paduthu irukka??? Odi du.... nalla varuthu yen vayile.." Sivagamy says that she had to behave like that in the Kalyana mandapam -" enakku vera vazhi illai, athaan... neenga nalla thittunga, but do not stop me from seeing my daughter.." Park maama says that his DIL will be more upset - "from the beginning , u kept calling our family as useless..ippo wealthy mappillai vanthaachu... yen MM unakku innum mattamaa pOittan...scoot.."
Sivagamy pleads some more ..MM and Shiva come out. Sivagamy pleads to her SIL . Park maama jumps some more " yaaru intha amma kku news kuduthathu??" Shiva owns responsibility " na thaan Archu kku ipdi aana kovathile sollitten. But I did not tell her the name of the hospital, epdiyO kandu pidichu vanthu thollai pannthu..pOmma Po.." Finally MM opens his mouth and says that he can not be rude to any one - "face to face " ( appO pakkame irutha rude aa iruppingalaa?? That is news to us !!! MM nnu per vaichu , Doctorate lam kuduthOme !!) MM says that it is Archu who has to decide. Park maama still jumps and LR 3 shows her mettle -" ulle irukkarathu is my daughter!! who are u to stop me?? " Archu comes out saying " u are right" Turns to her FIL and says "what do u know about mother and daughter relations hip?" Park maama is too engrossed to note the sarcasm and goes on " I am your advocate.... why do u strain yourself?" Archu says that this is an issue between mother and daughter " I will deal with this myself" Sivagamy is happy that Archu sides her " after the kalyana incident , I thought that you will be very angry !! I am so glad that u not vittu kuduthufying me !!" Archu stares ( Roja thappichaa ..."yen purusan , un purusan fight" is imminent -
Archu's eyes show that it is time to promote her God, Lord and master " Rojaaaa, luck di unakku !!! Meli kutty maattina doyyyyyy)


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Thursday, Nov 5th
Ravi and his wife are still with Selvam and Archana in the hospital. Ravi tells Archana," No need to rush and go home amma..if you want you can be here for a day or not worry about the money amma" But Archana syas that she feels fine and she wants to go home. At this point Peryappa comes there and tells them about Archana's dad's visit to his house. He asks Selvam," chased away Archana's mom from here?"
Archana tells,." illa maama it was not his mistake ..I only behaved with her like that...because she has been so partial treating my husband and Kavya's husband...she was so mean to my husband...that day when Kavya's husband was beating up my husband the whole family was watching the fun without even trying to stop how can I treat them as before maama...sorry maama...I do not have any connection with that family anymore...I telling the same words for the second time now...I am the loser maama now...I lost something precious ammaa..." Periyappa listens to her and tells," I understand your feeling amma..and I see there is some nyayam in your side too...anyway take care of your helath amma..."
Archana and party reach home and Poonga shouts for rani to bring Aarthi for Archana. Bagyam notices all this and she looks like as if she feels bad for Archana. Archana comes face to face with Bagyam and in both of their minds all the past scenes when Bagyam was cursing Archana and her unborn baby run.......and she pours out her heart," I have disappointed everyone's expectations...I cheated my husband, my father in law and even my ownslef....but not you...your wishes came true at last"
She goes into her room followed by others. Poonga goes to bagyam and advises her to change the way she talks atleast from now and stop cursing people she herself has a daughter.
Revathy and her mom get down from an auto in front of Baygam's house. Bagyam runs to them welcoming them. R's mom tells that she is there paying a visit to Archana. Bagyam with a very broad smile send them inside. They both go to Archu's room. R's mom sits next to Archana and introducesherself and tells," are you now feeling? do not worry too much and take care of and your hsuband are so good people so God will only be kind to you...I am so thankful to you for giving back her life to revathy"
Bagyam waits outside to talk to R'mom. She calls for Revathy and sends her to the shop with some money to buy some drinks for her mom. As soon Reva leaves ...she runs into Reva's room with the fan. She places the fan and switches on...she grabs Vasu's ma and places on the floor with a pillow....and goes out and waits for R's mom to come. As soon as she is out...Bagyam takes her to Reva's room and tells," We can not give as muc as conforts for Reavathy as in your house but what ever possible we do and make her feel comfortable.." R's mom tells," Paavam Archana..she is such a good girl..hopefully she will be alright soon"
Bagyam agrees with her," aamaanga Sambanthi...even my husband also feels very sorry for Archana..we both want to see our grand kid...and I don't think Revathy is helping us in this matter must have noticed when you stepped into this room...separate beds for Vasu and Revathy...she sleeps here on the cot and Vasu on the mat on the floor.....if they do like this how can we see our Grand kid? sambandi as a nother please advise Reavathy...since I can not talk to her about all this....this is happening from the time Revathy fought and went out of the house....and then when she came back....this is what is happening....I simply can not beleive that these two people ran away from home and got maried.....??? Vasu is so scared that Revathy might tell something ...that is the reason he is keeping away from you....even after giving his blood to you when you were in the hospital...he did not visit you sambanthi...."
R's mom looks like she is shocked and tells," I will defenitely as a mother will advise do not worry about this at a matter of fact I never knew anything about this at all"

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Monday 9/11/09   - Archive's copy

Starts with MM and Archu looking in to the baby book -
The book has baby names as well. The couple are happy
and are at a loss to choose a name -" boy or girl??? enna
per??/" MM says that she can choose one in each -" apram
when the child is born, we wont have to think !!" Both look in
to the book - MM asks Archu to select a baby and she selects
one ( romba kashtam intha velai !!! ella pappa vume azzzaaagghuu.
epdi choose panrathu???Roja yetti yetti paartha, antha book
title, author ellam paarkaa mudiyalai !!! so what?? namba Laksh
oda pattu kutti, Shree yoda kutti chellamma, rendaiyum thaan dhinam
paakaraale !!)
MM asks her to look at the baby every day "appo
u will get a pretty baby like this " Archu says that she would much
rather get a baby like him .... well the cootchi cooing time is over -
we are in the present. The couple console each other - Archu says that
she disappointed MM and he in return says that he is more concerned about her. Finally, Mm is asked to scoot - " nee velaikki pO, let me do
some household chores and divert my mind "

Master of ceremonies athai , along with Sivagamy and Sivaraman...
jang jang nnu Sori household kku visit. Daddy Sori welcomes chithi
( intha pakkam athai,antha pakkam chithi - Roja blinks - Such
double edged relationships - anyways.. )
but ignores the Siva squared .
Male Siva greets and female Siva looks dull. Sori mommy comes and
she also ignores Siva squared. Street smart athai does not beat around
the bush. "na paarthu panni vaicha kalyanam, not even a week old !!!
athukkulle so many problems?? i am here to solve all this" Daddy Sori says that his son and DIL have left for Australia "airport kku kilambi pOi 1/2 an hour aachu" The Siva squared are shocked - so is athai.

Siva squared ask the Sori parents " veli naattu kku pOittangalaa?? enga kitte oru vaarhtai sollalai??" Sori mommy takes the floor - does a parambalaattam - "yen pillai kku mariyathai tharalai... u said that u will disown your first daughter...You went to see her even after knowing that my son had condescended to enter your kudisai !!! And to top it all, your whole household lied to him !!" Athai /chithi tries to stop Sori mommy but she jumps - avanga  height kku antha jumping konjam over thaan !!!

Now lady Siva explains - her dream, going to temple, getting to know
Archu's abortion etc., etc., " And honestly, i did not know that Sori was
visiting us !!!" - all this happens because of athai/ chithi - Sori mommy kku
mele shout panni,makes her to  listen. Sori mommy is not ready to believe. Now man Siva explains about Lady Siva's ignorance on Sori visit and how
the household did not know lady Siva's hospital visit. After all this drama
is done, Sori daddy says that it is Sori who has decide " avan vishayam, naan interfere panna mudiyaathu...let him come back - will be back in 10 -15 days ..appO pesalaam..." ( hmmm, u could have said this before the drama started !! Unga wife dance aadi romba naal aachaa?? u wanted to see that??) Athai /Chithi herds  Siva squared - back to the pavilion - "we can continue after Sori returns".

Sori couple in the car - on the way to the airport ?? may be - Sori asks Ram -
" have u been to Australia before??" Ram answers in the negative. Sori promises to show him around. Kavya looks disturbed. Ram and Kavya exchange looks - flash back time - Ram comes to give the tickets . Kavya openly tells him that she does not believe him " You may have convinced every one that you are a reformed villain but I have a feeling that you are back in my life for revenge . Intha lakshnathile, enga honey moon trip le
u are an appendix?? no, I cant make Sori understand this but I am telling you - intha trip le irunthu nee kazhandukka ..appo thaan I can be happy"
Ram looks at her - laughs ...laughs some more...Kavya looks puzzled.


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Tuesday Update - November 10, 2009

Credits to

Ram stares at someone... that someone is none other than Kavya.  She looks bemused at the way Ram was looking at her.  Suddenly Ram starts to laugh historically (yappa.. ennaku bayama irukku ).  Momentarily, Kavya asks Ram why he is laughing like this while she is kotting her soga kathai/ avasthai, for which Ram replies " Onn nelamaya paarthean siritichean KAVYA!"  Kavya raises her voice ans wonders why he is calling her by her name.  Ram laughs it off and says people are named to be called (athey athey LOL... Happa.. kavya matikittaa innaiku Ram kitte Tongue).  Kavya is terrified and wonders why he is speaking like.  Ram finally pottu udaichufies that this is the Original Ram and all this while they had seen a doopu Ram.. i.e that he had been acting!  Kavya's eyes pop out. 

Ram continues "You didn't want me to accompany you guys to your honeymoon, hence you've come to talk to me to convince your husband!  But I want to see your suffer like this for life long!  I was a well respected man in the society but because of you, I went to jail, which ruined everything for me.  I'll not forget that!  I want to see you suffer as much as I did.  That is the reason why I leech aatom I Cherry kitte ottikitean, the moment i found out he was to marry you."  Kavya fumes in anger saying now that she knows his TRUE FACE and will soon inform Cherry about it nnu.  Ram smirks and adds  now that he has created an assaika mudiyaatha nambikkai within Cherry... he'll not believe.. even if God comes to tell him.  For that matter, he even challenges her to go inform her family members.. since no one will believe her nnu.  Kavya gets angrier and tells him she will not let him go with them, but Ram challenges her saying he'll def go to Australia with them and see her suffer every minute there nnu.  Then he challenges "jaikaporathu intha priyamaana thozhana.... illai vaazhkai thunaiviyaa nnu parthiduvom lee"
Boxing vspace5 !

On their way to the airport, Ram smirks at Kavya from the front seat.. and in his mind voice he laughs off Kavya's challenges.. since they are almost there at the airport nnu.  While Kavya too says she can do anything in the last minute to cancel his trip nnu.  Once they arrive at the family Chennai International Airport... Cherry goes to get the trolley and instructs Ram to take out the luggage in the mean time.  Ram just keeps smirking at Kavya... who muzhikiraa, kovathoda... (Hmmm.. rendu per idaye WW3 nadakuthu
.. but intha Cherry kku thaan onnum puriyala I Dunno) .

Ram soon laughs and says nothing can be done now since they are already there nnu, while Kavya says she can always do something last minuted nnu.  Ram just brushes it off and asks her to help out with the luggage... as Ram was taking out the luggage... he has his left hand on the rim of the trunk.. Kavya smirks and slams the trunk door to crush Ram's hands... He is in so much pain (grr.. Dead ippadhiya pannuvaanga.. intha Kavya oru sornakka madhiri irukka DeadDead).  Cherry comes there and panics seeing Ram in that state.. he ties a handkerchief and says they must rush to the hospital.  Kavya jumps in and first apologizes for closing the door on his hand by accident and then tells Cherry that if they cancel their honeymoon trip, then Ram would feel so upset since b/c of him their HM got canceled nu.  Cherry agrees and arranges plans to get Ram hospitalized.  Ram is dumbfound and just stares at Kavya, who just continues to smirk at him.  Ram then wishes Cherry all the best and watches the twosome head toward the entrance.  Kavya looks back now and then to smirk.
Sivagami oppari continues... everyone else are just watching her.  Sivaraman's sister calms sivagami down by saying everything will be alright.  Sivagami starts her opaari that both her daughters' have left her.. first Archu when she went to see her post miscarriage.... then Kavya after finding out her mother went to visit her sis nnu.  She wonders why this is happening to her right after her girls left to their puguntha veedu.  Jeyanthi tries to add oil to the burning fire by saying how whatever Archu and Kavya did is totally unfair to Sivagami.  Hearing this Vinod shuts her up for speaking like this when his mom is already upset (vare vaaa Clap appadhi podunga sir.. a timely action Tongue)
Sivagami continues her oppari.. how she just wanted her kids to live a good life but never expected this... she wonders yaar sabathinaala ithellam nadakuthinnu.  Sivaraman adds it is all because of Sivagami's peraasai to get her daughters married into rich family.  Sivagami cries more and tries to justify her actions by saying she did this only for their good.  Sivaraman's sister asks him not to thittufy Sivagami and then offers to go speak with Archana even though she failed to solve Kavya's matter. 

Jeyanthis' eyes pop out and wants to act fast to stop this.  She tells them it is not a good idea since Archu is already mad at them and may also end up insulting Periyamma (SivRaman's sis).  Vinod agreed with his wife!  But Periyamma wants to go still.. after all if she is to get insulted it is only going to by his thambhi ponnu.  Sivaraman thinks it'll not work out but Periyamma wants to have a go at it so no one says anything about them not showing samaathaana kody.  Sivaraman agrees..

Seeing everything work out, Jeyanthi says she too will go nnu.... But Vinod says NO since Archu is made at everyone in the house and if she goes Archu's anger may be intensified.  But Jeyanthi justifies that when Periyamma is flagging the samaathaana kodi.. some representative from the house has to be there naa... so no one says anything after wards.  In fact after her athai.. she is everything to Archu so she wants to accompany Periyamma.  She bucks bucks more.. and convinces everyone thanks to Periyamma's support.  Vinod agrees to let her go.

Jeyanthi thinking hard now...........(ayyoooo... ellarum room pottu thaan yosipaanga.. but namma Roja Akka's Manjal Devadai on the spot leye plan poduraa.. semma aazhuthaa iva..
Nervous 2. )


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