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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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                                 Just Another Day


Introduction- AN are married and they have another member in their family, it's a baby boy-Rudra, who's now 3 years old. Even after five years of their marriage, nothing has changed much except that a member has increased in their family. They still argue and fight as they used to do 5 years back. Abhi is still that "sadu" for Nikki and Nikki is still a "little firebrand" for Abhi, who doesn't know anything but to fight with him.

Now, since the family has expanded and with that the responsibility, they've emerged as being an ideal parents, a child would want.

Everyday, before going to Sanjeevani, Abhi-Nikki drop Rudra in daycare and it is Nikki who has to pick him up everyday except on weekends when Abhi and Nikki together pick him up as its only Saturdays when Abhi gets some free time to do the needful. Inspite of hectic schedule of life, Abhi-Nikki spend all the time they have, with their son at home after hospital. At home, it's just Rudra who's their priority. According to Nikki, Abhi has been a great father, actually far better than she had expected and in the past 3 years she had seen him grow as a father. She has also concluded that Rudra is just like his father. He looks like him, talks like him, just as intelligent as his father and with time he's turning sadu, again just like him and the most important thing, just like his father, Rudra also loves Niki and just can't stay without her.

Its Friday and just like another day, Nikki is in a hurry, pacing through the corridors of Sanjeevani, to get to her cabin. Nikki while removing her labcoat, looked at her watch. "It's 2 already. God, I should be leaving. Rudra hates to wait." She picked her handbag and hurriedly went to her car that was parked in the parking lot. After settling herself into the car, she drove towards the daycare.

As she reached, she went out of the car and looked around, "Thank God, I'm here in time otherwise Rudra would have been mad at me", then shaking her head again murmured, "sadu, son of a sadu" She herself smiled at her weird thoughts. Just then a kid came running to her. Nikki went down on her knees, kissed his forehead, took his bag and made him sit in the car. Then she went back to the driver's seat, tied his seatbelt and drove back to home. On their way back home, Nikki noticed that Rudra was not in his usual mood. He was quiet. So she asked him, "How was your day?" He didn't reply. "What happened baby? Had a fight with your friends?," she said joking.

He looked at her and in an irritating tone replied, "Mommy, why do you ask so many questions?"

She replied with a smile, "Because we are buddies na and today my shweet baby wasn't talking to me. So I got worried. Samjhe?" He didn't reply.


By then, they reached home and after getting inside the house, Nikki asked him what he wants to eat but he said that he didn't want to eat anything as he wasn't hungry and went to his room. Nikki, now, got worried. She thought to herself, "he never behaves like this," and went after him to his room and saw him, peaking under the table, like he was looking for something. Nikki asked, "What are you searching, Rudra?"

 "Basketball," he replied still not looking at her, "Where is it mommy, I can't find it."

Nikki went to him, took the little boy in her arms and sad on the bed, with Rudra in her lap. She then very sweetly asked him, "Firstly tell me, What is wrong? You are not talking and not even eating anything. All what you are doing is just looking for some stupid ball. What happened baby?"

He then finally answered, "Mommy, Aditya said that he plays basketball."

"So what?," she said.

He then replied, "He says that he is better than me and even his father is better than my papa as they both practice daily. He said I would only become a good player if I also practice everyday. So, I was looking for my baskeball and when papa comes, I'll practice with him," he finished.

Nikki shook her head after hearing the whole story and after a thought she said, "Listen baby, you always don't have to do what others do or say. You and papa practice every Saturday and Sunday na and'" and beore she could finish, Rudra interrupted her and said, "But I want to play with Papa today also'Please'Please'Please'," he implored.

Nikki, in order to pacify him and put an end to the discussion said, "Ok.." moreover she wanted him to eat something so she continued, "only after you eat something", she finished.

After freshening up and having done with the lunch, she asked him to sleep but he again started the previous topic. He said, "Papa would be coming anytime. We've to practice na. Did you forget?"

"God, he never forgets anything," she thought shaking her head and said, "Look Rudra, papa would be tired now. So you come and sleep and we all will practice tomorrow."

"Noooo'"came the reply. "You said, I can practice today'" he said.

"Listen to me Rudra, just come here and sleep," she said.

"But mommy," he said only to get interrupted. "I said something Rudra,  no." she said, now a bit loudly.

He didn't reply this time but just turned away, back towards her, arms folded across his chest. Nikki also turned away. Then she started with her usual ranting, "You're turning stubborn day by day. Never listen to me. Always do what you feel like. You've become a total sadu, just like your father." Hearing this, a smile spread across Rudra's lips. Nikki on the other hand continued, "You don't even love me anymore. Just do what you want, don't bother to ask me." Now, it had become a habit of Nikki, she always behaved the same way with Rudra as she did with Abhi when she was angry using these same lines everytime.

After a few seconds, when she stopped, Rudra turned; he went near her and then climbed over the bed, held out his hand to turn Nikki to face him. He stood on his tip toes, extended his arm and very gently, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear with his right hand, with left hand holding her shoulder right shoulder for support. Her eyes widened at his act. "You know Nikki, you look way hot when you're angry, seetheart," he said. Not that he comprehended the meaning of what he said, just that he wanted to make up with his mommy, so he exactly did what his father do to make up with her when she's mad at him, he had seen his father do that once or twice. On the other hand, Nikki got shocked to hear this and her eyes widened more than normal. She was dumbstruck for a while and was just gazing at this small life of 2feet before her. She always knew Rudra was just like Abhi, not only by looks but in behavior, but now he's even started talking like him. He's just turning out to be a little Abhi. Pondering over the thoughts, she went back to the memory lane'..


Nikki was having a hard time in delivery room and Abhi was having even harder time standing next to her. After the baby was out, Abhi was relieved, even more than Nikki. After some 6 hours, after delivery, Abhi came to Nikk's room after getting freshened up. All intern friends, which by now have become senior doctors were present each one craving to hold the baby for once. There was so much commotion in the room. They all were arguing about different things- with whom baby resembled the most, his eyes, his nose, what colour would suit him, what would he become when he grow up'..n all. Abhi cleared his throat and everyone turned towards the door to look at him.

Armaan said loudly, "Look, here comes the papa dearest. I think guys, we should leave. Let the family spend some alone time."

Riddhima who was holding the baby put him back into the cot and all of them left, patting Abhi on back on their way out. Abhi went to the cot and took the baby in his arms. He then looked at Nikki with a proud smile and mouthed a Thanks. Nikki just smiled back in acknowledgement. He then went to the bed with the baby and sat beside her and kissed her on her forehead. Nikki, who was now sitting, caressed her fingers softly over the baby's cheek and said, "Abhi, he looks just like you, everyone said that."

Abhi looked at her and said, "Hmmmm, except the nose."

Nikki blinked her eyes in confusion. "This cute little nose resembles yours. I hope, unlike you, ye apni naak pe gussa na rakhe," he said looking heavenwards.

Nikki was aghast to hear this. She said, "meri naak pe gussa behta hai?" then pointing a finger towards him continued, "It's you who is always angry, it's you who always start arguing over small things and'"

Before she continued, Abhi put an end before it turns out to be a fight by saying, "Ok ok, my mistake. I apologize.." Nikki just made a face. "Hmm, so mommy dear, be prepared. Now you've 2 Abhi's to handle." Then looking at the baby continued, "We're going to irritate you as much as we can. I'll make sure this little Abhi gives you a hard time just like me when I'm not around. Right my little champ?"

Nikki was appalled to hear this. "O hello, Mr. Akdu, me and my little Abhi are going to team up and we're going to annoy and irritate you, papa dearest."

"No ways Nikki, he's going to be just like me'" he replied.



Just then, there was a movement behind her back and she came back to the present.

"Papa'" Rudra exclaimed excited jumping down from the bed. "Hey, my little champ'", Abhi said picking him up in his arms, "so what's going on?"

Rudra then started, "Mommy never listens to me. I wanted to play basketball and she just didn't let me do that and then she gets angry.." Abhi listened carefully to whatever Rudra narrated and then turned towards Nikki and asked, "Really Nikki?" She just looked at him with a grim face, arms folded across her chest and said, "He made me angry."

Before Abhi could ask him anything, Rudra immediately replied, "but papa, I was making up with her na."

"And how exactly were you doing that? Tell your papa," she said.

Abhi said, "He said sorry, right?"

Nikki shook her head in negative. Abhi was confused, "then?"

"Why don't you ask your little champ," she replied.

Abhi looked at the little boy in his arms and raised his brows in question, very keen to hear the new story. Rudra, inturn, smiled impishly and said, "Like the way you make up with her when she's angry and mad at you."

Abhi, hearing this, started grinning, and said, "You never know how I make up with your mommy," and then looking at Nikki continued, "Right sweetheart?" and winked.

Nikki turned red hearing this. "Shut up Abhi.."

"Noooo, I know na papa.." Rudra interrupted.

Abhi was now very interested to know what he actually did. He asked him, "So what you exactly did champ?

Rudra replied, "I just said that mommy looks way hotter when she's angry."

After hearing this, Abhi was in pills of laughter. He put him down and high-fived with him. Nikki just shook her head at the sight before her. "Abhi really kept his words," she thought. "Abhiiii'.," she said, a bit loudly.

He gazed in her direction. She looked angry. He went near her and cupping her cheek with his right hand, looking straight into her eyes said, "Sweetheart, you know, you look way hotter when you are angry" and gave a peck on her cheek. Nikki's eyes again widened. Abhi then turned to Rudra and asked, "Did you give her a kiss?"

"Nope, I couldn't reach her," he replied dejected. He then held him up and get him close to Nikki. Rudra put his arms around her neck and kissed her other cheek and said, "I love you mommy."

"Even I love you sweetheart," Abhi said.

Nikki smiled looking at the two most precious gifts of her life and she hugged them both. Abhi then put him down and said, "Champ, let me change. You go and get the ball and I'll be right down in a moment."

Rudra excitedly ran out of the room. Abhi then turned to Nikki and said, "So wifey dear, what say, I kept my promise, didn't I?"

"Yes, hubby dear, you made my boy another Abhi for me to handle and I know my little Abhi also loves me as much as his father do," she said hugging him.

"Yup, wo to hai," he said, hugging her back. "and now, anytime in life, I'm not around you, he'll make sure that you won't miss me.

"Abhi," she moved back slightly so as to look at his face and put her fingers over his lips, "Please stop. Don't you dare say those words again. Promise that you'll always be around me. Please," she implored emotionally.

He removed her fingers from his lips and kissed them. "Ok baba, I promise. I was saying that just for the heck of saying only, I'm sorry," he replied sensing the discomfort in her voice, "Now smile, please."

She smiled and Abhi couldn't stop himself from putting his lips over hers.

"Papa, mommy, come down" came the voice and they broke apart.

"Hmm' so my little Abhi is calling. Lets go, hubby dear," she said.

"Your little Abhi is so impatient," he said grinning.

"Just like his father, right?" she replied with a wink and they both started laughing as they went down'


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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Guys, pls do comment and let me have your views please. Then only, I'll decide whether I should write more or not.. Any suggestions for improvement are most welcome. I know this scene is not that well written as I wrote it in a bit of hurry. I wanted to post it as soon as possible as I had promised Sheenu that I wud post it soon and I'll be really busy for next few weeks. So please ignore the typing or grammatical mistakes'

Since last time, I couldn't reply to your comments for my previous writing that was a one shotas I'm a bit busy with my exams, I apologise for that. I jst want to thank everyone who pressed the like button and left their valuable comments.

Luv ya..

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jsha IF-Rockerz

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 Oscar Red Carpet 2 Blow Kiss You Rock Clapping Hands wow nehuClapu r getting better by each update ,plz try to continue this ff after ur examzSmilei loved it espeially that makeup part and abhi promise so cuteSmile

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by jsdoll

 Oscar Red Carpet 2 Blow Kiss You Rock Clapping Hands wow nehuClapu r getting better by each update ,plz try to continue this ff after ur examzSmilei loved it espeially that makeup part and abhi promise so cuteSmile

hey Jibs, thanx a lot yaar... Actually, I wrote this scene for Sheenu. Read my last post on previous page... Sry, I don't think if I would be continuing this scene bt I'm planning on writing a small ff for writing challenge after my exams..lets see wat happens..
Thanx once again for ur lovely words...

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Neha u r good in writing.
Keep continuing ur writing in AN ff. I know u had written this for Sheena and we all know she always want baby boy for AN. U just given her that.
I like it and I think you should participate in AN writing challenge as i m very keen to listen up ur side of story for AN in full fledge form.

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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richasharma0991 Goldie

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omg nehu that was so cute ,sweet,adorable ,googli boogli scene.
i keep on imagining it.
rudra: is atrue copy of abhi sweet with sturborn .
love the family bond.
and thanku for this one dearStarStar

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mitzification Goldie

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Neha ... this os was really really good loved it . pls carry on !

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