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PEHCHAN (AK) 2 END&EPILOGUE pg 71, 12/21/09 (Page 5)

Annu.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 5:28am | IP Logged
this is for Angad/Kripa or for BOTH!

Kabhi moom ban ke pighal gaya   Kabhi girte girte sambhal gaya
Woh ban ke lamha guraiz ka   Mere paas se nikal gaya
Usse rokta bhi to kis tarah   Ke woh shakhs itna ajeeb tha
Kabhi tadap utha meri aah se   Kabhi ashk se na pighal saka
Woh utar gaya meri aankh se   Mere dil se kyun na utar saka
Woh chala gaya jahan chod ke   Main wahan se phir na palatt saka
Woh sambhal gaya tha Faraaz magar   Main bikhar ke bhi na simatt saka
   Ermm                                                                              Ahmed Faraaz

interesting.. the worst character of this fanfic suryabhan is actually....the most luckiest! the mistakes of him get solved time after time without any efforts.

I guess at the time of  dilip's cancer, that time angad needed a shoulder to cry on, that's why he bear the presence of suryabhan around him, and if at that time kripa would be there then i don't think that he would ever forgive suryabhan'..bcoz all that rejection, humiliation he faced due to his father , he just forgive because of dilip, but it doesn't suits angad personality..    ya phir wo 2 saal pehle itni badi badi baatein na karta is baat ko le kar'   may be, his heart got melted as his uncle was facing the dying moments.

prithvi seems to be confused, at one end he says losing kripa was the biggest loss of his life and then he says that they were never meant to be together.

kripa ki baatein sunn kar aisa laga jaise uske ander Des Pardes waali Kripa ki rooh ghuss gai ho'   

whatever she said to convince angad, its really amazing. Kripa is not that 22-23 year old broad minded girl that just passed out from college, who wants to stand on her own feet and it's difficult for her to get committed for marriage at once.    Here Kripa 26, whom life has given a second chance . How many women in our society get divorce and gets another chance to find another loving person so soon.  lekin afsos, kripa ko ye aasaan si baat samajh nahi aayi.  aur us ne apni zidd ke aage apne aur angad ke rishtey ko daao pe laga diya .    what she all talked about consummation, shadi & bandhan, I don't think, koi upper mid class aurat jo ek nakaam shadi ka jhatkaa kha chuki ho, would have that bold liberal thoughts.

this twist is interesting for AK separation, but this overnight drastic change that came in kripa's behavior that does not seem to be realistic, what she said in Green part, ye wo kripa hai hi nahi, jisse angad aik saal se jaanta tha' ... aur baat sirf ye nahi ke kripa ne angad ko inkaar kyun kiya,  baat ye hai ke koi baat kehne ka, apni baat manwaane ka ek tareeqa, ek saleeqa hota hai...aur IMO, kripa ne apni baat bohat bedhangey andaaz se kahi..thats her fault.   it would be better that aisi souch waali kripa ki hum se mulaqaat kisi new A-K ff mein hoti, bcoz u have done a 180 degree change to her character, which is too much

interesting that two years already passed and both are very confident that no third person would come into their life, both are egoistic now, and are consistent with their beliefs.. anyways

kripa ka is tarha ranikhet ja kar beth jaana, aur angad se ye expect karna ke wo usse dhoondhta hua aa kar Sorry kahe ga.... ye sirf nadaani hai.   ek aurat jo prithvi jaise mard ko jhel chuki ho, wo kisi doosre mard ke saath apne rishtey ko is tarha aazmaa'ish mein kaise daal sakti hai.

I failed to understand one thing here,prithvi is afraid that kripa would come as angad's wife in sharma's house, and kripa doesnt want to build any relation with sharma family so early...arre bhai, aisi kiya musibat hai, mat raho naa uss Sharma house mein,  kis ne mujboor kiya hai

from my side this song to egoistic angad-kripa   its.. Hum Tum  by vital signs   I hope u would like it Smile

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...anshu... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 7:59am | IP Logged
hey di
thanxx for d pm

i wish dey cud hav enjoyed d joy of togetherness sum more b4 dey parted

bt yeah i m excited abt d leap as well as d twist
update soon di


NYPunjabii Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bheegi

I can't believe Prithvi actually changed and married Aaliyah.

Prithvi has moved on...he married his psychiatrist. Let's see how much has he really changed

Everyone now has a Pehchan. What about Aaliyah's Pehchan?

well, let's just assume she is a full time psychiatrist who loves her husband, least for now

Originally posted by bheegi

I don't know what happened between him and Kripa but in a way, I am glad, Kripa is out of our lives. Even though, I have changed, I don't think I would be able to tolerate my ex wife married to my step brother- that could have tilted my mental balance once again.

This looks like foreshadowing especially with your comment about how much he has really changed. Ugh, I want to kill Prithvi if he does anything again LOL

BTW:: Your FF are really getting popular on this forum. Half of the popular topics are filled with your FF's. Of course, you deserve it

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Smileyface IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
wowww...what a part! i cant believe u separated them bheegi di! lol but it has to be done for the story to move everyone has a pehchaan now....and u know what i really everyone in some way or the other changed except angad...i really like how u did that abt him...he is still the same guy..except b4 he was kripa now he is with his really looking forward to the next part!! continue soon and thanks a bunch for the pm's u keep on sending...even though i dont comment i make sure i take time out and read the parts!

humrahi2 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 1:23pm | IP Logged

Oh no such a shocking twist

its totally unbelievable how can kripa do that foolish response by her
n clap 4 angad yess awesome dude .....leave me alone.... luv ur decision......yes kripa k iss point of view k baad tou yehi jawab milna chahiye tha .........i dnt know kripa ne kya soch kar angad se pyar kiya i think its not a pyar
ur story r always lot of new n shocking twists
over all well written
cheeky_pari Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

Congrates on your second thread of Pehchan!

WWWooooaaahhhhh....what a roller coaster ride it is...

Shocking part it is...If Kripa had talked to Angad in clear words and made him understand then this would not had happen...but I am sure soon situation will change into happy I have read some where, "1 sad event brings 100 happy occations"

Do continue soon!

bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetaddiction

OMG-- i saw the pehchaan post on the main FF page and opened it bt then suddenly realised that it was the AR version not the AK version (i like abhimanyu more than prithvi hence i read the AK version---
so anyway i was tryin to figure out why pehchaan hadnt come up in my last 10 posts thing on the side and thennn i realized that it was becoz u started a new thread-- so CONGRATZZZ on the new thread !!
FABUOLOUSSS part-- well conceptualized-- i liked the whole 2 yrs later every1's PEHCHAANs altho it was quite a surprise that angad and kripa werent together bt then again i'm not thatt surprised given this is ur FF- u always come up with interesting twistss
anywayy-- awsumm part--- pls pls update soon--
take care =)

thanks sweetoo...i am glad i still manage to surprise u guys but i'm sure i'll soon run out of ideas at this rateLOL Yes, everyone's pehchan has changed in some way or let's see how AK get togetherEmbarrassed

Originally posted by sanyoprithviraj

well a shocking update but u had warned us already.

i believe both the parties were right and both were wrong.

kripa had just gotten free and she neede some space and time but clearly stating that she doesnt want to marry angad was heartless. if she needed time she cud have said that they cud get engaged bt not married now.

thanks sanyo. I think both became a little defensive because of their past experiencesConfused....yes they should have taken a deep breath and not brought their egos in betweenConfused
i have a feeling that wen she returned to mumbai prithvi must have done something or told her something that changed her decision. i still don't trust that guy.

u have a good pointWink

angad had many times tried to patch up and clearthe MU btw them. couldn't once kripa do that.

well, that's what kripa thought he will do this time...but he didn'tConfused

angad was right in the sense that he had seen how the society had treated his mother and he did not want history to repeat itself and people calling him another suryabhan in that perspective he was right

angad should have been a bit sensitive about her reluctance and not pushed her. he knows she is commited, so why get so anxious and pushy at this pointConfused

but he shud have not gotten so angry and let her go out at such late hours and asked her to leave him instead should have tried to listen to kripa and give her some time, but still i cant blame him 2 much since kripa clearly told him that she didnt promise him marriage. so did she want a live-in relationship?
angad wud never have agreed to that especially after his mother.

i don't think kripa thought too much about live in relationship. all she knew at this point was that she was free and could make her own choices....the consummation was an act of passion done without much thought of consequencesConfused

u know everytime its the boy that goes to the girl and apologise(in almost all your ffs this happens) but i want this time kripa to make things right btw them.let her take initiative this time after all she was the one that refused marriage  and not him.

hmm...let's seeBig smile or maybe neither has to apologize...Wink

mere opinion mein both were at fault but still i feel kripa was at fault more.

angad apologising wud be so typical.having kripa do something abt their relationship wud be refreshing she has learnt to take control aftyer all

i will def keep that in mindBig smile
upadate soon

i still believe prithvi did something to separate them.i cant get over this feeling

hmmm.....wait and seeWink

Originally posted by monikaseth

Congrtas sangeeta for 2nd thread Clap

Heart Broken Update But it needed for angad and kripa Shocked

For angad every thing is normal but for kripa its like she is just stand and about to take her first step with out any body .

They both needed each other but angad and his anger make them separateCryCryCry he should give her some time and make her mentally ready for marriage , .

He should know how she gone  with her first marriage he acted very fast & tell her to leave at middle night its very sad.Cry

He patch up with his family but how can he never try to find kripa this thing make me angryAngry

As per prithvi i never trust him ...

I hope they meet soon and relize they made for each other ;

Thnak you for this part & pm , i am waiting when they both gona meet again and how will angad keeep him self away from her .Smile

thanks Monu! AK were both hasty and wrong in their decisionsConfused but i agree, Kripa has probably suffered more than angad at this pointCry As far as the other characters are concerned, wiat and see kaun badla hai, kaun nahinConfused Thanks for ur wishes...u all get the creditBig smile

Edited by bheegi - 03 November 2009 at 8:15pm
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ShelDev

Hey di
Wow what a turn of events.........
Boy that was a complete unexpected twist.....
AK separated......Cry.....It's hard to choose btwn one side here.....I can understand why kripa refused his proposal but I can also feel the pain Angad felt at the rejection. It's too soon for Kripa to get into another marriage after what she went thru with Prithvi but she should have not gone this far as to consummate her relantionship if she didn't want that marriage tag just yet.
Angad's love for her is pure.....just maybe she should have thought for a while before exploding on that night. Same for Angad as well.....he should have been more calm about the situation & tried to see Kripa's POV but  I guess being a man who has just been rejected, it's hard for him to think striaght....
What a heartbreaking update.......totally unexpected but definitely are awesome.....
Thanks for the brilliant update....pls pls continue soon.....

thanks shel. Hope u had a gr8 birthdayBig smile Yes, this was a heartbreaking part but much needed to bring passion into this AK story. UR right, both were wrong and right in their own ways- it's all a result of their past experiences. If they had treated the situation in the context of their current relationship, they would have not over reacted like thisCry

Originally posted by queenhinna12

congratzon the new topic :D
omgggg u did a leapppp:O:O i guess ak seperated?? wonder how everyone has changed...
love how u connected this part like itz a conclusion to the first part lol

thanks hinnu...u know me...leaps are always there in my ffsLOL
yayyyy angad forgave his dad??:D:D

yeah, he was in a situation where he couldn't say no to his dad...i didn't elaborate
looks like everyone who didnt have a pehchaan before...has got it now...and the people who had a pehchaan...have lost it?

hmm....i would say everyone's pehchan has changed, whether they gained or lost is another story
glad to see this positive change in suryabhan:) it just shows that to get ur own pehchaan u need to stay positive

suryabhan has changed, or has he?Wink
awww im angry with kripa how cud she do that to anagd hes so sweet:@

is marriage the ultimate destination for all women and their happiness?????
prithvi got another wife:O:O
im getting shock after shock:P
hope he keeps aaliyah happy

aaliyah will keep him of medications if he goofs up this timeLOL
lol some ppl never change mishti is still in control:P:P but kartik joru ka ghulam so sweet hehe
i wanna know how angad forgave suryabhan
u have to imagine this one. basically, dilip's death brought them together....i didn't want to write a whole chapter on that sagaLOL
mishti has changed abit but i still dont like her:S:S
lol for da first time mishti called herself mrs sharma
i guess what happened with prithvi n kripa teaches us to not do things that others pressure us to do...until we are ready
prithvi has changed but hes still abit selfish
no matter how much people change we cnat change completely exactly!
awwww rahul and muskaan moved to their own place im glad rahul finally got some guts :)
so kripa ahs only contacted her sis???
kripa gupta???:O why is she using tht name? was tht her name before shaadi? yes that's her maiden name
wow looks like kripa found a good career at last thanks to angad :D
kripa has become mean it reminds me of how bipasha became after ranbir ditched her in bachna ae haseeno:P no, she is not mean, just a hard working woman busy at work
i think thts really cruel after angad did so much for kripa she just left him :@
oh come on...she did not leave him. HE ASKED HER TO LEAVE
pooor angad :(
kripa deserves this :@
come on Hinnu...ur a girl....think like a girl! Why does marriage have to be the ultimate destination for a woman's identity?
btw before kripa consumated with angad...had she ever done it with prithvi?
i leave that one to ur imaginationLOL...probably yes as they were married!
awwwww kripa lost her foneee no1 cn contact her:(
is kripa gonna marry nishant???:| she had to marry, she would have married angad...u haven't gotten the point girl!
hope kripa apologizes to angad soon :@
what was angads surname before he came back to his family???
he was always khanna and still wants to be one!
chalo dilip jaate jaate angad ko apni family se milwaagaya :)
as they say theres only a thin line between love and hate :P
yes it isEmbarrassed
loved the new york song
me too
cont soooon:D

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