Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

~*SBK...Bidaai Newsletter - First Edition*~

KinSanj IF-Stunnerz

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Salaam Namaste Bidaaians

Sanjana  here, very excited to present to you our very first Weekly newsletter.
I will introduce every category and give you an insigh on what it will consist ofEmbarrassed
Members If you want us to include anything in our Newsletter then feel free to any of the 3 S Trio *Shifali*, s.sanj90, -Saalekh-

~*In this section we will summarise the episodes of the past week*~

October 25th - November 1st

Malti slips down and is rushed to the hospital by Aalekh. Everyone is happy to hear how maturely Aalekh handeled the situation and saved Malti's child Smile Aalekh wants to join business, Ranvir is happy and says that they will share Ranvir's Cabin DB isn't too happy. She creates a drama and leaves. Vasu isn't happy with DB's attitude. Aalekh tired to explain to Vasu that it is fine if anyone has a problem with me sharing the Cabin with Ranvir. But Vasu says no one has any probelm with him learning. Ranvir is in his office and calls Ragini and asks her to get ready for the business party. Ragini gets ready and comes downstairs, Vasu tells Ragini that Ranvir had called and he is unable to come to the party, therefore i asked Sadhna and Aalekh to accompany us. Ragini agrees, but Db creates a Scene, Ragini just listens and goes upstairs after a while. Ranvir comes back home and apologises to Ragini, But Ragini is in thoughts of what DB had said. Ranvir thinks that Ragini is angry on him. Ragini tries to explain but DB comes and creates a misunderstanding between Ragvir. Ragini later on explains that she isn't upset at all, Ranvir says that if she has any probelm then she should tell him. Ragini didn't want to tell Ranvir about DB, so she just tries to tell him that nothing is wrong.Vasu and inderjit reach the party venue along with Saalekh. Many guests aren't happy to see Aalekh at the party. Everyone is invited to join the dance floor. Vasu and inderjit do a dance, Aalekh watches them carefully and asks Saadhna to dance. SaAlekh do a beautiful dance on Hum Tum. A drunk man asks sadhna to dance with hi, aalekh says she doesn't want to dance, the man loses his balance and falls on a women, and blames aalekh. A scene is created at the party, Vasu slaps the Women. Aalekh explains everyone that he isn't mad. They leave the party.At hime Vasu is angry about what happened at the party. Aalekh is upset. in the mornind avni tells DB about the scene that was created at the business party last night. DB creates a scene. Vasu gets angry and tells her to leave if she wants to, no one will stop her. Vasu leaves angrily. Sadhna explains Vasu that DB is just reacting that way due to a misunderstanding. DB overhears it.Ranvir tells Aalekh to come along with them to a meeting. Aalekh agrees and leaves along with inderjit and Ranvir to the meeting. In ht meeting Aalekh suggests an idea due to which their company gets the contract. Ranvir is driving, Aalekh asks Ranvir whether he can drive. Ranvir lets him drive. Ranvir gives Sadhna a call and lets her know about Aalekh driving. Sadhna sin't happy, but ranvir tells her that there is nothign tow orry about. Sadhna rushes to Vasu, Vasu is on the phone with inderjit and is surprised to hear how Aalekh got them the contract. Sadhna comes to Vaus's room and tells her about aalekh driving. Vasu calls ranvir and tells him to not to let Aalekh drive. While talkign on the Phone Ranvir and Aalekh have a car accident. They rush to the Hospital. Vinu's goes to clear the bill and notices that the bill is Rs. 70,000. He tells Malti about the bill and is worried about how to pay it.  Vinu calls Kaushi and tells her about the bill. Kaushi is worried. Vinu tells her that he will find a way out and cutes the phone. Vinu comes to know that his wife has ran away from hospital. Vinu meets the Rajvansh in the hospital and comes to know about ranvir and aalekh's Accident. Sadhna sees Ranvir and Aalekh. Sadhna slaps ranvir and blames him for the accident. Aalekh gets Sadhna to apologise to ranvir as it wasn't his fault. Vasu comes to know about Vinu's Hosptial Bill and pay for it, Vinu reaches home and lies to his parents that he got money froma friend. Ranvir and Aalekh comes home. ragini is thinking about sadhna slapping Ranvir. DB comes and tries to brainwash her. Malti on the otherside asks Vinu how he paid the bill, Vinu tells her that Vasu paid it. In the morning Ragini ignores Sadhna in the kitchen and while serving breakfast Ranvir tries to go and get Aalekh to join them for breakfast, but ragini tells him to leave it, as if something happens again their will be another scene. Everyone is shocked to see this attitude by Ragini. Aalekh comes to Ranvir and asks him to take him for a driving lesson. Ranvir doesn't agree at first but after alot of insisting by Aalekh, ranvir agrees, but Ragini says No and is angry with ranvir. Ranvir explains to Ragini about the situation sadhna was in, and tells her to not to take it wrong. Aalekh comes back and Ragini joins them for a drive, and also asks if Sadhna could join. Sadhna in her room is upset. Ragini comes and both have a sister moment. Aalekh is driving. sadhna and ragini are happy to see Aalekh driving so sensibly. Aalekh stops for an ice cream. sadhna dreams aalekh feeding her ice cream. on the way back home Ranvir is driving, He buys Gajras for Ragini. In the Morning Vasu comes to know that Ranvir took Aalekh for driving. DB interupts by saying that if something had happened then again Ranvir was to be blamed and a scene would've been created. Ranvir disagrees. Mama ji comes to know that vinu lied about Vinu borrwoing money from his friend. Vinu tells that Vasu paid it. Mama ji says to pay Vasu back from the prize money. Malti tells vinu that she bought a necklace. It ends!

~*In this Section we will announce the name of the character, who was the real star of the episodes during the week*~

Mr Alekh Rajvansh!
Alekh is recovering so fast and he now knows to takecare of the whole familyy..
He behaved really well at the office with the clients and becux of Alekh Rajvansh
Company got a contract..He knows he has to fulfill his responsibility towards his
wife also..he danced with her at the party and he showed us he can be romantic as well..
He fulfilled his duty as a son..He very bravely cleared infront of so many people that
he is not mad and he will be fully normal for his mother..
He told his wife Sadhna to apologise to Ranvir and proved
that he wont let any injustice happen with youngers of the family..
He knew it was his fault too which lead to the accident so why give
punishment to only Ranvir..
He won our hearts by taking side of the truth.
He stole the title of character of the week by his humble act for his
brother,mother n wife..and he proved that he now knows his responisibilites.

~*In this Section we will announce our most favorite dialogue of the week*~

Many at times we have our favourite characters as our role models. Many of us learn to follow their steps, many of us learn to relate ourselves to their lives. Regardless of whether we find ourselves dreaming about them or wanting to be like them, what ALL of us learn to do is to "talk" about our favourite characters non-stop. From their names to their clothes to their attitudes to their catchphrases. We discuss what they said, & what they did. At times the words they say stand out of the scene so much, that we learn the words by heart, quoting them again and again. And we cherish these quotes as  unforgettable memories of our beloved characters.
This section is to mark all those phrases/dialogues/quotes of our favourite Bidaai characters said in these past few weeks, that stood out to us - that we started identifying with the characters, that made us feel even more strongly about the characters. These are phrases that we found ourselves quoting, phrases that for us became memorable quotes!
This week's Dialogue is........

1st November

Saadhna To Ragini: Jiji Mujhe Maaf Kardo, Mujhse Bohut Badi Galati Hogayi, Main Sab Kuch Bardaasht Kar Sakti Hoon Jiji, Lekin Aapki Berukhi Nahi Barsaasht Hoti.

Ragini To Sadhna: Sadhna, tumhe Maafi Maangli, Ab Meri Baari Hai, Galati Toh Meri Bhi Thi Naa, Ranvir Ke Liye, Ek Pal Ke Liye, Maine Apni Behn Ko Bhula Diya, Ranvir Ki Patni Toh Bani, Lekin Tumahri Jiji Na Ban Paayi.
Mujhe Khus Par Bohut Garv Hota Tha, Ki Main Achi Behn hoon, Lekin Yeh Rishta Main Nahi Nibhaa Paari, Please Mujhe Maaf Kardo

~*In this Section we will announce our most favorite scene/s of the week*~

Scene 1:
This was def a treat to watch! After many many episodes of wondering what would it be like to see some romantic scenes between Sadhna and Alekh.

The dance sequence did just that by elevating the hopes and dreams of their fans, wanting for more romance between this cute duo!

The song Sadhna-Alekh close danced to i.e; Hum Tum from the movie Hum Tum, added extreme amounts of sparks to the show, marking the initiation of what's in store in the future for this jodi in the romantic scenario as well!

The added special effects of hair flying and intense chemistry between Sara and Angad makes this sequence worth watching many countless number of times.

Hoping for many more such treats from them in the future too..

Scene 2:
Another scene that deserves kudos for brilliant execution and script for its valued display of emotions in a short span of time..

In this scene Ranvir has just promised Alekh to take him for a drive inspite of strong opposition from Vasundhara and Sadhna! Ragini manages to overhear entire Ranvir's conversation with Alekh.

She strongly opposes the idea of them engaging in something which could again turn out to be a life threatening situation for them. She tells him that no matter what she will not allow Sadhna to blame Ranvir again for any reason.

The sting of that slap is still ringing in her ears and she asks him, how can he even forgive Sadhna after what she did.

Ranvir asks Ragini what would she have done, if she would have been in Sadhna's place and he in Alekh's place? Wouldnt she have reacted in the same way!

To which Ragini says, that she can't even imagine for something like this to happen to Ranvir.. That is when Ranvir makes her realise, that she can't even think about it but Sadhna had to go through something like that. The least Ragini can do is atleast understand Sadhna's pain.

Ragini's anger suddenly vanishes and she turns into the same sweet Ragini that cannot see anyone in pain. She breaks down with Ranvir comforting her.

This scene works because of the varied emotions displayed by Ragini, her change from a hard-hearted person to a soft-hearted girl who has just realised the pain her younger sister had to go through.

~*In this section we will announce the popluar thread of the week*~
This weeks popular Threads are:
Ragvir Ke Pyar ka izhar celebration
First Ragini and Now Sadhna

~*In this section we will announce a member who is most active*~

Bani  aka (Omshanti1111)

A very creative member, she made a lots of good discussion topics this week, getting in the main points in the serial.

Congrats Bani
Here's A Siggy For You To Use: 

~*In this section we will announce the name of the member, who was voted as Best AVI Maker of the Week*~

This Week's Best Avi Maker is.....

Sanjana aka s.sanj90


Congratulations Sanjana LOL
Here's A Siggy For You To Use:

~*In this section we will announce the name of the member, who was voted as Best Siggie Maker of the Week*~

This Week's Best Siggy Maker is.....



Congratulations Starry.pheonix
Here's A Siggy For You To Use:

~*In this section we will announce the name of the member, who was voted as Best VM Maker of the Week*~

This Week's Best VM Maker is.....



Congratulations KeziaLOL
Here's A Siggy For You To Use:

~*In this section, we have a murgi that we grill each weekLOL*~

This Week's Bidaaian Of The Week is.....


Everyone join in to grill her


3RD NOVEMBER - fusion55
6th NOVEMBER - Shorti21
7 NOVEMBER - simransaalekh

Hope you have an AMAZING year! Hug...

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

All of you are very important members of our IF family and on behalf of all Bidaai members, we wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Our First Game/Contest Of The Week is....
~*In this section, we will have some fun contests and game that all members can participate in *~

1. What did Malti suggest to Vinu when they found out that they are unable to pay the bill?
2. How did Aalekh and Ranvir have an accident?
3. What did Ranvir bought for Ragini on their way back home from a drive with saalekh?

If You think You Know The Answers Then Pm The answers to s.sanj90 aka me LOL


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Mind-blowing Clap

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WOWWWWWWWWW.............great jobClap sanju looks amazingggg.........Clap

congo to all the winnersHugClap

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yOUR Hard workk is visible...Beautiful siggies..Haaye Snaju main kehti huna tu Rockstar haii hheeh
Lovelyyyy LovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyEmbarrassed

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KinSanj IF-Stunnerz

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thanx sanhu...hehehe my work is visble LOL
heheh saare siggies aur text maine aaj hi banaye...!!
aur siggy styl bhi change kiya maine.. Wink
i hope my new experiment is accepted by you all

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howzzat IF-Sizzlerz

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Sanju.. its really good! lekin wat happened to the other 2 scenes?
SanihaKaKinshuk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 November 2009 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by s.sanj90

thanx sanhu...hehehe my work is visble LOL
heheh saare siggies aur text maine aaj hi banaye...!!
aur siggy styl bhi change kiya maine.. Wink
i hope my new experiment is accepted by you all
Awwhh Sanjuuu Awesomeee experimenttttttttttWinkClapClapOMG u did all this todayy??Shocked
WOWW Sanjuuu too quickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkBig smileBig smile
..luv_shahid.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Sanju di, the NL is looking great, u did a fab job, n more than that the members worked really hard for this and i really wanna thank them for making this possible

but sanju di, there is a small request, it would be really nice if u remove my name only  for this week, since i didn't do anything for this week's NL i dont want myself to get credit without doing any hard work
hope u understand

love all the members for making this wonderful NL

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