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(KuNim-Sajan-Mayur)-Itihaas-Pa7/Pg14 - 11/13/09 (Page 14)

MistiofMistz Coolbie

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Posted: 13 November 2009 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharma.nat

Nice part cont. soon

Thank you and welcome over here

Take Care,

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Posted: 13 November 2009 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fariaa70

hello miketa.
Good hob hunn.
Its full of mystery.
loved it.
keep it up

Thrillers are my hobby and a story without a thriller is nothing

Take Care,

MistiofMistz Coolbie

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Posted: 13 November 2009 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
Once again thank you to Sana who helped me write a scene...

Part 7

Nimmo catches a taxi toward the bus station closer in distance wise toward Excel College.
Nupur plan had failed in front of Dadaji and forced to go college with Samrat (lately Samrat is on his Dadaji good list); Nupur sat on Samrat's bike.
"Samrat, why can't we go with the car?" Nupur complained
Samrat: I can not imagine myself without my bike unless I'm force to drive in the car. Anyway stop complaining since Dadaji spoiled your mood.
Nupur: I'm not complaining
Benji helped Gunjan get down from the bus "bye Benji, it was great journey traveling with you on same bus and I'm impressed by your knowledge in same field" Gunjan expressed her friendship toward Benji.
Benji: Even I had a good time or else journey would have been boring so thank you.
They started walking opposite direction because Benji saw his sister and waved his hand towards her.
Nimmo ran toward Benji and hugged him, "how are you?"
Benji: Awesome and you
Nimmo: Superb now
They break apart the hug and Nimmo start searching for Gunjan…
Benji: What are you doing?
Nimmo: Gunjan also should have been on the same bus as you.
Benji remembers talking with Gunjan but thought his sister looking for different Gunjan not the same Gunjan so he stayed quiet.
Nimmo cell rang, "hello"
"It's me, Mayank" spoke over the phone
Nimmo: Hi
Mayank: Have you received them
Nimmo: I found Benji but not Gunjan
Mayank: Oh
Nimmo: Don't get depress Mayank (Gunjan walking by heard Mayank and stopped few distance away) I'll find Gunjan, you trust me
Mayank: What a silly question, of course I trust you
Nimmo: thanks
Mayank: Hey, have to go now, but give me a ring once you find Gunjan
Nimmo: Alright, all the best
Mayank hang the phone and returned back inside the courtroom.
Benji tap his sister's shoulder "who was that?"
Nimmo: Mayank Sharma, Gunjan Sharma's brother
Sharma name hit Benji's mind, "fellow me".
Nimmo fallowed Benji and they stopped in front of Gunjan who dressed into simple avatar, but looked pyari.
Nimmo waved her hand in front of Gunjan's face…
Gunjan: Yes
Nimmo: Hi you don't know me, but I am good friend of your brother Mayank and he sort of sends me to receive you and also my own brother Benji.
Gunjan smile "hello, so you are Benji's sister Namrata, but people with love call you Nimmo, right"
Nimmo: Yeah and how do you know Benji
Benji: Because we were sitting together on the bus and we have become friends as well anyways now can we go I'm tired.
(Scene below is partly written by Sana so thank you Sana for helping and I know in friendship no sorry or thank you, but please accept my thank you this time)
Nupur was sitting back on Samrat's bike and while talking with Nupur his gaze fell on Gunjan and he was not able to take his eyes of her.
Samrat found himself, lost into Gunjan's beauty and notice her hugging someone. His gaze followed each step Gunjan took until they disappeared into thin air.
As usual Nupur was blabbering but when she noticed a truck is coming towards than with full force and Samrat was paying no heed attention to it she shouted and Samrat got into sense and got shock to see truck coming towards them with full speed so he took turn with force and they got crash into tree.
Benji heard huge crashing sound, "Sis, I think something happened behind us. Let go and check it out" Gunjan also agreed with Benji. They went to check it out and found two people crash into the tree.
Nimmo: Both of you wait here and I'll go to check it out.
They nod their head…
Nimmo walked toward Nupur and Samrat who were alright just mini scratch on Samrat's arm nothing else, "are you guys alright?"
Nupur: Yeah, if I hadn't scream we would have been dead
Samrat: Sorry (faced Nimmo) yes we are okay and thank you for the concern.
Samrat hoped back on his bike with Nupur sitting behind him afterwards they drove off and Nimmo left with Gunjan and Benji toward their place.
Samrat entered his college with Nupur, they went separate ways toward their classes, but Nupur still upset she can't watch DDLJ her favorite movie.
Uday spot Samrat, "hey dude"
Samrat doesn't answer
Uday just walked away and Samrat still lost in Gunjan's beauty.
Dia saw Samrat and ran to hug him from behind "ouch" Dia heard Sammy screaming, "What happened, Sammy?"
Samrat: Nothing Candy
Samrat leaves…
Dia shock by Samrat's Stanger behavior…
"Welcome to our home, guys" Nimmo told Benji and Gunjan when she opens the door of their flat.
Benji: Wow
Gunjan: So you and Bhaiyya stay in same flat? What people must say?
Nimmo take Gunjan by her shoulders and make her sit on the sofa "before I use to think about people and their thoughts, but someone told me when I came here - people are always going to talk whatever rubbish they want and we know our limits in life than why worry. We'll always be friends through rough times but never walk the opposite direction alone because friends are always there for each other unless some friends are selfish than it's hard to trust them. Gunjan I and Mayank have been staying together past five years and we know each other so well that I trust Mayank for than myself. Only fewer people understand the relationship, me and Mayank share, but it's up to you to judge me and your bro" Nimmo lefts Gunjan alone with Benji. They both notice tear streaming down Nimmo's face.
Nimmo ran into her room and close the door behind her.
Everything stayed the same as it was only difference Benji fell asleep on the couch and Gunjan fell asleep outside Nimmo's room door while Nimmo cried inside her room remembering her Armaan and Riddhima.
Mayank cams home finds sudden quietness which annoyed him because Nimmo usually making noises and if Gunjan became friends with her than nothing can stop them together. He walked inside to find Benji sleeping on the sofa and he close the door behind him afterwards continued walking around the house in search for Gunjan. He finds Gunjan sleeping outside Nimmo's room door. Mayank touched Gunjan on her shoulder and she jerk up, "kaun hai?"
Mayank: It's me your bro
Gunjan lifts her gaze slowly towards her brother and hugs him with non-stop tears, "what happen?" Mayank ask in worry of fear.
Nupur came home alone and Dadaji attacked her with questions "where is Samrat? Both of you went college together then where is Samrat?"
Nupur swallowed her salve "yes, Dadaji we went together but I don't know where Samrat is that's why I came alone."
Dadaji sends Nupur into her room…
Gunjan sobbing in Mayank's arm "Gunjan, where is Nimmo and why are you sleeping outside her room?"
Benji woke up by the sound of crying and followed the noise "because Gunjan asked Sis about her relationship with you, if I'm right you are Mayank?"
Mayank looked at Benji than Gunjan and now back to Benji "yes, I'm Mayank and my relationship with Nimmo is friendship"
Gunjan looked at her bro "if you guys are friends than why staying at same place that what I don't understand?"
Mayank cupped Gunjan's face in his hand "because our relationship is connected to someone else love"
Benji walking toward them "what do you mean?" also knocks on his sister's bedroom door "Sis, where is Armaan Bhaiyya? I don't see him anywhere and for the last five years I haven't heard from him? Where is he?"
Benji's question rang into Mayank's mind as well Nimmo's mind. Nimmo tried holding back her tears inside by covering her mouth.
Mayank: Maybe Nimmo fell asleep since today was her interview anyways why we don't sit inside the family room. Nimmo might join us later after she wakes up.
They followed Mayank toward the family room, but Gunjan's eyes also looking for someone else.
Mayank notice "who are you looking for Gunjan?"
Gunjan: Bro since I've came here I haven't seen Riddhima Di and or have I heard from her in past five years. Where is she?
"What should I them about Armaan and Riddhima?" Mayank told himself
Gunjan shook her bro "what are you thinking? Where's Riddhima?"
Suddenly, ring of the phone saves Mayank from answering Gunjan's question "hello".
"May I please speak with Ms. Namrata Mathuria" voice asked
Mayank knocked on Nimmo's door "Nimmo tumharily phone" Nimmo wiped her face "I'm coming" and Mayank leaves.
Mayank excused himself to freshen up after showing Gunjan and Benji their room, but on the way they find a room which had a lock on it. Both of them stop and Mayank continued walking and hears Gunjan's voice "I wonder why this room is locked up" she told Benji "me too" he answered her back.
Mayank walked up to them "shall we go" they continued walking but both of them turn again to look at the room behind them.
Nimmo comes out of her room and picks up the phone "Hello".
"Ms. Nimmo Mathuria it's me Kunal" hearing Kunal's voice made Nimmo sick inside.
"It's Namrata for you and why did you call?" she asked him
"Report within few second at my place" Kunal ordering Nimmo
"Why?" Nimmo annoying herself much than annoying Kunal
"Because you have to accompany me at a party" Kunal ordered her
"I'm not your wife" Nimmo wasn't in the mood of party or argument
"Indeed you aren't my wife but you are my personal assistant and being my PA you have to follow me around, understood" Kunal hang up
Nimmo takes out her anger by smashing the phone and marches into her room "Kunal I'll kill you" throwing her pillow.


Note: Will Gunjan and Benji understand the relationship Mayank and Nimmo share among themselves? How will Mayank and Nimmo break the news about their siblings' death to their other siblings? Will Samrat realizes he have fallen in love with Gunjan "first sight"? Will Nimmo accompany Kunal to the party he invited her?

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lucario IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2009 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Wow nice part......sam surely felt in love at first site.....waiting for their first meeting......liked other part also....wanna know whats the secret....nicely

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seemamittal Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2009 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
really awsome update
loved it
continue soon
n thanx for the pm

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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2009 at 1:32am | IP Logged
wow nice update dear
and plz yaar their so no need to thanx me i mean i have helped u in only 1 scenes thats it anyways ur welcome love u sooo much im glad that u chosed me to help u from sooooo many friends of ur's
amazing part dear
waiting for ur next update dear
and thanx for the pm

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Posted: 20 November 2009 at 3:33am | IP Logged
nice update
Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2009 at 4:40am | IP Logged
hi miketa,
Nice update.
its so lovely.
Keep it up
Update soon

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