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(KuNim-Sajan-Mayur)-Itihaas-Pa7/Pg14 - 11/13/09 (Page 7)

MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fariaa70

Hi Miketa,
Great update.
Loved Nupur and samrat very much.
They r so cute and their convo was really awesome.
They loved each other a lot.
And mayank also a nice guy.
But Who is the twin of mayank.?
Hmm -ok waiting 4 it
Pls update soon.
Thanx 4 ur PM

glad the scene was loved between siblings
Yep, Mayank is nice guy but how long Wink
Are you kinding me you don't know his twin? Confused

MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sajan_Ekta

terrific Update! Please continue soon! And do PM me!!

Four sure I'll add you Pm list

MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ansh_Arti

great part yaar

loved it


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MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Personally, I would like to thank those people who press like button - salma009MoNaYaRoXmannnnnnvrulsfariaa70zainab.APaNa4everShafoosana866Ansh_Arti, salma009MoNaYaRoXfariaa70zainab.Asana866Ansh_Arti

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MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

Part 4

"Come' on twin get up, I'm getting late for sanjeevani and you promised that you will drop me" her voice sounded so pure in his ear.
"Just few more second Ritz" he yawed while twisting himself on the bed.
"Nahin Mayu, now I'm getting late" she complained to him while he pulled blanket over his head.
"Thodi daar aur (just few more second)" he wined.
Suddenly Ritz changed her mood by picking up the phone belongs to her twin. She dialed a number "Hey Atul his Armaan with you" echoed into his ear. "What's sup Armaan? You remember yesterday you asked if I can come with you for three days alone and I said without my twin's permission I can not give you answer well my twin said I can go with you so when do you plan to" Mayu grabbed the phone from Ritz's hand and shouted on the phone "I haven't given any permission to Ritz so don't you dare pick her up". Suddenly dial tone echoed into Mayu's ear made him realizes his twin was teasing him.
Mayu: Ritz never play any sort of prank on me again the thought of someone taking you away from me; kills me inside, understood.
Ritz cupped Mayu's face in her hands "the thought of me going away kills you then the thoughts of my bidaai kills me" tears roll down her face and his face. They both hugged each other afterwards "few more second of sleep than we will go to your dearest sanjeevani".
"Get up Mayank" inside his thoughts of imagination Ritz is shaking him.
"Ritz please few more minutes then I'll drop you at sanjeevani" he spoke with his eyes closed.
"Mayank it's me Nimmo not Ritz" Nimmo sprinkled water on his face.
Mayank jerks up and stares at Nimmo who looked worried for him.
- Flashback -
Mayank came home after hearing the conversation between the sibling Nupur and Samrat echoed into his mind. Their scene flashed into his mind and frustration takes over him. He smashed everything with his fist and fell asleep on the sofa to calm him down, but their scene flashed into his mind with Riddhima's innocent face as well.
He smashed his fist into the mirror…
- End of flashback -
"Are you okay? When I entered here I found everything destroyed. Is everything fine Mayank your quietness his scaring me to death" Nimmo wined in front of Mayank to break his quietness.
Mayank just leave without saying anything into a room which never been opened after the incident took place in their lives. He entered inside the room everything was dusty and covered with blank over the things inside the room. The room never has been open because it brings back the awful memory stored inside Mayank and Nimmo. Mayank picks up a picture wipes off the dust on it "aisa kyun hua hamara saath Ritz" he breaks down crying.
Nimmo entered after Mayank inside the locked up room and saw Mayank sobbing on the ground holding Riddhima's picture in his hand. Nimmo step further, but stops in front of a picture. She picks up the picture "sach aisa kyun hua bro" and tear roll down her face "bro you told me to come Mumbai I came Mumbai, but my luck never changed for a second because what happened five years ago in sanjeevani after your engagement with Ritz Bhabhi" she couldn't even finish her sentence and breaks down crying.
- Flashback -
Nimmo arrived Mumbai under her bro's pressure to give her luck a chance but as usually her bro forgot to pick her up. She had sanjeevani's address so she decided to go sanjeevani and give her bro a surprise. Nimmo loved her idea and tried to catch a taxi but her luck was always against her.
Crazy driver diving by splash mud over Nimmo she cursed herself. Mayank who was on his way to pick his twin up from sanjeevani spotted an incident happen in front of him. He stopped in front of Nimmo "are you okay? Can I help you?" Sometime Nimmo stared at him than said "can you please drop me at sanjeevani?" "Come inside because I was just on my way to sanjeevani picking up my twin she's an intern there and you?" Mayank shifted inside the taxi and Nimmo sat beside him.
Nimmo: I've just arrived Mumbai and my brother suppose to pick me up but as usually he forgot since he fell in love with Riddhima.
Mayank looked at Nimmo with confusion filled inside him.
Mayank: Are you by any chance talking about Riddhima Sharman?
Nimmo: How did you know?
Mayank: She's my twin sister
Nimmo bit her lip "woh silly of me" he looked at her.
Mayank: I'm Mayank and thanks to you now I can give my twin a perfect gift for our birthday.
Nimmo: Meaning you aren't mad?
Mayank: Nope Armaan is nice guy and I trust him.
Nimmo smiled
They arrived at sanjeevani and before they go inside "Hey Armaan's sister please don't tell them I know about them because on the day of our birthday I am going to announce their engagement".
Nimmo without thinking hugged Mayank "that will be the best gift for them and my name is Nimmo".
Riddhima walking by notice her twin hugging a girl and behind Riddhima was Armaan who looked double shocked.
"Nimmo" Armaan screamed.
Both Mayank and Nimmo broke apart the hug. Armaan marched toward them and held Mayank by his collar.
Armaan: How dare you hug my sister?
Riddhima: Armaan let go of my twin.
Armaan: I don't care basket if he's your twin because I can not tolerate anyone hugging my sister behind my back.
Nimmo looked scared by her bro's anger and hide behind Mayank "Bhaiyya Mayank didn't hug me but I hugged him."
Armaan loosen his grip on Mayank's collar "what do you mean?"
Nimmo: Just take a look at me.
Armaan looked at Nimmo who was covered by mud "what happened to you?"
Nimmo explained how Mayank saved her life if he had pulled her away from crazy driver.
Armaan let go off Mayank's collar "I'm sorry, you know as a brother I got possessive" he looked at Armaan "its okay, because even I'm a bro too" they hugged each other.
Few days pass by; Armaan was buying Riddhima a gift for her birthday as well Mayank because he's family for him. Nimmo tagged along with Armaan because she wanted to by her Bhabhi a nice gift and for her twin Mayank.
Suddenly something caught Nimmo's eyes and she knew it was perfect for Mayank and bought it without any hesitation. Even Armaan found something nice for Riddhima as well and buys it. After they were done their shopping they went to eat dinner outside for a change instead of Nimmo cooking where they are suppose to meet the twins for dinner.
Nimmo order her favorite item but Armaan's order shocked Nimmo because he never eats paneer.
Nimmo: Bhaiyya you never ordered paneer before when we went together.
Armaan coughed…
Riddhima gave water to Armaan…
Riddhima: Armaan loves paneer because it's my favorite but my twin hates paneer.
Nimmo smiled and kicked Mayank underneath the table…
Mayank whispered: What?
Nimmo whispered: Let's go for a walk leaving the love birds alone.
Mayank shook his head in agreement.
Mayank: Nimmo let's go for a walk outside
Nimmo: Sure, just let me ask bro
Nimmo looked toward her bro "Bhaiyya can I go with Mayank for a walk until the food arrive".
Armaan: Sure but come back soon
Nimmo: Yeah bro
They leave for a walk…
Riddhima: I think my twin likes your sister.
Armaan: What rubbish? My sister and your twin they are just opposite each other but alike in many ways.
Riddhima: Armaan we aren't alike but love played his game with us so why not them
Armaan: She's a kid
Riddhima: For every brother their sisters are a kid anyways if Nimmo is made for my bro than god will bring them together.
Armaan: Agreed
Those two were walking "hey is everything ready for tonight after twelve" she asked him.
Mayank: Yep
Nimmo smiled…
Mayank: Has anyone told you that your smile is beautiful like you?
Nimmo: Nope you are the first person…
They both laugh together afterwards head inside before going toward their table Mayank gives two rings to the waiter "exact at twelve bring the cake with these rings on top of it and the saying should be Bless wishes to Armaan and Riddhima". Mayank leaves and Nimmo stayed by and gave a letter to the waiter afterwards she leaves.  
Four of them enjoyed their meal slowly time passed by, the waiter brings round heart-shape cake with two rings on top of it.
Armaan: We haven't order any cake. There must be some sort of mistake or confusion.
Riddhima pulled on Armaan's jacket "Armaan it's not a mistake because our name is written on it".
Armaan also looked confused...
Nimmo couldn't hold her laughter anymore both of them burst out laughing meaning her and Mayank at the same time they said "how do you like your engagement gift from us".
Both Armaan Riddhima were shocked of happiness. They ex-change the rings and hugged each other one by one.
Mayank whispered something into Nimmo's ear and she excused herself. Mayank after sometime excused himself as well. Riddhima found their excuse fishy "Armaan don't you think they setting us up now."
Armaan: What do you mean?
Riddhima: I never told bro about our relationship than how did he know.
Armaan: Good question even I was shock. Nimmo knows about our relationship but she wouldn't tell Mayank without knowing him like I do.
Riddhima: How confident you are?
Armaan: What do you mean?
"Look over there" Riddhima points at Nimmo giving Mayank a gift and he hugs her in return.
"Fishy my ass" Armaan told himself.
Riddhima: Did you say something?
Armaan: Nope
Mayank thanked Nimmo and they decide to leave together because Armaan will drop Riddhima.
"Hey why did you give me credit as well? It wasn't my idea yours from Ritz than why?" Nimmo asked him.
Mayank: If you did blurt out that day in the taxi than how would I know so thank you.
Nimmo smiled…
Suddenly, Nimmo's phone rings and she comes out of her memory lane. Mayank picked up Nimmo's phone and gave it to her.
"Hello" Nimmo spoke over the phone.
"Is this Ms. Mathuria" someone said over the phone.
Nimmo: Yes, how many I help you
Person: I'm Kunal Sehgal's grandfather and I wanted to say you are appointed as his personal assistant.
Nimmo: Does Kunal Sehgal know about my hire?
Kunal's Grandfather: He doesn't know
Nimmo: I'm sorry I can not accept the officer because without him hiring me I can't accept it.
Kunal's Grandfather: Beti without meeting you I can say you are very sankar type girl.
Nimmo: Thank you
After they hang up the phone "who was it?" he asked her.
Nimmo: Kunal Sehgal's grandfather
Mayank: What did he say?
Nimmo: I got the job but I want Kunal himself to give me the job not anyone else.
Mayank: Do you think he will hire you?
Nimmo just smiled…


Note: What happened five years ago in sanjeevani became awful itihaas for Nimmo and Mayank? Will Nimmo get the job? Who end up picking the younge sibling Mayank or Nimmo?

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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

ur update was superb lovely

plz continue soon
waiting for ur next update
and thanx for the pm
sana Smile

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-Aiza- Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
nice story plz update soon and add me to ur pm list
zainab.A Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
nice part!! :)
thanx for PM

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