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annie07 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2009 at 10:17am | IP Logged

Mayank Realization


Ever since they had came back from Ahmedabad trip, Mayank was missing Nupur a lot.........he never realised it till now that how much he loved her non-stop chatter...she had really become a part of his life, without him knowing and allowing, she slowly crept into his heart, and made a place for herself.


As he reached for a glass of water, he smiled remembering their water fight........and she had called him "chindi chor" , he laughed out, only Nupur can come up with such stuff, and be so innocent...........


He closed his eyes, and went back through alll the moments of the trip.......their walk through jungle, the look on her face when he burnt her Mayapari, their adventure at Lucky Mishra lodge, the dance at village, the night at barn, how cute she had looked while sleeping, and her thoughts next morning......he shook his head smiling when he thought about it........he was so shocked when she had said that they

need to get married, and  then the meeting with Chunky Mishra..........the night at his house, the place where he probably felt something for the first time for Nupur.......oh no second time, first time was in barn Mayank..........oh no, what m i thinking.............feelings for Nupur?..........i must be crazy.......he cried...........


But his thoughts again drifted back to the time when she walked down the seet she looked, like a doll......and then their dance in the rain............he knew that he has lost himself forever, but something held him back......and thats why, he tried to act arrogant when they reached the college, but then he got jealous, jealous.........Mayank Sharma and jealous of Chironji...........oh....i lost my mind, he said..............he had done lots of things he wudnt have otherwise done..........he fought for her, broke his arm, ate chat, and ofcos Nupur's bhavishya batane wali aunty, he chuckled........and trust Nupur to go mad after this, searching for her prince charming........but then y was i so bothered, he thought?

y wen in the dumb charades, i cudnt say i love you, coz it was what my heart felt, do I really love her? Nupur?, but how can it be, i cant fall in love, and that too with her, we are so different..........but the she is do different, such a chatter-box, but so innocent, so mischievious, yet so endearing........she had a clean heart, and behind her tough exterior, was a simple sweet dshe was beautiful, god damn beautiful.........anyone can fall in love with her? and somewhere this thought pained him...........anyone?........but i love her, yes i do.........and now, i have to win her love............


Smiling and thinking about Nupur, he went to sleep, with resolve of being her prince charming one day............

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"It was quite an exhausting day. What happened to my life? Why am I being tested? I need to take a bath."
Nupur went in to the bath room to take a shower and came back.Her hair little wet and she wore her white  pajamas. She started to ponder what had happened. Everything was happening so fast....

She sat down in the balcony chair...drying her hair. "Last two days were a roller coaster." she said to her self. The towel's thread got stuck in the chain...she gently untangled the towel from the chain. Her hand ran over the chain. Her lips smiled. "I love you Mayank." she said. She remembered how she ran after the bus. She shook her head in disbelief. She remembered the confession and the hug. Her cheeks turned pink. "tum itna blush kyoun kar rahi ho Nupur" she thought she heard his voice."Mein.. Mein kahaan blush kar rahin hoon Mayank" she answered turning her head. There was no one. She remembers him pulling her cheeks ...her hands ran over her cheeks. She closed her eyes. She remembered him whispering I love you Nupur. The memories started gushing in...The game, the dance, the hug and the kiss. She folded her knees and hugged them . She was lost. The time they  spent in the barn left her warm and beautiful feelings.

Suddenly there was pang of pain and despair that stirred inside her belly. "How can I tell you how much I miss you." she thought. "Not even a minute has passed I haven't thought about you. How I wish we are together and me safe in your arms. How I wish you are here so that you can help me deal with the new problem in my life. You are my friend, my lover and my strength. I want to tell you everything that is going on....part of me knows that you don't approve...but I don't know what to do either...." she muttered to self.  Her mind went over the plan one more time. "What am I doing? Is this right?" she questioned herself. "What would you say and do , if you were here? Mayank.  I don't know what hurts more, that you are not here or that I didn't tell you that Bui sent Babloo for me. And he is has our life complicated."

She stated pacing, fiddling with her fingers. She stubbed her self against the chair and tripped. She extended her arm , held on the chair railing and managed not to fall..The memories rushed again.  "Agar tum hote kabhi mujhe girne nahin dete Mayank." Eyes welled up and tears started rolling.

Phone rang…Nupur startled..This late she thought…She was walked up slowly picked up the phone. "Hello"  she heard familiar voice . Now the tears started to compete to come out and her voice choked. "Hmm…" she said. "Ro rahin ho…." he asked, noticing the melancholy and  she didn't jump and say Hi Mayank. "Nahin…" she barely spoke….He sat up straight. "Kya hua..?" His eyes are now worried and pain crept up. She didn't answer…"Nupur" he said Softly "Kya hua…Miss kar rahin thi"  "Hmm.." she answered again, ready to break down.  "I miss you too Nupur. Lekin koi aur baat hain tumhe pareshaan kar rahin hain. Hain na Nupur." he asked. She smiled. Wiping her tears "tumhe kaise pataa ?"  "Koi baat tumhe pareshhan karein mujhe na pataa ho aisa ho hi nahin sakta. Hain na Nupur" He answered looking at the picture she gave him and touching her face. She smiled "Pataa hain".  Bataao kya hua he asked again.

She started talking and explained everything to him, including the plan. He was listening to her intently and asked couple of questions here and there. He was not going to rush her or jump at her. "Mujhe usske poori baat sunne hain ." he thought to himself. Nupur on the other hand felt so relieved telling him everything. "Mayank.." She called out.."Haan Nupur…" he said. "Gusse mein ho?"  She asked. "Nahin Nupur.I understand. But why this elaborate plan . Tum Complicate kyoun kar rahin ho. Tum use jaante tak nahin ho. Jao aur usse baat karo. Shayad who Samajh jaayein.  Koi bhi ladka zabbardasti se koi ladki ko shaadi nahin karna chahega . Mujhe jhoot bilkul pasand nahin hain Nupur aur yeh baat tim jaante ho. Aur Zaraa Socho issme woh babloo ki kya galti hain." He answered.  "Par Bui Mayank." She sounded scared. "Haan Bui ko toh Pataa chal jayega. Ab saari duniya ko pataa hain Nupur , toh Bui Ko toh bataana hi padega. Aur bahetaar yahin hoga ki who tumse pehale sune koi aur se nahin. Lekin woh hum baad mein dekhenge." He explained patiently.  "Mein tumhaare saath hoon Nupur har kadam mein. Bui ke paas hum donon jaayenge. Tumhe akela nahin karne doonga Nupur. Mein baat karoonga Bui aur Bauji se. Who donon tumse bohot pyaar karte hain Nupur , tumhaari bhalayi chahatein hain. Humein Usse samjhna chaheye Nupur." Nupur smiled " tum kitne acche ho mayank, tum logon ko kitne acche samajhte ho. Mein Bohot pareshaan thi, leking ab nahin. Tum jo ho mere saath."

"Ab haso. Mujhe tumhaari smile dekhni hain." he said smilingly. "Tum Phone pe dekh bhi sakte ho Mayank." She teased him. "Tumhe dekhne ke liye mujhe bas apni ankhein band karni hain Nupur." He said longingly. That struck a chord. "I love you Mayank" she said. "I love you too Nupur. Ab so jaao. Good night." He said his smile widened.  "Good night Mayank". She turned in for the night and slept peacefully knowing her love is always by her side even though it is miles away physically. She never felt so safe and comfortable ever before that love will give her strength to deal with the problems that will come her way.

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Senny IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2009 at 2:16pm | IP Logged

Awwwwwwww anu i lovedddddd it man.

reserved, will comment in detail tomorrow with a fresh mind man.
Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh anu this was outstanding, only if the Cvs could think like you and give us such mindblowing scenes.
I am dying to see such scenes when Nupur is thinking of mayank. I loveddddddd the way you portrayed the whole scene from fiddling with the locket to the phone conversation which was to  the point and clarifying all the confusion in one go and making their relationship more deeper.
MN talking and making things clear like this will be a definite treat to watch.
I loveeeeeeeeeee the way you write anu, you should write more and moreeeeeeeeeeeee.
You rock man, i am just in love with the scene and the way you have written it just made me imagine it so well, that for more than sometime i just kept on thinking that it has actually happened in the show but after sometime reality struck, but still keeping my fingers crossed for getting something like this.
keep it up anu.
God bless!

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2009 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
AJ you write what we want to see and what the Cvs never see....

Need i say good job?

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hgrhr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2009 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
wow..I wonder how i missed this thread before...!
and i missed out on some awesome one-shots...
Guys all of these are brilliant..!
I know comments are not allowed here but i couldn't help it....sorry....LOL
How i wish some of these were shown in the show...
and AJ...that last one was so beaitifully written..!!
i was so engrossed in it....fabulous....
Guys please do write more..!!

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aj_observer IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2009 at 2:51pm | IP Logged


 Nupur was sleeping?dreams were dominating her subconscious. She is probably having a pleasant dream and it resulted in a faint smile lingering her lips. Phone rang in the house. No one picked up as it is early, other than Gunjan no one is up , and she already is out with Samrat. Phone rang again, this time Dia got irritated and picked up the phone. "Hello?"she said half asleep."Sorry Dia, I had to wake you up" said Mayank apologetically. "No problem Mayank. Bataao kya baat hain."  She said, fully waking up. Mayank was talking on the other side and Dia's lips turned into wide grin and she said "Done."excitedly. "Thank you Dia." said Mayank happily. His palms rested in each other and thumb together. His face is gleaming with huge smile and his eyes are full of love and naughtiness.

 A soft breeze swept across Nupur's face displacing her hair. She gently opened her eyes. One could see eyes full of dreams and her lips proudly displayed her content. She woke up and went to the bathroom. She came out wiping her face and suddenly something caught her eye. There a Red rose on the bed with a note with it. She ran to pick it. "Good Morning Miss Morena.  Your smiles gave away that you dreamt something pleasant. Care to share?"  Her face lit up. "Mayank.." she said. Her eyes looked everywhere. She couldn't find him anywhere. "May be Dia was trying to cheer me up." she thought to herself. Her heart kept on telling her it was Mayank. Her mind refuted.

 She picked up a white dress inadvertently, maybe not.  Once she finished her bath she dried her hair and loosely combed her hair leaving it open. A pair of eyes seems to admire and adore her every move.  She looked in the direction the familiar gaze. Still she didn't find anyone.She shook her head. "Nupur paagal mat ban. Mayank Bangalore mein hain. Yahaan nahin."

 She walked down stairs. She saw two roses crossed with a tray of coffee pot and couple cups. And a note with it. "World key sab se best coffee, world ki sab se khubsoorat ladki ke liye."? Now she is sure?"Mayank tang mat karo . Baahar aao." She looked everywhere in kitchen, dining room including cupboards. She didn't see him. "Woh Baccha thodi na hain Nupur jo table ke neeche chupega. Tera dimaag bhi na Nupur, daat dene padegi?" She poured coffee; she didn't feel like drinking alone. She went to make sandwich. Her mind went back, the very first time Mayank came to rehearse with me. The night on the terrace. She tore her dress and Mayank's respect and love for her. Her eyes welling up, tears escaped her lashes. She remembered how she felt that night, the very first time re realized she is in love. She looked at the Roses and remembered the rehearsal day he brought her Roses the first time. She remembered how gently he told her she is the only girl in his life. She remembered how she couldn't resist hugging him on the stage. The very first time he heard him say "Haan main tum se pyaar kartaa houn." She remembered her heart singing thousand violins.  

 She was so lost in her was late by the time she realized the sandwich was burning. Hurriedly she tried to pull it?and she burnt her hand?"Ouch?"she cried?.Suddenly a person ran towards her?he held her hand and started blowing ?"Dhyaan se kaam karna chahiye na Nupur . Ab dekho? "Said the voice?Her eyes widened. "Mayank..." She said with disbelief. "Haan Mayank?kahaan kho jaati ho tum Nupur?Dekho haath jalgaya na. Takleef ho rahin hain?."His voice had mixture of anger, love , concern and utmost care in it.  As he continued ti blow?her lips smiled gladly?.her left hand touched his face gently just to make sure she is not dreaming again and it is indeed Mayank. He stopped blowing and lifted his head. His hand covered her hand on his face.  Her eyes now are showering tears?a soft sob let out from her. Mayank she said. His eyes looked at her?there was immense love and pain in them and she got lost again. Suddenly both remembered that they have been away from each other. It wasn't clear whether he pulled her or she rushed, but they hugged each other tightly never to let go. His arms were wound around her back and hers around his neck?"I missed you?"both said at the same time?both chuckled "I Love you."  Both said at the same time. And then both were quite?.he tried to pull away from hug?she didn't let go?"nahin?" she said like a small girl?"Mujhe yahin rehnaa hain. aisse hi rehnaa hain." She insisted. "Mujhe  tumhaari smile dekkhne hain Nupur." he said softly.. He pulled her away... saw her tears and wiped them gently?"Ab haso?." "nahin.." she said stubbornly? "Are you sure ?" he enquired ?. " Haan?" answered Nupur? "Aankhein band karo?"She opened her eyes widely?he ran his left palm over her eyes, closing them gently. After few seconds.."ab kholo.." he said?she opened her eyes .There are bunch of roses , chocolates and a card in his hands?.Her face was beamed and her lips widely grinning?She took them "mere liye?." He nodded?"Tumhaara raj hoon toh karnaa padega na Nupur?"he answered.  "Padhoon ."She asked showing card.. "Haan padho?"

"Tumne Likkha.." she asked "Nupur nahin Kissi aur ka hain, Mujhe accha laga?" he answered.

 Her eyes read through

EE Cummings - I carry your heart

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)

I am never without it (anywhere
I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
By only me is your doing, my darling)         
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)        
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
And it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing is you 
Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
Which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide
And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart 
I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

 She lifted her eyes?they were showering him with so much Love He couldn't resist, he pulled her in to a hug. She Hugged him back so tightly..She muttered "Mein ne kahaa tha na . Yahi theek hain?.."  He chuckled?"Agar mera bas chale toh tumhe  khud se alag kabhi nahin hone deta Nupur ." He answered.  She sighed and rested on his shoulder. A strange peace and happiness enveloped both of them . Time stood still to enjoy the wonderful sight of a rare beauty of young love. So pure, so passionate and so endearing.  Time cursed itself?"Am I this cruel that I separated them?"  It said "Love I bow down to thee. And may god bless these because they are one of a kind."

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Wow aj what a one shot
its great!
annie07 IF-Stunnerz

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Nupur walked into the classroom, smiling to herself, she was at relief, after a long time and why not  Mayank was back and for good.........He had surprised her one Saturday morning......and she was so happy to see him, after that it was a roller coater ride...........Mayank came to know about their game plan, and as she had thought, wasn't too happy about it.......he was upset at being left out, and also angry

with her..........still he kept that all aside and handled the matter, with such maturity as expected from him......


Now Bablu was finally back in Indore, and Bui is off match making for her..........She has very sweetly made it up to Mayank, just before he was supposed to leave for Bangalore, by cooking for him...........he was so pleasantly surprised, and even though her karela was overcooked and dal got burnt, he ate like it was the most delicious meal in the world..............and then as a surprise his mother had called to say that she had been transferred back to Mumbai......oh she got her entire world back.....


Thinking all this, she sat at her seat.........when suddenly Uday entered the class, and made his way next to her.......she immediately stopped him..........."uday bhaiya, aap yahan nahin baith sakte"........Uday was surprised " Kyun Nupur?"............


She mumbled " Wo kyunki, haan yahan baithenge to Shukla sir aapse zaroor sawal karenge, aap piche

baithiye...."............Uday smiled " Nupur, tumhe mera kitna khyal hai...........isiliye tum meri fav. sis ho......." He went away, and Nupur heaved a sigh of relief............


Mayank was standing at the classroom door, watching her lil was this very innocent and sweet Nupur he fell in love with.............and he had missed her a lot........


He walked over to her.......and  sat down next to her.....and said thanx...........she said " kis liye"........ Mayank replied - "mere liye seat rakhne ke liye"...........Nupur just blushed.........


Shukla sir entered the class and acknowledged Mayank, and went on and on, about how much he and the entire college missed Mayank........Nupur was irritated and muttered under her breath......"by god ! bol to aise rahein hain jaise Mayank ki gf ho........".......Mayank looked at her amused and whispered......"Nupur dont tell me, tum ab Shukla sir se bhi jealous ho......."


Nupur glared at him..........and was about to say smthing, when Shukla sir, asked all to take down a dictation........Everyone started writing, but Nupur was busy staring at Mayank.............who was religiously writing in his notebook.......


Mayank suddenly looked up and saw her staring at him, he smiled and nudged her, and asked her to pay attention in class............she made a face and started writing, while he simply smiled at her antics...

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