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Tuesday November 4th Updates.

Starts with Thalai asking "Chellamavukku ellam theriyuma" and vadai telling that she only saved Amudha by admitting in hospital. Thalai tells how could she think of such a throgam for her family. Thalai scolds CM for hiding it from her. CM is keeping quiet. Vadai adds that she din't even tell that to him and explains about Amudha's love. Thalai scolds CM for being supportive to Amudha. Amudha is crying. vairam supports CM but his wife is against CM. Kalaivani also talks against her and her husband supprts her. (Indha Kattadhurai enna Singaperumal madhiriya?Wink) Vairam gives a look.
Beach arrives there. Vadai still taunts CM and beach pokes his nose and asks what did CM do? CM is shocked to see him. Vadai asks how come he know about hteior family problem and insults him for coming even after being insulted. Vadai and Beach confront each other. Vadai tells about Amudha matter. Beach supports his sister. Vadai tells him Amudha consumed poison coz of her promise only.
Beach starts to talk about vadai but CM calls him "anne". Beach tells that for CM only he left him. Beach talks politely and gives meen kolambu. Vadai throws it off and sends Beach away and asks CM is hse also want to go and she can leave and should never return back.  CM is crying. Beach leaves and Vadai warns Amudha to forget Bell. Everyone disperse except CM who is standing still behind the kuthuvilakku. Beach walks away sadly.
(Radharavi acting was super. He is the one who brings liveliness into the serial. Great.Clap)
Vairam is in deep thoughts and wife approaches him and invites for dinner. Vairam turns another side and doesn't respond. Wife asks what happened and Vairam tells that he feels bad and supports CM. He tlks about Diwali matter and Amudha matter. He explains about CM's greatness and says On Chellama akkaya namaha. Beach annanaya namaha. Anna thangachi paasamaya Namaha. He explains each and everything and tells that she will not understand until she comes to their home and leaves. SHe is worried that he may take her to his home.

At Avudai's home, MA is worried that Beach hasn't yet arrived and asks Solai to call. When he is about to call Beac arrives. He wipes off the tears and tells that CM had the kolambu and tells that she told it was good. MA finds out that something has happened and tells that there is no sweet and CM will send some sweet always. She insists beach to tell what happened. Avudai asks him what happened. Solai also asks him. Beach updates them on the vadai's behaviour. Beach breaksdown in tears. Bell is also hearing this. MA, Solai, VA, Bell everyone scolds vadai and others. Beach asks them to be quiet for CM's face and sends away everyone. All disperse except Beach and Avudai. Beach occupies a chair and cries out his heart thinking of Vadai's behaviour. Avudai comes to him and tells a dialogue

"kadalalai aadlam aana kadarkarai aada kudadhu"

They both hug each other and crying crying. Screen freezes.
This was a nice scene.

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Updates by roja

Thursday 5/11/09

Vadai  is doing some jumping jack exercises  -
His hands are extended towards the house ...
well both Omni and Vadai are still outside the
house - shouts at Amutha who says "unakkum peppe,
unga ammavukkum peppe" "vaadi veliye, vaadi veetukku"
Vara maaten, inge than iruppen"happens a few times - Omni
tries to pacify both parties - both are udumbus . Garden enters
the arena and says that nadu theru can be used for more
important issues -" right now, come in and try to talk to your
sister.." Vadai refuses to go in - he has some audience who
happily assemble and watch the " odi pona thangaiyum thedi
 vantha annanum " drama - free of cost. Garden shouts some
more. Bell says that they can convince Amutha and send her
home - " u go away, we will do the needful" Amutha looks at Bell
"adeyyy pathagaaa" look. Vadai is tired of the jumping and so
decides to leave. Omni padakk nu goes to the front seat and
perches herself. Vadai wants to do some jalsa with Gomz -
so unloads the Omni burden - " Yen thangai yen veetukku vara
varai, unga thangai unga veet le irukkattum " Omni is dispensed unceremoniously  cries.... she is taken in.... Amutha is seething and
looks absolutely stupid . Omni sits ...looks at Amutha...BP raising...

Omni goes to Amutha - makes her lie on her lap. Each having
visions of the events. Omni having visions of "those happy days"
Garden having visions of Vadai pushing Omni.... Bell having
visions of playing with Amutha.... Vadai is driving - goes home -
tells his clan that he dispensed with Omni baggage as well.
Both the veetoda mappilais support Omni but both the sisters
support the brother - "ella confusion kkum anni thaan is the
reason..athaan avanga Amutha vai kootti kittu varanum nnu
annan has decided" Aavudai's  house - Pearl shouts at Amutha
" u are the sole reason for all this ...U eloped alone and came here !!
How many times did I ask u to leave?? Kettiya?? Ippo Omni vera
inge.." Amutha cries and says that she wont leave . Beach comes
and shouts at Garden :Omni mele kai vaichu push panni yirukkan...
paarthu kittu summa irunthiyaa??? avan thalai yai vetti irukkanum!!"
Omni says that she can come back to this house as a widow. Finally
goes to Amutha and tells her that she has made her amara kaathal 
public - " so, u have nothing to do in this house any more. Let us go..." Amutha declines the request. Pearl brings Amutha's suit case. Omni
says that if Amutha decides to stay put, Omni also has to stay here - as vazha vetti.." Fortunately Amutha picks her bag and goes out -
habba asattu kku aangaram ngrathu sariya irukku - Omni runs behind her.

Omni household - athai is very angry - takes a list - what are the
parts that can be ripped off from Amutha - "pallu, kaalu ellam
odaikkalaam, easy access" Wood does a mini Chellamma ashtothram
 - not much audience. Omni announces to Vadai "unga thangachi
is back" Amutha falls at vadai's feet and apologizes - -
 oosi pogirat
hu .Amutha pardoned ppa
Omni confronts Vadai
"how dare u leave me behind??' Oosi pona vadai says that to
solve the problem, that was the only solution. Omni says that he
could have found 1000 ways of getting this problem solved
" U acted as Amutha's bro, u should have acted as my hubby
too...Before the wedding , a girl runs away , athu antha ponnukku
asingam ( habbaaaa Amutha vai solli kattiyaachu, Roja is happy !!)
 wedding kku apram oru ponnu apdi veliye pOnaa, athu purushanukku asingam.." Vadai can not decide which is more asingam -"running after Gomz??? unloading Omni???' - moot point


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Friday 6/11/09

Omni talking about a pOnnu before and after marriage. Ithile enna vishesham nna, Omni is more worried about "yen purusan" asinga padarathu ( ayyo daaaa yen purusan un purusan inge vanthaachu !!!
amma Omni TMS pakkathey, aama sollitten - I cant handle this in too
many threads !!)
Finally tells Rat Food (Vadai) that if he does not like
her, he can be out with it " I can be alone and achieve. Pirantha veet le kondu vidara velai ellam vendam, sollitten. And, today I am glad that we have no kids - iruntha, athuvum intha kashtam ellam padanume !!" Vadai morachufies ( avarukku vera enna panrathu nnu theriyalai !!) Morning - breakfast time - Wood is mosukkufying idlis , asks for Chellamma chutney , does a "chutney nna chutney, Chellamma chutney , besh besh" , Art as usual giggles and serves..... Rat Food enters - informs mommy that he is leaving. Omni comes and asks "breakfast??? why dont u eat and go?" Vadai says that if he ever has to eat any thing from her hands it has to be poison ( un purusan romba Aasai pattu kekkaraar, kudumma )
Omni as usual shows no expression ( veet le yaarukkum theriyame
 marai kkiraangalaam !!! uh huh)
Athai jumps with a  suffix of "DEEE "
with every sentence - "enna DI sonne?? Enna Di yne pillai sappidame pOraan?" Omni can not be bothered answering. Athai jumps some
more - Wood plays a double edged knife and cuts both the parties.

Hotel - Thavasi comes and sees that Vadai is pensive. Calls him to have food, Vadai is annoyed and sends Thavasi back "neenga pOi saapidunga,
I do not want" Of course Gomz kutty is around getting some signatures. Thavasi calls Gomz but she also says that she does not want to eat. Vadai is elated to see this but wants to hear it from the horse's mouth - "nee yen
saapidalai??" Gomz goes on a ashthrom trip - " u saved me from the rowdies in the middle of the night... u only found me a safe place to stay...viswasam, concern... and u are the boss - how can I eat when u do not?" Vadai says that he has family problems and so can not eat. Gomz sensibly points out "saapida tta problems solve aagidumaa??" Finally goes and brings food for Vadai - serves in his room. Now Vadai does return favors - asks Gomz to sit and eat with him. Gomz refuses saying that he is the boss and if some one sees her having food with him..tongues might wag. Vadai says that he is not bothered and makes her to sit along - serves. Thavasi watches this through the peep hole and rejoices. Thavasi comes to Avudai household - does a preamble of how he is all the time thinking about Aavudai family and its happiness. Suggests that Bell should marry Amutha -" if that happens, then Omni will have a peaceful life !!!" The clan is floored by this comment ( omni should e happy nna ethu vena seyyalaam ! Bell and his feelings do not matter !!) Pearl tries to make a protest saying "maalai suthi poranthava...ponnu kudutha edathile ponnu eduthaa problem" etc., Bell tries to express his desire - well nothing is heard. Beach asks Pearl to get ready " Amutha vai ponnu kekka polaam vaa.."

Amutha is sitting outside and Omni wants to know if she is getting ready for the next adventure. Amutha sings Omni ashtothram and says that she will play slave to Omni from now on. Omni quips " nallathu ninaichaa nallathe nadakkum" Beach and Pearl arrive with the conventional thaamboola thattu. All the others extend a warm welcome. Omni looks uncertain. Vadai is summoned. Beach says that ever since Amutha expressed her desire and perched herself in Aavudai household, lot of discussions were held. " we have come asking for Amutha's hand for Bell. This will solve all the issues and both our families can be happy as before. Art giggles and asks Amutha to make Bell also a "Ghar Jamai" Amutha says that she would much rather go to Aavudai household. Beach asks Vadai to accept the plate ....all expectant looks.... Vadai nears ... and sends the plate to nadu theru -  though he would have preferred to do that to Beach - audible gasps...
a few pairs of saucers (eyes) open wide to become side plates.....


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 Monday November 09 - Archives copy by Aishu

Credits to

Beach along with his wife Muthuazhagi oru thaamboola thattai eduthu Amutha vai ponnu kekiraanga oru manasaathapamum illaamal.  Bang!!!  Vadai thaamboola thattai thatti vittuttu and adds how dare they come to ponnu kekking his sister (hmm... First episode le paartha saanthamana manusana intha Vadai? No way... it is a new man
).  From Beach to his wife to Vadai's mother and siblings.. all are shocked!  Kanthathurai stops Thaalai who tries to go to samaalichufy.  Amutha is even more shattered.  CM tries to stop him but Vadai continues "I myself am suffering after marrying your sister.. now you want my sister to suffer by marrying into your family?"  (hmmm... for how long have you been suffering sir... as far as we know, you were a thangatchi thaasan, amma thaasan and also a pontaati thaasan...).   Muthazhagi raises her voice and tells Vaadai not to speak vaikku vantha padi... and tells him how he's always picking on his husband each and every time.  Vadai continues to insulting Beach, by adding it is Beach who comes to them with meen kozhambhu, this deepavali parisam, then thaamboola thattam... when they never even asked him for all this. 

CM tries to calm him down, but Vaadai showers his anger on her by blaming her for all this.  CM promises that she never did anything, or even asked her bro to come.  But Vadai doesn't believe her.  Seeing this Beach gets angry and shouts Mappilai... Muthazhagi stops him, but Beach asks Vadai not to scold his sister since she never asked them.  But it all falls in deaf ears.  Vadai has an argument for everything.... just as much as beach cares for his sister, he too cares for his sister, Amutha.  And firmly says he will not get her married to Maniarasu.  Amutha beings to cry.  Vadai tehn shows them the door.  Amutah cries and asks them not to leave.. but two are gone led by Muthazhagi.  CM follows them.  As Beach gets into the car.. he looks at his sister and speaks with the eyes.  After he leaves, CM sits on the front porch and cries...

At Avadai's house... all have gathered around Aavadai.  Finally Beach sighs and speaks about whatever had happened.  Solai says how dare that man reject their proposal and wants to thooking Amutha to get her married to his brother (yappa.. Solai oru rowdy mathiriye pesuraar
LOL).  Hearing this Maniarasu jumps in and says he will not marry a girl after Vadai refused.. why veen vambhu and firmly says intha jenmathile he'll not marry her nnu (Mani.. ClapClapClap good decision paa... thapichiteenga LOL).  Soon the daughter in laws of the house add their two cents in it.  Muthazaghi uses this chance to bring in that Kavitha sambantham, but Beach scolds and sends them in.  

As they walk inside, Valliammai tells Mathiazhagi that she def. has her mind set on bringing Kavitha as the third DIL.  Mathiazhagi brushes it off saying from valliammai's side there is no one... and from her side Kavitha is the only one.. and plus more than anything she is certain Kavitha will be the third DIL, because Maniarasu seems to have fallen for her.. so no matter what others say.. Mani arasu will def. go for her nnu.  Valliammai praises her for her thinking. 

At Thaalai's house.. the two veetule irukkum married daughters stand by the mother Thaalai and ask her to eat, but she is adamant saying she won't eat till all the problems are solved.  Then CM comes and requests her to eat, but Thaalai scolds CM for asking Beach to come and ponnu keking ... which has ruined her relationship with her brother.  CM tries to justify herself, but the two daughters defend their mom.... Vadai too joins them in singing Anti CM song!  CM gets frustrated and says all are ganging up on her and leaves. 

Just then Thaalai's youngest son Ratnavel comes back (no longer Rajkamal... some new person).  Thaalai and CM greet him.  CM wonders if he has any dirty cloths for her to wash for him.  Rat (short for Ratnavel) asks her to wait and takes out a new saaree... Both the sisters (Kalai and Amma) look on with greedy eyes.  But the saree goes to CM.  CM hesitates but take sit. 

CM then leaves to prepare his meals.  Then Thaalai asks Ratnavel why he never brought anything for his sisters.  He says he'll get it next time, but the girls and the mother say CM has changed, but Rat doesn't pay heeds and goes inside to eat.  The sisters say once he patttu kalinthathum, he'll come back to them nnu (intha ponnungalukku vera velaiye ille Dead). 

At Aadai's house, Maniarasu goes to Solai (in the garden) and beings the talk on Kavitha... but as soon as he mentioned the name, Solai says NO more Kavitha.. rubber pottu erase that name from your mind daa nnu LOL.. after all he doesn't want his brother to be addressed as kalavaani's BIL nnu.  Maniarasu is disheartened and sits.... at the same time Kavitha also has the same feelings... both are sad! 

Beach is on the oonjal inside the house (TO all the Uravugal viewers, this is the exact same house as AM's Tongue).... He is thinking of all the events that have happened till now... from the time when the deepavali incident happened to Vaadai insulting him and his sister... he suddenly startles thinking his sister is there... but it is a dream.  Then he goes back to sleep... and dreams of Vaadai coming to leave CM in her porantha veedu permanently... Vaadai startles and sits upright.. ONLY to see CM there ShockedShockedShocked.  He panics and runs to the entrance in search of Vaadai.. but only Baatcha is there who tells only CM came there nnu. 

So Beach goes inside and talks to CM.  He tells her he can't bare it when she gets hurt.  CM then tells him not to come to that place to get insulted nnu..


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Tuesday, 10th Nov 2009 Update

A soga looking Beach comes inside from the entrance. CM asks what happened to her. Beach tells that he will not be able to stand if she is suffering. CM asks him not to get insulted for her. Beach tells her that he is proud to get insulted for his siter.  Avudai, Solai and Bell are all listening to this. Beach asks what is the prob now. CM tells that she came without the knowledge of others to ask him not to come there any more. All four give sad expression. Avudai asks what she is telling. Bell tells that if he still doesn't understand that Sister want to break their relationship. A crying CM goes to him and asks not to talk like that. She is telling that to maintain all the bandham and paasam. She is suffering between the two families. She talks about 7 births and in this birht we are humans and that too smae blood. So we need to be united til the end happily. Thats y she is telling this. She tells that she is not able to tolerate when beach is getting insulted. She is not able to support him even though all the nyayam in his sid eonly. She begs him not to come there and get insulted and pours some more tears. Beach and Avudai is also crying. Bell and solai feel bad for CM. CM explains some more and Beach tells that though she doesn't support, they know what she has in her mind. CM cries and leaves.

A nice melodi in BGM and Bell sitting in a bench. Kavi comes there and y he called her. Bell tells that when he saw her first he decided her to be his wife. Kavi tells that here also the same. Bell tells that their marriage is in dialemma. Since both the families have problems. Kavi tells that she has nambikkai. Bell tells that nambikkai and practical life are different. Kavi complains about beach beating her brother. She asks Bell to talk to his brother. Bell tells that he tried in vain. He also tells that "Avanga varattu gavuravuthuku nummala namma kaadhal selladhu". Bell tells that since both family has prob they can't do anything. Kavi suggests that they can talk thro some other person. Suggests Avudai - bell tells avaru takes my brother's words only. Kavi than asks if everyone in the fanily will listen to anyone else. Bell tells CM but Amudha already filed her petition and she also supports. Our good time, that vadai insulted anne and sent back when ponnu ketufying. Now how can he talk. Kavi asks him to talk to CM since the marriage proposal (Amudha-Bell) got dropped. Kavi is sure about that - if CM manasu vecha. Bell thanks her and tells Unga anna. She gets scared, takes about turn and moves backwards towards him. He holds her hand and tells he was lying. Kavi takes her hand and asks him to talk to his sister first.

On the usual place where all important issues are discussed, adhan centre of the road, Bell walking sees CM's car and stand in front. CM gets down and asks what happened. Kattadhurai is seeing this from other side. Along with CM gets down two other members. One is the guy in Rajkanth character i guess, Ratnavel. He kusalam visaruchufies Bell, but Bell tells that he is not good. He falls at CM's feet and asks if his life is pupet show for all. Bells explain about his love story and asks her to help him. CM tells that she can't betray Amudha as she has promised. She also tells that Amudha sincerely loves him and the marriage fixed by elders is getting broken and it is all for good. Ratnavel asks whether to compel him to marry Amudha. He tells that Amudha may be his sister and she may love but only Kavi has taken a place in Bell's heart. CM tells that AMudha is our house girl and her happiness is important. Ratnavel asks if Bell's happiness in not important. Bell tells that he hasn't seen his mom ever and thinks CM as his mom. He came to see her since he thought she will solve his prob. He is about to leave saying to be a Anni for Amudha itself and cries. CM holds him and tells that she doesn't know what to do. Ratnavel asks Bell that he wanted to marry Kavi and he will go to her house with CM. He tells that for CM AMudha is imp. and for him Bell is imp. They both leave in the car. Bell is happy.

CM and Ratna reaches Kavi's home. Kavi opens the door and is very happy to find CM. She greets her and welcomes her calling anni. CM introduces Kavi as ponnu to Ratna. Kavi asks them to sit and brings her parents. They also welcome her. CM tells that marriage has stopped and she feels bad. Kavi's dad also feels bad. CM tells that if they accpet now, she will make the maariage to take place. Kavi's parents are shocked while she is happy. Kavi's anni is also there. Kattadhurai is ottu ketufying this from outside and tells that for one guy how much girls and feels somehting somewhere wrong. Kavi's mom asks how can the marriage happen after this much prob that too it came to kai kalapu (action fight). CM opens the matter that Kavi and Bell are in love. k's parents gives a shocking look.The guy with CM tells that coz of elder's prob their life should not be affected. Ratna tells that bell asked them to make marraige happen and thats y they are there. He talks great about Bell. CM asks if she will send this Mahalakshmi to her house. Kavi is all happy. Her mom tells that they wil discuss and let her know. CM asks her to tell some good result. There comes the great brother of kavi and tells that there is nothing to talk and asks CM how she came there. He complains that CM has sent his bro to jail to tae revenge on him. Ratnavel shouts that MC doesn't have any connection with that. Kamalesh asks what he knew about the things happened there. CM asks Ratnavel to be cool and asks Kamalesh to think and not to spoil his sister's life. He challenges that he wil kill Beach and spoil her life. They both argue a lot. CM gets tensed and tells that they are not qualified for their family. Kavi's brother give out some more words about Sundaram and Beach. Ratna points out his hand and shouts and kamalesh too. CM and Kavi's mom trying to calm them down.

Sorry for the delay in updates

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