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Anbe Vaa Nov Discussions - Innum Varum (Page 3)

Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
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Posted: 09 November 2009 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Anj ma,
today's episode was super na... We were all laughing like anything for Priya, Jeeva and Mani scene... Wow.. super..
And then They going to meet priya' s mom was also good.. Nalla comedy...
Priya amma adhukula marriage pesuringala...  Adhuvum sari dhan.. Ilen nagalam paithiyam aiduvom.. Ningalum dhan...
Janaa and Devi scene was so cute.. Devi telling that she will come with him.. Yosichu mudivu panningala? Nalla irukanum.. But idhu temporary dhanu promo solludhu... paapom..
Indha week Thursday kalyanamam.. Adhukullam two promo scenes vadhuduma...

anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Enna Koduma Krishna Idhu

Yappa Thaanga Mudiyalada Saami

Ada Paavi, Engala Saavadikka Plan Pothurkiya Da?

LOL Mutham Mutham Muthama..Moondraam Ulaga YuthamaLOL


Illa Jeeva sir image vera mathiri pogutho?LOL

Annaikku ennada na Priya nu nenachu
Manager a Kiss Pannaru

Appram Ennada na, Sandhya kitta sollaramathiri sollu
Mani Annanku Phone Le Kiss KuduhtaaruConfused


ConfusedAana InnaikkuConfused ........ConfusedAda KadavuleConfused

FB Annan Enna Nadakuthu Inge
ROFLKuch Kich Kootha Hai va?ROFL

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 3:22am | IP Logged
T Mama Inime Neenga 'TM' Thaadi Mama

Double 'TM' Pattam vaangitaaru Namma Thaadi mama

ClapClapClapEllarum Kai ThattungaClapClapClap

EmbarrassedAiya Vekkathe PaaruEmbarrassed
EmbarrassedInda Emoticon kum ungalkum Vethyasame IllaLOL

Thaadi mama Unga Mudikku Enna Shampoo [odareenga..
Length Thickness Koodikitte Poguthu?WinkLOLLOL

Neenga TM Thaadi Mama aagartha pathi enna ninaikkareenga?SmileEmbarrassed

Thaadi Mama Black dress ellam okay aana back le enna design adhuConfused?
Konjam engalkum sollungalein Smile

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 10 November 2009 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Today 10/11/09

A different episode.. No sirippu only crucial moments..

First BIG studio and RJ is seen. Priya asks her to do her show and they have a small moment ( think she is a real RJ... BTW whts the song that she plays after telling bye to the listeners...) She comes out and is gets sad seeing TM and FB wating instead of Jeeva.. She comes to knw about his trip with Sandhya and  she refuses to go with the Echus...

As per the promo Jeeva comes to the radio station and she asks about her imp in his life...She also indirectly warns him to stay away from Sandhya. Jeeva gets a doubt in her talks but still she denies the fact of her knwing the truth about Sandhya's love
She told him something about girls but its 100% true

'Thaniya irukkara ponnu , Akkara Paasathukku engalaam... Nee Manasula aasa valakkara mathiri usupethivittu Frienda thaan pazhaginain nu solli neenga poveenga aapram anga ponnu manassu enna paadu padum'

She tells ILU and she really means it from the way she says it and also informs about her insecurity about losing Jeeva
...He assures her to be careful in future

Devi and Jana talk about eloping ... Devi is to have her marriage the day after tomo. He instructs her his plan to leave the place informing her parents about a beauty parlor visit... She nods her head to everything and they plan to meet on time.. She tries for a kiss attempt with her usual bit 'Aiyo Amma' but Jana is ushar and tells that they can see that after Marriage (Cute scene.. Very Understnding Matured pair)

Masterji waits for Jeeva's amma to come to talk about Jeeva's love.She comes and he gives a big buildup (Idk why he did that knwing about her views on Sandhya) .. She refuses to accept jeeva's love and also throws words about the gal (obviously its for Sandhya) Finally Masterji smoothly continues telling the gal's name and this shocks Jva's amma..

She asks more about Priya and Jeeva tells about the Radio Priya.. She thanks Masterji and asks him to conduct the marriage for them in the place of Jeeva's father.. (How could she face and talk to Masterji after all wht she spoke?) paavam masterji nods and tells Sari Ma to her words...

Devi waits for Jana and calls him and shouts ..Jana apologises and asks her to wait for another twn mins and he would take her with him..

She waits and is spotted by her appa Bhaskar,,He first stares at her and finds her luggage..He talks to her softly and questions her.. He tells his daughter should fight for her love and marriage instead of eloping like a coward..

He talks softly and tries to convince her as the Chittappa Character of 'Kaadhal' Movie.He makes his daughter shed tears seeing her father talk like that.Devi's phone rings and he asks her to go home and assures her to bring Jana and conduct their wedding. Devi doubts her appa but still he finally manages to convince her with the same trick of talking in favor of her love and win his daughter sentiments...

After a lot of hesitation Devi leaves.. and he gives a villain look

Innum Varum

PS : according to the promo devi slaps Jana.. Ippo thaan puriyuthu.. By the way Bhasker talked today I think it would be his drama to make his daughter forget and hate Jana on her own

Love nu vandha avangala pirikkarthu romba kashtam.. Avangala pirinjaa thaan undu..
So purposefully he could make a plan to create a misunderstnding btwn his daughter and her love Jana....I cant believe he will really die...

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 10 November 2009 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Anj ma thanks for the updates...
The episode was all good except Jeeva's mom... How could she shout like that and then accept when it is Priya.. I really felt bad for Master ji who understood her words... Che indha amma ku sandy marumagala irkaradhu ku sakthi evloavo mel....
Aadhi will appear for Janaa.. After long time i think we may have chances to see the friends together...
anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 11 November 2009 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Today 11/11/09

Solla mudiyatha padi naraya adhirchi tharakudiya Thiruppangal....
Over all a good episode..Clap
Jana's appa walking to and fro and there comes Jana from  the other side of the road that too with his travel bag.. His father questions him a lot and finds the truth about his plan to elope with Devi..
He confesses in frustration about the way he waited for her and how he couldnt meet her and all.
The way he turned mad and even thought to go somewhere else etc...

Jana's appa who hears all this asks him to forget Devi totally and tell him  that it could be her mother who made her go back....

Janaa goes inside and Police comes tp arrest him.. He is taken to the spot where he finds Devi and her amma crying. Devi on seeing Jana runs and slaps him asking why he killed her dad? Jana is all shocked.. He is taken to a side by the police and is questioned where he tells about all wht happened but Devi again interrupts telling it was him who killed her appa ....
When all this happens, the camera focusses someone else (is  he kumar?) (may be he is the one behind this )

Sandhya is asked to come in Jeeva's house and after a long hesitation she enters. Jeeva's amma tries to give her a saree inorder to thank Masterji..

Sandhya fumes with anger and tries to control it and rejects the saree. Jeeva's mom tells her she was giving as a mother. Thats it Sandhya bursts out telling she was not fit to be called Amma

When that amma questions her , Sandhya opens her heart telling the way she was hurt by her words and  asks with wht face she was standing in front with the saree...

Aadhi comes and talks to the police officer asking for a bail for Jana on his own risk...
(Appa finally Aadhi is getting a good role.. Chumma Angel pinnadi suthi pesi kenji he was losing his image... Good to see the Lawyer in him... I hope we get to see more of his Vakkeel therama)

Again Jeeva's mom asks Sandhya to get out but Sandhya tells out everything she felt after all wht Jeeva's mom did and She leaves the house telling she could sleep peacefully as a big burden was out of her hurt ( I loved this part very much... If she had accepted tht saree i would have got angry... She took care of her self respect)

Jeeva's amma asks his sister not to tell Jeeva about the incident and she leaves. HIs sister smiles (dont knw wht that smile meant..maybe she  agrees to wht Sandhya did)

Jeeva and Sandhya talk in the beach about her marriage and this time even after knwing everything Jeeva tries to confuse her by repeatedly asking her if Sakthi was the right one for her etc...

Sandhya talks about leaving the matter but he pulls out everythin from her mouth.. She tells she was not liking to marry Sakthi and she is doing that for her appa's happiness.

Jeeva tells they should stop the marriage .Sandhya asks wht next and Jeeva blinks telling will decide after that.. Adhukkum Sandhya gives a superb reply..
She tells that after that you will marry Priya and appa and myself with look face to face and live the rest of our lives..

Adhukku Jeeva adds fuel to the fire telling she could marry her loved one later..

She tells to attend to Priya and there comes Jeeva with something different this time

'Priya innaikku vandhava, nee en kooda evalo naala irukke'
(En Sir ippo than ungalkku theriyudha?..Now u are playing with two lives.... Koduma.. )

Sandhya finally tells that Jeeva knew wht she wanted and also that he was not in a position to give to it her..She pleads him not to disturb her acting to be caring and concerned about her..

She leaves and Jeeva is disappointed..

Innum Varum

So good to see both Sandhya and Aadhi back to their original form... Thanks to the creatives and Dir sir for this track... They were losing their image as the character.. Now I think opinions will change (Including mine)

Now next target is the Kozhappum Raasa Jeeva who never knew wht he really wanted ...

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 11 November 2009 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Anjali ma sema updates..
U poured out my heart...
Aadhi vakkeel vandhadhu sandosham...
I think kumar (the guy who was shouting) is the reason behind this. Since bhaskar agreed for janaa and devi marriage, he would have killed him.. Adhu mattum solve aachuna indha prachana solved...
Aadhi epo unga kalyanam?
Jeeva never knew what he wanted - that was 100% true... He again kuttai kulapufies when everything goes fine... vittu thoalaya vediyadhu dhaane... he is too much when he asks sandy to stop the marraige...

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
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Posted: 12 November 2009 at 8:33am | IP Logged

che kanravi...thala ennaiyaa idhu yaaru vaya thorandhulum un kannatha kaatuviya..LOLLOL

nanba mani

kalaiyila ezhundhavudanae 2 vishayam pannanum

1.pallu velaka try pannanum------adhu namakku nalladhu

2.eppadiyavadhu try panni pallu thechu mudichudanum--adhu nammala suthi irukavangalukku nalladhu

aiyo appuram andha next kissing scene by two vampires..OMG iam still ROFLing...adhuvum FB vaya parka 1000 kannu venum...ROFL

yen thala kanna moodina sari..kadha yedhukkuya moodina?LOLLOL

orange FM irukku pathikkinnu yeriyudha????LOL

superb comedy..i enjoyed a lot...TM,mani and jeeva ClapClapClap
thenu madam..ennadhu double TM pattam?

what is "TM"Thaadi maama?

The secret of TM's Hair And Beard....go to MOTW section...ragasiyam angu udaikapattuladhu...

TM thaadi maama agaadha pathi nenekaradhu iukkattum ,first tell me what is that TM stands for..

back la designa???oye..why r u seeing my backu?naanae innum parkala ..padam pidichu kaattu andha designa appuram tharen explanation...




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