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Posted: 08 November 2009 at 7:01pm | IP Logged

Note to the Viewers:

Hey guys! I just wanted to let u all know that I've moved my captions story to its own thread in the ff section to make it easier to update. I haven't had a chance to update it yet but when I do I'll let everyone know.

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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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@Durre- Thanks so much! I'm glad u enjoyed it! I loved that part too!
@Javeria- Hey Javeria! Where have u been...missed u a lot! Thanks so much for liking the new thread and my scene...m glad that u enjoyed it! and yup I miss the old AN a lot too!
@Farah- Thanks so much!
@Steffie- thanks! glad u like it!
@Annie- thank u so much! I'm glad ur enjoying the captions story...i'm trying to find time to update it...
@Neha-thanks! Yeah that was the niki i fell in love with too...wish we'd get the funny cute scenes back instead of all this drama...
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Originally posted by khushboo16

ok so abhi,s daughter that came out of no where but i loved all of it they way nikki took care of him and him getting mad plzz up daye soon
Thanks Khushboo...will do so soon....n the daughter ...she ain't from nowhere.....has a whole story behind it....hope u'll enjoy it!!!Big smile
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Am shifting this scene to this new thread as I have a few more parts to go and want it to be together.

Ok....I have been thinking for days what to write for AN. Here I go. This scene happens when Nikki goes to Abhi's house after Dr. Keerti's wedding.

Abhimanyu's face haunted Nikita all through the wedding. The pool scene kept flashing before her eyes. Armaan insulting Abhimanyu, insinuating that he was using her and how not once had she opened her mouth and now her heart was breaking into pieces.

She saw Atul feeding Anjie,Rahul helping Muskaan fix her dupatta and as usual Armaan acting lovey-dovey towards Ridhimma. Tears of regret and pain filled Nikki's big beautiful eyes. All she wanted was Abhimanyu to be present ....with her.....for her. Automatically her hand pressed the redial button on her phone but got no response. Watching everyone enjoy the wedding was getting to her. She got up and started walking in a daze to the food table.

Ridhima turned around to see Nikki staring at the empty plate in her hand. She walked towards the petite girl and put her hand on her shoulders. Big black pools of pain looked back at her, taking her breath away. Riddhima touched Nikki's face, "Eat Nikki."

"Yeah" she replied and started walking away with the empty plate. "Nikki, your plate is empty. You need to fill it before you can eat." Riddhima stated to her withdrawing figure. Nikki stopped and looked down at the empty plate she was clutching, as if hanging on to dear life. Nodding, she went back to the table and filled her plate and stood staring. Riddhima walked her to a table and sat beside her. Nikki simply stared at the plate lost in thought. Observing Nikki, Riddhima pats her hand and softly says, "Nikki, Dr. Modi will be fine. Please stop thinking about what happened. Eat something."Hearing the name echoing in her mind, Nikki looked at Riddhima and whispered painfully, "He is not alright. He is not picking up my phone. I am worried sick about him. I can't eat Ridzi. What do I do?"

Looking at Nikita's worried face Riddhima takes her friend's hand in her own, " If you want we can stop by his place and see if he is alright." A surprised Nikki looks at Riddhima, " N...No....he'he'll be really mad at me .....I....I can't go." Riddhima looks into Nikki's eyes, "Nikki, all through the evening your eyes were fixed on the door as if he might walk in any minute." Nikki shakes her head a No. Riddhima smiles, "I can't believe how Armaan behaved. He is too possessive of his friends but you could have......." she trailed. Tears fill Nikki's eyes, "I don't know what to do." She clutched her friend's hand.

"You should go and talk to him tomorrow" states Riddhima patting her hand lightly. "Apologize. He loves you and he will understand." Nikki shakes her head and Ridzi excuses herself as Armaan calls her. Thinking about what Riddhima said, Nikki gets up and heads to Abhimanyu's house determined to make everything right.


A nervous Nikita, knocks on Abhimanyu's door. When no one answers for five seconds, she knocks again, harder this time. When the door is flung open, Nikita looks up diffidently into the stormy black eyes and her heart misses a beat. Abhimanyu looks at the beautiful girl standing nervously at his doorstep and for a second his eyes soften but then anger takes over and he moves to shut the door. "Please, listen to me" implores Nikita moving between the doors.

"There isn't anything you can say which will make a difference Nikita" Abhimanyu seeths between clenched teeth.

Nikki's eyes fill with tears and she starts fumbling with her saree pallu undecided how to deal with the angry gaze watching her smallest movement. "I am sorry" she whispers and her eyes fall on the cut on his hand which is oozing blood. She lifts worried eyes towards the unflinching heated gaze. "A..Abhi...your hand is bleeding."she points. "

"And you care because......" he replies.

"It's bleeding ...... Please clean the can get infected." she argues coming closer and trying to look at the wound.

"Oh Dr. Nikita, thank you for the information, please leave." He states snatching his arm away from her hold.

"I am not leaving Abhi.....please let me......." she stops mid-sentence when she looks at the destruction in the room. The broken mirror, the phone lying in half and the table destroyed in anger. She picks up the phone pieces and gives them to Abhi "I was calling all evening and was worried sick about you....this is why you were not answering" she says looking at the broken phone.

"Get out Nikita," Abhimanyu points to the door his anger rising by the second and his tone dropping to a dangerous level.

"But are bleed...." she tries to reason.

"Out" he says coming closer threateningly.

"Ab....Abhi.....please....I .....I am..s......sorry" she takes a step back

"Don't "he raises his finger warningly.

"A..Abhi.....please.....I .....I just'." She takes a breath sharply when Abhimanyu suddenly covers the distance and grabs her by her shoulders.

"I have been asking nicely for you to get lost Nikki, but you do not listen." He snaps at her pulling her closer punishing her with a kiss. All his pent up emotions are felt by Nikki in his kiss and when he feels Nikki's tears he pushes her away. A tearful Nikki looks at him with questions in her eyes. Mad at himself for his lack of control Abhimanyu turns and hits his injured hand against the wall.

"Abhi.....stop", Nikki rushes towards him. He pushes her away but she starts to look at his hand.

"Don't......stay away from me" he warns "Girls like you, whose whole idea is to make their internship easier by playing games with their boss are not someone I am interested in. No wonder you had to change three hospitals Nikita. Your games did not work anywhere did they?"He insinuates. "Oh I regret falling for you innocent act Nikita, you are not as innocent as you act... are you? Get out of my house right now." He points towards the door.

A shocked Nikki, with the insults ringing in her ears walks out of his house, in a daze, sits in the car and crashes it against the wall while reversing it. Abhimanyu's heart lurches at the noise of the crash and he comes running out. Nikki gets out of the car and starts walking in the street. Seeing the beautiful girl walking in a daze, late at night few goons start following her. Unknowing and unfeeling to her surroundings, tears streaming down her cheeks, Nikita walks the street looking for an Auto. Abhimanyu notices her being followed and fear for her safety overtakes his anger and he goes behind her.

Meanwhile, the goons start surrounding Nikki and start using lewd comments. Suddenly scared, Nikki tries to turn back, when one of them attempts to come close to her. A frightened Nikki screams for help. Abhimanyu stops his car and gets out to help Nikki. He fights the goons and most of them run away but one young guy takes out a knife to threaten him. In the tussle Abhimanyu gets hurt but manages to scare the last goon away.

Nikki rushes to Abhimanyu's side and sees a deep stab wound on his waist. Abhimanyu doubles up in pain and Nikki urges him to get in the car and tries her best to stop the bleeding.

"" Abhi manages to speak.

Nikki rushes him there but by the time they arrive at Sanjeevani ,Abhi looses consciousness due to loss of blood.


Crazy with worry for Abhi's condition, Nikki gets him admitted in Sanjeevani. The resident doctor examines the unconscious Abhimanyu and starts taking care of his wounds and requests Nikita to report the case. "I'll do it later doctor, I can't leave his side." She says. The doctor firmly tells her that she should know her responsibilities and do the necessary things. A worried Nikita files the report and calls Riddhima for support.

"Dr. Modi is where?"asks a shocked Riddhima on the phone

"ICU....please Ridzi, I need you, can you come here" cries a tearful Nikki on the phone.

"Calm down Nikki, calm down....he'll be fine. I am coming OK..." Ridzi says calmingly while getting out of bed to get to the hospital to support her hysterical friend.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells a pacing Nikki that though Abhimanyu is fine, he has lost a lot of blood coz of his two injuries. The cuts in his hands are also deep and the shoulder injury, which is old, hasn't healed as much as it should have. Also, he needs some blood and his blood type is not available in the blood bank and she needs to get some donor.

"Sh...shoulder injury?.....What shoulder injury are you talking about?"Asks a confused Nikki

The doctor explains to her that whatever Abhimanyu did to his arm which caused the cut, aggravated his shoulder injury, which is a little old. This has resulted in his whole right arm being injured. The stab wound though not too deep, has still caused blood loss for which he will need some blood which she should arrange as soon as possible. A stunned Nikita gapes at the doctor who leaves her standing at the door to tend back to Abhimanyu.

When Riddhima reaches the ICU she finds a sobbing Nikki. "Nikki, how did this......what happened? He is alrite na?"She asks.

"No......h.....he needs blood.....he didn't listen to me....I told him he should treat his hand.....h....he didn't listen.....never listens.....shoulder too......he never listens....just gets mad....never...L....Listens" rails Nikki, sobbing uncontrollably. Riddhima fetches some water and calms her friend down and asks her to explain. Nikki tells him that she needs to arrange blood for him, Ridzi asks the blood type and then states that Armaan is the same blood type so maybe she should call him. Nikki starts to cry afresh, "Armaan hates A....ABhi...he won't Abhi......oh it's my fault.....Riddhima." Seeing Nikki so inconsolable, she gets up to call Armaan and asks him to come to the hospital as Nikki needs him.

A worried Armaan comes to the hospital and the scene which greets him shocks him. Nikki is inconsolable in Riddhima's arms and Ridzi lifts pleading eyes towards Armaan. On seeing Armaan, Nikki suddenly quietens and moves away from Riddhima. She gets up and goes and stands in the ICU window from where she can see Abhi in the room. Looking at the love of her life lying in the hospital bed unconscious, Nikki starts sobbing afresh. Armaan stares at his friend and turns in concern towards Riddhima.

"You are fine, she looks fine though she's crying so much.....what is wrong.....who needs blood?" asks a confused Armaan.

"Dr. Modi" says Riddhimma softly.

"What? way" shouts Armaan.

Riddhima looks at him warningly but Nikki hears Armaan's outburst and her sobs become loud. She turns with tears streaming down her face.

"P....P.....Please Armaan....please don't say no....don't hate him....Abhi needs blood....please save can save him......L... love him.....I will die.... can't live ....please Armaan....please'" she pleads with Armaan becoming hysterical.

Armaan is shocked seeing Nikki in such a condition. He gathers her in his arms and soothes her down. "Ok.....Ok ....Nikki.....stop crying sweety......he will be fine......of course he will be fine.....kuch nahi hoga usse....I am here na......we will see what we can do."

"Noo....No have to help him......his blood type is the same as yours....Armaan you have to agree......A.....Abhi......all this is because of me......he is stabbed....Armaan please.....please..."Nikki starts hyperventilating. Armaan frees himself from Nikki's death grip and looks inside the ICU. He shakes his head in disbelief at the scene before him. "Nikki....I don't know how this happened but please sweety stop crying. Yes...yes...I will give my just calm down......Modi will be fine." saying this he goes to talk to the doctor.

The doctor explains everything to Armaan and when Armaan tells him that he is here to donate blood the doctor asks him to take care of it as he knows what to do. When Armaan comes out of the ICU, Nikki rushes to him "A....Armaan what did he is does he look?....he will be fine na?.....will.....will you...b..blood'" she questions him.

"Nikki, get a grip on yourself. I don't know how you are involved in any of this but seriously ...why are you crying like this. It's not like he is your boyfriend or something." Snaps Armaan.

"It's my fault Armaan.....he got stabbed becoz he was trying to save me.....from don't understand....he.....he's not a bad person....please don't be mad at him.....please he needs blood." Nikki's tears start afresh.

Armaan sighs and signals Riddhima to take care of Nikki. "I have to go and give blood. You stop crying Nikki. Dr. Modi will be fine.Let me go now." Handing her to Ridzi, Armaan walks away. While Armaan is away, Riddhima tries to ask Nikki if she had ever eaten. Nikki nods her head.

"Is that a yes or no Nikki" asks Ridzi

"His hand is cut too......I don't know how.....Riddhima....he was so mad at me.....what if something'" blaberss Nikki .

Riddhima is shocked by Nikki's condition but understands that she is feeling guilty and also the fact that Nikki realized what Abhimanyu meant to her in the hospital and the fear of losing him was gnawing her inside.Riddhima sits her down and holds her hand and very calmly tells her, "Nikki, Abhimanyu will be fine. You will not loose him. He is in good hands but you need to be strong too. Please stop crying ."

Nikki nods her head and tries her best to control her tears but her eyes keep darting to the window of the ICU. "I love him much ....I never knew.....the thought of losing him almost killed me today.My Abhi in the hospital.....this is all my are right.....I need to be strong....nothing will happen to him......I love him so much."she says with a hint of tears in her voice.

"You what?" asks a shocked Armaan.

Nikki freezes at Armaan's voice. He comes in front of her and asks icily "You what?"

" him" she says diffidently

"You are out of your mind.....Riddhima....ask her to go home and rest."an angry Armaan bites out

"A...Armaan.....please......this is all because of me.....don't be mad....please....." Nikki tries to gather her courage.

"All because of have been repeating that since I have come here...... I want to know how" he asks

"Armaan please sit....I will tell you....Nikki replies and haltingly, diffidently proceeds to tell Armaan how Abhimanyu ended up in the hospital.

"He saved you.....I get that....any self respecting man would have done that......where does this love of yours figure in" asks an adamant Armaan.

"Armaan....Abhimanyu Modi is a good man.....he never used me......he always helped me" and Nikki explains to Armaan how Abhimanyu always took care of her.

"You love him?.....Modi?....Nikki how will you handle him?" asks an exasperated Armaan.

"with love." Smiles Nikki

" him......Modi?....saachi Nikki'." Armaan asks

Riddhima sniggers at Armaan's state. "Riddhima.....what are you laughing seem to approve of this ....this..." says Armaan at a loss for words.

"You saw how much Nikki cares......Dr. Modi cares even more.....he just came to the pool to ask if Nikki felt the same for him." says Riddhima.

"He cares?" asks Nikki. "You knew?" asks Armaan incredulously

"Well Nikki......yes he does care a lot for you. Yes, Armaan I arranged for them to meet. You need to stop being her father and let Nikki win back her love. Will you help her?" She asks

"No....I will not HELP her ruin her life." States Armaan

"Armaan ....if Abhi is my ruin....then I want to be ruined." Says Nikki softly

"Fine......whatever....Ok Nikki......if you love him so much then I will help you......I will try I mean....." says Armaan giving up.

Both Nikki and Riddhima hug him in joy and the doctor comes out and tells them that Abhi is doing much better , they are shifting him in the regular ward and they can visit him tomorrow.

"Can I ....can I please stay" Implores Nikki, finding it difficult to leave Abhi even for a second.

"If you want to....but only one of you can stay" warns the doctor.

Armaan and Riddhima leaveand Nikki sits at Abhi's bedside holding his hand, caressing his face and looking at him with love filled eyes. "Come on open your eyes soon Dr. Modi" she whispers.

Abhimanyu opens his eyes to find Nikki asleep with her head on his shoulder.


Disoriented, with aches all over, Abhimanyu turned to see the weight on his shoulder. Nikita sleeping on his shoulder took his breath away. He blinked his eyes to see if it was a dream or reality. He couldn't believe that the girl who made his heart do crazy flip flops was asleep snugly on him. He raised his right hand to touch her soft cheeks and screamed in agony. "Ouch....what the...." He trailed and looked around him. All memory came flooding back. His painful yell woke Nikki from her slumber. She gets up rubbing her eyes and looks straight into the dark eyes she was dreaming about. A beautiful smile spreads on her face.

"Abhi.....Good are you feeling?" she asked sweetly

"Like hell......all thanks to you" he replied sullenly

"I am got are fine now.....I'll take care of you" Nikki smiled, her love shining in her eyes and raised her hand to cup his cheek. He slaps her hand away from his cheek and takes a deep breath to control his churning emotions.

He tries to sit himself up and a curse escapes his lips at the pain which hits him. Nikki rushes forward to help him but he pushes her away and turns stormy eyes in her direction. "" he bites out every word. " are ..hurt..I..I was just helping you" stammers Nikki.

"Don't you get it? Are you an idiot? I just don't want you near me...actually anywhere in my vicinity." he says bitterly. His words shock Nikki. The very man who didn't think for a second before helping to save her from the goons was now acting like he could not stand to look at her. She plasters a smile on her face and goes forward in spite of his angry looks to help him up. He pushes her away and rings for a nurse. When the nurse comes in he asks for help to sit up. Although upset at his gesture, Nikki silently stands there thanking god that he is feeling better, better enough to fight with her.

"Can you call the attending doctor please" he requests the nurse.

When the nurse leaves, Nikki goes near him, "Your hand is cut Abhi, I don't know what you did, also the stab wound, you lost ....."she starts to tell him but he raises his hand to stop her.

"See Dr. Nikita, you are an intern much as I know of your capabilities, you must have panicked on seeing please I would like to hear from the doctor and you can leave know for work maybe." He snarls at her. Nikki's eyes widen in shock at hearing his words. 

" are still mad at me?" she asks incredulously

"Dr. Nikita.......all this is because of your stupidity......who asked you to come to my house and then you crash your car and the icing on the start walking in the street late at night.....please tell me have you ever met a thing called sense?.....I guess not.....bewakoof ladki ho bilkul....look what happened because of you." he pounced on her, all his anger and pain coming out on her in his bitter words.

Shocked at his tirade, tears spring into Nikki's eyes and she looks helplessly at him. At that moment the doctor enters and goes to check Abhimanyu. He tells him about his condition. He mentions that his shoulder injury had not healed properly and has resurfaced too. At the mention of the injury, Nikki looks questioningly at him but he avoids her eyes.

"Sh....Shoulder injury?" she questions the doctor

"Doctor I know what you mean....I will take care of it....thank you." cuts in Abhimanyu.

The doctor leaves and while going out he instructs Nikita to take care of Dr. Modi and make sure he is comfortable. Nikki smiles her affirmation but dreads the duty in her mind *oh god!Abhi is not going to make this easier for me.Kitna khadus hai yeh!!! Nikki tujhe bhi yehi mila tha pyaar karne ko!Armaan se toh keh diya hai ki "I will handle him......please lord give me the strength* she prays.

Looking at her standing with her eyes closed and hands folded, "Well, are you praying for strength now? will need it" he says quietly

At the sound of his voice, her eyes snap open, "I know can test a saint's patience" she counters.

"So, why are you still here?...Go" hurt creeps into his voice.

"Kahan jaaon.....tumse door? Sorry, can't" she shrugs coming closer "Are you hungry?"

"It didn't take you much time to go away that am not hungry" he replies softly and rings for the nurse. When the nurse walks in he tells her he is hungry and could she please get him something to eat. Nikki sighs at his impudence *Nikita Malhotra you have a fight on your hands*and shakes her head.

She walks out with the nurse and once out of Abhi's earshot tells her that she is in charge of taking care of Dr. Modi and she would take care of the food and the nurse could take care of her other duties. She then walks into the locker room and freshens herself. When she walks back into Abhi's ward, she sees that the food has arrived and Abhimanyu is making a clumsy attempt to eat with his left hand. She smiles at this walks into his line of vision.

"Tum.....again?" he asks. He rings for the nurse and when she comes in he asks her to help him eat. The nurse looks at Nikki and then tells him that Dr. Nikita will help him and she is busy and walks out. Abhimanyu is shocked at this. "I should fire this woman right this a way to treat the patients" he says.

"Well it's my duty so you can't fire her. She only pointed it out to you." Smiles Nikki.

He ignores her and attempts to eat but is pretty much unsuccessful and pushes the plate away saying "I'm not hungry".

"You will never ask for help .....will you?" Nikki goes and sits next to him and starts feeding him. Instead of taking the bite from her hand he turns his face away.

"Abhi..." Nikki says softly "Eat".

"Not hungry" he says face turned.

" have to take the medicines too." She reasons but the handsome doctor ignores her behaving like a kid.

"Come on Dr.". He rings for the nurse adamantly. "She is not going to it's just you and me here." Nikki says. At this Abhimanyu looks at her in surprise.  They stare at each other, Nikki's eyes full of love and Abhi's eyes suspicious. Suddenly his stomach growls in hunger and Nikki bursts out laughing. "Open your mouth Abhi.....kha lo na baba". Abhimanyu glares at her but eats the food.

"Abhi there some family which needs to be know about your accident" Nikki inquires.

"Don't worry about me Dr. mouth is not injured....I will inform who I have to......and next time please let the nurse help me." He retorts

"You are impossible.......can't you reply to a simple question without being your mean self." Nikki loses her cool.

"Well if it bothers you so much Nurse Nikki.....why are you still here" he fights back

"I thought I cared.....but you make it impossible" she replies and turns to leave.

"I thought you cared too.....but I was wrong" stops Nikki in her tracks. She takes a deep breath collecting her strength and turns and looks into anguished eyes, which tears at her heart. She goes near him and cradles his cheek. "I care about you Abhi" she says.

"Really .....then care to leave me alone" he goes back to his angry self. Hearing this Nikki walks out.

She meets the other interns at the reception and Armaan and they start asking about Abhimanyu. She tells them that he is fine. Dr. Keerti distributes their duties and appoints Nikki to take care of Dr. Modi too. Anjie, Muskaan, Rahul and Atul look at her suspiciously.

"What?" she says

"You are going to look after him?" Atul asks

"That creep" says Anjie

"Who machhar......pata nahi kya karta rehta hai......"Muskaan

"Guys, it's a duty ok.....don't read too much into it.....would any of you want to take the responsibility" Rahul jumps to her defence.

All of them raise their hands simultaneously a big NO ringing out. Nikki smiles at Rahul thankfully and everyone starts dispersing for their work. Armaan pulls Nikki aside, "Is he bothering you?" he asks. She shakes her head in the negative."Ok let me know if he does.....I will" "stop it Armaan , you promised to behave" Nikki interrupts him."Yeah" he makes a face and they both laugh.

Nikki gets busy with her duties but stops by at lunch time to visit Abhimanyu who she sees is covered with files and yelling at someone on the phone. She waits for the conversation to end and then shakes her head at him.

"You are supposed to rest not work" she starts gathering the papers which are spread on the bed. He slaps her hand away.

"I am a doctor too if you are forgetting......don't order me about" he snaps.

"You are my patient Abhimanyu Modi" Nikki wags her finger at him.

"I am not your .....Aything" he spouts.

"You angry, crazy are my....."Nikki stops suddenly and then turns to go. Abhimanyu catches her hand and winces at the pain which shoots through him. He pulls her closer and asks," Your what?"

"Abhi....leave me.....this is a hospital" Nikki struggles.

"Answer me Nikki......or do you want Armaan's help" he says sarcastically.

"Armaan......why wud I....." and her face turns a fiery red when she remembers what he is getting to.

" forgot.....I took advantage of you......why do you keep coming here.......if your friends see this they will think I am torchering Dr. Nikita......get lost." He pushes her away.

"Stop it.....Armaan is not ....." she tries to explain.

"I know about his saintly virtues.....that is why he is going to Delhi for a week's conference. Drs. Muskaan and Anjali are going to Panchgani at a children's camp and Drs. Atul and Riddhima are going to Sanjeevani Chennai for 2 weeks for a different conference. Dr. Rahul and you can take care of the duties here." He tells her everyone's punishment.

Nikki gasps at this and stares at him in shock. "Rahul and I?...there is so much work are you serious?" she asks

"Am I laughing here?" he answers. "The orders have already been passed so they should be why were you here" he gives a satisfied smile.

"To ....To....are you serious?...Rahul and I the whole Sanjeevani?" she can't wrap her mind around what she just heard.

"Actually it just might only be you....Dr. Rahul will be leaving for a 2 week leave tomorrow." He says.

Nikki is lost for words before she can explode, she catches herself and turns to walk out. "Dr. Nikita, since the nurse won't come, because you asked her not medicines please." He orders.

She gives him the medicines and walks out to the canteen where she meets the rest of the gang who are complaining about their sudden out of town trips. Nikki tells them that she gets the worst as she is going to be here all by herself. "With Love" sniggers Armaan. Nikki looks daggers at him. The gang disperses and Armaan looks at Nikki, "With Love haan.....kar lo uss khadoos se pyaar......rahio yahan......I won't see Riddhima for 2 weeks......can you believe it?" he gets all worked up.

"He is mad at us you know" she says taking his side.

"Arre khoon diya hai maine......n still hez mad?" asks Armaan.

"Tumhara khoon type same hi hai na......and you hate him two will be the death of go pack going to be a ghost in sanjeevani......din mein hospital ki duty and raat mein uss uss......sadu ki" she gets up to leave.

" don't have to listen to him you know" Armaan tells her.

"It's just work Armaan......I'll be fine." She walks away

The next day flies for Nikki but she stops by at Abhi's ward and completes her duty toward him but in no mood to forgive he insults her every time. After her duty, she stops by when he is sleeping each night and spends sometime looking at his reports and results finding it difficult to leave him alone.

Two days later, emotionally and physically exhausted, Nikki walks in to give him his lunch as he is insistently ringing for it. He is standing facing the window and speaking lovingly into the phone. At the tone of his voice Nikki stops short wondering who he is speaking to so nicely.

"I know...don't worry baby." He speaks

*Baby? Who is that*wonders Nikki

"I am fine now......nothing happened ......just a small accident ok" he continues

*Oh family......must be his sister or someone......I don't even know if he has any siblings.....I should find out*smiles Nikki

"Ok....I am keeping the phone now will call you soon......Daddy loves you too Tia, my princess.....daddy misses you too...... I will see you soon sweetheart" he signs off.

"Daddy?" shrieks a shocked Nikita.

"You have a daughter?" she goes towards him.

He turns at the sound of her voice and answers calmly. "You should not eavesdrop on personal conversation Dr. Nikita.......But to answer your question....Yes."


"A daughter?"Nikki repeats unbelievingly

"Tia" he smiles softly to himself thinking of his beautiful angel.

"I don't believe it! When were you planning on telling me?" Nikki questions her voice rising with each syllable, her hands on her waist.

"Tell you? Why? It's personal business" shrugs Abhimanyu.

"Per.....Personal business? Really?.....You asked me how I felt about you.....but you didn't  think this information was important Dr. Modi?" snarls Nikki, coming closer.

"How does my having a daughter change how you feel about me Dr. Nikita? You never felt anything for me then...... Nor do you nothing's changed." He fights back

"You arrogant beas..." Nikki is about to abuse him when Abhi suddenly closes the distance between them and softly but threateningly says, "Watch your language Nikita". Surprised at his action, Nikita takes a step back. "You liar! You hid stuff about yourself and are asking me to watch my language.....How dare you?" Nikki burns with anger. Closing the distance again Abhi asks, "How dare I.....what?" Nikki pushes him away in frustration and accidentally hits his stab wound. He doubles up in pain and she rushes to help him. She makes a softly cursing Abhimanyu sit on the bed. He looks up at her with pain in his eyes and meets her cold stare.

"Am sorry.....I didn't mean to hurt you" apologizes Nikki coldly.

"Do you ever?" he gasps and she looks away in anger.

She waits for him to catch his breath and asks flaty, "Where is your wife?"

"I don't think I need to answer any of your questions Dr. Nikita." He answers back as flatly.

"So, in spite of having a daughter you cheat on your wife? Armaan was right..... You are a low life .....and you disgust me......I wish I had never met you or even thought about lov....." Nikki stops her tirade when she realizes that she was about to blurt out that she loved him.

"Thought about what?" he asks

"Does your wife know why you are hurt? Or telling her and your daughter "love you" on the phone is enough?" starts a bitter Nikki  "You pointed your finger at me when I came to apologize but look at you '.you cheat your wife'.what kind of a man are all this mess I feel sorry for your daughter."

"I ....not ....cheating ....anyone....get that straight Nikita" controlled fury appears in his voice.

"You cheap, cheating, lying...."Abhi pulls her to his level cutting her rant.

"I don't owe you an explanation Nurse came her out of your own guilt.....and don't pass that off as feelings or emotions you understand. Think what you want of me but just get out of my room. I don't want to see you here anymore." He says menacingly and pushes her away at the same time his face contorting in pain.

"Let me check your wound and see why it's hurting." Nikki goes back to her professional self. She checks the wound but doesn't find anything to worry about and conveys the same to him and he nods curtly on the information.

"Well Dr. Modi take your medicines on time and your wounds seem to be healing properly. You will be discharged tomorrow so you can go home to your wife and daughter." Nikki sermons.

"Daughter." He says softly which Nikki ignores and walks out.


In a daze, blocking her pain, Nikki managed to complete her duties and reach home before breaking down. She could not believe what had happened today, the man she had fallen in love with did not exist. Drained emotionally and physically she sat on her bed disbelieving. "Daddy loves you too Tia, my princess'daddy misses you too" kept repeating in her head. She covered her ears to block his voice and the pain which rose afresh with it but it was impossible to do so. *Abhi was a father!!! He had a daughter!!He had a wife!!* She did not want to believe it.

 Her heart wouldn't let her believe, that he would lie to her,  in spite of being married he would pursue her but her mind kept going back to what she had heard "Daddy loves you too Tia, my princess'daddy misses you too" and not once had he denied or offered to explain to her. Instead he had told her that it was none of her business!!*The gall of the man! He has no shame!* Suddenly she stopped short  in her thoughts when she realized that he had never once mentioned any wife and it was 6 months since she knew him. If there was a wife then where was she? Why were they apart'.did she not know about his accident'wait a minute 'his daughter did!!...all sort of questions clamored her brain. "Agggggghhhhh.....yeh aadmi mujhe pagal kar dega......but I think he is hiding something.....I have to find out what" wiping her tears, she decides to investigate the mystery behind the wife n child. "If I find out that he cheated them and me......I will make Dr. Abhimanyu Modi pay" thinks a determined Nikki.

Next day at the hospital, Nikki finds out that Abhimanyu has been discharged at noon when she goes to visit and confront him. Muttering to herself that she will find out the gory details and "wring his neck" she crashes into Dr. Shashank.

"Dr. Nikita......whose neck are we talking about here?" he asks raising an eyebrow.

"S....Sir.....I.....nothing ......It's nothing'you know lot of just...." she stutters no excuse coming to mind.

"Well I hope some poor patient has not brought about this mood'.well you are doing a good job I must have been very professional and managing very well without the others around'please keep up the good work." He praises and starts to walk away.

"Sir'ummm Dr. Modi.....w.....when is he getting back?" she questions abruptly. Dr. Shashank looks at her questioningly. "I.....I was just you know....medicines.....his prescription.....he...for...forgot was going to send it to him." She trails off.

"Dr. Nikita.....really.....I didn't think so...butyou will have to send Dr. Modi's prescription to his house and he will be back in a week......aur kuch?" he asks

"Th....Thank  you sir.....I was just.....good day sir." She turns and hurries to the cafe. While eating lunch, the thought to search Abhimanyu's office to find a clue about his family creeps into Nikki's mind and a smile spreads over her face. She vows to find an opportune time to do the deed. *office'.maybe'a picture'.hopefully I will find something*. Happy with her plan she resumes her duties. Three days later Nikita is passing the reception when she hears sister Lovely muttering about how Dr. Modi's files were pending and she did not even have a chance to organize them as she was busy with other things. Nikita jumps at the opportunity. "Lovelyji, I can help you.....I will organize them and place it in his office.....this way I can help you and him both." Sister lovely's face lights up at the offer and she hands Nikki all the files. "Keys to his cabin" Nikki asks solemnly hardly able to control her excitement on the perfect opportunity.

Once inside the cabin, Nikita starts to rummage through his stuff. "Sadu.....he has locked his cabinets....chor hain kya yahan.....koi talaashi lega kya uske cabin ki?" she mutters trying to look at other places. Unsuccessful and frustrated, she sits in his chair cursing him when she spots a beautiful terracotta box lying on his table. Out of curiosity, she opens it and finds the keys she had been looking for. Her gaze also falls on something shiny and she lifts the kundan piece of her bracelet from the box. " missing piece.....he...he has it.....I though.....why would he...." Smiling happily when the answer comes to her she places it back but when her eyes move to the keys in her hand, reality comes rushing back and wipes the smile off her face. She opens the cabinets and starts rifling through his files to get a clue. When she reaches the lowest cabinet she finds a file titled "TIA BAKSHI" and she slowly lifts it, hundred thoughts zooming through her mind. *Bakshi?...he is Modi'...his daughter....this is weird* With her heart in her mouth she opens the file and her jaw hangs open in shock at its contents.  


Nikki rifles through the file taking in the information and shaking her head in disbelief. *Was all she reading TRUE? Could this be happening?*She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She turned the last page and gasped at the picture she saw. *So this is Tia* A cherubic face looked back at her with big beautiful brown eyes and a happy smile. Nikki smiled at the picture of innocence in the file "So, this is your princess Dr. Modi...Tia...bahut pyaari hai" she says under her breath lightly touching the picture.

"Dr. Nikita ji " Sister Lovely comes looking for her. Nikki rushes to keep the file back and hurriedly locks the cabinets and starts arranging the files. She tells Sister Lovely that she has taken care of the work and as her break is over she will get back to her duties and walks out of Abhimanyu's cabin with a song in her heart.

By the end of the week Armaan, Anjali and Muskaan are back from their respective trips. On Monday, Nikki walks into Sanjeevani and bumps into a harried looking Abhimanyu.

"Ouch...are you blind Dr. Nikita....shoot "he clutches his waist and bends a little with the pain.

"Sorry Dr. were turning the corner a little fast." she smiles at him, her eyes moving lovingly on him taking in his rather confused appearance and her heart fills with love for him.

"I was never look where you go....all you do is say sorry for this and sorry for really need to start behaving like a ...." he stops short with shock and stiffens when Nikki hugs him lightly. "W...Wha...What are you doing Dr. Nikita.....behave." he says unconvincingly, unable to move out of the hug.

"So nice to have you back Dr. know your sarcasm makes my day....comes so naturally to you" Nikita smiles at him and walks away grinning to herself at his shocked expression.

She walks into the locker room and sees a sulking Armaan on one side and Anjali and Muskaan complaining about the atrocious kids in the children's camp.

"Hi good to have you all back" she beams at them.

Total silence greets her. "What are you so happy about?" asks Armaan sulkily.

"She didn't have to deal with those hyperactive kids" says Anjali bitterly.

"Heard even Modi was not here for a week." Muskaan complains.

"Aww guys group hug...I missed you all."All hug together and look at Nikki suspiciously.

"Armaan....Ridzi will be back in a week....don't worry." She consoles him but a grumpy Armaan starts on how he would like to draw his blood back from Modi and how he wished he had not melted at her tears and let that demon slowly bleed. "Armaan...its work...I was alone here's just a week."Anjie and Muskaan also join Nikki's efforts. "Guys it was raining incessantly in Chennai" he sulks. "At least you didn't have kids to deal with" Muskaan states. "Hyperactive kids....they were not kids...little's kids I tell you...ask too many questions "complains Anjali.

"I love kids....they are so innocent and have such beautiful smiles and are pure at heart....impossible not to love" says Nikki dreamily. All three gape at her statement.

"Really?" they ask in unison. "All they need is some love" Nikki continues smiling but when she looks at their expression she realizes what she said. She wipes the smile of her face "I ...I mean....the kids here.... in our children ward and daycare centre are not bad....they are very obedient" she explains. All three nod at her. "What....I was just saying....look at the bright side ok.....come out of your morose moods and let's get back to our duties before Dr. Modi.."she starts warning.

"What are you all doing here?"Cuts Nikki's warning and all look to see an angry Abhi standing in the doorway his hands on his waist. "You all have started shirking your all deserve a red mark on your all are worthless and don't deserve to be should learn...."  He rants when Nikki goes closer to him, looks him in the eye and states "Sorry Dr. was my fault. Please don't blame them."

"Of course Dr. Nikita....what else can  I expect of are not only clumsy but irresponsible. I will see that you are punished for your callous behavior towards the patients." He turns his wrath on her.

"Patients or you?" she says softly enough for Abhi's ears. Abhimanyu's eyes blaze with fury.  In a controlled voice he asks the other three to resume their duties and Nikita to meet him in his cabin in five minutes and leaves.

" didn't have to do this "Anjie and Muskaan tell her. She smiles at them and tells them that it's alright and they should head to their duties and they leave the locker room.

"Nikki, woh...Modi...I don't like how he behaves....what is going on?" Armaan asks

"'s nothing ....don't worry....I know how to handle Mr. Tough guy......he will be fine." She reassures him and both leave the locker room.

Nikki knocks and enters Abhi's cabin and stands in front of his table. "Dr. Modi you called" she asks the back of his chair. When all she hears is the clicks on the laptop, she calls him again but gets no answer. She walks towards the other side of the table and stands in front of the chair and looks into big brown eyes. She bends forward to take off the earphones and extends her hand "Hi ...I am Nikki...what is your name sweetie?" she asks smiling at the angelic little girl sitting in front of her.

"Tia Bakshi Modi" she answers softly and shyly not taking Nikki's hand.


Nikki sits on her haunches and asks the shy girl before her, "Tia Bakshi Modi'.hmmm '.such a big name for such a small girl?" Tia nods and looks at Nikki solemnly, "I am not small anymore. My Abinamyu Daddy says I am a big girl. I am 4 years old." She explains to Nikki, who hides her smile at the little girl's explanation.

"Four is big" Nikki confirms smilingly nodding.

 "How old are you?" asks Tia.

"Well I am older than you" replies Nikki. At her answer Tia starts thinking and smilingly Nikki asks her what she is thinking. "My Abinamyu Daddy'he is big too'.very big'that is why he is my daddy.....are you Mommy too?" she asks innocently and Nikki is taken aback at such a direct question. "Ummm 'no'I am not a Mommy." She replies, "Yet" she thinks in her heart.

"Oh" Tia looks crestfallen at her answer. "What happened'.why are you sad?" asks Nikki concerned.

"I can't play'.you have no babies." She points out to Nikki, who can't help but laugh at the four year olds logic.

"You can play with me" she offers.

"No'you are daddy's friend" Tia replied and a sad smile clouds Nikki's face. *Your daddy doesn't want to be friends with me. I wish he would forgive me*. Snapping out of her thoughts, she looks in Tia's credulous eyes and sighs. "So, you want to play with big girls like yourself right?" she asks tweaking Tia's nose and gets a nod in return. "Ok in Sanjeevani we have a daycare and there are a lot of children there. So when your Daddy comes, he can take you there. Ok?" she solves Tia's problem of friends.

Tia nods excitedly and Nikki asks her where her father is to which she replies that he got a call and stepped out to answer it. Nikki doesn't understand whether to wait for Abhi or leave to attend her duties. *Either way the Sadu is going to get mad* While she is thinks, Tia goes back to watching her cartoons and starts playing with the laptop. Accidentally she hits the escape key and the cartoon becomes small. "Daddy'Daddy " she starts calling for Abhi and fidgets to get out of the chair but the laptop is heavy for her to get off of her.

Nikki snaps out of her reverie at the little girl's cries and asks her what the matter is. Nikki lifts the laptop off her lap and tells her that she can fix it for her and does so which brings a small smile on the little one's face, who by this time had jumped down from the chair and was prancing around Nikki.

"Tia'why don't you sit back and watch your cartoon" suggests Nikki to the little girl who is dancing around her.

"No'.I wants Daddy" she says. Nikki smiles at her and tells her that her daddy will back soon; she should just wait a little. "No 'No'I wants Daddy now." She says urgently, jumping up and down.

"Kya hua Tia?" she asks at the sudden change in the child's behavior.

"Bathroom'I wanna go bathroom" she says in her American twang.

"Oh Ok'.I can take you" Nikki gets up smiling and asks the little to take her hand and as they take a few steps, Abhimanyu enters the cabin and stops dead at the sight of his beloved daughter's hand in Nikki's. As soon as she sees Abhi, Tia rushes to him and hugs his leg. "Daddy" she smiles up at him. Abhi bends towards her with a warm smile on his face and picks her up. She lovingly encircles his neck and lays her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck. She laughs happily when Abhi acts as if her kiss tickled him.

"Where was my princess going?" he asks her lovingly and shoots an angry look at Nikki with a question in his eyes.

All this while, Nikki watches in fascination the interaction between the father and daughter. Seeing the precious way he treats his daughter, her respect for Abhimanyu increases and her heart aches to be the part of the perfect picture these two make. At Abhi's glare, Nikki shakes her head and starts to speak when Tia answers his question. "Bathroom'.Nikki said she will take me'.Daddy I wannna go bathroom" she lilts.

"Okay Tiu'we will go...ok'but I have told you not to talk to strangers na." he rebukes her gently and she nods solemnly. Nikki colors at his insinuation. "Daddy she is your friend and she told me her name and she is very pretty" Tia answers his rebuke in her logic which elicits a small smile from Nikki who is uncomfortable at Abhimanyu's open dislike of her.

Sighing and shaking his head at his daughter he looks daggers at Nikki, "What are you doing here Dr. Nikita?" he asks crisply.

"You called me Dr. Modi" she retorts.

"Bathroom" an urgent voice interrupts their cold exchange.

 Abhi heads towards the restroom in his cabin and takes Tia inside. Standing in his office, Nikki shakes her head in disbelief watching Abhimanyu in a father's role. She laughs softly at the sound of Abhi reasoning with Tia inside and her heart fills with love for the both of them. At that moment she understands that if she ever wants to share a life with Abhi, her heart would have to encompass his little princess, who had started making headway already in that direction.

Tia rushes out of the restroom towards Nikki and asks her to take her to friends. "Tia, come here right now. Wash your hands" Abhi calls at her in a mock stern tone.

"Tia'Daddy is calling, go wash your hands and then we can go to friends ok." Nikki sends the little girl back.

Abhi and Tia walk out hand in hand. He looks at Tia and tells her that she can watch her cartoons while he works here. "No, I wanna go to friends" she insists.

"There are no friends here baby. In the evening I will take you out '..For ice-cream'.so please watch your cartoons." He tries to reason with Tia.

"Nooo'Nikki said there are friends and we could go when you came back. I wanna go." She stomps he foot.

Abhimanyu looks at Nikki questioningly. "What stories have you told my daughter now Dr. Nikita?" he asks her with a raised eyebrow.

"Dr. Modi'.I mentioned about our day care'..she can play with the other kids and you can work in peace" replies Nikki with a sugar laced voice.

Relief washes over his features but his look remains stern towards Nikki. "Yeah'I knew'" Nikki raises an eyebrow. "Well thank you Dr. Nikita for reminding me'.Tia can play there." He says a little more civilly. Hearing his assent Tia starts dragging Abhi's hand "Go'Go" she says.

"Tia behave'.we are going. Dr. Nikita you please go back to your duties." He instructs Nikki at the same time controlling his fidgety daughter.

"Bye Tia" Nikki waves at her as she leaves and gets a big wave back in response. Smiling, she walks out of his cabin to resume her duties while Abhi takes his excited daughter to make new friends.

During her break, Nikki goes to the daycare to see if Tia is coping well and spots her playing with a few kids. She watches her quietly for a few moments and when Tia notices her presence, she comes rushing to her and tells her to look at the drawings they have been making. She introduces Nikki to her friends and tells them that she is her Daddy's friend and also her friend.

Nikki takes a look at Tia's drawing and sees that she has made a house, a sun, a lady, a small child and two men. She asks her what is what in the drawing." My house, sun, my mommy, my daddy and my daddy" explains Tia pointing at each figure.

"Two Daddies?" asks Nikki

"Yes.  Jai Daddy and Abinamyu Daddy"she replies.

"Okay'where is Jai daddy?" Nikki asks.

" My Mommy and Daddy are with God '.but I have Abinamyu Daddy to love me'.God gave me Abinamyu Daddy" she answers Nikki's question with a hint of sadness. Nikki's eyes well up with tears and she hugs Tia. Tia hugs her back but when she sees Nikki crying she wipes her tears and tells her not to be sad as her new Daddy loves her very much and he used to love her when she was sad too. "My Daddy will love you too if he sees you sad."Tia explains to Nikki about how she was ready to share her Daddy with her if it makes her feel better. Nikki can't help but laugh at Tia's naivety and plays with the children awhile before resuming her duties.

 Later in the day she gets a pager from Abhimanyu asking to meet her in his cabin. She walks in to find a very agitated Abhimanyu rifling through the files on his desk. He turns at her knock and when she stands in front of him he asks irritatedly "Where is my New Sanjeevani file?"

"Excuse me'how would I know?" she replies.

"Nikita 'don't test my patience OK'.just tell me'. I need to get some work done" he asks rifling his hand though his hair.

"Abhi'.what do you mean?....How am I supposed to know where your file is?" She asks him calmly

Coming closer to her and taking a deep breath to control his temper he slowly says, "Dr. Nikita'Sister Lovely told me that you arranged my files'..that is the reason I am asking."

Nikki's hand flies to her mouth and she remembers that she was supposed to sort Abhi's files and instead she had spent her time looking at Tia's file.

"What'.you did not arrange them?....You can't be serious'..what did you do here?" he asks his temper rising again.

"A'Abhi'I 'ummm'.I got a phone call'so was not able to complete it" she lies avoiding his eyes

"Excellent'.one thing'.one thing you are being depended on and the best excuse you can come up with is a phone call" he starts pacing angrily.

"A'Abhi'.ummm'.I can help you now'am sorry" she says softly unsure how he would react.

He stops in mid stride at her response and turns angrily at her coming close. Nikita takes a step back at his sudden closeness and falls on the chair. Before she can get up, Abhimanyu puts both his hands on both the arms of the chair and traps her.

"Sorry'.really Nikita?....sorry for not doing my work'.sorry for not being responsible'.sorry for not being able to stand up for myself '.sorry for this 'sorry for that' you think sorry solves anything?" he snarls.

"A'Abhi'I mean Abinamyu sorry ..'Abhimanyu''Dr. Abhimanyu''I got a little busy'won't happen again." She fumbles, his closeness bothering her. She tries to get up indicating by her actions for him to move away but he doesn't heed to them.

"Busy'.with a phone call'..during working hours'.how callous'.oh yea '..I remember now'.I called you in the morning because of this attitude of yours''you deserve to be kicked out." His face coming a little closer to hers.

Nikki closes her eyes and prays for control, when she opens them she finds Abhimanyu staring at her and she leans back but is restricted by the chair. "Dr. Modi'.. I 'I'promise'please Abhi'.s..stop" her voice chokes at his closeness.

"Stop what?" he whispers and slowly his face bends towards hers.

"A'bhi.." her voice is cut by his lips on hers. He kisses her softly and suddenly straightens up moving away from her.

"Sorry'.am'.darn it'..Sorry Nikita''I didn't mean for this to happen." He runs his hand through his hair.

A dazed Nikki lifts her hands to her lips unable to believe at what just happened.

"Daddy' kissed your friend' like her." says Tia from the doorway and both Abhi and Nikki look at each other in shock.

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Note to the readers:

All of you who have been following my above scene, I wanted to let you know that it has been shifted to the FF thread and all the updates will be done there.
Also the old scenes have been reworked upon and more stuff added !!

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Reserved 2!!

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Nice update Honey! Its getting really interesting...and once again u leave us hangingLOL Just try not to take forever to update the next part! Want to know the secret behind Tia...

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Hey Honey,
No fair!!! the mystery is killing me. you have made the update so interesting. Please donot make us wait too long and solve the mystery soon.
I loved -
"Tia" he smiles softly to himself thinking of his beautiful angel.
this is the softer side of Abhi, which we have not seen till now.
And he is being a real 'khadoos' now. He knows that Niki would think the worse of him after knowing that he has a daughter. But doesnot reveal anything to her and lets her think the worst. I feel sorry for Niki, the way he is making her suffer.
thanks for the update!

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